More than 5000 are dying every single hour and those math models are way way under reported as the MAJORITY of deaths still are not reporting CORONAVIRUS AS THE CAUSE for organ and stroke and heart attack the KILLER VIRUS slaughters us with.

Averages from June 1 to June 27th as exploding. UP. Leaders in nations who report the curve has flattened are liars vote them out. Leaders who tell you the count rise is due to testing are lying vote them out. America in over 200 Nations is in the lower 100. – F Grade in Nation State Agency leadership – all parties – SHAME ON YOU. 1.4 Billion to dead people. 20 Trillion stolen by insiders. No real time reporting.

I’m at home with Coronavirus with my family. We can not get a test in Florida. Let me tell you. CORONAVIRUS WHEN YOU HAVE IT is NOT FLU and is NO FUN folks. I’m so glad its lite symptom for us ( which is bad ) and we this will pass for us. YAHOO. I’m relieved in fact.

Over 200 people each hour are dying of the KILLER VIRUS.

Community transmission world wide is out of any and all control. Opening up, airline travel, and the rest is insane and we now have a window closing to control this at all.

To date we are averaging about 80,000 deaths per month and that just soars.

Compare to 64,,0000 aides death sand 36,000 Malaria deaths in 2018 figures.

One person is dying about every 15 seconds. That is soaring as well.

50% of the deaths are 80 up.

Unknown staggering numbers of long term disabled are counts no one has perfected in any nation it is all too new. Jeff Bezo should be G 100 CORONAVIRUS CZAR – the IT is a hot mess.

Over 25% of almost 300 nations – all those deaths are in F grade USA failing at Nation State and Agency to its PEOPLE. January to June we issued SHAME ON WHO – SHAME ON STATE LEADERSHIP – SHAME ON CDC DOUBLE SHAME – SHAME SHAME ON DONALD TRUMP – SHAME ON CONGRESS. My ask – vote the liars out and vote as America has never voted before.

USA can not longer travel to EU because we failed as a nation – SHAME ON OUR LEADERSHIP for not uniting and remaining divided just SHAME ON YOU ALL.

In nations live india soaring numbers of Children are dying now.

We reported and majority of experts SHAME THE MATH all the models and reports are SO UNDER REPORTED it is all so much worse than you presently see at all.

The economics will become the greatest global depression in economics as we reported since January – since the fall of ROME. Stil in our opinion so many are wrong and the US DOLLAR will remain the back bone of value to restore the trust and confidence as all things do pass and this WILL PASS THROUGH US ALL.

The time to contain the virus in any way globally if the LEADERS OF SHAME FAIL TO COOPERATE AND ACT is running out for humanity. We are almost out of time – ITS LATE ITS LATE …..DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE.





We are ok. September has had the symptoms She has slept for two days and is much better up and about right now.

I m OK but I’m weak. I’m foggy bottom. A bit more than usually but so grateful no fever couch lungs or sneeze. Symptoms lite and docs all over us. We will get past this if nothing changes and with this stuff it could change as I am early in incubation just back from ICU on other death defining tricks all well reported here so I will not go into all that.

Tomorrow we world rally our CEO SPACE LEADERSHIP for the SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR URGENCY to upgrade all of your PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING. Your risk of losing 50% of your income in the second half of 2020 is SUPER HIGH RISK. That risk removes itself so the new economy – and it is entirely all new and SUPER CHANGING will NOT EFFECT YOU. Leaders you must acquire:

  1. New Skill in new super changing markets to win
  2. New tools you easily acquire with CEO SPACE
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  4. New COMMUNITY to trade in that is on going
  5. PROCESS versus an event to grow customers week to week which CEO SPACE does

As the SECOND HALF of 2020 is the period of SUPER CRASH and DEPRESSION WORLD WIDE ( caused by world failed leadership and greed ) – caused by a world in competition versus cooperation – caused by a crises not of leadership but of INTEGRITY – showing what WE OURSELVES MUST BECOME. A 7 BILLION THAT TURNS IN LOVE INTO ONE ANOTHER AND HELPS ONE ANOTHER VERSUS INSANELY TURNING “UPON” ONE ANOTHER IN WORLD CRISES OF OUR TIME.

I printed THE WORDS today on Sunday – if you read them the WORDS CAN NOT NOR DO THEY LIE OR CONFUSE.

My note to leaders of the world. COOPERATE and remove competitive thought process and thinking as insane from your tradition for if you fail to do so – we will FAIL YOU into OBLIVION.






Children – WE ARE OK not to worry – we are OK and STRONGER than you might expect – tired resting but OK today. To the great Jack Canfield my oldest brother in the light work – CHICKEN SOUP and so Much more – your time to write was fire into my soul.






