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Retail Sales and consumer buying at year end ( plus B to B which is fantastic at year end – – enjoying record CEO buying at year end to swap tax out for LIFE TIME INCOME – IN $$$ Smart year end tax planning before Jan 1st. Check THAT smart CEO choice or professional in practice tax exchange for red ink to black ink for a tax repurposing. We’ll help you.



  • examine partnerships from CEO SPACE analytic data partners world wide
  • Examine retail e recept data to assess the data analytics
  • Count off price stores in entire retail fleet
  • Count Millennial and Gen Z shopping and malls and store data to year to year trend compare up or down


  • in store same store sales comparisons
  • Sales per square foot up and down  ( no includes on line in averages )
  • Count physical cars at malls and physical retale to compare year to year ( AI easier today )
  • Average basket of size per individual shopper in comparisons various economic models review this data every which a way
  • Transaction VELOCITY ( VAM ) Velocity acceleration year to year and momentum compare – includes off line and on line both
  • Credit Card data from provider totals year to date and compare overall

Excluding automobiles which is a HUGE YEAR END NUMBER elevating PURE RETAIL GROWTH we now report ( first ) that retail sales driving the on going economic growth and bom rose 3.4% in 2019 an impressive rise in Holiday profits and out comes.

This number is FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE because it excludes RETAIL AUTOMOBILE SALES and it created these HIGH HOLIDAY ECONOMIC GROWTH OUTCOMES AT RETAI LACROSS ALL CHARTS COMPARED  – with SIX FULL DAYS LESS SHOPPING THAN 2018 – SIX HUGE DAYS AND STILL BEAT LAST YEAR – the six lower shopping Days Thanksgiving to Now last occured in 2013 and the results were lesse.

Christmas 2019 will adjust all WEALTH HEALTH numbers into the 2020 First Quarter and with a more mild winter ( up for grabs in Climate Change ) lower oil prices for sure from the fake news up tick recently while new supplies are reaching markets replacing all OPEC CUT BACKS at a two to one barrel glut out come – while the market is crashing – Super CRASHING Demand. All oil demand predictions ( from a GREEDY EXTINCTION INDUSTRY OF LIARS ) is well fraud and fake news. Oil is phony priced by cartel manipulations now failing completely. Holiday OIL DEMAND was lowest 2020 re-strock ordering in 25 years.

Christmas 2019 is driving the world boom in economic growth into 2020 and 2021.

The Christmas first report on our BLOG occurs the day after Christmas Day.

Our prior BLOG reported as is hour 1988 to today culture – on the DECADE IN REVIEW and the NEW DECADE IN EXPECTATION which is our best economic STATE OF THE WORLD REPORT in the entire history of this BLOG NEWS SITE to world leadership on all sides of all isles. We report outside POLITICS. Our reports that appear political are in fact NOT as long time leader readers well know. We report as investment banker economists on the ECONOMICS of the POLITICS to world markets and to niche market outcomes in the future from what is going on today. The % accuracy of this BLOG NEWS SITE has become one of the legends on accurate predictions and the WHY in the global leadership space world wide.

The Press read this blog today.

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Our 2019 accuracy in the WILD WILD RIDE OF SUPER CHANGE dynamics …..stressing us with the acceleration pacing of SUPER CHANGE ( we wrote our book for leaders world wide to empower leaders everywhere today facing the NEW RISING SUPER STRESS of resisting Super Change or Embracing SUPER CHANGE. The defining resume for the leaders of tomorrow.



Holiday consumer spending and year end B to B spending ( including CEO SPACE MEMBERSHIPS BEFORE JAN 1 ) will turn in records. For us. For most of but not all of you. For the world economically. The best of the best is already in today.

Retail sales with record 2018 buying rose by 3.4% over record 2018 Holiday numbers.

Most important – the on line Holiday buying number – rose by over 2018 by 18% from just last year alone. As Retail total sales are still even rising ( via credit card reporting in now ) to almost 15% we still have 85% rising inside retail brick and mortar. This strength demonstrate foundational economics to years and years of further BOOM AND GROWTH with the strength of full employment in American economics – and the foundation of the strongest consumer buying growth numbers EVER YET REPORTED.

A far higher % of retail now offers SAME DAY DELIVERY. Protecting GROWTH OUTCOMES WITH CONSUMERS BUYING.

These numbers occur with SIX FULL MASSIVE DAYS cut out from this year by calendar beating 2018 handsomely even with these SIX LESS SHOPPING DAYS the 2018 totals included – a feature of lower shopping days which did not effect outcomes not seen with six less shopping days since 2013.

The State of the WORLD IS STRONG the strongest ever reported or recorded.

Apparel a weak spot in 2018 was rebounding to PROFITS you will see drive RECORD WEALTH HEALTH in the first quarter of 2020 as the upward Holiday 2019 drove apparel stunning experts ( but not us ) as Apparel category rose over 17% 2018 to 2019. This is another solid brick in overall diversified economic growth despite FED central bank terrible failed polices over the past three years. If Trump had not blasted the FED as idiots they may not have reversed their failed course and repaired the problem in time with lower interest. Thank you FED for admitting your error in policy just in the nick of WORLD TIME. Your actions to pause in 2020 now in the election year remove the DANGER To the RECOVERY to a solid foundational many year longer BOOM CYCLE.

Retail prediction agencies now predict the last two months of the year may adjust to as high as 3.8% to 4.7% growth compared to an annual five year growth in Holiday sales on average at 3.7%. Setting new records on growth and profits across all measured boards into 2020.

This means what? Do YOU?

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  2. Wealth Health record stock markets ( within volatility and profit taking ) creating overall upward stock all year 2020
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Note: Impeachment only helps Trumps team from a fully botched process – no crime all experts state. Pure politics. Pure partisan unlike all prior impeachments. This is all SUPER CHANGE POLITICS in real time. . Will Nancy POCKET VETO IMPEACHMENT or will such steps get her in even more trouble. Stay tuned as her power option is to pocket veto – no veto is possible is Nancy holds the articles and never releases them. Is weaponizing the US budget and weaponizing politically the impeachment process to be allowed? We all see soon as the wild card still rolling around in markets today…so hold a close look at this new political theater and as always we will right here tell you to the best of our inside sources …WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Now all eyes on upon pocket veto which robs republicans of some of their victory in side full vindication of a crime in fact. Pocket Veto is Nancy’s plan to TRUMP – well TRUMP 2020. We’ll see. There is a lot of legal to unfold before we know outcome in this SUPER CHANGE in Politics unfolding. Next.