Does Democracy as laid out in the 1600 – 1900 hundreds still work in 2020? Does a Jeff Bezo CEO MODEL with a winning team work better for term limits? Do congress now influenced by SUPER MONEY world wide still work in fact as an effective efficient outcome to nations in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE?

How can the USA remain out front if XI and others like Putin can make all the decisions on policy and get er done ? While we can not. For example:

  1. The USA Failed Congress model –  has not passed a clean US budget on time as required by LAW – for decades.
  2. The USA congress failed to upgrade immigration from decades old law to modern laws they will not pass blaming Trump?
  3. The USA Congress failed to repair entitlements that run out of cash soon – due to congress spending more than income.
  4. The USA Congress failed to fix or address health care misery for millions of our people or to FIX broken OBAMA Care
  5. The USA Congress did pass impeachment – barely – and now refuses to give the articles as required by LAW to the senate

Is this any way to run the peoples business? There is a long list more this is five to dive for cover on only essential breaches of duty.

Does Congress in dysfunction with majorities outside the party leading work? Obviously by economics and outside assessment not ideally in the unfolding SUPER CHANGE? Should WE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR change the rules from the 1700’s and revolutionary war days pre telegraph – internal combustion engine – industrial revolution – telegraph – radio – telephone – and say the internet and smart phones and devices. DOES A CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS NEED TO UPDATE THE RULES?

Many of US think – 1970 and yesterday is already too late for updated rule making to the box top rules of the best of the best – which is not saying enough into 2020.

Congress not passing REQUIRED BY LAW LEGISLATION has left for the Holidays.

Nancy who DOES HATE President Donald Trump poked his team in the eye with a stick by POWER GRABBING to state – we will not turn the articles of impeachment over to the US SENATE ( again as required by law before she broke to mid January 2020 – for her HOLIDAY with failed congress – keeping those article turn overs to delay delay delay to make TRUMP PAY the most in election year. Nancy is writing her own law as she violates the US CONSTITUTION LAWS.

Nancy claims a “right’ that does not in fact exist – to be part of the SENATE SET UP OF THE RULES OF THE SENATE TRIAL. The Lower house – the House of Representatives controls the budget of the people – a budget that Nancy has failed to pass under law for years. Nancy claims HOUSE POWERS that the HOUSE LACKS under the law.

Nancy again is breaking the law.

Will Nancy Pelosi be held accountable by Attorney General Barr and our US COURTS actually forcing her to turn over her documents? We think it may come down to THAT as Nancy is also trying to delay her own criminal indictments which are coming with rising counts, these being even more of those counts.

The ABUSE OF POWER and crimes are NANCY not Trump and Nancy knowing she is caught is engaging in DISTRACTION to delay her down fall politically. Arrest and Prison await Nancy.

Voters following the criminals will discover soon …what the word HOODWINKED really means. San Francisco my birth city already knows what hoodwinked looks like in property cost rentals taxes and living costs and the homeless on the streets that no longer can cope with Nancy’s elite worlds.

Nancy is prematurely aging over the criminal stress loading and Biden and his son are not far behind i panic. The democrats are losing poll numbers to AGE ALONE. Nancy and Joe – your too damn old – way too damn old. Ginsberg too OLD to retire my God your ill. Retire your not too old in 80’s to retire. Its time.

The younger Democrats are rising rapidly because the others are just TOO DAMN OLD like Nancy. You all saw her LOOK after Impeachment right – like – do not take even ONE of my PEACHES – those peaches in IM-PEACH – MENT are all mine – the peaches are all mine. Send Nancy Pelosi ‘s office on Capital Hill a fresh box of peaches for me and say they are from Berny Dohrmann and you. If we all Send Nancy Pelosi enough peaches perhaps she will give with Diane San Francisco and the USA a huge break and retire. They are both just too damn old ( see their hair styles ) and frankly they don’t look well …do they? Stress they created is why.

Nancy has no Senate POWERS and her SHAM political weaponizing PROCESS plays two ways in docmaracy. Nancy’s political gamble in the 2020 election manipulation she is attempting will go down – professionally in my opinion – as the worst mistake and error in political gambling in human history as Nancy Pelosi and the democratic conference sure to have a brokered convention now – move into as the dice hit the table wall for Nancy….pure undiluted CRAPS. Nancy CRAPS OUT in 2020. The Nations gain and her very own loss……Merry Christmas Nancy Loser Pelosi – costing this nation years of time and billions of lost options – you are the WORST SPEAKER In the history of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES historically.