In our home it’s been light symptoms to date. Over 72 hours you feel tired like the Flu in my case. September has had a migraine for days and lower back pain and join pain and fatigue. The Neurological effects are well documented to the world as published for you this weekend. Personally for me it was a uniquite mental fog. I still have trouble typing. You feel the flu cotton head and not yourself. The effects reduce with over the counter motrin. They say do not take motrin. We did and it helped. You are tied. September and I had no cough fever or other symptoms. Now a weee back our Son, who at work five tested positive and he did get it , at age 21 super healthy had full flu – fever chills cough shakes really hard 72 hours and he ever ever gets ill. For him it was like a flu and he was back. Fully strong. No longer side effects. September mended after two days in bed and fertilized her garden last night at PM at dusk. I was tired this weekend – did more work than I should – answered lots of love mail from our extended family and frankly my larger family. I have a little head lightness this AM ( no motrin ) which will cut it. We know the second half economics for our business owners is going to more challenging to 100% of our readers and members in 200 nations than 2007 by FAR. CEO SPACE massive upgrading into the complete TOOL PROCESS BOX of low cost time and money OPPORTUNITIES to step by step, over time, consistently assessing the reality on markets really and assuring OUR LEADERS INCOME THEY CAN PREDICT AND GROW inside CEO SPACE at impossible to match inside CEO SPACE is now available to our membership. HELP IS HERE FOR YOU. All that is required systemically is KNOW MORE – KNOW MORE FIRST and take RIGHT ACTION FASTER. We must as a CEO SPACE COMMUNITY show up in CRISES for ONE ANOTHER MAXIMALLY. We must BE PRESENT HELPING ONE ANOTHER MORE BY INTENTION. If we assist and help one another in crises MORE THAN USUALLY ( sometimes just by showing up ) we all win our nations win and our world wins. That is WHAT WE THE PEOPLE can do.

My mentor advice to you:

  1. Use time differently old routines may fail you.
  2. Prospect to new customers and markets with foccus Monday Weds Friday and Saturday ( work six days not five in the crises till it is over ).
  3. Get up earlier and get busy non income work off table by 9.00 AM.
  4. Work productively 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM daily in routines
  5. Close and build relationship to business Tuesday and Thursday in new routines or adjust for retail or other model professional work.Professionals open an added day till the crises ends.
  6. Get off line. Manage digital time. Remove jokes wates and busy non income work. Do not get in CLICK TRAPS of TIME. Control your time to earn.
  7. 7 Phone zoom and meet more – keep your business personal – ask closing all questions – SO HOW CAN WE MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN NEXT?

Register and Join CEO SPACE as a price plan that fits you – there is a HELLO for every wallet.

Earn. Get more clients faster in CEO SPACE. Help others more inside CEO SPACE and others will HELP YOU MORE. See CEO SPACE as a constant upgrade to the SUPER CHANGE unfolding as you so ( now that my book has become prophetic at Amazon SUPER CHANGE )  you stay in front and ahead. Also you PLUG IN TO CLIENTS AND REFERRALS in the number one system to help you grow in the PANDEMIC Press ranked in 2020. Stop thinking we are going back to some old normal. Old normal is gone and will not return. We are entering the SECOND WAVE the SECOND HALF OF 2020 with a failure of global leadership too cooperate and work together and the cost will in economics a global DEPRESSION as we predicted in January and to health care – the cost will take years to understand 2020 leadership failures. Every leader is doing the very best that they know how. It is not good enough. As nations compete like rabbit dogs, freeze each other out and fail to act as.a UNITED G 100 SUPER AGENCY we all lose world wide. The source problem is competitive thought and competitive models for organizing human beings. One outcome of competition is the world had no COORDINATED PLAN. We knew this was coming for sure and we had NO PLAN after Ebola SARS AND MERS. That is not just stupid it is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE IN ALL LEADERSHIP WORLD WIDE. They all failed us all of them. No one won. We all lost.

This news site has become legend for being right, for being accurate, for being prophetic as to what is coming, and we have not been wrong since December to July.

We conclude the worst global depression since the Fall of Rome or ever is unfolding. We stated the US DOLLAR is the world stable reserve trade asset not gold not stocks not bonds not gems not gold and we see lots of issues problems and sadness for those who panic in fear. As in the last depression President Rosevelt said why we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Than we REBUILT AMERICA. We have told you – HOLD US DOLLARS and stay in cash versus markets. Profits as the markets SUPER CRASH will take a long time to restore in real values. Day trading and gambling if you like that will be the SUPER HIGH RISK OF WIPE OUT OF YOUR LIFE TIME moving forward. NOW IS NOT THE TIME. The asset class bubble is everything. Gasoline should be 99. cents at your pump. Every price is a bubble price – food – fuel – utilities – services -prices are going to DEFLATE. We deflated our CEO SPACE PRICE in January ahead of it for you all. DEFLATION IS COMING and will NOT GO AWAY Until the SUPER BUBBLE CRASHES OUT. 100’s of trillions will default in debts wiping out financial contracts industries and banks. The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is what comes high risk to bankrupt institutions ( ata speeds in AI that you are not ready for ) upon which they restart the system post bubble bursting.

