So AI is going bonkers over Italy. Short sellers made big bucks. Those on the wrong side of these flash trades in the casino capitalism tables – not so much – as AI flash trades to profit maximally. UP and down the ropes.

Now then comes Ebola. In 2014 we lose 28,000 humans in months. Airports and trade between nations stops cold. Airports world wide screen arriving passengers coming in HOT.

Trade slows globally.

Now then we have a new EBOLA in Congo – the 9th.

The new EBOLA begins in a shit hole village on a river that trades up and down the routes. Over time those infected traveled and infected others. How many? No one knows. Tracking the rings and the rings is just beginning.

We know EBOLA has reached its first main city and spread there.

We know those sick with Ebola – were taken by their family- forced to leave the center and their family took them to CHURCH TO PRAY. At Church the infected transmitted Ebola with every cough and sneeze to untold new rings.

This spreading occurs when those infected by ring contacts have no clue it is Ebola in the first place. They travel on infected but no symptoms. When they have symptoms they think they have a cold then perhaps the flu. Health care is not so good in CONGO folks.

Mis-dianosing Ebola is common. Blood work has to be done to make sure and many facilities lack the ability to do that step.

Those with symptoms travel.

Some by train some by bus some by plane. As they do they infect rings upon rings that ripple ever outward. How bad could it be? Why last time we were a whisper from trading 28,000 for millions of deaths.


Do not be fooled. Experimental vaccines are just that. We don’t know their fatal side effects yet. We don’t know their real ability over time and numbers to perform and save life at all. Better than nothing but not a SILVER BULLET that times Ebola out. Further EBOLA strains mutate.

Ebola is a suvivor. One ancient enemy here for billions of years. Before humans and here after humans. THE ANCIENT ENEMY is always with us. Managing these body invaders who multiple and kill us as easily as mad cow disease kills cows – we have to watch our herd.

Economically an EBOLA EPIDEMIC let along a pandemic can make SPAIN look like a cake walk economically and Italy a cup cake.

Yet ever smarter AI SOFTWARE fails to advance the economic contagion to financial stocks first and effected stocks like food second if EBOLA hits markets. Panic would set in so quick.

Worst case – the Spanish Flu without help of airplanes and modern travel networks – in an age of sailing ships and trains – killed 20 million people in 36 months. Makes war look silly by comparison.

Nothing kills US like small pox or a virus. Nothing . Black Death. Dis-ease.

Are we doing enough to control EBOLA?

WHO KNOWS? They believe they are…but are they? Last time it took NATO and the US MILITARY. Can it be contained given the geo foot print developing ? Can it be stopped?

No one knows.

The most horrific killer of humanity on earth is now lose among us for Congo out break # 9. We still have not learned the simple reality if you have EBOLA your family does not walk you down to CHURCH.

So why do I worry?

Because it just happened – again.

They are burying their dead – spreading to every one who touches that body – again.

They are caring for their loved ones not knowing it is Ebola and not reporting it fast enough yet – AGAIN.

It is spreading for all in those closed small spaces with too many family members with the EBOLA effected – creating rings upon rings and when they travel to trade – impossible ring ripples.


The news has this? In Congo? Are you kidding me? Have you ever been there? I have …it is not your Wal mart zone folks with a Burger King and a. shake. it is CONGO.

One of the most corrupt nations on earth.

One of the largest not connected by roads cells or anything on earth.

It is Ebola.

Out of control.


We keep trying to put EBOLA back in the box – again.

We get lucky.

All Ebola needs is to be lucky ONCE and say ten players take Ebola on planes global to say buffet’s with ripples that reach millions across a nation like the USA or EU.

How fast does trade stop and isolation begin?

How fast does marshal law begin?

What happens to markets then?

AI HAS NO CLUE all worried about Italy and all as AI creates untold flight or capital out of ITALY and a crash of its bond and lending markets.

Betting short to make sure they profit maximally.

Meanwhile they might buy some long positions in Merak that owns the virus drug. Among others.

Mask and glove stocks should do well.

AI has no clue on all this because human’s are not in charge.

Software is in charge.

EBOLA – it is happening again folks all over again.

Stay tuned – its a cornerstone story for you to watch in economics across the world.

It is not possible to give any forecast today because WHO knows? WHO has no clue.