Gambling (any form of short term trading for profit) is virtual, addiction to gambling. You are gambling just like on a Vegas table. You are betting and gambling. You are NOT AN INVESTOR. You are not INVESTING long term and you do not have any investment strategy. You are a GAMBLER. The majority of gamblers have zero thought about LED DAY when all switches in AI move to SELL and stay there as if welded for months – with zero buy orders to take down those sell orders. What happens to gamblers who ARE NOT INVESTORS in the CASION CAPITALISM THEN and NEXT? What can we look to?

Let’s look to the DEVOLUTION OF THE CAPITAL FLOW MARKETS due to casino capitalism and gambling in 1929. What took place? First the Fed made untold wealth transfer (to its criminal banker cabal that own the Fed which is not a Federal Agency of nation but a private stock firm owned in secret by the criminal bankers – and the Federal Reserve Board which is not Federal also has no reserves – it has 7 trillion of risk assets it gambled upon in the casino. It did all this in 1929. As we built up low cost money and no regulatory frame work created a GREED STAMPEDE IN A LIQUIDITY MELT UP following the 1929 crash to NEW RECORD HIGHS. Things were Ok going forward in time. We were BACK. WE are OK. Every expert was saying a new SUPER BOOM existed.

Against what news? Against a total DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IMPLOSION ( Created by central banks – new then and already a totally failed model to manage nation capital in my opinion – the cause of all boom and bust and all wars is the FED who keeps voters ignorant of the Truth because crime pays when you’re a criminal banker – ask WELLS FARGO or google FINES PAID BY MAJOR BANKS to see they are all criminals – making Berny Madoff dying in prison look as if he robbed a snicker bar from a 711 store ) but those Bankers have warm meals in Marin county silicon Valley Santa Monica and the HAMPTONS my stomping second home for years when in New York City running a public brokerage firm. We know a thing or two as Farmers Insurance suggests on what is really going on out there.

So what is the economic crises suggesting – to any leader who leads in institution’s and who leads in owning a business or a practice – the markets CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL serves June 16th with its PRESS RANKED # 1 PROGRAM to accelerate growth outcomes inside the Tuesday to Friday opportunity to grow profits faster next week: a book mark to share with other owners and to profit yourself with. Check it out. call us. Get enough proofs – enough hard data – to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO how big your profit will be to join – and to grow faster. Ask yourself given what is reported in the last week alone – do you knowing what is really going on out there believe the economics represents the largest RISK IN SYSTEM STRESS LOADING in your life time – a SUPER CHANGE EVENT – my best-selling book on audio calls to you to learn about? DO you believe you need new skill given the scale of markets still super changing as if you are standing on quick sand where in only 2019 you were solid on concrete? Do you as an OWNER and a Leader believe you need to upgrade your core skill in Super Change and gain from superior mentors who advise Fortune 100 CEO’s – the top of the mentors no one can afford who make millions donating their upgrade to smaller business June 16th. You exist next with new belter plans, tactics, tools, strategy, brand messaging upgrades, social upgrades, web upgrades, system automation options, you acquire new customers clients and partner alliances in the event next week exiting with what? Is the timing when HALF THE ENTIRE YEAR IS GONE NOW to upgrade the SECOND HALF so you do so much better? Do you believe a second wave might strike us all? If yes, the June 16th deliver of:









We predicted Feb 7th tables for Pandemic. WHO had no tables and told us this WAS NOT A PANDEMIC. CDC told us the same lie. They had no table Feb 7th. You can scroll and fact check us. We predicted that we would pass 10,000,000 new infections by the end of this summer. We are passing 7 million this week with the record all-time RECORD HIGH Money to new infections in ONE SINGLE DAY of more than 137,000 new ONE DAY global NEW INFECTIONS. We hope home confinement to explosions in infections soaring past 7 million totals infected this week rising to 10,000,000 right as our tables predicted. We predicted 100,000,000 as in ONE HUNDRED MILLION INFECTIONS by Jan 2021 – we stay with our table the most precise and accurate for business owners who acted on guidance we provided as to how NEW the SUPER CHANGE markets I wrote the BEST SELLING FIVE STAR BOOK to guide you into tools to navigate inside SUPER CHANGE with a new GPS to get you to the other side with less risk. So, what do WE KNOW is going on out there really:


