George Bush did the unthinkable. To get China to trade fairly, GW Planners allowed the US dollar to decline. China used this continuous decline, making China Yuan artificially high, and dollar based goods so much cheaper in China. The leadership would NOT engage in a trade deal even then. GW allowed that dollar to remain at its historic low for the century, including World War I and World War II as US trade with China rose, despite all of China’s blocking measures and policies. Also investing in China became so costly China investing in America moved to trillions as the DEAL of the Century as China gobbled up while they could US industry and trade secrets through ownership – passing Japan our favored trading partner till that time.

As Bush would NOT STOP and surprised China and changed the ball game, China attacked US markets in digital warfare in 2007 making a huge return of trillions to its own account. US dollar holding rose to 3.7 trillion in reserves for China. Now crashing to under 1 trillion and fast as China is losing the entire trade war GW Bush began and President Obama correctly continued trying also to get a trade deal. The financial crash ( the start of Digital WORLD WAR III attacks on our markets which is endless now – read THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN BY KEVIN FREEMAN TO GET SMART ON THE REALITY YOU SHOULD KNOW AND DO NOT HAVE DATA FOR ). Knowledge is so powerful IF you have that secret knowledge FIRST. Who says. My uncle Nappy who raised me you know as NAPOLEON HILL of THINK AND GROW RICH says. Stay tuned and share this blog site with your circle who truly invest in the truth and in integrity of what IS really going on out there.

Now then as China is being destroyed once and for all by their error on US trade war deal making – eventually shocking their planning team, where their insult – no heads up to Trump just a brutal cable unwinding a year of trade work in a cold after hours DC Friday weekend CABLE stating as their team came to DC the following week…PRESIDENT TRUMP FUCK YOIU AND FUCK THE HORSE YOU ROAD IN ON.

Then their state communist PR media machine goes to work on 1.3 billion people stating the US insulted China. That lie is spreading with my blog across the CHINA landscape as the Chinese are smart and they KNOW lies and truth. THEY KNOW. The media blitz is not working in 2019. China people want an honorable trade deal. Insider hard liners as Kevins work on THE SECRET WEAPON document economic asymmetrical warfare is game on in China and it is now GAME LOST.

If Nancy passes a budget and elevates the Debt Ceiling quickly America under THREAT from CHINA and full on Trade WAR came together as ONE and surprised XI. The dollar will just soar. Economics will just US roar. The credit rating of the US will return to AAA ( good job Nancy ) and American borrowing cost soaring under Obama as credit ratings were lost – now return under TRUMP and borrowing cost ( going down as tariff revenues rise ) go down also benefiting US treasury like MASSIVELY.

If Nancy shuts down the government she and team are working for the CHINESE against AMERICA in full on trade war to win the 2020 election. You will know this by action not talk. If you see that moment be prepared for Donald Trump to unite American’s who oppose socialism as a failed model in a great uprising and Trump wins for sure. Nancy has more traction to action united America for winning the trade war as she has all the silver bullets she requires on the election with Biden without an unholy union with China election manipulation and money. We will all see soon.


China sees oil rise while the dollar to pay for oil soars in value making oil cheaper if you have dollars. But China elected to pay for oil in Yuan and the Yuan is down down down a rabbit hole in 2018 and 2019 with no end in site. Today the Yuan once 3 yuan to one dollar is 7 yuan to 1 dollar and maybe 15 yuan to 1 dollar soon we predict if XI fails to make a trade deal and really quick.

Corporate confidence world wide is now turning ( forever ) that risk of:

  1. Profit making
  2. Soaring cost
  3. Soaring regulatory nonsense
  4. IP theft that is endless in China
  5. And FREE FALLING EU almost 1 per 1 with the dollar as the Dollar rises above parity again

The EU is a currency China needs. Now the Yuan is falling so low in value outside China the yuan trade to the EU ( also falling ) is worse and worse for China. Worse in Dollars worse in EU. China needs more and more yuan to pay for stuff in EU or in Dollars.

Confidence in the EU is shattering. Why?


The EU conference this week in Spain showed desperation. A crises call for a EU banking system that creates an FDIC in EU banks ( missing today ) so a private insurance scheme could defraud EU depositors just like the FED scan does in America. In America over 100 trillion dollars of deposits are insured by an FDIC with about 1.6 billion in cash reserves. Also in fine print you are only insured up to a sum total say 100,000 dollars US. Any run on banks and its over. Your deposits are working in off shore AI trades at 50 to 1 margin trading in casino speculations on side bets to real economics as to which way an asset class ( all asset classes may go in the future ). A pure side bet. Like the side bet in Mortgage markets brought to Super Crash by other side bets where trillions bet against billions mortgage markets would crash. The side betting won bit time. When the public learns that the once felony cause of the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929 and the cause of the depression of 1907 was SIDE BETTING WILD SPECULATIONS WITH BANK CORE DEPOSITS is taking place again but with fantastic VELOCITY MOMENTUM AND ACCELERATIONS via AI controlling 440 trillion of non economic circulations in SIDE BETTING CASINO CAPITALISM manipulating all prices for all asset classes from sugar to milk, should they run out and cash in to all cash, the system fails. Panic from real understanding protects those who panic out first. All the rest are toast.

