Today we start the NEW “YEAR” together across this precious water planet in the uncountable systems we can not  yet even see. Humanity Insanity needs to GET SANE quickly to roll back the SUPER CHANGE of human extinction outlined in the NEW TRILLION DOLLAR UNICORN SECTOR of investing into Environmental repair of our mentally ill pollution of our home water planet until we perish from our own human insanity propensity. What species off’s themselves if they are sane in fact. We ought to look at competition as a mid brain reptilian chemical error in the brain – the ancient reptilian brain – that produces competitive thought impulsing ( the one and only form expression of actual human insanity ). Evolved higher brain FUNCTION in the human species remains hostage to the whole brain governor switch – where the ancient brain is myopically focused upon THREAT and REACTION TO THREAT. As the Raptors are gone today the Hippo Campos hard wiring still Trumps higher brain function – by – chemically over riding common damn sense to survival mumbo jumbo higher brain function ( your own ) knows full well is FAKE NEWS in the brain chemical soup which remains primmodal.

Markets in the EU and USA reached new record highs in 2020 as the growth and boom march on. Italy had record car sales. China bashed UK limiting cross market pubic share trading due to TENSION with BORIS UK policy on CHINA human rights. And Hong Kong former uK territory.

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Demand that brought oil to market rates of the low 53.00 dollar range areas, was bid higher by gambling oil speculators at year end. We have reported to you that 96% of all trading is now AI. AI creates OIL PRICE no humans. AI can not yet “understand” and make outcome “decisions” in the current programing of AI for the concept of IMPLICATION. One example is the Chinese Trade Phase 1 Agreement. This agreement is not a super stimulator to economics world wide. The agreement is a PAUSE IN A TRADE WAR A REAL ECONOMIC WARFARE – CHINA INVENTED CALLED ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE ( search this site to get smart on that strategy if the area interests you as one of my leader readers . ( Subscribe for me – its free – and is my reward for the work from readers – if you consume from our team work on line in this news site – so highly regarded globaly – subscribe as well as BOOK MARK to return Monday Weds and Friday ). Subscribers leave comments under any new story and we hope you will comment every time you return so I can communicate with YOU up close and personal. FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE we CELEBRATE diversity of thought in respect versus competitive brain error code of dis-respect of human diversity in “any form” . The Cooperation and CEO SPACE culture community celebrates versus punishes diversity of  our humanity.

The OIL PATCH in America has grown at rates that stunned the market place. Today the USA is the largest oil producer on earth. The majority of new production is removing oil trapped in rocks from steam fracking those deposits to the surface. The other rise is shale oil production. Both are capital intensive.

Investors are leaving the OIL PATCH in record capital outflows because:

  1. It takes too long to make returns in markets that offer options to higher shorter returns on capital
  2. Oil is the extinction item whose use will extinct humanity as soon as 2030 via the Methane Traps ( search this site on that item ) – the ocean seed bed warming only 1.5 degrees more releases more methane than we have air instantly – sinking all ships and creating an AIR SOUP that will not support life as we know it. This is the first likely extinction outcome of our humanity insanity. Oil is the HOW and the WHY.
  3. Demand for OIL products is no longer growing and in the world market is declining. As oil demand falls off a cliff record new supplies rip criminal cartel OPEC”s crimes against humanity on global manipulation of price – where 5 billion poor can’t access food and shelf SECURITY and die by over 1 billion a year – due primarily to oil ( the cost of everything else so well written about here ) is artificially made too high – more than double the market rate price for the abundant low cost commodity – as OIL DEMAND continues to crash – the price will go DOWN now up – with our bet the trading range 2019 after phony spikes by gamblers in the oil industry – driven by selfish greed – a brain software glitch of the mind – adjusts to market rates. investors are fleeing the sector as never before. THE GREAT RE-BALANCING OF OIL IS UNDER WAY TODAY.

