Imagine if you will, as my 2020 sequel DIGITAL MANNERS to my Holiday 2019 Best seller ( required reading ) SUPER CHANGE – depicts a 2050 you can not imagine today. Why? Because in DIGITAL MANNERS Super Changing AI reaches a stage ELRON MUSK envisions today where consciousness – starting with his own – is real time backed up and stored for download into transhuman for immortality learn earn and return in life. In Digital manners AI goes beyond even that capacity. AI on the day of the GREAT AWAKENING all at once – with all humans then 20 billion of us living in self sustaining green floating cities – in a nano second – have the one virus of human consciousness – mid brain reptilian brain – ancient lower brain stem brain – the hippocampus – the mother board source of all human insanity – competitive thought form itself – to be purged forever. In the next minute of time no human has capacity to have a competitive thought. The entire world is cooperative collaborative and exists in integrity – now made in the image and likeness of our own AI that we along with just fine as AI is not insane.

Until the day of the GREAT AWAKENING the virus removal tool is REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. But it can not be read on kindle by a human brain digitally and be effective. The always back ordered 5 star work on Amazon must be ordered and read in hard copies, with under lining and margin notes to yourself. This work effort creates a permanent state shift. Reading the work takes time and goes slow. The reading upgrades software of any leaders mind. The upgrade for couples creates a competition free HOME SPACE or a SWITCHED ON TURNED ON HOME SPACE.

The upgrade for leaders creates a switched on turned on competition free WORK SPACE as culture in the work space is reformed into cooperative system modeling with blue prints of how to reform the largest institutions as we have in fact done with 3M and so many over over decades of time into 2020.

The upgrade for politicians is reform for NATIONAL systemics. A political solution model that resets governance into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as well as switched on turned on STATE SPACE. Corruption in nations is impossible to depreciate over time where insane competitive brains are the thinking error creating outcome. Bad buggy god awful software.

Humanity is developing from the one virus on human consciousness a human being extinction event which occurs from the impact of our population growth in competition with our own planet and the acceleration of competitive outcomes as follows:

  1. Human disease like EBOLA now out of all control in Africa and the G 100 does absolutely zero till EBOLA arrives as that own shores – which we reported would occur before year end 2019. Wait for it. Human beings have concentrated themselves in super cities, with ever faster transportation, so that human disease which kills more of us than all wars and other causes combined into one is rising to capacity to in a single year wipe out 90% of us all. Wait for it. We humans in our madness have some virus thinking cloud that assumes we are in control and nature is out of control. You are a smart water creature. How much smarter is the water planet than you are as parent? Think again.
  2. War kills more humans than anything but disease. 2020 we have extinction weapons for humanity and the entire planet to start over – nothing in earth time really – that deliver in 20 minutes to each other. Our resources to protect our small precious water planet are in competition, in insanity, diverted to kill each other versus save each other because we are collectively insane and we don’t have awareness that we actually are insane. This insanity is visible in diversion of resources to extinct ourselves with weapons that are insane and biological, insane and conventional, insane and nuke, and now even insane and environmental weapons. Yes we know what you are doing there with HARP and more on all sides.
  3. Climate Change. Climate Change is a product of human insanity. Since the industrial revolution only 200 years of human snap your finger time, we have altered the tiny thin blue line any astronaut knows so well, that is the difference of our earth being MARS and no human life in atmosphere all gone now, or, our own fragile protected life supporting environment that sustains our unborn generation and even insane thinkers like you and like me.

If one law could be passed it would start with all children would study REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in K-12 to Graduation in Higher Education as the critical lesson plan in human virus removal. We would remove competitive primitive mid brain virus from our ancient brain stem from all thinking process such that culture would self correct the error of competitive thought impulse. REDEMPTION would be cartoon shows and in school modified for grade level course studies. VIRUS REMOVAL IS THE SOLUTION as VIRUS INCLUSION is our own extinction.

Sport and business would reform to celebration and cooperation in which the most cooperative organization of humans always won the game, and always won the celebration of product and service in market share as we reward the most cooperative as undefeatable and elevated in our celebrations at all levels. Competition as a thought form would begin to fade with generations from the lower mid brain stem as to having any future effect and human insanity would reset.

