Success Seeker in a Super Change Market Space, test the adaptability of human consciousness itself. Ever distracted by “incoming” the notion of simple systems to manage the incoming become priceless. For CEO leaders at every level might we suggest some priority resetting for your reformation of DECISIONS. Some of the following Rules apply arrange print and use them and share this item with those you feel will benefit most.



1. Digital communication is for praise never criticism. Plus and correct by phone or in person. Never in any other way.

2. Create a Friday shoe box for incoming. Place all mail, bills, and follow up activity into the FRIDAY BOX. Manage these non revenue growth busy tasks, Friday 9 ;00 to 12:00 – have a great weekend.

3. Avoid work after six save when traveling or speaking. Over taxing YOU is a bad habit and never produces optimum results. Work smarter not longer.

4. Reset your week – every weekend – so each new week is a new game hand. Create the largest percentage of your time – 50% or more in your priority reset to NOW MONEY NOW TASKS generating money in the next ten days.

5. The largest next percentage of your week is NEXT MONEY NEXT.

6. The smallest percentage is LAST MONEY LAST – a year or so for income to appear.

7. 10% or less of your TIME is reset to NO MONEY NOW task items – Friday 9:00 to 12:00. Freeze non revenue generating time to 10% of your week of TIME. Your world will enlarge exponentially. Play this graph every Monday with a goal to reach ideal percentage division of time over 180 days of practice making perfect.

8. Relegate social non growth time to after hours never during NOW MONEY NOW TIME.

9. Reduce meeting frequency and quantity for meeting quality. Have smaller meetings. Ask everyone for 110% support or leave. No wheel wobble. Unconditional cooperation. Ask for no competition in meeting. Everyone plus to everyone else – plus no critique. Make meetings clear – goals desired – summery at end of task and time lines – and hold work accountable. Create HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS and accept zero excuses. Performance MUST be HAD.

10. Lead. Pause when making decisions for a break. Don’t think about the decision during the break. If you are angry write down a scathing email and save it to draft. Then delete it. Never send it. Let 72 hours go by. Then re-think. Always have TIME and PERSPECTIVE to rise 12 inches above your head. Look down on yourself and your thinking process and give yourself more PERSPECTIVE and THINKING TIME. Meditate – be with source and classical music for 10 minutes – becalm – totally at peace – with empty relaxed mind and no thoughts – go to the NOTHING BOX – and stay there ten minutes. Then go back to the decision box with new calm perspective. In though decisions – say to yourself – tapping your heart there times – how can I make this a COOPERATIVE SOLUTION that is not COMPETITIVE. See Competition as evil. See Cooperation as from the Holy Spirit.

For personal mastery in Decision Reformation acquire Redemption the Cooperation Revolution and read it with notes in margin and a things to do book beside yourself – give the book to clients. It will change client loyalty and referral marketing.

The more you reside in a  cooperation culture and circle the more your thinking will skillfully mature, as will your momentum for success. Check out Amazon for the book..under me.

Have the Greatest First Quarter of 2015 and may effortless abundance be yours. Time is the only wealth you control make yours work harder for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL