every alive human half children in poor poverty nations – owe over # 32,000 each per breathing human being with totals that rise as each new human is born – an out of control DEATH DEBT SUPER BUBBLE SPIRAL.


Long time readers are well aware of our DEBT TRACKING. Debt defauling has created the liqudity back ground for prior global DEPRESSIONS in economics. super Crashes depress inflationary spirals and impact DEATH SPIRALS OF LIQUIDITY from private ad government Debt defaulting.

Governments that can not pay its obligations and who are now defaulting ( rescheduled owed debts due to liquidity drying up lacking options to pay current account debt ). These nations include Libya, Iran Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, and Lebanon. To name only a top of the pile few. When does 100’s of billions in debt – now not being repaid – DEATH SPIRAL in new AI economics. Answer: No on knows exactly because AI economics is so new,and so rapidly revolutionizing itself with accelerating SUPER CHANGE.

Oil price has been artificially kept high over falling oil demand and exploding world supply by manipulation of price which can not last. A super Crash in oil prices is coming but no one can say when. Those going long positions in oil markets may expierence the same blood bath we predict gold traders will receveie.Its not your grandpa’s world out there any more.


Soveregin nation debt defaulting is fatal to global liquidity health. As defaults on sovereign nation debt massively ripply through the bond markets world wide repositioning on the risk dries up liquidity in what becomes a DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE LIQUIDITY SUMP that robs the system of liquidity to manage circulations overall. This condition can occur faster than anyone expects and without any warning. WHO is on the watch tower for us. True Answer: NO ONE AT ALL. It is every individual for themselves.

In coming months global debt will exceed 257 trillion US DOLLARS world wide.  World debt is exploding in low interest markets and shows no trend to go the other way – as total debt is soaring out of any history record keeping. Global DEBT IS SUPER CHANING and the outcome is MORE MASSIVE DEBT loading.

The idiots savants will swoop in on DAVOS including Donald Trump. The will pontificate on the economics having zero clue their old IVY – League University – that ‘s the way we have always done things ( economically ) no longer exist in 2020. It is like a VW rabbit in the commuter lane, when transportation has moved to the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE at Warp 6.

The VW RABBIT DRIVE has no clue what the BRIDGE of NEW AI ECONOMICS looks like feels like or how it operates at all. Economics Super Changed from 2014 to 2020 into AI ECONOMICS. My book on Super Change provides the essential data and information in this space.

SUPER CHANGE. It is here.

In economics the system compresses liquidity with the global DEBT SUPER BUBBLE sapping liquidity from markets. The trillions traded in over night SWAP and REPO markets require dollar based liquidity. AI has removed the trillions lubrication liquidity from these over night markets such that in terms of enormou short falls LIQUIDITY OF US DOLLARS has evaporated from these 1.4 low paying utility money markets. The Central Bank of the world the US FED has been forced to offer free new money – ( dollars ) at rates of 68 billion newly printed US DOLLARS – each and every night – to preclude the DOLLAR DEFICIT EVAPORATIONS do not move the target FED interest peg from 1.4% to over 10% in minutes – only minutes – as was the case when the dollar liquidity evaporated from overnight REPO – SWAP and MONEY MARKET fund accounts.

September to doay adding if you add tens of billions a night in 30 days or so you are stacking up 250 billion and higher monthly, every six months more than ONE TRILLION is being added to the dollar lake of the system would freeze up for lack of settlement dollars in circulation. What is happening out there?

What IS happening is NEW and has NEVER not ever occurred before. Another unintended consequence of NEW AI Economics into markets that have no rule book theory or regulations over the NEW AI full control 96% of all 440 trillion of in circulation trade dollars over every asset class – where price and trading settlements are AI 96% and human beings no longer AT ALL in any context. This trend is accelerating in an uncontrolled economic experiment with no controls or rules as to how this full control over economics to AI world wide will in fact turn out. Fed’s as we said have lost all control today. The FED just like radio shack Circuit City and Toys R US has resisted SUPER CHANGE and resolves around – that IS the way WE have always done things around you.

Today in forward markets you either lead in SUPER CHANGE and excel at EMBRACE OF SUPER CHANGE or you perish.