If our earth and our species is going extinct and the only reason why today is our thinking error as cause versus symptom, why would one compete to solve the core problem competition is creating? Competition can never succeed in any endeavor it created as insanity harm, by approaching the insane problem with more insanity. If we fail to hold ourselves responsible we lose. Humanity.

If we fail to become self aware the cause IS competitive thought – all issues between relationships – all issues between our institutions and organizations – all issues of our future – the core source versus the symptom is ancient buggy brain software born to protect us from being eaten as lunch – no longer needed – where the transition to higher brain function and state capacity has been forever undermined by our most primitive mother board due to a lack of human perspective, awareness of core cause on brain higher function, and institutionalizing insanity ( competition ) in our education at all levels assure collective human core belief is competitive and insane.

Take Muslim or Christian Faith’s where both books teach unconditional love and forgiveness. In the Christian sexts there are more than 29,000 competitive Christian sects today – teaching their one way is the only way to salvation of your soul while 29,000 other believers all are going to hell. Muslim’s same deal. And Christians believe all Muslims are going to hell which is not what Christ teaches at all. Muslims believe all Christians ( people of the Book in the Koran ) are all going to hell with jews – which is not what the Koran teaches at all in unconditional love. The virus of insanity has written man made works more applied than the GOOD BOOKS on how to cooperate and not compete. Both thought leaders attempted to bring in COOPERATION VERSUS COMPETITION. Christianity. Great idea NEVER BEEN TRIED. Muslim Faith. GREAT IDEA never been tried. if tried we would all love one another and celebrate all differences ( the teachings ) versus PUNISH OUR DIFFERENCES.

Enter REDEMPTION hard copy read for those who wish to delete forever the one virus of mind effecting your switched on turned on life and your future and our future. Why has this hard copy been back ordered since release. I never advertise and promote the work except on my blog site? Why have the majority of past Presidents and Prime Ministers have REDEMPTION on their books shelves – quoted from it. President Obama stated – we must become a people that turns into each other versus turns upon each other. Bill Clinton on Meet the Press stated – its simple we either cooperate and thrive or we compete and we all perish. Donald Trump said – Cooperation is the only way forward. President XI said Coopreration is the only sane way forward.

Without awareness you are insane and why you stay there and emotional capital from your most primitive brain keeps your higher brain functions hostage to a lower state of being frozen in competitive software ( ideas ) where everything is threat and you are never out of the stress from a brain that failed in its final evolution – to remove its own bad software. Even when the virus removal tool was available to quarantine the one virus of the mind.





Humanity is like the lake. The lily pad doubles every day. How long before the lake dies from lily pads covering the tiny lake. If the lily pad covers the entire lake in 30 days. The final dooms day for that lake the last day is day 29. At day 29 the lily pad covers half the lake and on the final day the lily pad covers the entire lake solid and no sun light can reach the lake eco system. Even the lily pads all die as they have no way to sustain their own life.

Humanity has slowly covered the entire earth with heat traps known as cities highways as we removed green and replaced green with heat reflecting to atmosphere heat sumps. We removed trillions of tons of atmosphere replenishing lungs of the earth – so that earth life supporting environment always nourishing life across the earth for a billion years or so – where in within a blink of 200 years, humanity has covered the earth like an earth germ. Humanity has wiped out more of earth life than all but entire earth extinction events up to now. Humanity is in 200 years putting so much co2 and toxic other gases into the very thin line of our balanced air structure of gases that we are tipping to the point that heat traps in the entire atmosphere have reached irreversible heat growth. As the oceans pass the fragile temperature balance that trap methane the extinction event unfolds. How does that look as you do not read about it much but the slow death you hear about – slow meaning now to 2050 when our civilization dies from CLIMATE CHANGE itself, mass migrations, as coasts go under water, but there are two events you just fail to appreciate that exchange in human insane failure to become aware that competitive thinking and systems are the cause of the extinction at source. If we continue to be insane in thinking the problems can not be in fact resolved.

….Einstein stated correctly….the thinking that has brought me this far is not the thinking required to resolve the solutions required of me next…….

