How will you muddle through the coming SUPER CRASH? You know that SUPER CRASH is coming you just don’t really know why or when? But you KNOW its coming. So what do you DO in real terms?

First – you avoid market legal gambling in a purely manipulated market space – until equity and bond markets have a new global regulatory frame work. The markets today are worse than playing Vegas Table games and less fun. You move into Insurance diversified investing – part of your money into Permanent life investing – part in index inflation protecting investing and part in annuities. Avoid any one telling you TERM is a good value – it is so sick financially to buy term and once you do the real math you see that. Explore the option with licensed investment insurance professionals which is not your typical agent – and get the assets you wish to move forward in time to safe harbor – the best safe haven if history is our guide is INSURANCE INVESTMENT. If you delay you pay when the SUPER CRASH ARRIVES.

Second: You invest in growing the core asset for income and lifestyle stability – that is – EVERY ENLARGING COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY ideally of business owner CEO’s. The most exclusive club to do just that is to join CEO SPACE and attend the October 13 and Dec 13 programs back to back – growing a 30 year network in a week of time – this larger cooperative trading community will work to provide options in any more and greater customer base in good and shock based markets. Others won’t know what hit them. Use a tax dollar this year ( saving so many thousands of dollars ) and join CEO SPACE because the larger cooperate trading community is much more vital to your future than hard assets or other choices. The real asset you want to rapidly grow before during and after SUPER CRASH “IS” larger cooperative community. Nothing will carry you through the coming financial storms like this sea wall but you have to create that safe harbor NOW before it is too late. Play a much richer smarter game while the markets are working as they still are.


Third: Get OFF LINE and get IN LINE – stop spending endless hours on Face Book and social. Spend more hours in local community networking – entrepreneur networks – lady leader and entrepreneur networks – biz to biz networks – get off line and get in line to build your relationships.


Fourth: Guard cash. Keep reserves. Invest in things like CEO SPACE that as OPTIONS that grow community – as you earn from the larger cooperative community keep back a pure reserve account of 15% of all revenue until you have 180 days operational income – when the SUPER CRASH HITS take out all over head – fire everyone – drop your cost to the bone marrow then see how your really doing and hire back. Don’t wait too long – do it first time you hear the news. Then work harder longer hours and proper in the SUPER CRASH market space. You alone will be prepared. Your larger growing cooperative community will be a tide that keeps you and your loved ones in safe harbor. Your insurance investment assets will make high inflation protected real profits and returns – without risk. No loss. Others will from Gold to everything report blood baths following deflationary SUPER CRASH.


Five: Share this blog with your list and loved ones in your family and close in circles. Where have you read a blue print of how to create a time machine to protect your life style – grow your lifestyle – and your investments savings and assets are now protected from SUPER CRASH even if banks close for a time – as they will – so that you never felt any of that pain? How important is a GPS for the Wallet REALLY? This information is available no where else – and in our opinion – the self interested broker panic driven calls to trust them and invest in the items they make money in – are as false prophets. My readers know I have no financial interest in my opinions as a retired investment banker economist. I report financial history which is unavoidable as it repeats historically – but we can learn from the past and earn from the future. You have to get it right and get it right immediately. Time is not your friend. You need to use time differently. Time is your key asset. Use time wrong and do what you do habitually – place your head in a hole by your feet – and your ostrich ass will be blown till no feathers remain on your butt. In my opinion speaking financially. Don’t be surprised when it happens to you. You were warned. You got the information in time. Now you need to ACT.

I’d sell out of all markets on all basis. I’d move to insurance diversified investing as safe harbor. I’d invest tax money today to grow my cooperative community and I’d keep building that for income growth. I’d get off line and get in line. I’d be in October and Dec 13th CEO SPACE in Vegas conferences that will help you for sure on all these points.

There are ferocious disagreements with my opinions on this. Get your own information. This is in no way investment advice – such advise may only be given by licensed professionals. Your the only one who can make choices of whats right for you. My opinion relates to my personal views. Sort out your action.

I only ask you to explore one key question:


Most people do not appreciate insurance investing protects assets – you have access to your cash at all times – you can borrow and use credit lines against those assets – you can be safe with the highest returns where principle is protected safe and guaranteed – and you have no risk to market fluctuations like you do presently. You sleep like a baby when others bleed out the profits they thought they once had as they loose their core nest eggs of a lifetime and legal thieves steal their wealth by market manipulations. In my opinion.

If you answer the question – I CAN”T GET HURT – then why do you delay acting to protect everything and be safe?

If you can move tax dollars to CEO SPACE MEMBERSHIP and grow COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY Oct 13 and Dec 13 why would any business owner – earn less – fail to act – and leave the membership cash with the IRS? Are the IRS growing your vital cooperative community? If not why DO YOU NOT ACT?

Opportunity is all about OPTIONS.

Winning is all about ACTING on those opportunity options.

While information IS KING – timing IS everything.

The time to share this blog and to act is frankly –


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE author key note speaker film producer radio show host