How influential is this blog on world leaders? We defined the CONGRESS RISK in clear compelling language. The Congress has put POLITICAL THEATER behind them and has moved to DO THE BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE. Not in TENĀ  YEARS has the US congress passed a debt ceiling and two year budget for the United States of America. The Senate expected FRIDAY APPROVAL and President signing the HISTORIC PROSPERITY BUDGET INTO LAW will insure in our opinion:

  1. A credit rating return to AAA CREDIT RATING lowering already super low borrowing cost
  2. Pathway to INFRASTRUCTURE creating AMERICAN LEADERSHIP AND PROSPERITY nothing else will.
  3. Immigration real reform assuring USA SECURITY on or borders for 100 years into the future.
  4. Setting up election on issues not personalities.
  5. Defining a CONGRESS divided is in fact working surprising actually everyone. USA USA USA USA USA

So our messy sloppy system in the face of Italian Debt – China Trade Wars, Venezuela failed state – Turkey Super Crashing out of Nation – defines OUR SYSTEM IS THE MOST STABLE WORKING MODEL ON EARTH.

USA USA USA – GO CONGRESS as you insured the PROSPERITY OF THE WORLD not just the USA.

The Fed in trade war has to reply to CURRENCY MANIPULATIONS BY THE EU AND CHINA and bring the USA dollar down as policy. The interest drop of 05 % or a half basis point sends a bow shot to CHINA in Trade WAR and gives the USA FUEL for future ( probably required tariff levels never seen yet as Bad Faith Chinese Self Dealing may not bring about a trade deal that has real integrity ). The FED economic weapon of mass destruction – bring the US DOLLAR DOWN in Trade war and – create given other nation bad behavior a red line in economics – the USA GOODS SOAR IN DEMAND AND VALUE and other nations goods soar in COST and currency manipulators see they can not get away with it. The FED GIVES A SILVER BULLET TO THE PRESIDENT IN TRADE WAR DEALING with other nations. They can always reverse if trade deals are completed – we feel is very unlikely in fact.

The TRUCE IN TARRIF’s was again wrong minded sucker punch to the USA if China now with their # 1 hard liner heading the team – negotiates ( as their MARKET SUPER CRASHES ) in bad faith – misreading their own economic tea leaves. What wins the TRADE WAR IS:

  1. Remaining Tariff’s
  2. Collapsing China economics through supply line exit
  3. Super Crashing China via Click Runs and capital runs out of nation – rising to 7 trillion in 2019
  4. SUPER CRASH IN CHINA markets from real estate to all markets on all levels
  5. No way forward for CHINA but revolution or trade deal and even then – now the trade deal error in China policy will require – make no mistake about this 25 years to return to where China once was.

China is losing back bone market share to sustain its core economics but fails to see the TRADE DEAL was prosperity NOW and the delay of the trade deal is prosperity returning in 25 years – the worst economic error in modern times all of which will be clear to the world in about 24 months of time.

Super Bond Theory is a way up and back out but that is not possible without a trade deal given market uncertainties.

XI has bad data and does not see his budget to fund his own military is at risk to SUPER CRASH at time lines and speed levels internal planners are wrong in risk assessing.

Hope and Promise appear to have politics running economics in trade dealing. The USA has economics running politics. CONGRESS JUST SHOT CHINA in the FOREHEAD dead center with this weeks PROSPERITY BUBGET AND DEBT CEILING.

The FED may now shoot CHINA In the EYE direct second head shot economically with a half basis point interest drop versus a 1/4 point giving the SILVER BULLET to our trade war team in reaction to EU and China currency pure manipulations bidding the US DOLLAR WAY WAY TOO HIGH as strategy.

If China than plays bad faith dealing and TRUMP shoots CHINA in the ECONOMIC HEART with the remaining trade tariff’s the big CHINA BREAR falls down dead ( economically ) in the worst SUPER CRASH IN CHINA ECONOMIC HISTORY EVER.

Game Over.