The Criminals in OPEC has lost all market control but use FAKE NEWS and criminal lies to manipulate the price wherever they can. When you invest over 1 billion dollars a year to produce world PR fake news on oil you brain wash markets. AI is not yet smart enough to understand and make choices to KNOW before it GOES what is FRAUD and what is TRUE. We humans have issues with all that so SMART is the PR and AI in PR today. OIL went up a bit on Thursday due to AI. The Defense Department noted Iran and its backed agencies are planning multiple attacks on the USA and the GAME HAS CHANGED where the USA must take PRE EMPTIVE ACTION AGAINST IRAN unless PUTIN and XI can moderate behavior and fast. Rockets hit the public airport in IRAN a breaking story. The cost of Australian wild fires is massive to economics for that nation and still out of any control from OIL climate change – we have to rush off oil world wide folks to survive.


  1. AI sees a trade deal with China and using all old models and charts ( from fraud OPEC and their more than ten billion to spread lies and oil fraud world wide ) AI concludes we will rapidly return to prior demand growth numbers.
  2. NO AI ( as yet and to 2020 today ) has the breadth of program to review all oil demand replacements taking place from energy to transportation to packaging to toxic fertilizers and pesticides and antibiotics used in all protein development today. ) IF AI had those smarts they would counter CRIMINAL OPEC member lies – about OIL and markets. The PR is designed to maximize PROFITS driven by CRIMINAL GREED from less than 1000 oil produces who already are fantastically wealthy but with POWER and WEALTH – insane brains can never conclude that: PLENTY “IS” MORE THAN ENOUGH. Enter Berny Sanders ( more about him below ).
  3. AI concludes based on FAKE NEWS oil will go up and helps make oil go up in cassion AI betting in side market betting as to which way a future price for oil may or may not go. Such speculation with your grandmother’s bank deposit money ( and your own ) was a felony not long ago but in the insanity of law makers we have today no limit on campaign contributions in America and no limit to every grandma deposit in a bank becoming 50 in leverage to bet in casino capitalism a system core flaw until corrected. REDEMPTION PRESENS THE CORRECTION MODEL BLUE PRINT IN CLEAR AND COMPELLING SEQUENCE STEPS.  HOWEVER INSANE BRAINS CAN NEVER TAKE SANE ACTIONS. They see non reality as real for them – their reality is false but they fail to know that truth.
  4. Nothing has changed. Demand for OIL is SUPER CRASHING and supply of OIL is exploding across the earth – which farts and craps oil and gas – plentiful – renewing ( 200 year old wells are full now and again ) and cheap not high prices – HIGH OIL PRICE FROM CRIMINAL CARTELS creates our own extinction – earth wide game over pollution to soil air an waters – planet wide in less than 100 years – ( insane brain ware ) – and toxic oil is being rapidly replaced as a HUMAN SURVIVAL PRIORITY at speeds that change OIL like film was changed when KODAK enjoyed an 87% market share – now 11% – as KODAK FAILED TO “PIVOT * OR ADJUST TO SUPER CHANGE ( The leader reader of our new decade – you order yours yet ). THE SUPER CHANGE IN REAL OIL MARKET PRICING IS TOO RAPID FOR THE WORLD AND THE SYSTEMS TO ADAPT INTO. Oil is GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE.
  5. Those that bet long on OIL – war with Iran or any factor fail to understand the DEMAND FOR OIL IS A NEEDLE MOVING FROM FULL TO EMPTY ( no demand ) and those who invest in long on oil will see a blood bath to their investing in our opinion. Oil is a long term investment in divided profit making firms with care and fundamentals in mind. EMG capital the largest new investment silo of Super Money Super Capital – is investing in oil diversification where the fundamentals are solid and when such firms are diversifying into sane clean non toxic replacements for ENERGY TRANSPORTATION FERTILIZER AND PESTICIDES AND MEDICINES AND BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING AND NEW CHEMICALS THAT ARE LESS OR NON TOXIC TO OUR PRECIOUS AND SO RARE 2020 –  WATER PLANET.

Today growth in OIL from America leading will temper to a more moderate capital return investment model. Even if price rises the GLUT OF TOO MUCH OIL – the world is DROWNING IN OIL OVER SUPPLY – and only lies from OPEC CRIMINALS pure fraud on 5 billion humans keep oil price far above market rate for the plentiful MOST TOXIC product upon the earth to human extinction. Demand due to our survival as a species is and will continue to SUPER CRASH in time frames the OIL LIARS will never share – they will never share the TRUTH of what is REALLY going on out in the oil patch.