  1. The perfect storm of killer virus explosions to new records daily is weeks ahead exploding more from riots and marches that spread the killer virus – wait for it. That is a fact we know for sure. Implication. Think. Stop following. Lead.
  2. WHO fraud and liars – told us Monday on the all-time record new infection day – that – asymptomatic carriers of the KILLER VIRUS – in the rarest cases infect third parties. That is another BIG LIE on Tuesday as the leadership of WHO is being reformed – old leadership is the worst pandemic failed leadership in human history – China and WHO made it so much worse and still are. In fact, up to 70% of new infections are community transmission with no symptomatic carrier – the SUPER SPREADERS my first story ever on CARRIERS FEB 7th – remains the GOSPEL STORY ON DATA FOR CARRIERS. Journalist jump on this lead story CARRIERS – use my Feb 7th data as your starting point and know – the agencies states and nation are invested to prevent PANIC – which is my WHY – the carrier story is lite in media versus heavy in media. You conspire to empower WHO LIARS with their HEALTH FRAUD. Where is the Pulitzer prize or WHO FRAUD – really, we should win it and a Nobel Prize for reporting the TRUTH from the LIES since December on the Pandemic? First Carrier Story. First tables proven accurate spot on accurate to this day in June. Accurate on the economic impact first. Everyone is still in delusional and denials just like 1929.
  3. Monday front page news declared we are in a BULL RALLY. On Tuesday, the BULLS failed to get that message and sold off with some downward pressure on Tuesday. But the SUPER CRASH we present is as far off as September October or sooner as no one can predict the PANIC off the cliff everyone is running to and why?
  4. Why? Fear of losing out – GREED in a casino capitalism that simply cannot end well. Why?
  5. DEBT SUPER BUBBLES – that impede in defaulting cascades beyond fiscal agency nation and states to manage the debt melt down that removes liquidity from the system capacity to sustain orderly operations as in 1929. The depression laws to save us were abolished by a UNAMIMOUS ACT of Congress in 1999 under the Bill Clinton Administration Bill signed into law. Best intention shattered our hope to now manage as the systemic out of date obsolete LAWS to save us all were abolished and chain sawed out by congress – creating casino speculative wealth consolidating systemic that cannot sustain growth required until the SYSTEM REFORMS.

To our knowledge – no one has presented a BLUE PRINT for HOW TO REFORM THE SYSTEM at the G 100 level, but our own work in the other best seller REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Redemption defines the growing economic crises = defines the system upgrades urgently needed to SAVE US ALL and presents a future of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND REFORMED regulatory structures to include digital commerce and social platforms and robotic laws all of which we need soon and next.


Today no G 100 cooperation or plan exists. As in 1929 institutions states and nations compete like insane hyena’s over a shrinking pie of global liquidity. If you fail to appreciate the DEATH SPIRAL of 1929 is WORSE in 2020 you fail to see a WORLD DEPRESSION IS COMING with an L shaped recovery and a decade to build back after the SUPER CRASH.







You should create a challenge list that covers upgrading to win in new markets that include:

  1. Exploration of your price and brand messaging second half of 2020 – I encourage you to upgrade all of that next
  2. Exploration of scaling – from now to 60 months – with milestones on how you get value up for your venture or practice.
  3. Explore systems and models must upgrade as old systems and models will not work as expected from 2019 – to 2020 not at all.
  4. Explore new markets and channels to load in new customers faster (CEO SPACE Is 1 there are many others) find your fit
  5. Form circles – home COOPERATION PARTIES with customer groups helping each other remain strong – use REDEMPTION as a reader leader item for each power hour once every two weeks – the book defines the culture for the home community building.

Think Different. Do not follow the pack. Do not rely on news as not fake. Today DEEP FAKE is state sponsored-. You may see sound bites from Trump or from Biden and they are FAKE not them at all. Masses buy into the DEEP FAKES going on today. YOUTUBE for voter manipulation coming to you as never before in election year 2020. THINK DIFFERENT and be more Discerning.

