CEO SPACE begins Tuesday. For Owners we will lay in PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING INSURANCE that if the best happens you sling shot into the best. If the worst happens you safe harbor so the worst does not impact you as it will almost everyone else out there.

In mid June with HALF the 2020 YEAR GONE now – the present landscape is about what we reported to you to PLAN UPON last January and early February. Our predictions came in true blue.

For you.


The largest killer upon the earth is bad water – 75% of all water – 1 billion deaths

What do we know? Today?

  1. Monday following 1800 point market drop last week dropped another 500 points today.
  2. Ah that is when Powell the LONE RANGER RODE IN. Saying we will buy unlimited stocks and bonds starting tomorrow
  3. Gambler speculators ( 100 x investment taking place ) rushed to betting windows in the NEW AI CASINO CAPITALISM.
  4. Bets were placed on more cake and ice cream from the dead fed making it all so much worse as you will finally come to know.
  5. The insane market went up on broken economics from EU to ASIA to AMERICAS as the virus soars back now 10x more contagious..

Now as an OWNER who has to plan better for the future, with super changing data sets, did you see the news story on the 10z higher infection rate for the virus in JUNE ( that is 10x’s folks MORE CONTAGIOUS and it was bad in January ) and why? Do you place a priority on making plans with weaker information or better information as a weighted factor.




The market does not assume nor account for:

  1. The value of stocks and bonds is insane and over priced by many times what in 1929 was then insane. Its worse.
  2. The demand has perished from the face of the earth and the market assumes consumer polls now higher are solid.
  3. The super change of supply lines, buying pathology, market shifting, is creating a new economy from the old.
  4. We reside in the RIP TIDES between the old and the new and we have to get through without sinking. All of us as one.

Humans perish in denial and delusion failing to prepare for SUPER CHANGE ( the fall of Rome or 1929 – or the BLACK DEATH ). Those that made a plan did better. Those who did not died or where wiped out.

Question. Ask the right questions. If Saudi who killed OPEC with five years of the most failed oil policy in history of oil, assured OPEC members lost massive Market SHARE.  Just AMERICA one non OPEC producer for the 70% of oil outside once mighty OPEC now in its forever OIL GLUT TURN OFF OIL FROM OPEC NATIONS  – as America goes from 2 million barrels of lower sulphur higher quality lower price to market lower price to refine oil exports rise to over 13 million barrels a day going to 25 million barrels a day. Saudi during this period as moves its own market share from 22% of OPEC to 40% of OPEC – all other members lost market share and billions while Saudi used its competition to its own OPEC membership to screw them one and screw them all snaking MARKET SHARE from them all while they lost SAUDI alone won. HOW LONG IS THE RIGHT QUESTION before OPEC engages SAUDI fully on market share to survive as nations? We suggest the OIL Wars are just starting and the CASINO GAMBLING IN OIL is going to turn out – trying to get to old normals – never to return again – very badly with many firms consolidating or going out and war in the oil patch is not off agenda now again because of SAUDI and only SAUDI as the economics.

This truth as to what IS really going on out there is the rave going on in the GULF OIL OPEC nations today and Saudi is not spoken of well – unlike any period in oil history – OPEC MEMBERS study the same charts and graphs we report from here and as we chat with our insiders the HEAT is beyond OIL to create. It is ageless histories the WEST can not understand influence of fix at all.




We called on you as a reader to make a better improved plan right now at the mid year. If not with CEO SPACE on Tuesday then with your choice of a plan support modality that has high press rankings – CEO SPACE holding the # 1 slot in press ranking today. Chose your fit and plan better.

So the FED buying with unlimited money gives GAMBLERS more reason to bet cash into the insane markets. Valution is a feature of profit to earnings and ratios that define share price. Today the profit to earnings will be – for sure – looking forward:

  1. Worse than any quarter since 1929 in the second quarter of 2020 world wide.
  2. The summer will rise Pandemic into a second wave to unfold this Fall.
  3. Into the winter post election the economic optics will be bleak.
  4. The only up bubble is insane further valuation multiples, based upon improvement from the worst – versus real stability and real growth which is fully no longer present.
  5. By year end when portfolios and banking must rebalance and accommodate for bad loans – the 100 trillion of systemic Super Bubble bad non performing debt must begin to finally work its way through the system.
  6. Inflation the market gamblers count on will fail to appear ( iin our opinion ) and permanent demand shifting will isolate entire industries and collapse the market OVER VALUATION ALL AT ONCE – Super Crash to as a potential 10,000 DOW.
  7. The Bear market the wild end game gambling and market rigging and speculations will all crash into the entrenched DEFLATIONARY SPIRAL that the market has not priced in at all yet – but when it does the word capitulation since the fall of Rome will come to haunt my readers.





We begin the week with unknowns. Unknowns about the virus. Unknowns about riots and justice reform world wide. Unknowns of nations on the brink – Iran trying to get nukes to lob into Israel and Israel stating we will remove you if you try to remove us – in say 90 minutes – 90 minutes total time. India and Pakistan same. South Korea and North same. All with nukes. To name only some.

Will China take over TAIWAN AND HONG KONG at once.

Will Russia take over Ukraine Chets & more territory all at once as China does its thing?