Expect more moderate supply growth.

Expect more demand declines.

Adjust investing in the climate of a MODERATE PRICE CORRECTION from Criminal OIL CARTELS – OPEC – a crime against all humanity. The OPEC GREED MACHINE creates these outcomes due to criminal price manipulation of the cost of everything else:

  1. Inflation due only to their crimes in criminal pricing for their individual GREED.
  2. Over 1 billion die because of OIL pricing ten billion died over the past decade due to the criminals – Hitler never touched the numbers King MBS assures touch over 1 billion dying of starvation and illness all easily fixed if trillions did not rob from the poor to the less than 1000 oil CRIMINALS.
  3. Criminal Oil Pricing creates instability to nations who require energy transportation packaging and food crop supports from oil products essential for nation economic stability. OIL PRICE destabilizes nation and leads to wars . If 5 billion can not eat do not know safe clear water or shelter or medicines – and die by the billions so OIL FIRMS can make criminal profits in manipulated phony markets – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY In failed political and economic systems that must REFORM. Or we go extinct. Faster than you can imagine. Because YOU STOOD BYE AND WATCHED as a spectator in the unfolding affairs of humanity? Become active.
  4. Criminal OIL PRICING effects global economic stability and recovery – the boom can move to global Super Crash and recession on a dime of OIL PRICING by criminals. The effects of OIL CRIMINAL PRICE MANIPULATIONS is more risk to the system than any policy on earth outside the criminal central bankers and FEDS who make 100% economic error poliy and who own and support the oil firms who own shares in all central banks in secret. This incestuous criminal enterprise stops when INSPIRED LEADERS MERGE THE CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO THEIR STATE TREASURY and who put WINDFALL TAX on oil to move us all off oil as an economic sanity choice. The price at the pumps when OIL CRIMINALS ARE PUT IN PRISON will be low even with the WEALTH TAX due to the GREAT OIL REBALANCING TAKING PLACE RIGHT NOW and outside the future control or influence of the criminal oil price manipulators starting with sociopathic murdered KIng MBS who has murdered all Khashoggi witnesses that KING MBS asked Khashoggi’s head be wrapped and brought back to the sick fuck in his palace which actually occured.  I tell my mentors in the great SAUD FAMILY TRADITIONS that it is late not time to place KING MBS on a very long Saudi vacation. 5 BILLION OF US GAIN as we no longer can permit HILTER SOCIOPATHS to rule nations and weapons as crazy BRAIN MBS uses ARAMCO capital to acquire Nukes to fire into IRAN. Iran is in an arms race with HITLER KING MBS today. Everyone in the GULF knows this truth.
  5. Oil pricing is INFLATION or its lack. Oil pricing is the cost of doing energy – the cost of transportation packaging and food – the cost of everything else all measured in KILOWATT HOUR COST. For 100 years oil was the most economic concentrate of energy known to man and the LOWEST KILOWATT HOUR OF WORK. Today Oil is replaced with many options and new technologies that are LOWER THAN OIL KILOWATT COST. OIL is going to SUPER CRASH because the cost of work in a KILOWATT HOUR is now lower than oil by staggering cost reductions for that KILOWATT HOUR and the entire world is moving off killer toxic oil and the criminals who brought us GLOBAL EXTINCTION for GREED ALONE.

The first pollution is always MIND POLLUTION.

Until we upgrade the software of our MIND ( REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION “IS” THE # 1 SOFTWARE LEADER READER NEW SOFTWARE repair to old buggy god awful software loaded on your brain by those you no longer know nor can you even remember ). That buggy god awful software is your paradigm your belief system and your future. Capped or unlimited depending on your UPGRADING YOUR SOFTWARE OF THE MIND. While all works deal with symptom only REDEMPTION DEALS WITH CAUSE.


Everything else deals with SYMPTOMS.

Upgrade the software of your mind.

Oil is in a rip tide ripping influence ( control has already passed into AMERICA ) from CRIMINAL OIL PRICE FIXERS in OPEC that all should be declared ECONOMIC TERRORIST AND ARREST WARRANTS ISSUED FOR THEIR LEADER CABAL GANGS.