Upgrade plans and leadership software of your own mind. For that CEO SPACE JUNE 16th is Forbes – Inc. Magazine and others – # 1 rated program for acceleration of your business into the second half. If you invest to high return high profit outcome – and you explore so you know- before you go – you KNOW – that you will profit from your tax investing you win in 2020 while others lacking the upgrades lose. SUPER CHANGE JUNE TO DECEMBER REQUIRES LEADERS TO ACQUIRE INVISIBLE OPTIONS WE CALL DIAMOND RAIN – GRAB YOUR DIAMONDS AND HARDEN YOUR BUSINESS FOR WHAT IS COMING.

If you believe the worst is over – CEO SPACE will put you in hyper growth and keep you in hyper growth. If you believe the worst is yet to come CEO SPACE May be the COMMUNITY that assures you survive during what is coming in the first place.

Think differently and make decisions as you know more as a leader and you know more first as leader of your own outcomes.






I have helped CEO SPACE lead owners through times of crises and challenge. Say the 1987 stock market meltdown and recession. Or the 911 recession and melt down. Or the 2000 DOT.BOMB super Crash. Or the worst of our lifetime till NOW – the 2007 SUPER CRASH into the GREATEST RECESSION EVER and this is 100x not 10x ‘s worse on the economic optics.

Economics. Nations were stressed in the boom with serious trade wars removing American subsidy in trade where America is ripped off to rebuild after WORLD WAR II. A handful of US PRESIDENTS have talked about reforming trade after WORLD WAR II and in 2020 Donald Trump (to be fair to his haters) DID THE JOB OF STARTING TO REFORM TRADE. Nations losing US subsidies have to make up billions in fact. Further their debt loads which are massive CHINA being the worst and Italy being a tie. These SUPER BUBBLE DEBTOR NATIONS have crashing GNP crashing INCOME to state as never seen before. As the income is super crashing to states the cost of the PANDEMIC is a death spiral of SOARING COST OUT WITH CRASHING INCOME IN. Now 7 year olds I teach get this principle on a black board graph.

Something HAS TO GIVE it is not optional and THEY can’t fix it – all of the THEY’s men and all of the THEY’s horses cannot fix or put the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING INTO DEFAULTS ALL OVER THE WORLD ALL AT ONCE as a Humpty Dumpty that can never be re-assembled again. Too many egg shells ground into debt defaulting dust. Already all GULF WEALTHY NATIONS are in 2020 experiencing the most massive DOWNWARD RANKING to PURE JUNK of their debt financing. As these nations need new debt from Africa to China to pay old debt at all – even payments – and they knew debt is drying up and costing many times more to secure. Bonds the debts of nations and the debts of institutions have seen the biggest sell off ever. Still selling now.

HOW BAD is the panic?

Bad for those in the know.

AI now controls trillions in bond after-market up or down. AI has concluded (digitally) that the profit in holding low yield bonds is too low to buy and own the bonds. Also junk bond risk is too high until interest rises on that risk. So as the AI withdraws from Bond Buying up to a trillion dollars in one single day – the central banks are buying UNSOLD CRAP BOND DEBT that no one wishes to own or hold at the low profits. BOND cost at ten-year treasury into all other markets is soaring. The Fed has run out of bullets to control market rates.

CENTRAL BANKS FAIL WHEN THEY SEEK TO ARTIFICIALLY CONTROL OR MANIPULATE PRICES FOR ANY ASSET VERSUS CORRECT MARKET VALUATION OR RE-EVOLUATIONS. The central banks are caught between a rock and a hard place (your balls) as we say in America these days. 60% of my leader readers are OUTSIDE THE USA today.

Central Banks are in a trap they themselves created. When BOND MARKETS devolved into instability last September in repo overnight bank bond settlements – the Fed moved in and bought 60 billion a day. By year end 2019 that sum had risen to 200 billion. By February in Pandemic WHO said was NOT A PANDEMIC – we saw – the bond markets FREEZE UP. AI concluded heck we can that 1000 million TRILLION DOLLARS today into higher profit returns and turn the crap loser bond profit – over to central banks to pick up those risk to market bets we are unwilling to take at all. The FED in just US BOND MARKETS set a record for ONE TRILLION IN BUYING CRAP ASSETS over night – sending signals to bond holders – we will protect the market with UNLIMITED CAPITAL.

Which is a fraud and lie too.




