Reporting what we have reported for months in our blog site – there is a RUN on China. The merger accusation of buying firms like Starwood is a LEVERAGED BUY OUT using almost FREE MONEY borrowed – so that institutions in China can circumvent the CURRENCY RESTRICTION RULES and run out – run on the bank out – of their own currency – getting GLOBAL dollar and EU based investment – mostly dollar based.

Also the IMF reported the largest CRASH in China Exports since the financial cash in 2009. It is terrible. They warned the global financial system is “precarious” . If world governments fail to TAKE ACTION to stimulate economic growth the RISK of world collapse is as HIGH as 2008. That is what they just reported. Folks the downturn in China is a statement of confidence. The world markets, manufactures, buyers, investors, everyone even local citizens have lost faith and confidence in China policy and leaders. They lie. Everyone knows they lied. No one trusts the liars. The financial run is absolute and accelerating. This is an economic death spiral. China has failed. Communism has failed. It always fails. But the pain will not effect billions all across the world due to leverage and debt as we have reported. This is the BIG SHORT China can not work around. The market is SHORTING CHINA why? Because they know the numbers as bad as they are in fact are all lies. The real numbers are much worse and they profit from running out and shorting. THEY PROFIT and China can’t over come the breach of confidence. See Lehman and Bear Sterns ( oh they no longer exist ). 130 year old institutions gone. When confidence and trust go. GONE. Nations too. Folks its all economic. Its just do the math like President Clinton told us. DO THE MATH.

For the IMF that is a PANIC BEL though sheer and utter panic bell ringing to Feds everywhere. Financial Weapons of mass destruction Warren Buffet warned us about are going off and firing everywhere. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Keep your eye on the MATH and the MONEY.

Is it too late? We think yes. Ultimately over time yes- if they implemented what we called for in our blogs a GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS TO REBALANCE GLOBAL REGULATION FRAME WORKS – WORLD TRADE – AND THE RULE BOOKS we could save ourselves still. But they won’t cooperate. They are all insane and compete . Competition is insane. Cooperation is sane. You will know THEM by their WORKS. Sanity is not running things – see the BIG SHORT. Soon too.

Japan just failed. Their negative interest rates – paying to borrow – has reached a failure where their DEFLATION of 20 plus years is ON GOING and they can not with spending a trillion get their engine back on track. China either. DEFLATION sweeping the world is the cause of all depressions economically and almost impossible to re -balance without world war. The historic way out.

So China today reacted to a petition to cause their President ING to RESIGN. In China you can’t do that. So they locked up the petition leaders.

Folks that is CHINA in full on panic. Runs everywhere. Everyone rushing out. No end in sight. And riots all over the nation and they are rising in number and frequency.

Folks. Keep your eye on the ball when you vote. Vote for a leader who understand what is going on at the financial level.

Your choice.
Berny Dohrmann – Chairman