Trump has been steadily draining the SWAMP of Government legal theft and waste in Washington. Constitutional Minded American’s love it. Socialist minded American’s hate it. President Trump popularity in the USA is rising not falling. Socialist agendas are the face of the Democratic Party and divided between the farthest left in years, including communissim, to moderate and more middle line fring minority democrats, who frankly are confused how so many farther left factors now divide up their party of the past. The in fighting in the socialist political penchant is polarized on the following issue inside America. The Republicans are united on the issues of Constitutional rule of law.

Donald Trump has worked to keep plants operating in the USA with a high degree of success. This has preserved high paying JOBS inside the USA and tax base for both Federal Government and states. The ripple effect of trickle down economics can not be overstated in the impact on the overall strength of the American economy when fighting a trade war.

Donald Trump has also whacked billions upon billions of cost to the USA. Billions in contract soaring out of control defense contractors. Billions from Pharms. Billions from waste in the DC Swap land reclaiming those dollars. In Trade wars Donald Trump is collecting fair trade tariff to sell into the USA when the seller over taxes America. Donald Trump is reciprocity taxing sellers – if they tax USA goods selling into their nation the USA will tax them zero – to zero. If they tax us in 2019 at x now the USA will tax them at X as well. The FREE LUNCH of taxing the USA world wide in all nations at huge % say 45% to 200% and we tax those sellers into the USA zero or close are over. That plan was a restart the world plan on compassion post war – lifting up nations from the WINNER – while the nations benefiting took it as a forever RIGHT to wealth transfer real wealth from AMERICA to their own nations. This pattern of economic self inflicted slow suicide for America and its people was not well understood or appreciated by 600 attorney law makers or many economists. Further the host nations stealing American wealth from unfair trade policy by plan paid enormous sums to 600 attorney law makets to assure that World War II favoring temporary rules never ever updated. Its a long long road from world war II folks.

Presidents since Nixon have talked about the unfair trade protocol that must change and retool. No President has acted. None has raised tariffs – drawn an economic red line – stood up and said in clear English – AMERICA FIRST – and then actions demonstrated that President meant what he said in economics. The largest sea change in global economics without a real war is taking place in ECONOMIC AI DIGITAL WORLD WAR III which is fully economic between nations. A new NO NATION LEFT BEHIND box top rule set is being designed for the world. This is real war. It is economic war. And it is the largest shift since world war III. WEALTH TRANSFER OUT OF THE USA is starting to SHIFT BACK into the USA. As we have not seen in the time span of this entire living generation.

A billion here in plants not closing.

A billion here in tariff taxes rising to 100’s of billions.

A billion here in full employment with folks off federal aide and folks paying income tax in record numbers.

A billion here ( rising to 100’s of billions ) of DC agency waste and higher accountability for tax payer dollars a new first.


Donald Trump is proposing new rules to recapture 8 billion and more in FOOD STAMP FRAUD. His two years have uncovered staff hard data. 43 States are looking the other way as a LOOP HOLE in Food Stamps has created rampent fraud. Americans who do not quality for FOOD STAMPS are getting FREE FOOD as an easy legal theft. The Government deep state WITHOUT REFORM allows this FRAUD LOOP HOLE to grow where millionaires are and have been using food stamps.

Donald Trump does not wish to take food stamp support away from ONE SINGLE MOM OR ONE FAMILY IN AMERICA IN NEED. That will not we feel be made clear in the press. This issue will become a third rail political issue raised up the flag pole as political FAKE NEWS. Donald Trump was FAKE NEWS crucified by the OWNERS ( socialist 50 owners of 90% of all media outlets ) a fact – stating he and Republicans wished to remove PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS FROM THE OBAMA CARE ACT.

That is a lie.

Donald Trump wanted the democrats to work with the republicans in Congress to throw out a cruel unequal and economic swamp law of legal theft of wealth without ease and fullness of coverage. As folks on OBAMA care well know it is too costly for millions – it is limited in coverage in fact – and it is better than nothing else but not much – and can this nation do better as well as Norway and Cuba say? For our own people? Trump does not want to transfer unlimited billing from the USA in health care so an elite wealth group who own and control a broken health care system, transfer unlimited wealth to them by billing the USA for out of control forever ungodly billing costs as a totally abusive industry does today. Our health care sells products for 20% to the world and 120% to AMERICAN’s. As one mind boggle in a system gone foul – that swamp needs draining. But if your largest LOBBIES are WALLSTREET – PHARMS and OIL what ya gonna do?

In FOOD STAMPS Trump is taking on the third rail no President would touch – out of control FOOD STAMP FRAUD draining over 8 billion stolen USA tax payer dollars back into our US TREASURY by stopping the FRAUDSTERS.