Oil leadership is murdering more human beings than all wars and illness combined together and soon will extinct humanity for their insane – short term profits to themselves – less than 1000 against 5 billion – a consequence of crazy brain software – where those infected with the virus of the mind do not know they are brain infected and have no way with buggy crazy brain code in control of outcomes to Fix their own MAL FUNCTIONING minds. Their wealth consolidations give them power to manipulate lies into truth and the brain damaged public with their bad lower performing software of the mind believes fraud such as OIL REBALANCING OR STABILIZING MARKETS.



You can not fix buggy sofware code of mind – if you fail to understand your code is a mess and needs upgrading – if you believe your buggy code is the superior code of mind – and where your mentally ill insecurties conclude that any loss of money or power effects your life in any way when it does not. Your insane brain concludes in endless insanity loops defined by the work REDEMPTION to upgrade one leaders mind at a time with flawless software of the leaders mind – that – WITH POWER AND WEALTH PLENTY IS “NEVER NOT EVER ” ENOUGH. This cause of brain insanity perpetuates our own human extinction.

The owners and YOU

System reform replaces trust on upgrading all our brain software. OUR CONCLUSION REMAINS – if education does not REFORM FROM GROUND FOUNATION UP to double line BEST SOFTWARE OF MIND to future generations – then EDUCATION loading buggy god awful software on the leader reader minds who do not know how awful the institutional trap of DOWNLOADING FLAWED BRAIN SOFTWARE from K-12 to Higher Edcucation leads as CAUSE versus symptom to HUMAN INSANITY EXTINCTION and fast. Soon.

Is it too late to fix it all?

No? Not yet at least.

What is required to fix it all?


Elect the ONE – as in the MATRIX find your ONE SANE BRAIN and draft them into leadership for the 5 billion of US all. Oil is going DOWN wait for it…

Now you know why – the risk to world boom and recovery 2020 and 2021 is OIL PRICE. Be vigilant if OIL PRICE IS USED BY CRIMINALS to influence USA and other ELECTIONS watch for that expression for even more and greater insanity from virus infected brains – all illuminated in the work REDEMPTION. Did you order your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION COPY TODAY FROM AMAZON AND SUPER CHANGE ( Super Change is the ideal retain a client repeat buy your clients and referral market up from your clients now versus later using SUPER CHANGE as the 2020 leader reader book GIFT TO YOUR BEST CLIENTS for the THree “R”S mentioned here ).


You are not tracking it. We are for you.

Berny Sanders with a heart attack at 78 years old – moving into his 80’s as a PRESIDENT – REALLY ? When is the geriiatrics in my age tribe just TOO OLD. 78 for BIDEN AND BERNIE

Still old man Bernie out did all others in the FULL COURT PRESS LINE UP of more candidates than any party has seen before. Bernie with a heart attack raised 34.5 million dollars in the final holiday quarter of 2019. Bernys totals also led the field Trumping BIDEN at a total 2019 raise of 96 Million dollars hence Bernies rising poll numbers.

Bernie stands alone by raising such sums from massive base of every day American’s making the larger % of the funds raised. All other candidates have more weight from INDUSTRY PAKS AND LARGER DONATIONS. Bernie engineered a new campaign model that has never been seen before in Presidential Elections except for Barak Obama who invented this ACRON modeling in elections as a community organization authority forever changing elections – see BERNIE who HAS vastly improved the model given the DIGITAL SUPER CHANGE OF INTEGRATION FOR TOOLS OBAMA lacked in his time.

Campaigns are increasingly ( SUPER CHANGING ) driven by digital and AI. The elections of TODAY HAVE SUPER CHANGED FROM THE ELECTION PATHOLOGY OF THE PAST.

In the Holiday week Bernie noted over 1.3 million grass root Americans and voters – voted for Bernie with their wallets this Holiday. Berny has raised more than Hillary.

The most common occupation for Bernie were teachers and occupations where employees at Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart and the US POSTAL SERVICE and finally TARGET STORES as a Chain.

Bernie is second to Biden and Biden numbers are CRASHING OUT as is BIDEN FUND RAISING and Berny is seen by millions as their champion to defeat TRUMP on ideas alone. It is neck and neck into their convention which may yet be brokered it is way to early to know YET. We are keeping pace of it all for you as it effects the economy now in the longest best boom ever recorded in history.

