In July we warned our readers to follow and track EBOLA as a RISK ON item to world markets. Ebola can and may still crash world markets into a SUPER CRASH commercially. I believe we all remember not too many years ago when President Obama declared a world emergency on Ebola. Some nations where quarantined for the first modern history version of this economic isolation and block of all travel in and out of nations. The rest of nations had scanners on arrival and screening for Ebola was occurring in all modern nations. Eventually with thousands dying many hundreds of heroic health care workers dying – the Ebola of a few years ago was “contained” and stamped out. It required a global response – US military – and billions of dollars to contain. The risk to all of us was catastrophic. Why?

Ebola in some strains has no cure or help or control. If you read HOT ZONE the award winning work on Small Box and Ebola you will see in chapter one the abject fear the space suit wearing scientist have of this ancient enemy – this SUPER VIRUS which is constantly mutating and getting smarter.

Ebola breaks out in the South of Congo in a 9th break out since 1976 in the South of nation. 33 die – in the small small village invaded by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Then in July a worse strain breaks out on the North Side of Congo…a larger community more connected to cities and cross nation trading….the community of BENI.

This weekend – following August warnings by The Who of radical islamic threats to the health containment work – attacked took place on The Who facilities.

18 people risking their lives to save CONGO lives from EBOLA where slaughtered in minutes. The ADF the Allied Democratic Forces Рwhich are nothing but a gang of Ugandan extreme muslim radicals Рled by crazy brains Рengaged in Congo cross border insane attacks Рlike the one this weekend.  Army and civilians where killed and they are still adding up the wounded.

Now the important global news this catastrophe for humanity leads to. The insane brains have opened EBOLA spread to multiple villages – all of Africa – in which now the 100 who have died since just July as EBOLA is OUT OF CONTROL IN BENI – unlike the early year outbreak in Kinsahasa in the SOUTH – where only 33 in total died…may not rise to 1000 in congo and many 1000’s in the world. Without the fastest G 20 coordinated response – the RISK to spread of Ebola by planes cruise ships and more to the entire world is simply beyond a calculator. It is this human risk to lives and global systemics that must be acted upon. All delay creates too great a wealth count in humanity to pay….but we pay it while the world leaves this to what – CONGO?

Next The Who – the one and only expert team enabled to manage – control and fight back a SOCIETY KILLER worse than any Black Death – where billions could die world wide if the geni gets out of the bottle – billions – consider how fast it can rise from thousands to billions – and we leave The Who isolated and alone …Questions:

  1. Will Trump act like Obama acted?
  2. Will Trump coordinate the G 20 to act in unison and in coordination?
  3. Will massive resources be immediately in October given at once to the WHO?
  4. Will military from the G 20 protect The Who workers in absolute terms?
  5. Will G 20 military go after and destroy Ugandan extreme muslims as they can’t do it?



The 100 deaths translate to unknown infections above that die number and soaring out of control. Because this all rises up as “THE” RISK TO ALL OF US in Beni Congo – it is out of sight and out of mind. Last catastrophe this blog – read well by news outlets around the world – was FIRST ( we are always first with the Liberty Bell size ALARM BELL ) with enough data helped to trigger:

  1. Massive Global media response missing today – and daily not once very 45 days
  2. A Media EBOLA DEATH CLOCK on all channels – daily
  3. A report on which new locations and nations were now Ebola infected

We call on media …to DO IT AGAIN. Why/

The risk to the world economic order is now reset such that:


# 2 – IS Fed interest rates too high too fast – TIME is needed to normalize markets – ten years

# 3 – Congress – Dysfunction or prosperity vote

#  4 РLiquidity РThe Fed is drying up market liquidity a huge danger itself and Trade War is drying up critical market liquidity where capital flows into tariff tax versus economic expansion.

# 5 – Regulatory impotency – without reframe to regulate a global “Digital” AI market space


There are enough risks EBOLA can be a tipping point into a DARK SWAN EVENT within a surprising SUPER CRASH and global depression in trade – and world wars. Rather than policies NO NATION LEFT BEHIND in this war on the ancient virus – an every nation for themselves approach or a slow response or a inability to unite as was done by President Obama is a RISK ON to the systemic order – banks could close from America to EU to Russia to China.