1988 to 2020 – over 100 predictions proven RIGHT AGAIN…..read by the elites

The Fed does not believe in Super Change and resists Super Change losing its control and now influence upon global markets. AI as with our team believe the FED are obsolete, antique, failed system modelers inside a SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMY that has led the old fuddy duddies into a sink hole of failed policies. The FED IS DEAD and must be merged into the USA Treasury.

In 2020 the Fed is infusing new cash, new dollars up to 100 billion nightly, to lubricate the world REPO/SWAP MARKETS who are running dry of dollars to complete trade account settlements overnight for all asset class closing transactions. To keep its own FED FUND RATE from exploding 1000% in minutes over its own target rate of 1.4% to over 10% ( which took place in September panic city for the FED ) ….but why?

AI has concluded that moving over night swap utility money by 100 billion out of the REPO SWAP MARKETS paying 1.4 % and into positions that make AI much higher returns – now is an ebb tide of US DOLLAR repositioning in AI circulations the fed can not influence or control. AI is making the moves mindlessly for profit maximization. The AI see’s those 100’s of billions over 300 business days over THREE TRILLION total as to low a profit in REPO/SWAP overnight settlement markets for institutions, and it has moved its US dollar FLOATS to higher return repositioning. This leaves the overnight REPO/SWAP market trillions short on annual liquidity. The FED since last September is making up the DIFFERENCE with FREE MONEY – printing into the world lake of money say 68 billion each and every PM night time world wide. This plan keeps enough liquidity ( just ) in the DOLLAR MARKET NIGHTLY to avoid credit markets seizing up and obligated settlers in economic terms – with bare minimum liquidity to avoid markets freezing up.

Third grade student readers get …is this not highly risky to the entire system?

Answer YOU BET.


While readers ARE leaders you have to gain new discernment to WHAT YOU ARE READING. The press is full of idiot savant reporting that suggests ( day to day ) investors are doing this – investors are doing that? 96% of all trades are AI. Investors have their money in electronically managed fund pools – EMF pools. ETF etc. AI is making the in and out market moves not human beings. 96% AI. When you read “investors” you read a lie. There are no more investors there are only AI Super Money Pools distorting markets as never before – completely outside regulations. Regulations are local to BLUE SKY OF NATIONS and trades are now all in the CLOUD outside Blue Sky law of nations. No G 100 regulatory plan for AI economics has even been suggested outside our blue print for this concept in the best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

Every one of 7.7 billion humans almost half of which are children under the age of 21, now carry 32,500 dollars of debt with interest per living being. Is that Debt Loading into an economic DEATH SPIRAL sustainable, solid economics, and not the seeds of a final GREATEST DEPRESSION OF THEM ALL.

Super Debt Bubble loading to individuals institutions and nations is a economic paradox for future systemic well being. Elizbeth Warren God Bless her sweet heart wishes to WIPE OUT almost 2 trillion of student load debt? How does that bankrupt the agency industry holding the DEBT? What are the ripple effects of bankrupting institutions at this level?

Those holding student loans good faith debt legal contracts to secure they will be repaid on the money they lent to the student chosen education institution? NO one see’s anti economics as a cure to the abusive economics of MASSIVE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE death spirals in late state economic expansions. The World Bank and IMF have warned the current DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is not economically sustainable. No one does anything to these dozen warnings over two past years. The pace of new Debt loading is picking up velocity.

What does the world DEBT DEATH SPIRAL look like in economics? Well in the past three quarters of 2019 the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE exploded and set new records – over over by a new 9 TRILLION dollars of new debt loading. In mature economic markets total debt is now at 180 trillion or 383% of collective GNP – almost 400% above the gross GNP of the nations with the DEBT LOADING. Is borrowing 300% more than you earn – sustainable in any economic model you are aware of?

The poor emerging markets doubled down on debt rising to over 72 trillion driven by an upsurge of 20 trillion in low interest seeking CORPORATE DEBT during this period.

The experts ( who are not in fact experts denying AI ECONOMICS exist ) suggest total debt loading world wide will pass 257 trillion in the first quarter of 2020. Non financial sector debt is now expected to exceed 200 trillion in 2020.