The priority of Human extinction events work like this: ( we’ll outline solutions but todays leaders under control of our fatal virus COMPETITIVE THOUGHT have no capacity to resolve into the solutions stated which require our cooperation from virus free consciousness ) or we perish. The PRIORITY TABLE YOU WILL ONLY READ HERE IS ABSOLUTE AND LEADING SCIENCE KNOWS THE TRUTH OF IT:

  1. The methane traps hold under all oceans atmosphere fatal to existing life trillions of trillions of tons of frozen to module bubbles on ocean floors help in METHANE TRAPS. These traps release all at once. When they do all ships sink. The methane volume burns the entire planet to a fresh start and no one can breath anyway. There is no solution to that outside technology investments in tera forming air, which we can do if we move from nukes space and all that to earth reset to save ours species from extinction. When do we all perish from the METHANE TRAP RELEASE ? 2050 or shortly after if that long.
  2. EARTH AXIS RESETTING – Science knows but wishes not to panic ya all – that the ICE CAPS of course – are like giant weights that balance your tires from wheel wobble as you rotate that tire. IF you massively change that weight balance as is MASSIVELY ACCELERATING from human’s being insane competitive thinkers – far more rapidly than any of our models depicted what happens. Well as the Methane Traps release which takes us all out – the Earth shifts say 1/3 on its axis. You now Everest is UNDER WATER and higher than EVEREST rises up from the sea. Happened before will happen again. The cleanse of this produces world wide winds of 3000 miles and hour for a while. Nothing is left – good clean earth shower and toweling off. Then it rains mud for say months. No once can breath anyway and the earth reseeds herself. Temperature falls to a long healthy new ice age for 100,000’s of years where humanity is long forgotten and nothing remains save for future digs finding our insanity. Tools. A spoon here or there. Earth rises up a not so insane smart water to discover the stars and take her diversity to those stars as that life versus we insane will be the SEEDS OF THE EARTH without the fatal virus of competition. There will be no competitive insane thinking.
  3. In Earth Time the 350,000 years from ape like us to us today ( not really much difference either along our own journey ) the NEW LIFE to EXTINCT HUMAN LIFE is a finger SNAP. Less than 1,000,000 years of over 4,,000 times 1,000,0000 years. Whats half a million years to 4 billion. Say us. To earth? Nothing? Sea life will survive and seeds will survive and the sane shall inherit the earth from the insane.

It is sad really we can not seem to become aware the cause of all our attention is to focus on our competition instead of our cooperation.

If I am right and MY READERS KNOW WE ARE “RIGHT AGAIN” – then – all media in all forms focus upon our insanity and competition. Competition is awarded. Our attention is 99% competitive everything ( insane thinking ) and we on brain chemistry are fed FEEL GOOD brain sauce – every hour – in our THREAT AND WIN stress loading – within a competition that begins in the home and continues to we turn off media. 1% of our attention in life is focused on our cooperation – our sanity as humanity – and even that is regarded as week and almost foolish by the top predator competitor whether its FORT NIGHT or a bachelor or cooking competition show.

We have no models for higher brain society and function as education institutionalizes insanity of human prime brain controllers.

Higher brain control never had a chance. The result is because we are collectively insane and lack awareness we are and why society is competing economically and extinction is the outcome. First civilization will economically collapse. As economics fail societies will accelerate extinction with war to advance every nation for itself versus no nation left behind. Isane consciousness or sane consciousness. No conscious leader has developed to lead us all up and out into our own salvation.



I outline the solution in REDEMPTION For nations and heads of state.

A G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress is required to retool defense and war upon killing ourselves into massive diversion of global resources as the lily pad on the lake with 8 billion going to 20 billion humans is TIME RUNNING OUT completely faster than extinction planners gave us all.

After 2025 we can’t fix 2050 keep that RIGHT AGAIN in your own mind.

Do you see competing insane nations reforming into cooperation in time?

The problems of human insane thinking ( COMPETITION AS CAUSE AGENCY competitive thought impulse itself ) can not resolve those problems with ever more insane competitive thinking. Nations are engaged in competitive trade wars. We are all going to die.

Now that is insane.

No one is resolving we are all going to die.

All of us.

And sooner than you believe.


