The witcing hour or 5 to 6 PM New York when currency dealers in New York have largely powered off and Tokyo and Asia markets have to fully power on – is when the two enormous currency destabilization in SHOCK AND AWE FLASH BANG Trading destabilized Swiss and and the far more important yen, the back up currency of stability next to the dollar. Twice this year the entire world currency back bone markets became so unstable sell orders had no buy orders and markets super crashed then recovered barely and in the nick of time. Central bankers IMF and World Bank have no clue why. We do and we have reported this was coming for half a decade and in our book REDEMPTION since 2010. We were right again. Our timing to 2019 was right again. Now the Super Volatility inside the worlds largest ever SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is in a death spiral outside any regulatory over sight. ZERO Control zero regulatory oversight and rampant our control economic speculation in new AI economics. All reported to you first here. Get to your economic fall out shelter he is why – when the economic nuke event occurs you will not have time to reach your shelter.

We have been proven right.

David Stockman has been proven right.

Schuller has been Yale right spot on our hero. Right.

We are first and right as to the WHY the others miss entirely. Here is the WHY and the WHAT this week as to what is really going on out there why the Press reports noting of EBOLA OUT OF CONTROL a trigger event to world economic collapse and liquidity drains a world economic collapse threat along with DIGITAL ATTACKS into our AI economic new system globally. All reported here first and accurate to the timing if you keep score. Your welcome as it is all very hard work on research and data to you. And its free when you share our blog with your circles you wish to assure are safe (er ). WIth information first.

This blog is now economic SAFE HARBOR for circles who share care and who ACT. If you read and fail to take heed you end in a world of need. Trust me on that sentence as sharing this blog with circles is perhaps economic life and breadth.

What is alarming Central Bankers ( in their big discussions in JUNE ) is their lack of control.

IF WORLD CENTRAL BANKERS ( private stock firms owned by the banks who have nation contracts to print and control money – they all should be merged back into Treasury as we have reported for a decade now ) – what happens.

First as we reported first – AI has taken control of the currency markets and the central bankers like the FED and their IMF and World Banks have LOST ALL CONTROL. Today the IMF is scrambling to develop an IT tool that looks backward ( they have zero AI tools or investments to create such real time tools to act before AI destabilizes market liquidity also reported here as the new impending AI world crises unfolding while no one understands that a NEW AI ECONOMY is now here ).

In the first 180 days of 2019 – there have been two destabilizing AI Flash Bang high volume high velocity 5-to 6 – cananary in the mine shaft first of their kind events in currency markets. The Swiss franc and the Yen both going up fully reversed and in near crash panic collapsed into negative terriorty at speeds and volumes unknown in the old economy and now new normal in the AI economy.


  1. They have lost control of currency valuations in the global market.
  2. The new AI economy is in control and rules and tools of old economics no longer work.
  3. Fed watching the new super crashes are SCOOBIE DOO in these new markets lacking tools.
  4. Sudden, violent, super crashes are now a regular occurance in new AI global markets
  5. Policy makers are in panic a major fracturing can and will threaten global system stability


The frequency of these events is not only new normal these new frontier in a NEW AI economy are becoming more and more frequent and severe. Do you see this threat to the entire system front page new? Nope. We see moving the John McCain battle group from some staffer in the 1500 person White House staff group. Like what?

THE ENTIRE SYSTEM may melt down from failure to RE-REGULATE AI AS AN ENTIRELY NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY THE WORLD HAS NO RULES FOR we assured our leaders know about first to be defensive.

Worse the IMF where bank owned CENTRAL BANKS never tell you the TRUTH – stated – the truth:

…..LIQUIDITY STRAINS….an insufficient number of buy orders to accommodate and off set to the AI generated panic selling – of the currency SELL ORDERS in the market – the enormous market of money itself – where the market destabilized going down down down the rabbit hole in a market LIQUIDITY BREAK DOWN…just what you have seen this news site predict first and consistently as the problem no one is facing…new AI tools are needed to regulate new AI economics – or the risk of system failure is enormous ( our words not the IMF ).

In non IMF central bank speak….

More than twice this year the entire money system in global markets broke down into LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION HOURS – LEH – with our forecast without G 100 re-re-regulation no think tank – no policy maker is even discussing – the entire system is at risk for LED – or Liquidity Evaporation Day from AI parameters being exceeded – the warning light is on to the new AI economic dash board. If your not reading it here your flying blind as you lack the cirtical information.

