1. Quality cost service and environment for ease of business. Now drive 35% of what was their core business into India now BY FAR the fastest growing economy – and will become the 2 Economy widely passing CHINA in every measurable – category and by a % margin that is significant. Market share has left China in the past year by 2 TRILLION DOLLARS. While their speculative commodity bets by a full TRILLION lost. Beyond these hits % business locked into China, have now left to other nearby nations – at a 35% move away from China in core business that is becoming a run on their ECONOMY in general.
  2. Over one trillion in investment capital, has fled the nation. Capital from corporations, institutions, lenders, hedge funds, private equity, public financing, and more. This trend is growing as CONFIDENCE in China leadership has reached past the tipping point. Their failed policies are being measured with economic consequence. Communism is a failed economic level without sustainable forward mechanisms, to lead to long term prosperity. It has failed in every application world wide speaking economically.
  3. China will remain a leading economic system. The hard landing taking place will create civil steps, unemployment unknown during the growth phase. As a large ( but far from the largest economic market ) it remains influential. As it declines it effects the world.
  4. EU and North American firms and institutions will find shrinking China means, their companies will have less orders. As the China manipulated currency is devalued by the world in very serious ways, China will become more attractive again as a manufacturer. Their COMMUNIST system environment with its new corruption stage where no one is safe, creates massive uncertainty.
  5. UNCERTAINITY has reached a CRISES OF CONFIDENCE in China’s money and financial and market systems, which are not free market, but rather central planned, manipulated and gov. controlled markets. There is no interface to free markets that will not moderate central controls to free market fundamentals. This measurement process controls oceans of CAPITAL that move into nations or out based on CONFIDENCE. When the FIRST ASSET OF A NATION which is always CONFIDENCE is literally globally SHATTERED and trashed so utterly, it will consume decades to restore confidence which will NEVER be back at the level that China once enjoyed.

The world is facing a RECESSION GLOBALLY following a long bull recovery, due mostly to China and shattered confidence, due to economic contractions China’s “economic reductionist” role plays to the band in this space, due to DELEVERAGING in unsustainable debt balloons all over the EU and other nations – all at once with a majority from Greece to others hitting THIS YEAR, the potential break up of the EU itself, and the shock going on to development nation space in a regional set of wars which can compress rapidly via UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE lead to world war.

The first risk pillar is the withdrawal of stability, business, trade, and related untold billions a quarter – in world trade SHRINK RISK. THAT is the China influence and other fiscal issues will also come up this election year. Watch for all of them and understand the data issues going on – which SCROLLING IN THIS BLOG help CEO’s acquire. Knowledge “IS” the only real power in the “C” suite.

Historically the trade war going on today in the new after crash market of DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION, generates a contagion event which creates SUPER CRASH we always historically leads to WORLD WAR to reset economics globally. As humanity has 100% repeated this history economically and the systemic change to moderate its repeat is not being undertaken, we remain at high risk for repeat history. North Korean having no real consequence for its defiance of its own global agreements, is one example, Iran another, where wars could break out and become Global via alliances very quickly, China in the China Sea – distracting the population from the failed policy INTERNALLY into patriotic pre conditioned pride EXTERNALLY in those combat adventures. Russia did this with massive anti Putin riots and the worst rating for Putin in history, moving to FULL SUPPORT and his best ranking EVER from the Ukraine external choice. Also as we have seen failing economic nations like Russia, moderate their pain by acquiring billions in assets ports and distribution capacity. If Russia took over the UKRAINE they would reduce by over a billion a year pipeline transit fee’s to the EU. They would be enabled to block NATO forward Eastern Expansion chilling national interest to join NATO. They would advance EU energy fee’s at the negotiating table Chess Game moving the USA down some ladder steps in agenda policy and influence, as RUSSIA raised. The temptation to use WAR to advance pain removal will rise as a risk considerably with countless pressure points in the Gulf, in Asia in Africa and still in South America. As a new global recession is a tide that lowers all boats at their harbors.

The unaffected sector are nimble ENTREPRENEUR FIRMS that create the employment back bone of all nations. In the USA RECOVERY our shock absorber was 34 million Entrepreneurs Рsmall business owners, raising employment by 34% while the top tier firms downsized 18% and that is accelerating due to automation Рretirement efficiencies and liability shedding. 1.2 million NEW VENTURES formed in 2015 further advance back bone employment nationally. Also from the NEW VENTURES are WHALES and entirely new industries. New industries in medicine, band width, tech in general, robotics, agriculture,  weather and environment, a revolution in transportation, and its technologies, and more. The USA like a giant snake skin, is the faster nation from its ENTREPRENEUR SECTOR and its policies and support of ENTREPRENEURS to advance its new SNAKE SKIN as it reinvents itself as the most creative and the most innovative ( by huge margins ) on earth today. These successes of our own reinvention will lead the world in job creation and redevelopment in ANY and in EVERY MARKET SPACE.