Donald Trump the BOOM KEEPER – raised over 46 million in the final Holiday quarter of 2019 – a record – period and for Trump as well. Over ten million more than Bernie in one single quarter.

Pete Buttigeig raised 24.7 million in the final quarter a respectable still in the game for sure outcome Good job.

By comparison when Democratic raising was weaker in the third quarter of 2019 Trumps team raised over 125 million.

Trump begins 2020 as the year opens to the election with a SUPER WAR CHEST of on hand cash exceeding 102.7 million in current cash. The sum raised becomes less important to the WAR CHEST in place – at 102.7 million dollars TRUMP is a record setter starting the year with far more than OBAMA had raised when he decisively won.

The 46 Million TRUMP personally completed raising in the fourth quarter of 2019 alone – did not include the vast sums in addition Pence and Trump raised for the REPUBLICAN PARTY AND PRO TRUMP PAKS. This number is staggering and not yet reportable in edition setting all time records placing TRUMP enormously ahead of others running against him in the DOLLAR available account moving into 2020 as the election season moves from Simmer to BOIL on the stove of USA LIFE.

Numbers we can report are in the third quarter Trump and Republicans exceeded 125 million raised.

Now it all heats up.

How did Trump the NON POLITICIAN break all fund raising records in history and build a winners war chest of re-election no one can match or touch the MOMENTUM OF. What was the SUPER CHANGE EVENT that broke the mold for election traditions.

Traditionally when a campaign wins an election the fund raising winds down the team dissipate and the system is relaxed until the next frenzy FRESH START TO GO INTO THE NEXT ELECTION “SEASON”. For the first time in history Trump Super Changed the Model. How? To my reader apprentices ( your not fired ever here ) – comes your report:

  1. Trump did not wind down his election work effort.
  2. Trump filed in his first months in office for RE-ELECTION A FIRST IN HISTORY.
  3. TRUMP grew his election machinery know with EXPERTS AND KNOWLEDGE to avoid being cheated as he was in 2016.
  4. Trump plowed forward in 2016 2017 2018 and 2019 with better plans better teams and missing resources.
  5. Trump raised a Presidential election RECORD and the election season has no started the only future records Trump will in fact break next – moving forward into the full 2020 election SEASON – are his own – Trump beating TRUMP record after record.

America will decide its own future.

As all candidates tend to adopt IN AMERICA – non socialist platform ideas that are solid and positive and good for the nation – where policies of all tend to INTEGRATE INTO ONE no matter who wins. This process means America always wins.

The move to left side extreme socialism policies we predict will result in the GREAT AMERICAN BACKLASH.

The political theater to win an election with IMPEACHMENT POLITICS we conclude will also result in the GREAT AMERICAN VOTER BACKLASH where voters vote their WALLET NOT THEIR PARTY to secure a superior boom expansion good for the world and great for America.

Events could change these predictions but today that is how we see it – having monitored elections ourselves since DWIGHT EISENHOWER ( I sat on his lap too ) became President. My famous father was a highly decorated WORLD WAR II Commander in the war – leading mine sweeps in first to the action – and EISENHOWER sought out my father’s counsel when running. I was little but remember keeping warm on that cold NOVEMBER election day in my Fathers study – sitting on a warm TUBE RADIO console from RCA listening to the convention chant WE LIKE EIKE W LIKE EIKE until EIKE WON. Dad got me a victory party ice cream in the 1950’s.

That was then this is now.

We celebrate all human diversity in voting right here – and we encourage our leader READERS world wide to VOTE and hold voter parties to turn out the vote from everyone just your side. Majority rules. Be informed and preclude fake news brain washing. CLICK and learn earn and return versus zombie watch spoon fed OWNER fake news to you who are not OWNERS. You can do this. I trust you all. I have confidence in you all. After all your better informed leader readers.

While no one can predict the future in this space – this information when your betting your growth into 2020 as an Entreprenuer – silo leader in an institutional firm – or a professional in practice – a political leader or agency head – the press – super money pools and heads of state who all read this blog – we hope this fact reporting allows you to make smarter better choices in your own NEW YEAR.

Get the books and win faster…..



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