Global Sovereign Nation Debt ( CEO SPACE works to reschedule into 100 year SUPER BONDS – search this site for the paper on SUPER BONDS if you have access to the head of state for your nations – with a solution they need to discover ). Search this blog for SUPER BONDS and print and read that world contribution legacy work. Make a book mark of the SUPER BOND white paper on this web site for nations.

Chinas gross debt will exceed as one nation 310% of its GNP. China borrows to build its SILK ROAD and stimulate economics more than any nation related to GNP RATIO OF DEBT to the DEATH SPIRAL OF SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT loading. Only Super Bonds offers s sanity Hannity level solution.

China was warned 100 times by the IMF to slow down its DEATH SPIRAL SUPER DEBT as predictable future defaulting by China will impact negatively the entire world as the SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT LOADING is a shared risk across all national banks and investment banks world wide. Taking house hold non corporate debt and government sovereign nation debt is of itself 55% of China GNP in those two debt super bubble categories. China debt grew explosively to its highest level ever since 2009 last year. The VELOCITY ACCELERATIONS AND MOMENTUM of China and other nation sovereign debt loading is an out of control SUPER DEBT BUBBLE Risk to the entire world that is unbatted in 2020 while record stock market China deal accords occur.


The sun also sets in China Economics……

If China’s trade deal is faithful to terms, billions of food products will shift from other nations and their debt loads into America as will energy move from DEBT SUPER BUBBLE GULF NATIONS and others to America easier cheaper to refine sweet crude versus heavy sulphur Gulf oil. When the shift of this magnitude economically moves buying to the USA away from other global customers holding RECORD DEBT LOADING what gives? Loan defaults. Argentina is defaulting on billions in bond debt seeking to reset those terms by March. From Puerto Rico to Venezuela the way forward is to criminally default on debt as you lack any cash float to pay the debt as set.

We predict one day in the future SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT DEFAULTING “CASCADES” may Super Crash the world economic system, collapse the system into something new, on the other side of the GREATEST GLOBAL DEPRESSION caused by liquidity evaporation day LED DAY when the core system liquidity freezes up completely due to the CASCADE of sovereign nation debt defaulting. When no one can predict. The DEBT LOADING SUPER BUBBLE IS IN A DEATH SPIRAL OF ECONOMICS without national guidance or real controls.

Outside such rule of laws in economics – the AI markets have moved a trillion hard US dollars from overnight REPO SWAP low return markets to higher return on money markets creating a LIQUIDITY PERFECT STORM IN THE REPO AND SWAP MARKETS now half a year mature and no end in sight. THE FED WANTS TO STOP funding new money liquidity to assure overnight windors do not see LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY which is now a night to night occurrence. The Fed provides the safety net new dollar LIQUIDITY required to avoid markets siezing up and the system melting down worse than 2007 all at once with zero warning.

Banks having deposits OWNED by the 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools that now own the banks as investment banks, see AI placing your grand mothers deposit to work in off shore derivative unfolding new opportunities for those agreements, at huge leveraged profits. So grandmothers deposit money is an I OWE YOU from the OWNERS as the deposit money is then borrowed at up to 50 to 1 leverage off short and the leveraged money ( on margin ) is pooled and invested in AI to higher return outcome bets. Want to get YOUR MONEY out of YOUR BANK?

Your money is NOT IN YOUR BANK.

Your money is borrowed.Just like the entire trust fund for SOCIAL SECURITY is not reserves to pay SOCIAL SECURITY. It is 100% borrowed the day it comes in and used by the Federal Government – who borrowed 100% of Social security which has no reserves but for GOVERNMENT PROMISE TO PAY IOU’s. This musical rotation of chairs is a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE whose risk is the day the music dies ( credit LED Evaporates and liquidity is gone due to debt defaulting cascades ). Say 4000 US MALLS turn keys over to the bank last year alone saying we cant make this Mall profitable – the loser is now your repo – enjoy these 1000’s of failed malls hope you know what to do with them all as 1000’s more are coming back to you in 2020. Enjoy. Now what do the banks do holding the largest commercial property debt failure to pay in history of commercial property? No one has answers as the AI is learning as it goes in the new AI ECONOMIC which is here replacing everything ever instructed at Universities which has no relevance in POST AI SUPER CHANGING ECONOMY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD in 2020.

