1. They learned the USA only grew just over 1% at near recession levels and still stocks are record high, investment classes including bonds all time high, real estate record high, and the SECOND half promises far more growth than the winter effected first half.
  2. The Price of oil is down and will stay down. Opec has lost control and influence and with President Trump taking half of almost 1 trillion in USA oil reserves we so do not need – to help reduce our USA debt – oil is NOT going back up and OPEC is paying a fortune to lose market share. Just as we reported here.
  3. Germany’s Markel from President Trumps Meeting said we can NO LONGER TRUST WE CAN RELY ABSOLUTELY ON POST WAR USA AND UK SUPPORT ( to pay all our bills for us is what she failed to add in ). She said we have to forge a new model ( where Germany and France pay all the bills for the 23 other LOSER in the RED EU bankrupt debt laden nations the USA is done.
  4. The Soviets joined a dozen nations constructing state subsidized aircraft to bring down the USA aircraft industry WE NEED to match subsidies for. It is now as we reported a global trade war – in serious high gear – with every nation so in it for themselves.
  5. North Korea is about to meet President Trump ( trust me say 2018 latest ) and before THAT HAPPENS they are advancing every military option before they freeze and make a deal. So read the news with that in mind.
  6. The Political news at home is a SIT COM without substance all FAKE NEWS and truly an ENTERTAINMENT that has no impact on President Trump his team or the work being down to get real progress for the AMERICAN PEOPLE by both democrats and republicans who outside the high ratings for the SITCOM “DC” – are very serious about outcomes which ARE coming – watch.
  7. The summer markets do not matter. The big money doggies are on vacation on yatches. Software flat lines during the summer as up’s and downs are profit modulations by software against data. After Labor Day when the BIG DOGS come back and take the rudder of 440 trillion dollars of leveraged trading resources against 2.9 trillion of actual market trading – the manipulation will fully return. If the market foundation appears solid a second fools rally executed by software and nothing economic will take place. If not a crash will take place in October.

We believe and have predicted the next crash HIGH RISK point is depending on world events and economics, the SPRING of 2018. This is when a SUPER CRASH could and may effect global market due to debt implosions and contagion. So we invite investors to buy low. sell high ( now and during the summer ) and move those enormous profits into liquid, guaranteed diversified major insurance firm investments. You will play golf and host parties and never care about the SUPER CRASH and it’s effects on the fools because you ACTED on what I’m telling you. What is your risk?

Your risk my greedy readers is that you MISS the distance from Mount Everest Base camp ( where we are NOW on the second longest boom and expansion in recorded history of almost 100 years ) – to the actual SUMMIT a small final blip. If the boom does go to that summit the boom will next summer turn into the longest most exaggerated financial expansion ( built on nothing economic ) in human record record keeping of economics.

The rule is:

  1. The longer the boom
  2. The higher the boom
  3. The greater the correction
  4. The deeper the correction
  5. The longer the correction

You know this. You know THIS. But sometimes it is sane to read it from an an investment banker economist to get you to step out of the trough of the GREED FEEDING FENZY of musical chairs, so you and your money are not left holding the bag as it where.

If you sell now and this summer at the HIGH and invest in diversified insurance investment – you will not lose your nest egg in my opinion in the coming SUPER CRASH ( which is coming just based on historic economics and trade war outcomes – the cause of all depressions globally is being repeated right now like insanity ). – you will preserve your nest egg in seriously high return and guaranteed investing and you will have income – all the income you desire if you work with licensed insurance investment professionals telling them what this advice is trying to do:

  1. Preserve your wealth entirely
  2. High return that wealth
  3. Within a fully no risk investment
  4. That pays the higher outcome with the safer foundation
  5. As a time machine between NOW and when the market bottoms in Super Crash ( when you can buy in again because you alone have the CASH ).

If you don’t …….then you WON’T.

Share this blog with those in your circle you just adore and love who are confused by their broker and advice and news and just FEEL this is about time to protect money versus speculate in a casino capitalism trading account.

Folks the USA economy grew at 1% this last six month.

Why with that near recession level growth has the wealth moved up more than any year since 2008? If you believe this casino capitalism period of wild ass AI and first time in history computer speculation in trading globally – all outside any regulatory frame work – is a REAL MARKET you are in for the parting of your wealth savings and money – like a fool in a fools rally and we are doubling sorry for you and who you share this data with because we have presented the economics to you in blogs over 18 months and for long time readers WE ARE NEVER not EVER wrong. In the end.

Not yet at least.

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