The third quarter earnings reports are anticipated to be down across the general board. Two back to back quarters of down bubble earnings missing growth expectations – becomes an EARNINGS RECESSION. An economic recession is the two quarter GNP contraction for a state or nation. Today from China to EU from North America to Africa we are seeing a period of EARNING RECESSION. This condition flowing into Holiday buying and consumer spending is NOT POSITIVE to share values. How far are shares OVER VALUED and OVER PRICED? We are all about to see.

The problem remains deflation. As oil continues down – all commodities ( the cost of EVERYTHING ) spiral down in a never ending crash – it is DEFLATION that dampens forward profits and growth in global economics. How to re-inflate the world economy? It is hard to imagine printing more than the TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS nations have invested to restart inflation. Usually WAR is the way you move from the depression of the 1930’s to the inflation boom years of the 1950’s but even then it took over a decade to move from DEFLATION to real INFLATION. For example Japan has not been able to fully inflate their economy since the Deflation and Asian Economic crises of 20 years ago – 20 years is a generation folks.

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Berny Dohrmann Proud Chairman of CEO SPACE 30 years and counting……..