CEO SPACE is a sequenced leadership and executive skill development process that accelerates business. Using CEO SPACE repetitively substantially evolves business planning, team circles, and market space for any business model. The SUPER STORE of CEO SPACE works to reduce time and cost to get work the CEO requires done – completed – faster with higher quality  – saving option and opportunity costs. CEO SPACE is self healing. Errors and mistakes in business ( we all make them from investment to people ) are repaired and corrected within successive SPACE self repair to such issues and risks, where speed bumps in one quarter are made flat for faster speed pick up by the next CEO SPACE. Say a member made an investment that did not work as planned, successive investments that worked out better than planned self heal and remedy that issue. As one example. Say a personal engagement did not work out successive replacements work out ten times better than expected self healing the result. In cooperation we all work hard on such remedies for one another is one reason. Expertise is another. Whatever goes wrong in business ( or on the  side of  a larger  market like CEO SPACE ) is fixed by the space itself due to its cooperative financial healing powers proven over time. CEO SPACE IS SELF HEALING FOR BUSINESS OWNERS for what goes wrong in business inside, outside, and around every business experience over time. . CEO SPACE is the one and only one going process for executives business owners and  professionals in private practice. Everything else is just an event. CEO SPACE used regularly improves the game skill of the entrepreneur inside the SUPER CHANGE markets of the global  entrepreneur space. Being a great Executive Leader requires ON GOING  practice to work on their business  box from MENTORSHIP chichis priceless versus always trapped  inside their own business  box experience ( which is limiting for solutions and options )  in day to day habits of busy work. CEO SPACE is a five time a year measure assess and review process that allows Executives to secure mentorship from mentors who make big bucks versus coaches who do not. Coaches become mentors at CEO SPACE. Great Mentorship accelerates intellectual property, market share, momentum, efficiency, system ramp up, scaling, and exit price leveraging. No OTHER  space does more for executives in the world today – hence Forbes ranking your CEO  space – # 1 in the world in 2015. For  you as a member CEO SPACE is a resource that downloads superior talent and skill into the boss on demand. Leader – work upon thyself first and foremost always as a core mantra. Improve your golf game in the one master game that counts most – ENTREPRENEURSHIP. CEO SPACE is always making your membership more valuable…drawing upon a never ending master mind of billionaires and millionaires in our grad base who help us ever evolve our value offer to you in the very next experience.
A reunion of all the membership across such a wide number of nations and decades of time, is a pure opportunity in networking. In December 2015 your NETWORK at year end is in fact your real NET WORTH. You can engage your net work by years and decades in only days be celebrating your Holiday with PERSONAL GROWTH as a leader inside a HALL OF HEROIC LEADERS by your side. Leaders meeting leaders is the cornerstone of CEO SPACE 2015 ALL GRAD REUNION – it is a BIG GIFT and a HUGE OPPORTUNITY one we are putting our money up where our claims land to our membership.  Supported by over  15 SUPER STAR THOUGHT LEADERS as the attached class schedule demonstrates – leaders can appreciate how LEADERS HELPING LEADERS is a value all upon itself. As you meet Executives from more WORLD  wide footprints of venture space, alliances, affiliations, money making deal making contracts, B to B customer building, client acquisition ( and fast )  all occurs against a year end tax recovery to attend with your entire  family ( so recommended for REUNION )  Bring older children. Bring younger children. Bring teens. Bring extended family uncles – cousins, aunts, parents, siblings – all at FAMILY PRICES we are subsidizing. Call us for the price breaks they are just HUGE for existing members for the once a decade REUNION PROGRAM. . CEO SPACE enriches home space at its Holiday SPACE as well as the work space, in the one business acceleration process entire families attend together with joy for doing so. ENRICH YOUR RELATIONSHIP SUBSTANTIALLY AND YOUR HOLIDAYS BLOSSOM IN THAT SPIRIT. ALLOW THAT ENRICHMENT IN YOUR HOME LIFE as a priority this Holiday season all on the tax savings.  Reunion across the grad and member base with a common vision for cooperation is timely at this point in world affairs. WE NEED TO LEAD FOR COOPERATION VS COMPETITION and CEO SPACE DECEMBER is a signifiant group of leaders stepping out in their families and in their ventures for a BETTER MODEL a BETTER WAY in the world today. BE PART OF A MOVEMENT THAT IS MORE THAN ANY EVENT CAN EVER OFFER YOU IN YOUR LIFE JOURNEY.  Sometimes we need to stand up and be counted. Together. All of US. CEO SPACE Dec 15th if time is an issue and Dec 11th if you can come for the full program – delivers a BETTER WAY into 2016 and you don’t have to wait. Be more effective. More efficient. As the grad mentorship one to the other provides immediate BREAK THROUGHS  in problem solving, solutions, methods, connections, and key person sharing. THE CONTACTS YOU BRING INTO YOUR 2016 are IMPOSSIBLE TO DUPLICATE outside the REUNION OF OUR MEMBERS this December. For sheer prosperity acceleration reasons we ask you to consider giving yourself this great gift.