Will North Korea set off as distraction to all that a HYDROGEN BOMB to re focus Trumps waivering attention span, now on a former YOUR FIRED employee’s book publishing versus the other STUFF. ( Todays news conference ).


Germany is losing billions from NATO before we enter into real trade deals and it is not going well for EU breaking up and Germany engaged in self interest after years of abuse of the USA who rebuilt the nation after the way and reunited the nation investing billions to which Germany says – what can you do for me next. The outcome in economics remains more challenged than 2007 and 1987 by a wide margin globally.

GNP is crashed and is not returning to new or old normals at all.

The collapse of trade and the Death spiral of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES now compressing as lenders call in loans at a level never seen since 1920’s.

Everyone is doing everything.

The Treasury of nations is in pure panice today.

The IMF is in panic today.

The World Bank is in panic today.

The Central banks are in panic today unsure if the weapons they have today are anywhere near enough?



The problem is liquidity. Last week the trade was massive sell to buy. A TSUNAMI of Bankruptcies world wide are looming and forward supposedly looking markets pay no attention to anything but GREED FROM todays BETS in the CASINO. Sad. Without new regulatory frame works no fix. You see the economics morphed into AI 2010 -2015 too fast for global regulations to upgrade to manage the super changing core shifts to the under foundation of economics changing so much so fast all at once and still changing. No G 100 as called for in 2010 in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION to engage in a reset of regulatory frame work. The Book REDEMPTION is an ideal primer for regulatory agency personnel to develop their own game plan as no game plan exist and the RISK is moving from HIGH to SUPER HIGH RISK of system failure in the fall and winter. Perhaps we’ll get through but our enemies – say PUTIN and XI are acting on the developing opportunity – they created in the first place.

Back to liquidity last week with one day 1800 points down and 7 trillion in wealth wiped out and todays 100 point up bubble after 700 points down bubble ( now we predicted SUPER VOLATILITY AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE ) that was and is RIGHT AGAIN last week into Monday today. As all my long time readers know all too well…RIGHT AGAIN. We keep fact checking.

There was not enough buy orders to accommodate the sell orders.

FEDERAL RESERVE BUYING made up the difference by billions in one single day alone. The MASSIVE FED BUYING kept the markets OPEN but failed to stop the record 1800 point 7 trillion dollar one day wealth wipe out. More wealth will be wiped out as we go down the stairs of what we call



More than 30 years late.

The outcomes are worse when the rebalancing is delayed and credit abuse is allowed to continue. Greed drives the addicted gambling in a market that is no longer REAL INVESTING at all. Not in the CASINO CAPITALISM where RE-REGULATION has failed to moderate the GREED AND LOOP HOLES TO RULE OF LAW GLOBALLY.







As authorities deny we are inside a new – fully AI MARKET – NEW – WHERE NO HUMAN HAS GONE BEFORE – with AI controlling all economics MARKET SPACE globally – going where no human has ever gone before out of all control thinking we have control. Our leaders today are who our parents warned us about ( B Dohrmann 2020 ).

96% of 440 trillion of CIRCULATIONS AND TRADE COMPLETIONS world wide – humans are no longer in charge at all. Inside this unregulated digital AI super changing markets we see only SUPER HIGH RISK to liquidity evaporation day LED DAY when even central banks can’t with all their resources stop the 1800 point one day CRASH or what follows which will be more larger and on going – such that – as the FED capacity to hold finders in the dyke of PANIC SELL OFF when it unfolds – the re-valuation will shock and awe many across the world – moaning and bemoaning – oh how could this all have happened – when those losing the most are addicted gamblers parted forever with their casino coins. ( Liquidity ).






Owners are advised to:

  1. Drop over head to the bone
  2. Invest in marketing and grow customers faster
  3. Keep cash and liquidity higher than you would normally


A MANTRA of CEO SPACE Tuesday to Friday to leaders who rise up ahead of this and outside of this and safe harbor their now transformed futures for the second half of 2020. Tomorrow and to Friday we assist OWNERS who with one drop of courage greater than their fears – registered into CEO SPACE with a mind set to BE THE MIRACLE FOR OTHER OWNERS – to make a difference to their own best ability to help other owners making a MIRACLE DIFFERENCE for that owner benefiting. Why? Because YOU BECAME THEIR MIRACLE.

Which means OF COURSE that all the rest of us by intention become YOUR MIRACLE which is now effortless by community design.

Upgrade your community mentors and you upgrade your prosperity resources and security economically.

And as we often post here – when CEO SPACE is coming up for our readers – if you don’t….then of course







Note: The news that matters to our OWNERS is news that will dramatically head wind their business – if you believe we are going to see a roaring final Holiday Season we predict the worst HOLIDAY SEASON OF ECONOMICS tipping the SUPER CRASH into permanent deflationary stagflation to which recovery is a decade into 2030 away. The stock market looking forward is no longer a stock market for investors really. The markets in bonds and stocks are today a CASINO with gambler bets driving greed fools rallies to which on 1800 point down days – those who margin trade and borrowed to buy – may and can in fact – lose more than everything. Think Different and win. Think like the HERD and you may keep warm by burning turds…….and no herd immunity yet none at all.