Both competitive capitalism and communism are flawed and imperfect box top rules for economic management. A system model we the people can do so much better THAN. We can evolve COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as outlined in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon if YOU wish to JOIN a global revolution to change failed economic rule sets over the past 5000 years that always lead to the trade war and world war.

Communism is the leadership of most shame. Communism creates an elite that is not responsible to the people. They lie to stay in power and the lies mount up. They keep their own people from the truth and they will not allow the world press in – they control media and they control click power. The people are lied to- manipulated and don’t know the truth. They should have rage for their leadership not other nations.

If you know a mainland Chinese try and get this blog to them but GOOD LUCK it is almost impossible.

So China will revolt. China will have a SUPER CRASH and possibly start world war III if they have no already digitally. Read BRAD THOR’s BOOKS or read Kevin Freeman’s nonfiction works GAME PLAN and THE SECRET WEAPON.

You’ll see with data.

So China had ten years ago a GNP of 25% which was a lie.

The GNP over ten years has declined. The DOWN GRAPH is like a ten year pure down graph that breaks the chalk at the bottom and continues on the wall versus the white board to the floor. And the numbers are a lie.

This weekend China’s leadership of shame admitted the GNP numbers are lie. Have been a lie. Confirming what WE ECONOMISTS have been telling YOU for years on this blog. The numbers reported by COMMUNISTS are lies. The system lies. Its not the individuals fault. It is a flawed system model.

So 25% to less than 5% in ten years. What do YOU call THAT? You call that a CRASH. You call that THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL FAILURE IN 2000 YEARS. You call that a stage for REVOLUTION. You call that a BANKRUPT NATION.

So you have a nation driving jobs by borrowing over 300% more than they earn, every single year. Earn 1 dollar spend 300 dollars in debt year after year after year. Eventually, the bankrupt 1000’s upon 1000’s of state-run banks, financial institutions, and business bankruptcies can not be LIED ABOUT and the reporting they are all good loans, performing loans ( a huge lie ) catches up to you economically. When this happens the run on your bank – all the MONEY all the INVESTMENT just running out of your nation – all the manufacturers moving to India, Viet Name, Taiwan, and Bangladesh and Indonesia never to return to CHINA – all the capital moving too – never to return – you can not turn that around. THE IMF and WORLD BANK noted there would be a time when it just too late for the Communist leadership of shame – and we are now at that time. The only way they govern today with 11% communist party membership and 89% no longer party members – is by LIES.


How is that honorable?

Their currency is crashing.

Their economic is crashing.

Their economic model has failed utterly. The world knows this.

They can not afford their military.

They can not afford their debt.

They can not pay for their highest aging demographic population % on earth – they can not.

They are BANKRUPT today and China is BANKRUPT tomorrow.

Those who invest in CHINA TODAY will lose their ass. Remember I told you YESTERDAY IS TOO LATE TO GET OUT OF CHINA.

They squandered their wealth and opportunity by failing to adopt a COOPERATIVE CAPITALLITIC REFORM MODEL and moving out of COMMUNISM itself. It does not work.

The ONE CHINA POLICY is a joke. Taiwan under treaty protection with the USA does not want to trade down like HONG KONG into a FAILED BOX TOP RULE SET and politically move into a rule of liars and dishonor. China wants the multi-billion dollar economy TAIWAN represents as a LEADERSHIP OF HONOR taken over by a leadership of shame – which is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

China GNP the real GNP is under 4 trillion dollars a year fully adjusted and debt adjusted. They are no longer the second largest economy. The Economic real GNP direct and offshore and indirect is:

23 Trillion annual GNP – USA 13 domestic

5.2 Trillion Japan

5.19 EU

5.1 Trillion Indonesia

5.0 Trillion India


4.9 Trillion China

Russia 1.3 Trillion down from 5.4 when Putin took power 14 years ago another COMMUNIST FAILED MODEL OF A LEADERSHIP OF SHAME IN RUSSIA

Communism – it is not personal – it just sucks as an economic system – it always fails over 300 years always – and it never matches capitalism – never – and it enslaves its people – the elites consolidate all wealth – it is so inefficient – and the leadership always lies to the people controlling media – it is utterly an obsolete system model and the click world knows it – the leadership of shame can no longer control these clicks and blogs they just can not. All the PEOPLE want is a better more integrity driven system of laws. That is all.

Communism needs to be abaandoned like a SNAKE SKIN as those advancing communism are a form of insanity. Continuing to advocate a proven failed system model is insane. The only motivation is personal greed and power.COMMUNISM as an economic system is not valid, and people under it suffer needlessly – see VENUZUELA for a look into your own crystal ball of pain in China RUSSIA and others. COMMUNISM sucks in a digital world.

I see CHINA as the cause of economic contagion, SUPER CRASH, most of TRUMP”s future pain, and anxiety, and world war III just to take the attention of the leadreship from the people who if the people really knew the truth about the lies – they would revolut and kill the 11% communists – which they know so well. The RED ARMY would kill them.

While I wish for a bloodless move to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM how does a leadership without integrity revise a system of lies into a system of honor? How does an eltie making billions stop and reform itself to circulate wealth to the entire system? How does the most corrupt nation become the most corrupt free nation and can it be done? Has it ever been done?

Not without a revolution. Not ever.

So I have dim hope for what comes when a communist economic system is totally  bankrupt and now operating on deception which it even admits itself.

Can you trust China numbers.

If you do you invest at your own peril.

Trump will get mixed intel on China from his experts. Will he have enough real data to make best choices for AMERICA? China holds a couple of aces. America holds a full house at the table. If the USA hiccups China experiences a financial tsunami.

China XI said at DAVOS in so many frauds we can no longer count them up – holding his poker hand of a BLUFF – that NO ONE WILL WIN IN A TRADE WAR.

Look at the math numbers again. China has x % of its trade dependant on the USA. The USA has nothing dependant on China. If the USA moves back to USA manufacturiing CHINA already in the greatest sinking down bubble of any nation in 1000 years for over a decade – with everything in nation over priced manipulated in price from Real Estate to all asset classes – the only outcome is SUPER CRASH and decades of DEFLATION and DEPRESSION in China as a consequence of COMMUNIST credit abuse of economics 101.

The USA in the trade war with CHINA simply ends CHINA. There is a winner. The WORLD.

China has raped the world in unfair trade dealings that could have forged stable long-term economics. This requires cooperation versus competition. Communists do not cooperate fairly they compete. It is the nature of their failed box top rule system. Communism is tested and proven not to work economically.

Engaging Communism as a political-economic system is a form of insanity in 2017 for any people with historic education. Nothing personal.

Investors are wary of the fist 100 TRUMP days. The new world order is about to move. The old model of letting the USA languish versus flourish in its economic success and world superpower dominance is about to accelerate again. The model of diminishing the USA is over.

Those who wish to wake up and see the truth will need to join the COOPERATIVE REVOLUTION as economically, the failed models are going to become dish rags the world see’s as soiled and beyond cleaning – we must throw such failed models out with the soiled dishwater. IT IS TIME FOR COMMUNISM and the misery it inflicts upon the peoples suppressed in such system models to GO. To truly be eliminated.

WE CAN DO BETTER than competitive capitalism and its elitism and we can do better than failed communism and its elites. WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE REAL PROGRESS on economic re – sets by inspired world leaders.

FOLKS the old model is shedding like a snakeskin and not without pain worldwide.

BUT HERE IT COMES get ready. I’d stay ahead at CEO SPACE March 12th or you are likely to remain so behind and left behind in the dust of history.