There are subsidized price plans for everyone in a grad lifetime members circle. Call the number below my photo ( under this email folks )  or call 256 850 4700 ext 0 ( unchanged since 1988 and still serving you 30 years later ) . SAVE HOUR HELP NUMBER FOR MEMBERSHIP. Why not put CEO SPACE IN YOUR PHONE RIGHT NOW so its always backed up int he CLOUD. Just enter it now?  We will review the price plans with you by phone for your complete party – what a HOLIDAY GIFT – REUNION FORUM will be in your life. The lowest access plan is to staff CEO SPACE as you learn extremely advanced leadership and team building skills in a lesson all grads should undertake once. Those who have staffed before will be delighted in the new improved formats. Staffing is for this one HOLIDAY SUPER REUNION FORUM only $ 495.00 with meals from Monday to Friday and all breaks with food and all classes including optional all new  Bonus Classes on new Nov CAPITAL CROWD FUNDING RULES JUST PASSED INTO LAW BY THE SEC –BE FIRST TO GET THESE SKILL SETS FREE –   from Dec 11th to Dec 14th. You get it all when you staff plus the secret lessons every grad should acquire once inside our magic all new staff leadership lesson plans. There are spouse plans, family plans for all siblings to cousins, children plans, and more. Just call us as we are making offers Members can not refuse to join their own REUNION value opportunity recovering taxes which if you stay home you lose those dollars forever. We have a price to fit every single interest and budget for sure. If you have a great year save more in taxes and explore the tax deduction to  acquire a lifetime  PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP by phoning Ellen Morgan under my photo and locking those tax savings this year ( I would save maximum tax dollars in 2015 ). Whether tax saving, income acceleration, or skill development, or relationship enrichment, or holiday spirit infusion, or community enlargement, or a combination is your interest target CEO SPACE is the one and the single delivery of the package you select from your own menu. We have made attending an offer no member can refuse to return to their own reunion. As the program is so new and fresh for the majority of our members from what they once new – come see the upgrades. Why? Because this holiday you truly deserve it is why ! Think of CEO SPACE as an added Holiday present on the tax recovery – so smart financially and so wise personally. For teens Sunday the 13th of Dec to the 20th will be a Holiday and lifetime foundation MIRACLE. Your Holidays will never be as rich without TEEN FEAST blessing the leaders of tomorrow who frankly in todays world – simply must not be left behind in the opportunity areas of their life. New Member price plans include the lower price of the coming ten years – unchanged since 1988 with discounts for families that are HUGE with most of the lifetime membership cost being tax reclaimed dollars in your next month refund. Also we have a FUND BUSTING PROGRAM to develop double the resources to attend for those with limited liquidity at this point in time – CEO SPACE Is the largest pay increase in a single week most adults will ever GIVE THEMSELVES. 30 years of being # 1. Our commitment to excellence for you is UNRELENTING.
The CEO SPACE of the DECADE is here. Fifteen world SUPER STAR thought leaders. Historic moments you will tell your grand children about. Superior mentors smothering our executives with one on one support. Acceleration at all levels of an executes life. Solutions. Accelerated income. Tax recovery. Team upgrades. Network expansion. Skill growth. And you do NOT have to WAIT the biggest value of all. Swap a plain garden variety ordinary week of doing “busy work” for an absolutely extraordinary week that resets your acceleration to higher speed in 2016. How smart is that? You so deserve the higher ground. ( Share this email with members on your email list for me – which is my Holiday give back request ). Forward this to your list right now as you print this and read it in hard copy – a far better read on the math and details. It makes financial sense to join your reunion as a member.
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Berny Dohrmann
PS: The program schedule is enclosed – suggestion – drop out of any CEO SPACE activity to do your required meetings by Skype and Phone if that works for you so you can enrich your relationship – your holidays – your families – and your business – all at once inside our REUNION FORUM the SPACE of the Decade. IBI grads welcome home you are always protected in your  life time membership with CEO SPACE  as are MILLION DOLLAR FORUM members from our foundation years. May your Holidays be your MIRACLE this year …..we know they will be. Barry Spilchuck come on home and bring everyone else from the start !!!!
                                             OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS – FORBES # 1 2015
 Yes ! You may copy this blog to your grad base. Press are welcome to our SUPER STAR Entrepreneur event – plenty of scoops inside for the Holidays. Hedge Fund and Private Equity come free – meal and hotel rooms only. Our pleasure.
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