The best the IMF can do is to try in hind sight – looking back in rear vision economic mirrors at old data believing they are still in the old comfy economic system they grew up with – when in fact they are engaged in regulatory crises to re-regulatre an entirely NEW ECONOMY a human first ever – AI GLOBAL ECONOMY – in which 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS are out of all control with AI – where no nation no regulatory agency or over sight is now in control at all.

The IMF ( which is so silly ) is trying to create a TOOL to review past data to try and predict with AI when the next unfolding AI crises will unfold, which in fact is an oxymoron. CAN NOT BE DONE in the first place.

The only thing that can be done is:

  1. Re-regulate the AI new economy within a G 100 three year Economic Constitutional Congress outlined in the blue print to restore order – the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in which under new global rules – unwanted wealth consolidations – unwanted unbridled super leveraged short selling is banned – and no nation left behind trading rules preclude unwanted systemic wealth transfers between nations competing economically.
  2. A self correcting AI real time regulatory super agency to enforce the new regulations on rapidly evolving AI.
  3. A self correction mechanism to assure the rapid AI evolution is accommodated over time such that the FEDERATED ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION FOR THE PLANET does not become obsolete itself in months versus years over time.

THE PROBLEM: Time is running out for leaders to shed their denial – we have left old economics behind in the dirt, we are residing in a first of its kind human invention – SUPER CHANGE – and a new AI economy has been born without THEORY FOR AI ECONOMICS and we are risking the systems that operate the entire global fabric as old thinking is left further and further behind. As the new system is unfolding at WARP SPEEDS of its own evolution unfold at ever accelerating paces of AI SUPER CHANGE, old economic thinkers are trying to catch up to the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE ( AI ) in a Tesla which frankly – can’t be done not even in a dodge 800 horse power charger my son so loves.

As an investment banker economist having run a large global public brokerage firm from New York to London to San Francisco – may I restate:

  1. You first heard we beamed into a new AI economy on this site
  2. You first learned the dangers on this site
  3. The proofs are coming in now – we have been right from day one

Your central bankers are in panic.

The IMF and World Banks warning of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES are in panic.



The data never lies.

The reason is the title of my new book coming out October for this Holiday – SUPER CHANGE.

Super Change itself.

The New Age of Super Change is our reality and we can never get out or go back.

Things will not slow down so we can adjust.

The PACE of CHANGE is now passing HUMAN CAPACITY TO ADAPT and ever reader knows this fact at some level. THAT inability to adapt to the SUPER CHANGE pace of change is taxing human evolution.

DENIAL is comfortable.

The pace of SUPER CHANGE Moved 8000 years of economics into a new stew of rules and criteria for which no one has a manual.


The pace of change has created the worlds most urgent Jay Abraham conundrum .

….the global central bankers and regulatory agencies debate how to add in tools from the old economy to accommodate what they are seeing looking backward with zero capacity to engage understand or control looking forward an entirely new economy the world has never known before – AI ECONOMICS.  This inability to adapt into the SUPER CHANGE of economics it self as core systemic AI super change, represents a new super systemic risk – placing model T ford tools into the star ship enterprise anti matter engine rooms of AI economics. Such tinkering in terms of old economics is fatal to new AI economics related to liquidity…..

Now add in Super Debt spirals like the world has never seen.

Today as investment in super money pools insanely follows old economic rules for competitive capitalism and competitive socialism ( economic systems that are utter failures to distribution within the FEW against the many where elite 1% super wealth own more wealth than 99% which fractures global liquidity via unwanted unsustainable ever tighter and tighter wealth consolidations to the core system liquidity strain ) – seeking ungodly yields and profits in a failed system model of:

UNSUSTAINABLE – COMPETITIVE ECONOMICS RULES: Deliver the highest profit in the shortest month to month time frames to stake holders at any and all costs……reporting insanely monthly to advance maximum speculator profit taking in side bets driving system pricing to all asset classes

Cooperative Capitalism SUSTAINABLE  Rules: Deliver every higher quality and value to customers being served in any and every market while making a profit over reasonable time lines – bi annual reporting versus monthly reporting removing unwanted speculation from the system.

