It is odd that we publish items and the news by end of the DAY reports the item. What did we say. We said:

  1. The biggest risk to economics derailing is and remans the Republicans loosing the Congress. Why? Grid lock in congress. Impeachment. Politics running economics. Waste and GRID LOCK as we never have known it right when we can’t afford GRID LOCK. Why? The ECONOMY needs INFRASTRUCTURE LEGISLATION as the final leg of the pillar to stimulate growth into 2030. Shocks to the economy will put economics in reverse. Its FRAGILE as we have reported. Complicated as we have reported. AMERICA NEEDS CONGRESS TO WORK just THAT when we vote with our wallets beyond party and politics. IF we do. THAT.

Fed Policy. Raising interest rates to high – to fast – too frequently too much each time – is normalization over sixty months with massive FED Q EASING as Global Central banks normalize too fast – 25 years is more ideal and ten years minimum – Fed rush to normalize from a NEVER SEEN BEFORE accumulation of bonds into the central bank ownership is a risk – where TIME is the essential asset. Fed modeling fails to take into account uncharted new economics of digital trading leveraged fully as a new economic frontier globalized that by passes the antique data that is no longer sufficient to steer fed policy within.

So TODAY Jamie Diamond the longest running major HUGE INVESTMENT BANK CEO to reside over the tribal community from the financial melt down of 2008 at 62 years of age has his words hung on by policy makers world wide in financial markets. Again TODAY Jamie suggested – he did not wish to scare the public – but that the risk of FED POLICY on INTEREST rates is a concern. His other concern is China and the USA fail to develop a new box top rule set for FAIR Trade world wide – which in our review shaves in a worse case .05% to 1% off a GNP of 4% but far far worse for China GNP. We keep rolling so I don’t see the weight of Jamie’s caution on China as equal to his caution – many law makers caution the Presidents caution to the FED – insert TIME into POLICY as TIME is a critical asset and your violating TIME as a way to move from Fantastic never seen before in economies Q easing to normalization – we need MORE TIME or the FED will send the world into a Super Crash.


Untold global TRILLIONS now at 300 trillion in global debt – government first – corporate and institutional next – personal and individual next – a never seen before record debt load rising even now in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE SPIRAL made possible by a decade of Central Bank FREE MONEY.

If 300 TRILLION DOLLARS Of global debt must be forced to refinance at market rate interest of 100% of more interest TOO SOON – timed too fast – the entire system goes into DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE AND SUPER CRASH. Why? Because TIME to refinance all that debt is a consideration for Policy without which the central banks will error ( as they historically have 100% of the time in normalization ) falling to use TIME as an economic ASSET itself.


MORE TIME to rebalance economic accounts and work out of the debt super bubble.

Jamie Diamond at JP MORGAN shout out to the world – reflected our blog publication on the data we have released here since January. We predicted the spring correction. We predicted a record high market by December after the Mid Year Elections still dice on the roll as WHO GETS CONGRESS defines that outcome or NOT.

Today AI trading and profit taking is proceeding while the 10,000 super money pool leadership is on vacation on yachts until after Labor Day. We see sound minds seeing enormous opportunity in adjusted FAANG stock values today going into Holiday buying and earnings that make the first half of this year – albeit record pacing – silly by comparison. We suggested check with licensed professionals to buy in this one off dip especially Face Book.

Smart money will …watch. AI will watch.

SUPER CHANGE it is here the title of my new book out later this year.. Super Change is here and how investors deal with super change and AI market moves is the vocality profit for the new investor in casino capitalism controlled by the AI WARS today between 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools rewriting the global rule books.

As we predicted IRAN will meet with President Trump as China and Russia and the USA develop new box top rules for the entire world – its coming and Super Change is what you can bank on to profit.


Berny Dohrmann – Still in July August will be better wait for it……