The central banks lack unlimited capital their capital capacity HAS LIMITATIONS. In a global 440 trillion markets place a 20% contraction or 30% contraction say 120 trillion evaporating liquidity all central banks cannot marshal new debt at 120 trillion dollars to save the LIQUIDITY market KILLER that came not in the first 1929 crash but in the SECOND WAVE.

it is our conclusion the SECOND 1929 WAVE ONLY WORSE is now unlikely as PANDEMIC and RIOTS tipped all hope all promise all restoration of economic core back bone to sustain SUPER DEBT BUBBLES collapsed – and the DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE is working its way through the economic python of the world as an old POST WORLD WAR II SYSTEM everyone believes needs modernization and upgrading – READ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AT AMAZON FOR HOW THAT UNFOLDS ONE STEP AT TIME IN THE BLUE PRINT ON HOW ). The old system is fatal and will die. The new system is evolving into 5G and more (as outlined in SUPER CHANGE as to the NEW ECONOMICS COMING FAST) as we must manage our business today in the place known as ECONOMIC RIP TIDE between two systems.

The reality is the old system is broken fatally ill with DEBT and the DEBT ABUSE as in 1929 must work its way through the system. The Blame Game never will fix blame to those responsible for the failure in fact:


Due to policy failures from the 1940’s to today without one policy that worked. Not one.

You reside in a delusion THEY have special knowledge and can save us.

YOU HAVE SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE THAN CAN SAVE US – common damn sense – free of Pac and private interest billions – such that bought and paid for politics can never ever save anyone at all. Think for yourself. Back from all NEWS. Put news in a new box you own. Say at that BOX. what do you really imply? What is your economic real implication. Just that will help you to think different.





As a market dies it becomes unstable. Our markets became fully unstable in 2007 and 2008 and never recovered their mojo. The institutional speculation (AI GAMBLING) and your gambling have created casino capitalism. The markets of 2020 are divorced and uncoupled from PROFITS from profit earnings ratio and from fundamentals. Now the wild swings represent a fire hose that AI is controlling. AI can wash any market like NASDQ with liquidity when the technology markets is what’s left of a bon fire.

Take Apple. Its stores have been closed most of this year. With 50 million laid off by the fall who upgrades to IPHONES as millions will not – perhaps 2020 is Apples worst year ever. Apple has enormous debt on its new campus which now has we are told 50% of folks forever working from home. The campos may be over built economically. IPOD is made in Vietnam forever moving that business and more lines out of China forever.

Apple is making its own chips and will stop buying INTEL and QUALCOMM chips. We know and treasure knowing the founder of QUALCOMM. The implication that Apple is now pulling chip purchasing by loss of 100’s of millions of dollars to:

  • China
  • Intel

And their stock remains robust. That is fully DECOUPLED STOCK PRIVE AND VALUES from the economics of the foundational market. How do markets return to solid floor value outside the BUBBLE values we see today. Oh, that is 100% easy folks.



Super Crash at a 29,000 DOW BUBBLE level inside the most terrible global all at one time melt down of integrated industries supply lines traditional customer buying levels, where in only six weeks of time we see some 1 billion of 7 billion human beings lose their way to earn a living to have employment and to spend as they once spent. GNP falls by almost 40% for the year for the largest economies like USA and China and other petro nations have drops further than that as in the GULF and Russia. Debts cannot be paid and nation’s want creditors to accept – lend us money and we will never not ever pay you – now you take a haircut and you tell the folks that gave you the money to lend to us so everyone made secure profits – FUCK THEM they are out and lost – how much? Well in Argentina this week defaulting in 2020 on a single tranche it is over 100 BILLION DOLLARS in default and that number is rising to trillions – but wait that is state debt. The totals for industry personal consumer auto student loan and retain space rents not being paid is another 100 trillion of ripped out of the economic arties the back bone of ceo economics. The Pandemic that caused all this saw the highest one day rise in count numbers – THIS WEEK.- such that HOME CONFINEMENT ending the economy of the world has not stopped the rising soaring human deaths. We see over 7 m






First, I advise you to look at the box of your responsibilities in business.

Second, I would read my 2020 best seller SUPER CHANGE to gain perspective of how to look at your box of data.