If Trump fails to act on this weekend with emergency response – President XI might lead the world state – heavily invested in CONGO mineral pipe – lines to China – and coordinate with Trump and Putin and EU leadership. Who acts first may save the system – President Trump – President XI – EU leadership or President Putin. The world is counting on one of these leaders uniting the others in the WAR ON THIS HUMANITY KILLER.

Folks this is not a drill. We can not survive criminal theft by a trillion dollars of pure waste out of our precious economy – a casino speculation of manipulating stock prices which was a crime one – in criminal price manipulations with almost ONE TRILLION of economic potential squandered in 2007 in STOCK BUY BACKS to make bonus money and fortune for elite insiders – and another TRILLION in criminal stock buy backs in 2008 versus investing in real economic growth. Criminal elites are squandering our future and our economic options.

A fraction of this CRIME MONEY by criminal banks and investment banks most of whom have pled guilty to criminal acts – thefts – from all of us – where no one goes to jail at all – everyone pays their get out of jail free card to bought and paid for justice in America – and proceed to enjoy warm meals in homes you can’t imagine in the Hamptons as they plan their next crimes from San Francisco Wells Fargo Bank to Wall Street East Coast institutions too big to fail and way too big to jail…it would seem. JUSTICE REFORM unresolved – distracts enormous wealth and solution options into the sewer of political justice versus reformed and upgraded justice – as yes the USA that incarcerates more small tiny victimless folks for minor non violent drug and alcohol crimes has institutionalized modern slavery – lock em up and use that labor.

Today UINCOR the exclusive prison slave contractor paying pennies a day for labor in its prison factories and swet shops – is owned for profit – by the billions by prior Presidents law makers and industrial elites. Same for State and County in the land of the FREE that locks more up per 100,000 in population by many 100x% than China – Syria – Russia – Africa – or Congo. The Home of the Brave without Justice REFORM – that Justice knows Trump insists on and therefore seeks to DESTROY TRUMP ILLEGALLY because corrupt Justice is a leadership of Nazi’s in suits.

Woodward he said she said freshman HIGH SCHOOL gossip “whispers in the night” are sand to the mountain of The Head of Justice stating their plan to BREAK THE LAW – SECRETLY TAPE RECORD THE PRESIDENT – ALONG WITH OTHER ACTIONS TO DESTROY HIM AND MOVE HIM OUT OF OFFICE BY FRAMING THE PRESIDENT…that Justice without massive shake up and reform is too broken to fix. Why?


The largest investors in prisons are now hedge fund and private equity. We are building more prisons each year than China builds cities, damns, power stations, highways and water treatment.

The Hedge Fund and Private equity are building the fastest prison growth in America’s largest city in 2008 – NEW PRISONS. As each gets built the Hedge Fund and Private equity private operators – buying old prisons and building new ones – are taking over prisons from state county and nation. These profit making investments by billions require what?

FULL OCCUPANCY. OVER CROWDED PRISONS. The higher the occupancy the greater the profits to their shareholders. This model creates appetite to hyper grow guilty and incarceration from citizens. The more ex convicts – now around 90 million alive in the United States the more control the nation has over its entire citizens. What gets more public money?

  • Tough on Crime
  • Rambo Tough on Crime
  • Super Hero Tough on Crime
  • Terminator Tough on Crime
  • Transformers Tough on Crime
  • NEXT

This mindless MONEY PROFIT MODEL creates a drag on tax payers – investing 100,000 to lock up one inmate per year – versus say 7500 for a program like CEOSPACE to assure minor “crimes that may not be” – do not cost for ONE INMATE 100,000 to hedge fund profit accounts per year…for 5 million locked up going to 25 million which now states and nations can no longer actually afford. The Bureau of Prisons feeds on new appropriation every higher to its on budget – it is a living breathing life form screaming to congress – FEED ME FEED ME. Once the smallest Federal Agency in Ike times of the 1950’s now one of the largest Federal Agencies of them all and climbing.

Ebola gets into Prisons and watch what happens and it will – it is – now that all containment has been suspended – in CONGO as the illness now spreads as those infected flee Beni due to VIOLENCE AND FEAR OF MORE VIOLENCE. The Insane Brains who are not muslims at all – have with intention – sought to assure EBOLA brings down the core system of the WESTERN NATIONS.