Without going into detail the FOOD STAMP WORKS LIKE THIS IN FRAUD:

  1. 43 permit Loopholes of automatic food stamp two year ( and longer ) assurance to anyone without a qualification of any kind.
  2. Millions who are not qualified and can pay their own food costs are locked into FOOD STAMP FRAUD from these FOOD STAMP LOOPHOLES states have allowed primarily – as they don’t pay it.
  3. No food stamp QUALIFIED individual will fail to retain FOOD STAMP access of be denied FOOD STAMPS under the LAW.
  4. Donald Trump is moving to ENFORCE THE LAW and take millions who are cheating the system out of their FRAUD FLOWS from you from me from America.
  5. The closing of this 8 billion dollar door is one more drain of the swamp of fraud in MEDICARE fraud in SOCIAL SECURITY AND DISABILITY FRAUD and collectively we are talking enough to balance the USA budget IF we could identify and stop all the FRAUD.

American has unlimited wealth.

America creates new wealth renewing her wealth as the real wealth is not our oil or our minerals in mines being harvested for all humanity. No. Our real wealth is our people who invent the future like no other location in history and or on earth. America is creating new TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS IN WEALTH in 60 months on 5G products. Over 70% of employment in America will occur in industries and services that are yet to be invented in just 60 months of time. America is going through a WEALTH INNOVATION GOLD “MIND” TO WHICH THE “MIND” IS LIMITLESS IN WEALTH. Other nations will no longer hack out WEALTH and steal our wealth in unfair trade.

American’s who have been feeding in the SWAMPS of fraud and cheating are discovering there is a NEW SHERIFF in DODGE. The Clantons are being taken to the OK CORAL once and for all. Donald Trump was elected to drain the swamp. This is not fun. This is not popular in many camps because economics is not well understood. Politics are divided. Half of political thought wants to GUARD AND PROTECT THE SWAMP. Not because of objective economic hard focused look and really see. No. But because humans band together and defend a principle more than any other generationally and culturally without questioning the principle at core….which is….THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT. So the swamp protectors do their roars. The DRAIN THE SWAMP FOLKS lay their pipes and pump.

The sound is awful.

The outcome is as it is only two short years the SWAMP levels are down by the largest shore line unseen for 100 years in any generation. The air is clearing.

Senator Dirksen one of my mentors on Capitol Hill and Scoop Jackson in the Senate mens room a long long time ago said – Berny on this bill you have to appreciate – its a billion here and a billion there and one day son we are talking some really serious money ! I said washing our hands you should use that today on the SENATE FLOOR. You can look up that one as Senator Dirksen did – and it made FRONT PAGE NEWS – and some how the truth of a senate mens room is lost upon the 600 attorney non economist law makers in charge of our nations MONEY in fact. Forgive them though because all are of such good heart and intention and so many in economics simply….know not what it is that they in fact actually DO. I have not found a dozen in public service that are not GREAT MEN AND WOMEN and who believe in their outcome and positions including SWAMP DEFENDING as the ONLY WAY and the BEST WAY AND THE HIGHER WAY.

What makes our nation so great – is none of us go to CAMPS – like China with 1.4 locked up rising to 5 million to prevent INSTABILITY. When you see the GREAT SWAMP FIRES AND DEBATES IN THIS ENORMOUS CHANGE UNFOLDING IN THE REAL GAME OF THRONES – THINK….

Heaven is the absence of competition.

Hell is the absence of cooperation.

Heaven is conscious awake sane self aware beings existing as one in perfect self cooperation and bliss.

Hell is unconscious insane unwake beings existing separately in endless competition with self in rage and frustration.

Heaven is purity of integrity in consciousness.

Hell is the absence of integrity in consciousness.

Sane of Insane.

Cooperative thought or competitive thought.


Hope and Promise for the future….is leaders being able to discern the difference elevating capacity for our own conscious awareness ( which is my lifetime day job….as tinker bell sprinkling discernment to tell the difference to leaders ). Reforming cultures for enterprise and nations and their leadership to advance heaven from hell by design of thought itself.

Some are teachable.

Some already know the difference.

Others are not teachable and lack capacity to see the truth.

Today with compassion and the cooperative reform model in all agreements TRUST AND VERIFY in food stamps restores congress box top rules – rule of laws – and stops FOOD STAMP LOOP HOLE FRAUD at 8 billion large – saved back for the USA.

Pretty soon folks we are talking at 2.5 years….SERIOUS REAL MONEY.


Note; Review and verify as per the LAW РDonald Trump stipulated to agency no one qualified under the law is to be denied food stamps. Millions committing fraud are not to be allowed to steal forward in time as the law is being administrated by a improved digital administration and AI today. Plugging the many  leaks in the bucket  OF DC into the swamp where USA wealth disappears into illegal theft by the swamp animals.