AI which “IS” the market today, controlling some 96% of 440 trillion dollars of capital movements in all markets world wide. The Fed is seeing both a robust recovery of 3.2% USA First quarter GNP and a soaring GNP in the second quarter just adjusted to 2.6% and soon to be up to 3.5% in second quarter.

This news will break AI into the US DOLLAR soaring higher – passing parity with the EU. We told you when experts last year where trashing the US DOLLAR to go LONG in the DOLLAR and SHORT in OIL. Both Right calls last October and singe in our reporting the facts and the forward trends.

Jamie at Morgan reported earlier this month on the GREAT MELT UP in asset class values. Why? Because he reported the ocean on the side lines not YET INVESTED is under performing in CASH. That cash by 100’s of billions needs to GO BACK TO WORK IN MARKETS. This flow of a creek of capital billions moving toward a river tens of billions moving toward record Colorado River WHITE WATER of 100’s of billions will represent UNSTOPPABLE WATER returning to markets – GOING BACK TO PROFIT AND WORK – inside a likely boom into 2030 with infrastructure.

Iran’s 1.9 million barrels a day – if you count it all – truly – is flying downward under 1 million barrels a day and moving 46% of Iran revenue to down bubble – and Iran is already in serious very hard landing and deep recession. Its currency and economics look like Venezuela. Runs out of the nation have passed one trillion dollars in economic activity. Iran has not seen real pain yet. Over what as their issue?

Prosperity is a new 25 page Trump agreement to without regime change see Iran give up nukes and long range America hitting missile development, and agree to principles of leadership in region. Those are things Iran says it does – all of them together and collectively. Trump will go to war with IRAN to win the desired outcome – with regime change in war or without regime change in peace. The issue is a 25 page written document, that can be crafted very quickly and trillions in Iran prosperity as flood gates open up for Iran and her 89 million…now suffering citizens. As the next three months turn the IRAN spigot of money to pay its own military, the IRAN SHIT economically – must hit the preverbal ceiling? The failing Iran Religious Economic – as an economy – is – and will be – HAS IRAN WAITED TOO LATE in timing? How bankrupt is Iran really? For we are about to see ….

… nation can withstand income operations below its cost to conduct affairs over time such loss creates internal instability as failure to pay rises across economic sectors in a giant ripple to riots and social unrest due to the failing national economics………

Has Iran waited too long? Economics never lie. All abuses to economics must rebalance. Can a nation of 89 million support a major 1 million person in uniform with all the modern weapons Iran must supply as a military economic model versus a real economy. How low will the credit ratings for Iran go next as their borrowing cost driving the economy – using debt to make up red ink in annual budgets as the debt SUPER BUBBLE eventually bursts and overwhelmed the Iran planners. if Iran citizens run out of their own currency for black market dollars and Eu’s – the Iran economic theories all move to panic and the inflation soars just like in Venezuela and the people can not afford basics including food. Is that coming over a 25 page written item no one in Iran should even care a wit about?

Iran can negotiate next week ( for waivers on oil in good faith negotiations ) setting up their investment, duty free trading scheme, their advanced economic retooling with all the third party – utility in nation of their new wealth flowing in and unstoppable – as the 25 page document creates the leading economy of the Gulf the IRAN MIRACLE. Or likely regime change and fast due the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING as Iran economics Super Crash in May and the people in Iran host a massive SPRING. Not desirable in fact with all that blood shed and rip tide into new directions.

Irans leaders can secure power for 100 years into the future on a 25 page document.


Meanwhile the US will have infrastructure and a INVEST UP INVEST IN INVEST OCEANS into the rising opportunity of a booming USA led by energy and fuels both internal ( Chevron and Exxon reported they would double their production in just Texas alone in five years by 2025 – which raises USA oil output from 12.6 million barrels a day to 20 million barrels a day by 2025 – and today we are contributing one million barrels each day – the sum of OPEC cut backs – to our own strategic oil reserves now passing 500,000,000 barrels in storage folks – which TRUMP CAN DUMP at say 500,000 barrels a day – half off setting Iran oil today – with others picking up the difference is cherry blossoms in the wind – Iran’s pain means nothing to the world oil markets. Even live fire exercises in Iran water ways will not spawn war or change to the IRAN PLANNERS WAITED TOO LONG. Their one and only fiscal choice is hit the negotiating table fast and make a TRUMP DEAL of the CENTURY as that 25 pages only leads to massive prosperity immediately no delays. Or not.

All eyes on Iran as in May comes CEO SPACE May 18th for bonus classes and all of the winning tools – for business owners and institutional clients – in Dallas and May breeds all eyes turn to IRAN and remain on IRAN until this is over. China and Asia buy 50% of Iran oil.

Total Iran Exports were 110 billion last year with 52 billion representing oil. Turkey and China alone account for one half of Iran totals and neither nation are likely to be influenced by TRUMP USA policy that will not effect their sovereign self dealing with any nation they desire. Trump can’t do much to Turkey or to China. That is a fact.

The USA can shrink Iran oil revenue down by 50% now.

As the income crashes further for Iran keep in mind Iran consumers pay 47% more for everything a potato chip or a cup of detergent to wash clothes with – than they did one year ago. Now Iran currency hopes economically and potentials are crashing our of any Iran leadership control and nothing like last time. Make no mistake TRUMP IS READY FOR FULL OUT WAR WITH NORTH KOREA AND WITH IRAN NO PROBLEM. The Cost to Iran is total. The cost to the USA – lower today than the tomorrow cost to pay –

IRAN its a 25 printed page of paper to prosperity……why would you not seek this solution… the ideal outcome?

It is always economics – if economics leads politics all humans do better so much better….but if politics lead the economics humans do so much worse – so much worse. Sanity or insanity.

We are going to discover which coming up this quarter…….wait for it…….all of it…….Britt EXIT to Iran.


PS: Risk to US recovery – Interest rates rising – Oil price rising – Depreciating tensions with North Korea Iran and or Russia – Britt NO EXIT deal – Trade Wars with EU and Japan remain unresolved…..regional wars and terrorism.