All parts of the world are loading up on a DEATH SPIRAL OF THE DEBT “SUPER BUBBLE” NOW UNFOLDING WITH ZERO OVERSIGHT OR CONTROLS. None financial CORPORATE DEBT LOADING SPIRALS reached all time records in the United States, in Australia in Canada in France in Singapore in Sweden in Switzerland to name locations you may not have expect a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE DEATH SPIRAL TO BE OUT OF ALL CONTROL.

UP 100% from 4 trillion a decade back is emerging market new DEBT passing in the third quarter of 2019 more than 8.3 trillion up from 4 trillion in the prior decade. THE DEATH SPIRAL is soaring like a DEBT TORNADO out of control. Worse the entire market valuation of price from commodities to market cap rates in stock and bonds is equated to the debt loading driving new Ai age economics. If the debt loading cease the economics driven by credit in this new AI world of economics would liquidity fail and the system would fatally crash.

Many of the new 100% up bubble in SUPER DEBT BUBBLE loading to nations – is in fixed US DOLLAR repayment terms. If a nation has currency crashes like China has seen since the trade war, or Venzuela and Argentina know so well – the ratio of their failed state currency like IRAN failing to make a PROSPERITY DEAL – can not repay its US DOLLAR DEBT OBLIGATIONS which trigger multiple nation defaulting – all NEGOTIATIONS TO RESCHEDULE DEBT is – we can’t pay you as agreed – we are legally defaulting on our debt – but we would welcome your moving the TIME NEEDLE so we can make only partial payments and your lake of money investors who provided all that cash to our country are just totally FUCKED. Argentina Iran and a growing list of debt super bubble nations in the red ink. Paying fixed dollar loans the largest % of global lending is impossible when mismanaged economics in nations creates a END of economics for that nation.

In the last decade 2010 – 2019 DEBT LOADING SPACE 85% of all new loans were pegged to US dollar repayment as the one constant currency in the market liquidity space.

We outlined the fatal economic problem of the OLD DEBT SUPER BUBBLE economics of the post war era into the NEW AI economic future era. We noted the RIP TIDES of liquidity forces now so clear in the FED ABSOLUTE PANIC and capitulation THE FED HAS LOST BOTH CONTROL AND NOW INFLUENCE on new AI economics. The 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS with far larger lakes of money than the FED has, have voted with their AI wallets. The Fed can no longer sustain even influence over prices or market liquidity. AI is creating new crises problems by flash moving trillions from lower performing yield markets to higher performing yield return markets. The AI has no sense of responsibility to world order or liquidity it now creates itself without being smart ENOUGH YET to understand – what is is that it is doing within unintended consequence. The shift of capital lakes is so rapid and so Ai today that old models charts and ideas are driving into the future looking only in the REAR VISION MIRROR. All AI leaders think of the FED as DEAD on policy realities and truly as an obsolete out of touch antique agency needs to just merge back into US Treasury for improved policy as the FED is far too broken to fix.

The PUBLIC IS LIED TO while the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS IN AI ECONOMICS the new money GODS know the truth and see the Fed as a group of idiots – clowns running the economy that no longer exists with insane leaders making insane failed policy not one policy is right and all policies in AI ECONOMICS are toxic from the now left in the dust by SUPER CHANGE ITSELF Fed the obsolete agency hurting global economics versus helping global economics in fact. The Public sees the FED as high priests of money looking out for all of us. That is a lie. The FED PR fraud machine. GOOD THIS SITE FOR FED AND FED FRAUD and see for yourself all the data. To help you see how terrible central banks are consider these facts:

  1. The Fed is a private stock company owned by the SUPER MONEY POOLS and banks the Fed is supposed to regulate. The bankers own control of the FED as a for profit money machine – not FEDERAL AT ALL – total faud – a private stock firm with a NGO contract from Congress ( worst law ever ) where control of the nations money was moved to criminal bankers who wrote the FED 80 Page law – in 1900 and snuck it through congress in secret. The bankers profit from legal theft of the wealth of our nation. The largest red ink is our national debt owed to who? THE CRIMINAL BANKERS all having pled to the worst economic crimes of man kind ever none of whom stealing trillions ever went to prison not ever.
  2. Independence – means BAD. Indepence of the FED means no audit ever – no accounting ever  – congress can’t get one report of where 11 trillion of tax payer TARP support went or which insider banks the FED gave that money to. No oversight only the phony appearance of oversight. No check and balance. NO ONE CAN OVERRIDE FED CRIMINAL GANG CABAL decisions related to the USA money supply and policy. Merging the FED BACK INTO US TREASURY removes the independence fire wall so that TRUST IS REPLACED BY SYSTEMS and our money management went from trillions in cost to zero. Why are we allowing the FED RIP OFF IN 2020? Ignorance and FED FRAUD EDUCATION LIES to the public from their PR machines which are massive and include all WALL STREET CONTROLLING SHARE HOLDERS ( of the Fed and in secret as the FED is not an agency of nation nor can the congress get a list of who owns the FED ). Is that what you desire in your nation. A criminal bank cabal to steal the wealth of nations by controlling your money as a criminal conspiracy. If you illuminate the problem you see the 100’s of millions in pure fraud of the recent INCOME STORE advertised on all media for years – now in SEC RECEIVER SHIP is nothing compared to the FED PONZI CRIMINAL FRAUD. Education is the truth and the answer. Google and learn earn and return. Right again.
  3. The Fed policies have created ( all failed policies from 1906 when things were booming ) the FIRST WORLD DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR I in 1907 – the second worst GREAT DEPRESSION and World WAR II of 1929 – all Recessions since 1929 – including the GREAT RECESSION of Fed bank criminal owners abuse in sub prime mortgages for greed and profit all of whom pled guilty to crimes and paid a fine of 10 cents on the profits they made as with BANKERS crime pays and pays well. Economic illiteracy by the public is mass dumb down of education and creates a WAGE SLAVE population of consumers ever consuming more and more extinction toxic petro products in mindless crap sold inside advertising by the trillions to us all. Financial ignorance allows it all to continue. THE FED DID NOT SAVE THE ECONOMY OF THE WORLD Congress did and the FED caused the problem and its policies always make things worse. Today Fed policy has almost derailed the world wide recovery which is WHY President Donald Trump having zero respect for 100% failed policies over 100 years – states the FEDS ARE IDIOTS AND TRAITORS TO AMERICA which the bankers are in fact. Without a NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK and a merger of all central banks in real time AI transparency reporting – Super Change will elevate RISK to system failure from FED idiotic policy executions. That is RIGHT AGAIN 1988 to today no change.

The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE DEATH SPIRAL is not sustainable.

No nation can borrow 300% more than its GNP and remain stable in economics for long.

DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE will Super Crash markets instantly dry up liquidity LED DAY Liquidation Evaporation Day – without any warning – and the system as we know it will die due to the new AI ECONOMIC EFFECT we wrote about in 2010 in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION to heads of state – and in SUPER CHANGE to leaders world wide in 2020 the Amazon five star best seller day one to now – sweeping the truth into markets. Lacking human shock absorbers only since 2014 AI ECONOMICS can not restore liquidity once LIQUIDITY CASCADING destroys the financial system lubrication at core. A new system a true global AI system must be born.

In Redemption the core economic failure is WHEN versus IF. The book defines a nation blue print for a G 100 three year on the big island of Hawaii – we could chair it – to create a new ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION FOR WORLD TRADE. The new ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION would create – a no nation left behind level playing field and move the world order from post world war II economics into a NEW AI PHASE OF ECONOMICS with rules that moderate unwanted unsustainable debt loading by criminal bankers.

Today economics is insane and a post 1929 CASINO CAPITALISM where side bets on which way a value may go into the future – Tesla stock will soar you have no seen anything yet – is now greater in circulation by many many times and ratio’s than the real stake holder investing in assets. WILD SPECULATION and casino betting is the fuel of market valuation today in AI economics phase II.