This weekend the OIL bankruptcy’s ( Huge ) began and these MEGA BANKRUPTCIES RIPPLE. Jobs are lost. Buildings and equipment loans stop. All must sell at fire sail selling and there are zero buyers. The markets may see LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. So much selling and all buying dries up. Then markets freeze up – all of them. All at once. There is no liquidity in the bankruptcy bad credit debt default CASCADE we first presented theory on for economics in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION which spells out the issues problems and the solutions. Amazon for my books if you want details. Or just read here and believe a bit more on the accuracy our 1988 to now readers all rely on and now – because of track record – among the most accurate forecast to business owners.

July is here. WINTER IS COMING for the virus explosions – you just have not seen overwhelm. THE COST TO THE FAILURE OIF LEADERSHIP is beyond any reader sees suspects or knows. WHY/ The consequence in health and economics is compounding.

Leaders world wide are hired to preclude panic. To keep panic out they are lying to themselves and to us. They believe their lies. Donald Trump stated this weekend with his team full out in press – that the PANDEMIC CURVE HAS FLATTED AND WE HAVE TURNED THE CORNER IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. President PENCE and I so respect you SIR – SHAME UPON YOU .

Those are lies.

Leadership in America has failed us – all republicans all democrats all states all leadership none of whom have cooperated as required of our GREAT NATION and community. I live in Florida. I can can schedule or get tested for COVID 19. We have tried for days to do so. We have resources in CEO SPACE. Test kits are being FLOWN IN TO US but most Floridians do not have those options. You spend days trying. You spend days waiting. You can not go get a test. A five minute prick test. You can not do it. SHAME SHAME ON YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP for the pain the suffering the lies that your maximum combat division in a crises leave this nation. Squandering trillions with no accounting sending 1.5 billion cash dollars to dead Americans and too many easy consequences to say F job sir. You are graded in CRISES as F sir.

Our nation is under 100 other nations doing so much better. Americans are NOW BANNED FROM EU and other nations because we have become too dangerous for the health wealth of the world. WE ARE HUMILIATED BY OUR LEADERSHIP IN CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE. Our pride that MILITARY REFUSED to put tanks and soldiers into our cities gives me HOPE the real America is alive and well post election.

AMERICA will heal and re-invent herself to a higher standard. WHAT IS RIGHT WITH AMERICA IS ALREADY FIXING WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH AMERICA. Four year sit com president – entertaining – but America IS CHANGING THE CHANNEL. Incumbent upsets and surprises will be legend for decades. POLITICS IS SUPER CHANGING – read my book.

Inside SUPER CHANGE of this scale we all need help. We all require support. CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL is your way station to protect your income and life style. I present to you the truth. The worst is yet to come. This is going to be so much longer than you ever thought. We will get through all this together. Today become active in the leading COMMUNITY – . Be active. Really get involved. THINK – HOW CAN I HELP OTHERS MORE AND FASTER. If you do that mind game – then everyone one of us without one exception will hold the mind set HOW CAN WE HELP YOU FASTER WITHOUT DELAY TODAY?

That alone is the SOLUTION.

That alone is the ANSWER.

Switched on turned on self reliance global community of wonderful business owners and professionals HELPING ONE ANOTHER MORE every ten days – not once a month. ONCE A MONTH WILL NO LONGER CUT IT. You need more new customers and relationships FASTER and without risk of health wealth and dying – as the VIRUS is EXPLODING and there is NO END none in SIGHGT FOR YEARS AND YEARS. The worst will be by far fall and winter because leaders OPENED TOO SOON. Our math models in February published here remain PRECISION ACCURATE TODAY and run into 2022. Right again. Ahead. Of the Super Change.

Trust the industry leader and become more involved and prosper in any Super Change market.

Finally watch less news and use this to know that is going on out there more. Circle your little life for fun routines – health safe routines and be smart on health. Play read watch enjoy – nature more – stay home do not travel – be smarter than that. Fun rountines. Heal. Meditate. Work on peace and joy. Play more in free time. Develop STRESS BUSTING ROUTINES that replenish you and your circles. Laugh. Enjoy food. Count blessing and gratitudes. Do not follow masses. Do not go to theaters or VIRUS STORM ZONES not smart – live events are out – eating out is out – save at SUPER HIGH RISK TODAY – and health wealth you think and lead you don’t follow and die. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Be safe out there.

Berny Dohrmann – Healing up from hospital a week ago and COVID 72 hours or so – mending fast and working to serve our global leadership