In the EU the great run out is taking place. Why? Trade with China without a trade deal is a trade with criminals who steal your stuff and rip you off. The EU is not trading as it did with China. EU investment in China as with USA investing is pulling back in the great capital withdrawal from China all taking place at a pace never seen before in May alone. The EU is under stress.

The confidence in the currency is shattered. Folks are running out of EU in panic into US Dollars as the Dollar returns to 140 to 1 EU sooner than later. Which already at 1 to 1 almost is turning on US investment in the EU which is massive now moving forward into rising US Dollars. China is being forced to sell its EU holdings to Dollar buyers. China is desperate now for dollars make no mistake on that. No one will accept YUAN payments and everyone has shifted back to the world reserve currency the US dollar backbone and out of the phony chinese currency dumped by BAD FAITH DEALINGS from China.

Now then the EU in SPAIN warned that without a new FDIC protocol for banking in the EU the EU may panic collapse in the next recession. In central bank speak today the report was panic by central bankers. Seeing Italy threaten to leave awash in debt – Spain right behind them awash in Debt – Portugal right behind them awash in debt – and unwilling to SHOCK DOCTRINE by Naomi Klein economist – as the EU in Brussels wishes – opting out of the EU like Britain is rising politically. Why?

Germany and France remain the only nations to pay the unresolved debt cost bailing out the big states for a century of failed economic policies. Aging in the EU is far worse than in the USA by demographics to economics in the EU for a generation. Things are super fragile and you can not borrow your way out – well you can but it requires SUPER BONDS and the EU has not phoned me yet – 256 850 4715 for a zoom call in the way forward your missing. We love you guys.

So the EU is a house on fire without any fire escapes in a fatal design for economics. Without reformations the EU can not stand.

So sensing a huge capital hole and run out of debtor nations as confidence is shattered in Italy and in Spain and elsewhere and in the Brussel decade of error in core economics, the AI run out of EU is on. What does this mean.

Well first the EU can’t invest in CHINA as it did. So China having a run out of its nation can not invest in the EU as it once did. Now the SUPER DEBT TRAP begins compression of real options due to decades of Debt Super Bubble economic abuse on both sides of the puddle.

EU citizens are running out of EU to dollars before its 1 to 1. Those who ran out at 1.25 to 1 made an absolute killing and recall we told you to do it – sell high buy low – and its not low ( enough ) yet to buy.

When central banks rush out to tell you how safe how stable how you can trust the Yuan or the EU then you see what is central bank pure on panic. WE SEE THAT PANIC TODAY.

Britexit is a huge risk with no deal as the UK buys tons more from the EU than it sells into the EU. If the EU does not create a most favored nation status and with politics driving economics – fatal in China fatal in the EU – punish a no exit UK exit – the UK may move that buying power with advantage to the pound to the crashing EU – to America. Trump will make that so easy and profitable. THE EU loses a trillion in trade with the UK and America gains with its favorite ally anyway.

The pound roars back as the dollar roars up and the EU super crashes moving forward. Advice to the EU CEO SPACE MEMBERSHIP over 31 years in all EU nations – SELL EU’s quietly and buy POUNDS AND DOLLARS are your best volatility advantage from AI which is doing that as oceans of capital are flight now out of EU and YUAN.

China trade with EU is going to crash as EU is not going to tolerate further IP theft. Today China stated we will continue to STEAL IP from the world with our SRO’s ( state run institutions ) as such theft defines our criminal leadership and our criminal nations as our FORWARD ECONOMIC WAR with non communist countries. OUR POLICY IS WE WILL BANKRUPT YOU.

Trump has called that bluff to a country whose total economy is less than the budget of the state of California – more tired with Japan that just became once again as China sinks in GNP the # 2 Economy on earth and China is tied now with Indonesia and India. Modi will pass China next year which sinks in prestige world wide to # 3 via its fatal house of crackers playing their silly economic game, California versus the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN TOTAL….or Two Twos for China ACEs HIGH FULL HOUSE WINNING ECONOMIC HAND FOR USA AND FOR TRUMP.