There it has been said and written. ( RIGHT AGAIN )


Nancy flies home to her core shrinking tribe of elite super wealth in San Francisco who HATE HATE HATE TRUMP and who pat Nancy on the back saying good girl – your dice are 7 comes 11 when in fact NANCY and those players crapped out on the political table for real.

The only issue is the ECONOMY as America will VOTE ITS WALLET NOT PARTY in 2020. The Economy under Trump’s team is:

  1. Out of the weakest recovery in history Trump inherited fragile and going down down down in 2016,
  2. Three years later the USA economy and state of the union is STRONG – the strongest ever.
  3. The USA has a rising GNP no recession site.
  4. No inflation
  5. Soaring home building highest in 20 years at year end 2019
  6. Manufacturing going up again and fast
  7. Consumer confidence high
  8. Business confidence and spending rising again
  9. Consumer spending Holidays 2019 – strong and winning profits for huge lists of firms in USA and outside USA
  10. Global prosperity is stable and rising as spill over
  11. Trade Deals with China, Mexico South America and Canada all moving to ink and Japan EU and UK right behind those
  12. Taxes were lowered
  13. USA income is soaring and deficits are going down not up from new billions Trump brought to US Treasury in only 3 years
  14. The WALL IS WORKING and invasions of a city of ten million has now reversed and the invasion is down 90%- only 3 years
  15. Troops are coming home from all theaters – and wars are winding UP for the USA as Peace deals replace wars under Trump

There is a long list of MORE on this.

For investors 2020 looks great and 2021 looks even better.

Oil went DOWN FRIDAY as the OPEC FRAUD unfolds as follows. Less than 30 .elite criminal oil producers with falling market share of only 22% and falling fast have lost control of oil market price. America the largest oil producer – itself producing two million barrels of oil a day making up BY ITSELF AS USA ALONE over 100% of the OPEC CUT BACKS. Said another way follow these bouncing balls for the cost of energy or the cost of everything:

  • America producers more oil than OPEC cuts back by itself assuring the market has more and better petro products day to day
  • Other NON OPEC PRODUCERS assure an OIL GLUT is never going to end
  • Supply IS GREATER THAN plunging Demand
  • All OPEC PR is fraud – Oil demand has stopped rising and growing – and is now plunging off a cliff . Why?
  • Oil leads to human extinction as the most toxic product line ever created – alternatives are lower cost to kilowatt hours period
  • The plunging cost of OIL to market as demand falls off a cliff leaves criminal opec elite wealth as obsolete to SUPER CHANGE
  • Oil is so costly and toxic at OPEC PRICES they are no longer competitive for transportation or electricity production
  • Oil chemicals and packaging as the most toxic extinction climate change product line on earth – is losing investor underwriting
  • EMG social sustained extinction protecting investing has passed 30 trillion a tide in ebb for oil in flood for alternatives
  • Investment capital is leaving the OPEC building and fast – investors who along with criminal cartels have liability to us all
  • ARAMCO is the # 1 FRAUD failed blood bath stock IPO of all time in our opinion – soon to arrive at the fact the oil lake of Saudi is vastly overstated ( 2 trillion versus correct value of 750 billion ) and demand is falling profit is falling and nothing saves ARAMACO when the GREAT REBALANCING to that value account makes Facebook IPO ( say 48 dollars to 18 dollars ) look like an investor FDIC deal – compared to the awful and terrible 2020 loss accounts for crazy minded investors in ARAMCO. As those investments evaporate holdings into thin air – as we told here – Amamaco an investment in human extinction will be the final nail in the OPEC coffin of theft deceit and criminal market manipulation on oil for PURE GREED and now on investors also for PURE GREED. The Puppy KING SOCIOPATH 100% failed policy KING MBS OF SAUDI sucker punched investors for the very last time – 25 billion to the KING – equal losses to the investors. HERE IT COMES IN 2020 ARAMCO crazy brain investing. ARMAMACO investors – my advice – fasten your seat belt and keep your arms and legs inside the coach at all times….here we gooooooooooo ( again ).


The World from Asia to UK exit looks solid into 2020.

The markets are setting all time records into year end ( right again )

Look confidentially to 2020 – the year end math will delight and excite in our opinion all first quarter long.


This really GREAT TIME?

Why my readers – your inside them right now.

THIS IS A BOOM GOOD PERIOD OF YOUR LIFE and for all of us world wide.