Think in new ways. My advice to leaders:

  1. Think the market and habits and routines we all knew in 2019 are gone forever.
  2. Think markets are in the middle of super changing and the change outcomes are not fully understood as impact on your venture space yet.
  3. Stay ahead of the changes coming into play.
  4. Think – I must upgrade my web site and my social into 5G for 2021 -2022 as 5 G is a game changer to all of us and requires reading Super Change to understand the gravity of the change you must resolve anyway without Pandemic.
  5. Get a 5G mentor who gets it (less than 10% of mentors do as yet – ask if they read Super Change). Think what help do I require to win in entirely NEW markets coming toward me.
  6. Upgrade your options skills to win in a new market space. A truly entirely new market space evolving and super changing.
  7. Balance – block nature recreation and family and friend time to assure you PLAY as HARD as you work. Why? Because Super Change is real and is outside any change any generation has ever had to THINK through and the change itself is the super stress on you as a leader – no other change stresses leaders like the SUPER CHANGE we all face today – as there is NO NEW NORMAL and there is not YET ANY NEW NORMAL. We have to evolve as we go. We need to PLAY to refuel and reduce our stress in relationship at work relationship at home in parenting when it matters as we may take out super stress in more unhealthy ways than healthy ways. PAMPER THAT YOU ARE SUPER STRESSED because you ARE in fact.

I don’t wish to be a commercial advertising on this blog news site. You ask when is the largest infection day to date on the virus. Answer today. Before that yesterday. NEW RECORDS EVERYDAY. Rising new infections to almost 140,000 daily on Tuesday or 1.4 million new infections every TEN DAYS. But also keep in your thinking – as you think different – home confinement delayed 100,000 body bags A DAY versus over 1000 new BODY BAGS a DAY (USA alone). It is important. Think re-opening is just a test and if in a month to six weeks we see explosions of new cases (as we will) and by WINTER it will be off all charts – except my charts Feb 7th. If you have seen accurate outcomes from our reporting trust the following.

As a major Keynote celebrity speaker on stages worldwide for decades – with only Tony Robbins my buddy being more prolific and the HARDEST WORKING PERSON IN THE INDUSTRY – I know what is offered out in the world today. So, what is my opinion which is deeply convicted.



CEO SPACE on June 16th will be the DIFFERENCE for many of you. CEO SPACE delivers in a fun OWNER HELPING OWNERS Tuesday to Friday – in a new experience – unlike anything you have EVER DONE. My members should know that includes you as we are virtual today. We predicted this event and we unlike others had already RE-TOOLED to go VIRTUAL in February. When WHO said this is NOT A PANDEMIC AT ALL. Our President said this is a CHINA problem we stopped this cold – inject disinfectant you’ll all be ok. WE LED LEADERS with SOLUTIONS NO ONE HAD EVEN THOUGHT UP YET.

CEO SPACE is ahead of the SUPER CHANGE we predicted in the first place and we stand ALONE in upgrading LEADERSHIP with no waste of your time. The cost is menu driven for any budget. Lifetime memberships are the value investment to win in the future markets which will be TURBULENT MAY YET SHOCK AND AWE YOU AND IN OUR VIEW THE WORST THE OTHER SHOE DROPPING IS TILL AHEAD OF ALL OF US.

Opportunity to grow and profit in any SUPER CHANGING market place is always right in front of that leader. But they need to see the OPTIONS all invisible to YOU right this minute and time is NOT ON YOUR SIDE.




It is my belief that CEO SPACE is unique, stand alone, one of a kind, what Tony Robbins Les Brown Bob Proctor and other leaders in the industry of developing leadership – that – CEO SPACE is in 2020 and for decades led as the SUPER BOWL. What makes CEO SPACE uniquely valuable to leaders wishing the second half of 2020 – which may be far more challenging into the November elections in America than say the first half of 2020 – which let’s agree – was not easy on any of us. We are all stressed by the change level. Humans like routines they can rely on to be personally safe and which foster less risk to us in business.

CEO’s who lead fail to (in a superficial review of CEO SPACE) to get that we are not “ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE”? If they deeper dive and get more information they come (most of our customers) to reach a barrier to engage – they feel CEO SPACE is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE in fact. Why?  Because using lifetime membership as a process does two things in fact:

  1. Every customer improves their plan their core team and their resources to grow faster.
  2. Every customer over any three events as a PROCESS in value to you versus a one-time EVENT only – secure new customers to profit from CEO SPACE membership and community building. WE GROW CUSTOMER BASE AND MARKETS faster than the owner can grow the business outside the SUPER STORE that CEO SPACE IS in FACT.