The IMF looking back is trying one day to develop a tool – they lack now – that will try and predict the next AI currency super crash where LIQUIDITY EVAPORATES inside a new economy, we presented to you as reality where only now and still in denial are your leaders even coming to grips that hey – my gosh – something we never saw is happening for the first time.

They see the danger.

The see system liquidity crises as cause.

They fail to appreciate the CAUSE itself:

  1. Systemic new paradigm shift from old economics into a new economic model AI economics
  2. State AI weaponized profit taking tampering
  3. Warfare weaponized AI attacks to profit and destroy economic enemy wealth
  4. Criminal tampering with AI criminal tools
  5. No counter of AI regulatory response due to denial a new system even exists


We need a NOBEL PRIZE on economic AI systemic theory our readers know so attention to the new AI ECONOMIC THEORY rises with the attention of the truth to the world.

Lacking some seismic event to jerk denial out of the central banks that have for the first time since 1900 utterly lost control due to capacity to adapt to the new age of SUPER CHANGE the world system is at risk as never before.

The warning light flashing on the dash board – in currency markets in 2019 – confirming our blog reporting ( scroll you’ll see in clear black and white just how RIGHT AGAIN and RIGHT FIRST ) we have been….is screaming to the world….WARNING DANGER OF ENGINE FAILURE. WARNING.

The source of everything – WORLD’s LEADING CURRENCY MARKETS have seen liquidity high volume high velocity NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE flash trading – reverse destablize and remove liquidity from the SOURCE FOUNDATION MARKET – MONEY OF THE WORLD. The liquidity crises being experienced is new and never seen before. The frequency of these new AI accomodations is growing just as we predicted. Why?

As an investment banker economist we have one additional skill. We program. We own 1,000,000 lines of globally patented advanced code – patent issued in CHINA for SUPER TEACHING . We won awards raised in silicon valley as it grew up so did we for program engineering for talking 41C’s first ever – before Apple said HELLO in voice we said its all going to VOICE. We had Bourghst tandem main frames talking to HP 3000;s ( first bought ) just as GUI front end to our customers leading the industry – an AMERITRADE before there was Charles Schwarb who was brown bag lunching on the streets of San Francisco.


As investment banker economist programers we know AI of the past AI of today and AI of tomorrow. As Chairman of CEO SPACE our clients are producing next generation paradigm shifting AI for economics as well as Generation 4 of BLOCK CHAIN. We know a thing or two.

Ai economics with 5 G will generationally advanced into SUPER AI.

The pace of change is accelerating.

The first union of economists and theory and AI have program parameters.

In the UNREGULATED REAL MARKET PLACE as AI WARS from City CORP AI to Bank of CHINA AI war for profit – the program parameters can be exceeded as they are now more rapidly deteriorating into LIQUIDITY SUMPS.

We have warned about the new AI economy and liquidity first and for half a decade.

As SUPER MONEY POOLS and REGULATORY AUTHORITIES increasingly subscribe and tune into this block we are moving finally from background noise as entertainment to a being taken seriously. PANIC IS SETTING IN you just do not know that as the ladies and gentlemen at he top speak FEDESE but the fluent know panic is setting in.

Your hearing it again first here.

The press tune in so this story is likely to rise ahead of say where the JOHN MCAIN Moves – who cares unless your politically manipulating news for election outcomes to voters.


EBOLA IS OUT OF CONTROL and may stop all trade and commerce – OIL will plunge to 30 bucks – and those long in oil will go bankrupt.

No one is reporting on THOSE HEADLINE STORIES.

Not one think tank is no think tank anywhere in the world has a mission to advise regulatory agencies on the reforms needed. To my knowledge the 2010 work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the manifesto to step by step move into the future RE-REGULATION MARKET PLACE exists to guide law makers world wide and leaders world wide.

If I could control all voters I would demand your candidate of CHOICE HAS READ REDEMPTION before you vote for them. Otherwise you vote for obsolescence versus voting for a better way forward.

The central bankers are going to Mars in the space ship of tomorrow asleep in statis without a care in the world as their space ship flies not to MARS but into the SUN – though they not knowing why are feeling the HEAT.

CRISES IN WORLD CURRENCY MARKETS DUE TO AI LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION just as this news site told you and told you ( scroll ) – is now upon us.