Think of this. Where they smart enough dying for their crazy ideals – to infect themselves. To put lap top muslims on planes all over the world to buffer lines at the peak of ebola infection? That is a deal killer – takes say six to twelve and does more harm than ISIS or Taliban in history – did they also do that while they shot them all up this weekend? It was so easy. Kiss an infected. Touch one ..it is so easy – takes two seconds to be an EBOLA WARRIOR FOR YOUR CRAZY BRAIN ideals. Insanity has no reason – ask Hitler.

Don’t ask WHY they do it…..folks….they do it because they ARE NUTS. The press continues to use their own labels instead of uniquely labeling all radicals as CRAZY BRAIN RADICAL MUSLIMS – because in fact they are crazy brains a gang of crips and bloods with less values. No religion and no Allah behind crazy.

So did this weekend open the largest risk to wealth and markets crashing since the last SUPER EBOLA GLOBAL CATASTROPHE just a few short years back that cost the world two trillion in lost commercial outputs ? I think the answer is yes.

How huge is this story in perspective to say Stormy Daniels making a fortune in her chat rooms as a rapidly aging failing very poorly ranked sex worker highly qualified in self promotion and marketing her own business outcomes? It is the nothing versus Mount Everest but look at what the Press is focusing on today.

The SUPER STORY and we are FIRST AGAIN folks – as you find this SUPER STORY outside the United States and you have to search EBOLA on Financial Times of London or BBC to get the story I’m providing to you on this blog – FIRST. It is so hard to find this SUPER STORY in many nations – in the USA – in South America and yet it is the RISK TO US ALL STORY.

So today the summary:

  1. Ebola in Congo is OUT OF CONTROL.
  2. 100 have died since August in a rapid insane climb of deaths out of all controls
  3. Unknown infections are rising as we read – huge numbers – while you sip coffee
  4. Those infected do not know it and they are fleeing across Africa and the world now
  5. The Crazies killed WHO Workers who stopped all tracking and containment Sept 24th

Containment shields rising are now by violence and strategy – down on the ground. There is no effort no coordination. The Who workers are being removed from the area of death threats. Congo can’t assure safety. The UN is not massively responding. No one is massively responding to the # 1 THREAT TO THE WORLD ORDER and BILLIONS WHO COULD DIE.

First again – on this blog – with members of the state department reading – and more – I call upon those who DO to circulate this blog. Ideally to the President. If the pathology President OBAMA laid down – and we wrote him ourselves and had folks hand carry alarms into the White House – which we will do again – but folks – TIME is NOT on our side.

Today in election years around the globe – the agency to DO ANYTHING is slow – not taking root and today we had a HUMANITY EMERGENCY when crazy brains attacked the one containment process – to fire wall EBOLA from its potential …

The Who leadership – expressed today on Monday September 23rd just after the blood bath and attacks on WHO that stopped all treatment – tracking – track mapping – such that the SHEILD being raised has now fallen to the ground and been abandoned – EBOLA is now free to spread like the plague that it is and media reports on Woodward high school political theater when the threat to the world order is upon us today…history suggests The Who words on Sunday as the blood was flowing into the soil…is right…

At the time, the WHO’s Peter Salama described it as a “most dreaded” scenario….of all….

As they said in the movie poltergeist ….THEIR HERE……….

CEOSPACE will be on Oct 9th at our conference for leaders who wish to have options for risk and forward growth themselves – to remain bleeding edge ahead – to have priceless safe harbor constructed as these storm clouds gather …from Ebola today I encourage leaders to save a bit of tax and come into community of AWAKE LEADERSHIP to forge COMMUNITY the priceless COMMUNITY that is required to prosper in any market place – because we lead out front with information others lack – the basic premise of the Napoleon Hill I grew up on his knee…to both THINK AND GROW RICH and THINK AND STAY RICH…another job entirely.

Press – you have the com…as they say in Star Trek – you have the SUPER STORY of this generation – RIDE IT. if you want sound bites from me – ask as I have credits on all cables and networks and see Erin Saxton my PR Agent since the 1990’s – as you all know her to book me for a regular PROSPERITY MINUTE or an EBOLA tracker report.

GET THE STORY OUT……you heard it all first here years ago and again to the minute today.