As we host our last program on the WEST COAST for a time, all our members are attending an ALL GRAD REUNION making the July 24th mid year correction Growth Conference – THE BIG ONE. Everyone is bringing their entire family. Special prices apply.

Sometimes the world changes so much – as it has this year – from Jan to today – that an UPDATE for the BOSS is critical. My NEW BOOK on how to propser in the age of SUPER CHANGE is coming this fall. CEO SPACE July will help every business owner to PROSPER in the busy second half of 2016 when more than 70% of all buying occurs for every market inclusive. Making sure you do not miss the full opportunity of this second half of the year is WHY you chose July.

Do you wish to upgrade your skills in:

  1. Leading better
  2. Using time better
  3. Opening new markets
  4. Developing new alliance and affiliates to feed your business
  5. Assuring ON LINE creates 50% or more of your future business and HOW to do THAT critical step in SUPER CHANGE digital space
  6. Team building skills in house and outsourced for your venture
  7. Administrative skill upgrades from accounting to execution skills
  8. Branding upgrades to reduce time and impressions to get a yes
  9. Marketing ad messaging including FREE PR to advance customers
  10. Mentorship and how to use consultants better than in the past

These are game changing PERSONAL GROWTH critical upgrade skills for the BOSS who OWNS the venture of any size. CEO SPACE if you study our on line films is ranked the # 1 Business Acceleration Skill resource in the WORLD in 2016 for a reason.

We guarantee performance and we alone do that in the SUPER TRADE show space to develop new customer base. If we fail to accelerate your business we refund your life time membership business asset before you leave the hotel space of the Conference. There is no risk ever. Well there is the risk of not having all the help now versus later.

The July 24th is a perfectly timed for families – MID YEAR tax holiday to Vegas to propel your business forward. Get answers from THE EXPERTS on how to prosper in any forward market – of SUPER CHANGE as you see when you read the news daily.

The EDGE to SPEED things up IS CEO SPACE and we so invite you to just explore the option and opportunity.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on just for YOU the owners that make it all happen.