Companies fueled for half a decade globally by FREE MONEY from central bank failed policy now have 10 trillion dollars in debt due in the coming 12 months.

How is that going to re-finance if we have SUPER CRASH and a credit restrictive market space with soaring credit criteria and cost already taking place actually?

Is anyone worried about 10 trillion in Corp Debt outside the 100 Trillion in NON PAYING LOANS or bad debt of nations NPL’s that are about to crash upon your economic shores?

Do you have SAFE HARBOR as we have told you in these blog reports built yet?

If you own a business I would register to CEO SPACE and build your own safe harbor Sept 27th at the Lake Buena Vista Wyndham Resort at DISNEY WORLD easy for the world to fly into. Just explore CEO SPACE on line and register on line. Special discounts on price for my blog readers. My WOW to thank you all.

I would just DO IT.

Time is ticking away and the DEBT BOMB when it goes off will be so fast. SO fast.

Economic history repeats. This is not new it is just wose than any time in human economics since ROME itself.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE ( reading the financial tea leaves just for you )