We blogged to our readers – check with your licensed broker – about getting out of China and Asia Stocks. The China Equity market is now down in SUPER CRASH territory. The market dropped 8% today as the largest one day FULL CRASH in market history. We suggested firms funds institutions and individuals get up to date advice and explore moving out of ASIAN stocks weeks before the market went off a cliff in Asia. Those readers who actually do their home work may have saved a ton of loss from their lives- how cool is that. Information IS power.

The Government attempting to manipulate their equity market like they do their phony money currency – saw the global market begin to moderate the right market price. The bottom of the China Market – we simply can’t see it. The bubble is bursting and the market is as they say in the wizard of oz Witch….oh God I’m meltinggggggg. What a world what a world.

We feel the Chinese currency is NEXT. Manipulating markets in the digital age is a failed policy by itself. The 25 year ago tools China used to moderate its GAME PLAN are now off set by the digital market of equilibrium. The Speculation Russia has fostered and China made fortunes within, is now returned like a vicious boomerang.

China is failing at POLICY.

Its one child policy – failure.

Its agriculture policy – failure.

Its new city policy – failure.

Its economic policy – failure.

Its forward global policy – we’ll see.

China has the Golden Chance to forge the new economic model – COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Cooperative Capitalism is a market where laws rule transparency as expressed in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

Cooperative Capitalism features market policy that includes:


* Naked Short selling is a criminal act.

* Insider trading is a crime.

* Public institutions report earnings every six months.

* All trades are fully reported – shadow banking and dark pools are criminal acts.

* All markets are fully accountable.

* All markets are fully transparent.

* There are NO SECRETS in Cooperative Capitalism.

* Kensyen Economics rule Friedman economics are replaced.

* SUPER BOND theory moderates prior decades of imbalances.

* Currency speculation and short selling is a crime.


In Dec of 1999 with old regulatory frame works still in place, stake holder trading that bought a stock or bond was just over two trillion dollars while betting WHICH WAY something might go in the future has risen to 800 billion. 15 Years later with regulations allowing banks to invest off shore at fantastic risk leverage of core deposits – stake holder trading has just returned to 2.2 Trillion in global volume from the crash period – while speculation bets on WHICH WAY something might or might now go – has exceeded 440 TRILLION DOLLARS ( US ).

The market of SPECULATION and GREED will correct. The correction we call SUPER CRASH. Global unemployment will reach 50%. Economic dynamic will virtually collapse.

There is no soft landing from the speculation taking place today.

We have recommended those who wish to remain in front of all this buy investment banker Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN. First to gain information of what the OTHER SHOW DROPPING sounds and looks like.

Second to move out of market based investments including hard assets, and move into insurance based investments with licensed brokers guiding you. If I were your age myself with resource elections – I would move out of all market investing by Friday and move into a diversified insurance based portfolio – high returns – fully guaranteed principle – and not to the limits of your FDIC.

If you were the FDIC with less than 50 billion in reserves in cash, to insure trillions of dollars of cash deposits, you would go to jail for insurance fraud. However by special exemptions those who contract to serve in such space are exempt from crimes and fraud. That seems a bit obtuse. Today the real criminals evoke sayings like I CAN’T BREATH and or are never even seen as they work in financial markets.

If the common sense rule is buy low sell high – then how does your broker advocate with common sense “buy at the all time historic high” plow forward?????

Sell high and buy insurance low. As interest rises your insurance returns will rise right along with the bank. You know the insurance firms paid during the last SUPER CRASH historically known as the GREAT DEPRESSION. Well the GREATER DEPRESSION is coming and its full on Global.

The trigger can be China if the crash becomes contagion and truly it might. We are watching China. This is ten Greece crises in one for the world. While the world is putting a hot dog together at August Holiday the smart money is flying into CEO SPACE on Tuesday August Forth – look up CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and watch a film. You may want to join the SMART money and register to the conference Forbes says in 2015 you CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS ONE.

We’ll set you into safer harbor for SUPER CRASH that is for sure.

Meanwhile as always information IS POWER !

Berny Dohrmann – just expression my opinions no advice implied. Always see your licensed brokers for professional advice ….