Nations wish to protect their home industry by having high tax penalties on off shore trade goods that might reduce in nation jobs and economic growth. This model of unfair trade barriers is an old WORLD WAR II model that is no longer sustainable economically. In trying to develop reciprocity trade – we tax you as you tax us – nations take other actions.

So finally as CHINA over taxes USA trade goods – assuring that we can’t sell our goods into China such that China is having the USA buy 570 BILLION DOLLARS more from CHINA than we sold into China – a TRILLION A YEAR in negative ink red trade accounting – where eventually America is going broke slowly on this model. Congress and President Trump are united to stop the unfair old antique trade model for the EU – all of ASIA and China the worst offender and we are economically shifting the game board box top rules.

China wishing to keep its MAXIMUM UNFAIR TRADE wealth transfer from America into China – resists any new fair trade that may balance the IMBALANCED WEALTH TRANSFER their nation has enjoyed and feels is there right. Steal all America inventions and rip them off and trade where we win and America loses. That model. That model is dying today.

China now with Tariff reciprocity tax lite and about to get real reciprocity tax to equal the game board does what. Well OPEC OIL and EU knowing the unfair game board will shift and China where the unfair game board has shifted – all move together and plan it and price manipulate what?


They all having to settle trades in USA DOLLARS buy USA DOLLARS and bid those dollars way up over market fair rate price. What does THAT DO?

It manipulates USA products way high and it makes their EU and China products way low. They manipulated a way to off set tariff’s. The USA has any easy fix as this is TRADE “WAR” REAL ECONOMIC WAR AND OUR PEOPLE CAN NOT LOSE THIS ECONOMIC WAR.

The Fed lowers interest by half a basis and the dollar plunges in value.

The BANDIT NATIONS bidding the dollar HIGHER TAKING LONG POSITIONS have an immediate margin blood bath as the dollar plunges. The FED used its own weapons of mass destruction. PROSPERITY IN THE USA soars – credit rating moves back to AAA – borrowing for USA DEBT drops in cost – income to the TREASURY SOARS – and accounts rebalance from the NATION TO NATION TRADE WAR ALL DIGITAL AI AND ECONOMIC TODAY.

The Dollar remains in proper value to those at war with us and they truly have to BUY USA and fair trade USA or they go bankrupt.

At mid year 2019 it will take China – working on totally fake economic news and error data – 25 years minimum to recover from the LOSER PLAYS on the Trade War Game Board economically. 7 Trillion dollars of supply channels, buyer market share shifting and capital flight with investment flight all while the enormous 300% DEBTOR ECONOMY CHINA TRULY IS has its borrowing cost SOAR AND SOAR as its own credit rating is declining massively and in time frames never seen in history to junk status. Economically China is imploding.

Trump is blowing smoke rings in July on the White House Porch twiddling his thumbs winning so massively as TIME is the killer asset to China economics. China requires a trade deal yesterday being already too late.

China will not recover for decades as they move the needle into next year. The warning to other nations like FRANCE is – watch what comes from FRANCE going NUKE on USA TECHNOLOGY FIRMS and creating a TRADE WAR NUKE EVENT. Trumps reply will take France into debtor default land and the capital flight from China now with political unrest massively unfavorable to MACON who simply fails to get the economics 101.

AI ECONOMICS is unforgiving for errors.

France and China – you are in the AI penalty box and without a new trade deal – you simply have no way out. No hope remaining to pay off your debts.

Think I’m out in some other universe.

Wait for it.

RIGHT AGAIN is coming soon.


PS: When Debt Defaulting cascades being – only America will come out in the end of it all and the billions effected by politicians running economics versus economics running politicians will be the most sad historic chapter of our time.