Therefore, seek out programs like Tony Robbins and CEO SPACE that advance entrepreneur TOOLS AND TACTICS for CEO’s in the SUPER CHANG MARKET SPACE. Currency is your new “C” Suite capital inside a never ending SUPER CHANGE MARKET space. The pace of acceleration for SUPER CHANGE is now advancing to stress every CEO of any size venture. Their skill acquisition must now be on going and continuous as inside the CEO process as opposed to an event.

Invest in Entrepreneur Space but diversify. For that part of investing that is super high risk coupled to potentials for super high returns, always the best investment is venture space done right, diversify. If your investing 100,000 invest 20,000 in five Venture space firms in different diverse industry categories. Use this ratio for any investing and you have a menu of venture diversified investing in the current troubled markets of turbulence for that part of your long term investing. Know the exit plan and liquidity moments and invest in SEC prospectus firms to exclusion, with CEO’s that can articulate YOUR SHARE HOLDER GROTH MILESTONE EVENTS TO EXIT. Venture providers who can not demonstrate that information should be avoided as a TIP to this safe harbor investing for big returns, as an area the Congress wants investors focused upon, as from their JOBS ACT passage in 2012 relaxing investor access to VENTURE investing.

CEO SPACE over its rotational class modeling, instructs the only class we know of FOR INVESTORS, on HOW TO INVEST with check lists to secure before any investing is done. Investor have given the highest praise for this tool and tactic skill education for CEO’s at the top. Most report “if I had only known sooner I would have moderate loss and maximized gains. THANK YOU.

We reside in age of the ENTREPRENEUR – the ENTREPRENEUR AGE for decades into the future perhaps centuries. The master CEO skill is entrepreneur core tools and tactics to which there is a desert outside experience, and programs like Tony Robbins at the top and CEO SPACE offer in the market – leading this space – and we coordinate on product offerings over the years as dear friends. Serving CEO’s in the highest integrity in the market space.


  1. Don’t panic. If you hold equities or bonds hold them through the coming 18 months and election year and block out the market turbulence. Think years not months. If your a trader be very careful. Volatility makes money and with leverage wipes out wealth. So play with stop loss and guidance form experts.
  2. Build and hyper grow YOUR BUSINESS and focus on opportunity and options in the SUPER CHANGE markets of 2016. There is a huge opportunity on the backs of every change. For entrepreneurs who have the secret “knowledge” to prosper from them. GET THAT SECRET KNOWLEDGE.
  3. Invest in Venture Space as you go. Learn. Earn. Then RETURN into the Venture world to help your nation, to help all peoples globally, and to advance profits for your game plan as a strategy. At Tony Robbins business conferences and at CEO SPACE you review and get to know among the most awesome opportunities in the world, as they come to both programs. Use them to acquaint superior diversification in VENTURE SPACE.

We expect the markets to move up and down overall down for some time. We monitor the risk for SUPER CRASH and a trigger contagion event, that would bring the DOW down to 6400 and wipe out 5 Trillion of Wealth in just our markets not looking at the world. As a risk we all have to manage through regardless.

Tony Robbbin’s endorsed by CEO SPACE and CEO SPACE and meetings like Greg Rieds SECRET KNOCK ( which are infrequent and sell out every time ) are ideal time blocks, to secure customers and markets, knowledge, skill, tune ups, on going advances in leadership, and investors and venture opportunities. These events do a second function.

They foster the critical new CEO ASSET in Venture Space – the mandate to grow via processes you identify, your cooperative versus competitive trading networks and community. The events suggested here complete that larger network and trading community building. Make them priorities in your planning. Not to mention beyond the most important connections of your business life, you have FUN. It is impossible to convey the FUN FACTOR which replenishes over stressed CEO’s and resets their motivation at the top of leadership. Which is why we endorse and recommend:

Tony Robbins

Secret Knock


Do them all as time goes by and you will profit from making those choices.

Check them out on line and really study them a bit.

Add them into your plan to remain parked in SAFE HARBOR and outside the financial storm clouds brewing in the world of SUPER CHANGE.

Make Sense?

Berny Dohrmann Chairman of CEO SPACE