This is the same problem that created the 1929 GREAT DEPRESSION and system destruction and global bank failures.

The insanity is that the debt loading or casino speculations in 1929 where personal and required individuals institutions and nations to perform the leverage deal making one deal at a time. Today AI holistically does all the deal speculations in nano seconds without any law greed moderation or controls over the new AI debt loading DEATH SPIRAL.

No one at the top seems to care very much about this blog and the IMF ringing the ALARM BELL on this fatal to the system SUPER CRASH waiting to occur. No one is paying any attention.

It seems to me that the PIED PIPER OF GREED is marching in herd buying and AI controlling placement, the wealth of the world off the preverible cliff.Just as in 1929 only with AI so much more super bubble debt death spiral to the very last until the boom that was is no longer. We have suggested the safe harbor of diversified insurance investing where your fixed income investment moves from criminal banker super risk into safe harbor insurance annuities. Growth would move to safe harbor insurance index products with super high returns highest permitted by LAW with principle – your nest egg – guaranteed better far better than fraud FDIC protection. Cash assets in 1% return at 400% higher in permanent insurance you can claim reserves over night but making 4% and as interest rises so do these returns. SAFE HARBOR. The industry ( LEADING 100 YEAR OLD INSURANCE FIRMS  ) where the one and only conservative money managers who paid out to customers when the 1929 banks were closed and did not re-open. Those who elected to move to SAFE HARBOR MONEY MANAGEMENT WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME ( retirement plans included ) where saved in fact when no one else was saved economically in the last DEPRESSION.

Looking back in a future time frame readers will fall in two groups:

I so wish I had acted and explored with licensed insurance INVESTMENT PROFESSIONALS to see my high profit options to risk “

” Or I am so grateful I acted and I have no words to express the miracle every dime of my nest egg is safe where 100% of my circle was WIPED OUT”…..

You were born to chose.

The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IS NOW IN FINAL PHASE OF ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL. It is our belief working for half a decade with nations to RESET THEIR DEBT into 100 year SUPER BONDS a new class of BONDS for SOVEREIGN NATIONS hosted by leading bond law firm Hughes Hubbard and REED with Roel Campos senior partner the FATHER OF SUPER BOND THEORY. Super Bonds seek to save the entire system as it is from failure and destruction from sovereign nation debt cascading taking place in Nations from Russia to China in 2020.

Debt Super Bubbles are driving price stability and perception things are booming. If GROWTH PACING FOR NON SUSTAINABLE DEBT LOADING for individuals entities and nations where to slow – the economy would fail. As Debt defaults in the coming down turn ( with extended time frames due to economic CONVERGENCE defined in my new BOOK ON SUPER CHANGE ) finally come home to perch – the system dies of liquidity failure.

This reporting on AI economics will become prophetic as the economics of the world are still waking up that the economics they knew is dead and no longer applies at all and a new human first ever economy exists today that is 96% of all circulation is AI controlled.

What to watch for when its way too late to move into diversified SAFE HARBOR INSURANCE INVESTING – that is right now explorations for sane awake leaders who wish to protect the TIME it took to accumulate as loss makes the TIME disappear and protecting your TIME in MONEY is the only smart move. Earn the highest consistent returns permitted by law where your nest egg estate and resource IS PRINCIPLE FULLY PROTECTED MORE THAN FRAUD FDIC or any protection that we are aware of. Why do people fail to protect themselves? GREED/ Ignorance of options. NOTHING SAFE EVER OCCURS UNTIL A LEADER HAS THE INFORMATION AND THEN ACTS. Failure to Act will be the undoing of your loss in the future predicted fatal system failure occuring from SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT DEFAULTING. Wait for that. Then it is way way too late for YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – 2020 NOTE UPDATE ON SUPER DEBT BUBBLE DEATH SPIRAL UNFOLDING IN AI WORLD WIDE 2020 September and Invite you to own stock in CEO SPACE explore with any Club President to assess your fit – and to attend the MARCH 17th first CEO SPACE business growth leadership # 1 program in the world press ranked in 2020 – assuring your 2020 better plans better teams and missing resources to shrink time and cost to reach your growth goals.