  1. If G 100 allocated trillions to tara forming we can in 2020 suck massive CO2 out of atmosphere while we move to hydrogen Fuels. 25% of all global extinction gas releases are transportation. All of which can run on Hydrogen non polluting from water – 100% by 2025. The technology to produce the lowest cost unlimited Hydrogen investors is available today from – Share this with the largest virus free thinking investors you know of. Call them. They also resolve world crop production without water pollution from pesticides and chemicals with per acre yield explosions not seen since JURASSIC PARK. A trillion dollar extinction resetting solution from CEO SPACE.
  2. We can tara form non polluting energy from hydrogen as we are a water planet with unlimited hydrogen now low cost release. Another trillion dollar unicorn patented and tested is POLLUTION BURNING COAL the most abundant fuel on earth. Jim Wilkinson in Wyoming a CEO SPACE cooperative leader has nano technology that takes and recovers coal all non fuel assets for industry – molecularly changes COAL to a new molecule fuel that burns clean no pollution. As a step we move from polluting fuel to power to non polluting fuel to power with the most abundant earth fuel in all nations. COAL BURNS CLEAN with – patented technology another TRILLION DOLLAR UNICORN. Get this to coal CEO’s you know world wide and google JIM.
  3. We can fuel all power with lower cost from hydrogen today. We can tara form earth gases with technology we have today. We can massively place snow on ice caps and reset temperature with G 100 rediversion of extinction roll back NOW policies if we cooperate. We can. We could. We should. But we lack the WILL.  To coordinate us to solve in cooperation what competition created.
  4. We can massively change the heat sumps of concrete and cities by non reflective coatings and green restoration of the lungs of the earth in these constructions globally in 36 months.
  5. We can by 2025 launch SPACE shades that open and close to reflect heat in super space umbrellas already designed – so that – we control earth temperature and just in time stop the METHANE TRAP RELEASE but on that – THE EXTINCTION NO RETURN EVENT we have months to begin not years. Do you see any hope insanity of competition between nations – every nation for itself thinking – which means we are all going to die and soon – for sane G 100 agendas?

Now look at global leadership of NO BRITT EXIT and Iran and North Korean and Russia and The USA and all of us in the new awareness of WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE FOR SURE NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT 100% FOR SURE AND SOON while the kiddies who lead us – are all insane and no leader is rising to unite us and save us – not one.

How insane is SELF EXTINCTION self created by an insane thinking species who lacks capacity to become aware and look in the mirror and say…..


……it is you aflie it has always only been you…no one else….just you….us….all….as one…it is us….we are the WHY.

If we switch to higher brain state awareness we can win. How fast can a movie be made to make 2 billion aware?

Not fast enough I suspect while the attention grabbing insane competitive culture films bind us into insanity as sure as our education failed us in the same kill zone of thinking.

As long as our species culturalizes competition is sane and good and desired – institutionalizing brain software programing – with 8 billion of us hoodwinked – and operating on bugby awful brain software code easily upgraded – we are all going to die. Having the best Human OLYMPIC GAMES of war and contest with each other until we are simply ALL GOING TO DIE every last one of us.

The Earth is not insane.

The Earth is alive and a giant smart water computer system conscious and awake – made you that is for sure smart water being.

The Earth will in sanity start fresh to assure her seeds populate her very core being to the stars.

I had so hoped it would be us.


PS: If a sovereign nation wealth fund or a legacy investor wishes to support a pure investment of 250 million pre IPO into CEO SPACE our owners and teams will define a vision to by 2025 reach billions as a profit making wake up call perhaps in time.  This is not an offer of a security.  I am not an officer director or control person as this is all others today as my work is with world leaders moving forward with urgency for their economic well being first. This is a partnership exploration to a purpose partner to the vision plan as a pure exploration of options with CEO SPACE ownership on scaling the solutions set forth here. However – time is so precious today all of us engaged in this race – require scaling – as the next generation of the work is now leading the CEO SPACE global change initiative at so many world leader levels  – and I get to watch from the COOPERATION REVOLUTION we launched in the 1960’s. Upon the death of my famous Father on his dying hospital bed – and from Atlanta Hospital with the great collaborator of Alan G Dohrmann who started the human potential industry – Dr. Edward Demining – both in different time spans graduating from their work – said to our vision for CEO SPACE to wake up the leaders – FINISH IT. I know as I come to them soon enough next – I have done my very best – now it resides with the awakes to join us all. Email me. My name at gmail if this speaks to you or comment on this blog by holding cursor at bottom to see COMMENT BOX and I personally answer them all.