Then they try it as they suspect CEO SPACE claims (confirmed by the third-party press for too many years to count today) and they attend. To a person they conclude – the Forum CEO SPACE Prayer – my god my GOD if I had MISSED THIS!!!! This is true 1988 to 2019.

In 2020, It is my opinion CEO SPACE for the majority of our leaders may be life or death for their futures and business in a depression unfolding but not fully on boarded yet effecting all 7 billion of us as one – in the world today. The risk is sufficiently high that things will get worse before they get better and better may be 2030 away yet – may be sooner – but may well not be sooner in a true L shaped recovery from Depression.

What do we know? The last ten-year recovery all those nice numbers flew from were very temporary and sector driven. Many areas of economics never recovered from the 2007 – 2010 GREAT RECESSION. Millions of business went out forever. Many others struggled never recovering. 100% of the economists reported the decade of 2010 – 2020 was the most odd and slow and weak recovery ever recorded. In that reality comes PANDEMIC and now RIOTS AND SOCIAL DYSFUNCTIONS worldwide not just in America and during the election year summer the equivalent of BLUE VEST movements are sweeping the world like YELLOW VESTS swept France. Still going on by the way.

Inside all this massive social change markets are shifting around like DRUNKEN SAILORS.

When does a leader need some help and support from the # 1 leader the BEST OF THE BEST offered in the world today?

We think June 16th is critical for leadership upgrading.

So, let me end as you have read about CEO SPACE. I leave it to your SOUL.

Your soul already knows.



If CEO SPACE calls at you – if there is a little tugging on what if – I would privately explore CEO SPACE. If you call us and have a membership specialist explore with you they are so soft kind and tell not sell trained – they invite and let you enroll yourself on data alone. You get enough fact and information you see a HIGH RETURN on money and time and you opt in for MORE of what you SOUL is seeking anyway.

if your SOUL choses you’ll be in June 16th.

If your head over thinks it all – you probably read the data here and CLICK DELETE and go next without another thought in the world. It is in the end a SOUL GO decision. Ask your soul if you need help and if CEO SPACE is that help. Why? Your soul already knows.

I know the profit you would realize by registering into CEO SPACE June 16th. I know. I wish that for my leaders reading. All CEO SPACE know me. I encourage 100% of existing members reading to consider. You know how accurate our forecasting over years is legendary for accuracy upon. You KNOW THAT.

Trust my leadership in suggesting JUNE 16th is our most important service to you all since our first Forum planned out in 1988. No service is more valuable timely and critical from the leader trying to help you with SO MUCH MORE a MORE that is impossible to match in DELAY. The cost of DELAY now in 2020 is too fantastic for an owner to pay risking too much too soon into the summer.

I’m confident our calls on what IS COMING are precise and accurate.

I ask you to seriously deeply explore registering by the weekend and use this weekend (with our own line preparation URL support) to develop your own challenge list – and your ASK to get new customers – so your maximizing your outcomes from June 16th. You can be assured your will REPLENISH MASSIVELY FROM THE DEPLETION OF BOTH FLOYD AND PANDEMIC stressing the world today and rightly so.

How valuable is a new PIPE of new CUSTOMERS weekly into the second half of 2020?

How valuable is it to upload new skill new tools new tactics new customers new alliance partner’s – new plans teams and resource’s now? Next. No delay?

THINK DIFFERENT and think hard …as that thinking differently gets you into the winner’s circle as a leader in your own game.

I offer you safe harbor. I offer you a so economic hurricane will not affect you with their full destructive impacts.

I offer you prediction and control in any future market. I offer you MORE than you have right now with solutions you lack right now within new options you will possess next week – or not.

I ask you to tap your heart three times and ask your SOUL – DO I PROFIT FROM CEO SPACE should I just explore the HELP AND SUPPORT is that what YOU WANT? Ask your soul.

Trust the answer. I trust if you ask…. you will also know the souls answer.

Which is always RIGHT for YOUR LIFE and YOUR FUTURE. This is right why? Because your head does not know.


Trust your own soul and spirit and remove all fear because your soul is NEVER EVER WRONG.






PS: Billionaires attend with millionaires down to soll entrepreneurs – all equally served by their peers – with faculty including C Suite CEO founder of Constant Contact and VIPs that serve the Fortune 100 CEO’s and now you – better mentors transform futures.