Numbers in China are crashing out of its Holiday peak season and one off buying to get in before Trump tariff’s hit. Now moving into winter China falls economically off Nigra falls. Can you hear the GOOFY SCREAM on the SLIDE in the cartoon…YAHOOOO WOOOO WHOOOOIE……

Faster your seat belt China criminal bankers, and keep your arms and legs inside the coach and no smoking please.

So China free Falls in Yuan value into our summer their harsh climate change winter. Oil rising is ok because the dollar rising allows China to accommodate by paying. Between paying for stuff to keep China flowing importing everything, between supporting the Yuan in capital runs out of China currency world wide, and paying for oil the cost of everything else, markets see CHINA devesting its dollar holdings and fast. This shatters confidence and compounds a panic run out of China. Taking place now due to their leaders believing false data and fake news or their own lies criminal to criminal.

if your read Kevin FREEMANS THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN you understand the asymmetric warfare game plan China attacked western markets with in 2007 – the first full on digital weapon attack in human history – our own digital pearl harbor. You will see and know China has won the first battle and now ten years of digital WORLD WAR III later China has lost the very war China started as a crime against humanity.

True DAT.

Nancy in a real war of nations is so admired for passing the budget and debt ceiling fast and surprising China as a photon TORPEDO to China failed economics. HER OWN reply to the CHINA LAP dance on trade negotiations with our team in America. GO NANCY. China fails over time to appreciate one sacred fact about a divided America. When AMERICA EXPERIENCES THREAT THERE IS NO PARTY THERE IS ONLY ONE PEOPLEĀ  UNITED AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD. China is united by police state and AI monitoring of every citizen taking a crap today and has no GOD by POLICY. Hey China watch NANCY TAKE YOU DOWN THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD …learn earn and return – to TRADE DEAL and Fast. AMERICA is backing up from buying your shit by trillions and we don’t care what you back up from – don’t wear jeans and buy rip off from Apple Huawie phones – good luck on your no google updates moving forward or qualcomm parts or intel parts or samsung parts of panasonic parts you say you can just replace. GOOD LUCK ON THAT back door with AI on data to win your economic wars with US. GOOD LUCK on losing the wars you started.

Now the EU nose diving in value, can’t invest in China. The EU with falling values makes Yuan investing ever more costly where dollar investing wins but China is running out of dollars – say thier last 800 billion is going fast having lost 3 trillion in a decade – way to go folks. You were growing dollar reserves now your crashing dollar reserves.

The Credit rating for DEBT SUPER BUBBLE EU is about to go way down and borrowing cost in the EU is about to rise WAY WAY UP. This shatters further EU confidence.

Bankers are in panic mode as today the press reports due to – inability to accommodate stability in the next down turn as DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES HIT WORLD MARKETS CRUSHING ALL HOPE AND PROMISE FROM EU AND CHINA DEBT SUPER BUBBLES BURSTING as in fact the all must.

In Spain this week the EU central bankers rang the FULL ON PANIC BELL. They want the illusion of system stability with a fraud – a FDIC like guarantee of deposit for little guy confidence where most of the money is – with a Fed like 1.6 billion in cash insuring a 100 trillion of deposit money. You and go to jail for an insurance fraud like that but the private bankers who own the private central banks – all stock firms as fraud regulating the banks that own them….come on read on it? What a sham. All central banks need to MERGE BACK INTO THEIR TREASURIES elect candidates that run on SAVE THE SYSTEM PLATFORMS. Do that and you get your nations back.

Today the masses are media brain washed by the less than 50 super wealthy who own the media. You are lied to believing THEY OUT THERE will fix things for YOU. You alone can fix things for you.

On the other side of the SUPER CRASH and wars you may wake up to the cause of all wars, failed economics from criminal bankers and central bankers they own as the last brain wash to the masses the central bank confidence until shattered from iies with the truth.

Fraud in economics must always rebalance.

The EU is unwinding in fire spreading from Debt and there are no fire escapes.

At all.

Hold EU and Yuan at your greatest risk moving forward.

EU is crashing out of China at all levels as is America. China can not withstand the economic sandwich of a soaring US dollar to its debt repayments due in dollars – and the EU moving trade out to IP theft and inability to profit – with the DOLLAR creating massive EU investing replacing China all together.


Trade Deal or No Trade Deal. I can hear Howie Mandel screaming at President XI. They are rushing to commercial break … between the lines XI….



PS: Russia demanded the return on Boltics of its UN trade representative and in hours Putin who is not messing around – got that release. The strong man in the world will profit from China and EU pain trust me. Book me for talks at 256 850 4715 happy to keynote as Top 10 Forbes ranked KEYNOTE Speaker world wide. Thank you so much for sharing my rapidly growing FREE subscriber blog news site.