Move into diversified insurance investing with your licensed professional advising ( scroll ) on topic or remain at risk to lose everything.

Ask not for whom this bell tolls…for it tolls for thee.

Finally – in this destabilizing SUPER VOLATILITY in AI economics we see at risk companies, the lowest rated firms and the largest in numbers world wide – ASIA EU AMERICA ALL – piling on ungodly never seen before DEBT. If you saddle massive business with sub prime debt greater than sub prime mortgages ( sub prime mortgages just passed 2007 numbers for the first time nothing learned there ) when the next DESTABILIZING and far worse global down turn occurs – what takes place with DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES all the nations of the world can’t this time bail out criminal bank bad loan risk taking in the new casino AI capitalism market place. AN EXPLOSION OF SUB PRIME DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is taking place in real estate – in bad debt to car loans, student loans, industry in a 100 trillion dollar SUPER BAD DEBT BUBBLE that is exploding upward as we read together. No controls no over sight in NEW AI FULLY LEVERAGED ECONOMICS.

Something has to give.

When it gives this first generation of AI economics can not end well…..

To the NSA CIA and FBI – economic security is the first priority of NATIONAL DEFENSE. Our economic system is under economic continuous attack in digital world war III. Such digital wars in the new AI economic are FATAL to all fabric core systems and finally effect ability to invest and pay for military budgets or your agency budgets. We lack funding and strategy to the risks of NEW global AI economics. Kevin freeman DOD adviser Chuck Vollmer DOD adviser former board member COO for skunk works and general dynamics – both CEO SPACE FACULTY – advice you all and the Dod to create MARS POLICY and yesterday IS already too late for national defense – a EMERGENCY PRESIDENTIAL FINDING TO direct a new agency MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION of our financial economic system with real time back up of the system records in Yuka Mountain. WITHOUT A MARS STRATEGY the WEST is now vulnerable to risks you can see are rapidly rising. HOW MAY WE SERVE YOU ALL ON THE FIRST POLICY of National Security Economic preservation of the core system – your own?

While the Head of DOD as Secretary of Defense flies around in discussions in the Nuke Fortress Plane – the entire system to refuel the plane is unwinding and fast. THE RISK TO SYSTEM FAILURE IS IMMEDIATE and there is no policy maker even engaged to get ahead of the problem and zero solutions are on the white board. FAILING TO ENGAGE THE TOP PRIORITY RISK OF GLOBAL SECURITY the world financial system itself – is a fiduciary breach occuring why? Occuring because the SUPER CHANGE to economic markets since 2015 took form too rapidly for human’s to adapt into. We are reaching our limitations to adapt to SUPER CHANGE. The RISK our leaders must preclude is FAILURE TO RAPIDLY ADAPT. Leaders in National Defense must now be new brains that LEARN FASTER – THAT UNLEARN EVEN FASTER and – THAT RELEARN FASTER THAN THAT. These leaders are the leaders of SUPER CHANGE and tomorrow. Assess your teams for resistance to SUPER CHANGE or full embrace of SUPER CHANGE. As the Central bankers are stuck in old ( not even here dinosaur economics and theories ) and a NEW AI ECONOMY has arrived – it is our defense leadership that must step in front of the war drive star ship in economics as THREAT to our entire system. Share this blog internally as a way forward…into the future. OUR TEAM remains consulting available to help your teams. On demand.


Anyone have policy?

Any advice to the President?


THINK AGAIN on first risk when you deposit your pay which may stop soon. Leadership is dividing into failed leadership – resisting super change reality itself – and tomorrows leaders – embracing Super Change reality with new reading glasses and finally 20/20 vision to what is REAL versus denial of what is real …..look at your teams and divide your THOUGHT LEADERSHIP into yesterday and tomorrow. At every level.

NSA God Bless you – your tomorrow is a Super Changing target set.

If your singing WHEN THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN TO THE CLIFF in 1929 your toast – as investors protecting your nest egg.

If you move now to diversified insurance investing ( scroll  ) your not.

You’ll thank the financial doctor in the morning take your insurance aspirin have a good nights sleep your economic fever should be lower in the morning when you wake up.

There there – its not fatal for YOU because you read and share this blog with your circle to keep them all safer.