For my children grand chldren and family and CEO SPACE Family. Bullet points on our journey as one story. We have C virus lite. We shout out for those who have mild and heavy as lite is no fun what so ever. The body feelings are unlike anything else. It is new as experience. It only compares to itself.




June 17th – i have allergic reaction and enjoyed yet a another near death experience. Well presented to you all here in other blogs.

June 17th – Daniel Age 21 – a leader car sales ( loves automobiles since age six ) in Tampa Bays largest dealer. Five would test positive and so would DANIEL but he did not KNOW THAT when his first symptoms appeared.

June 20th – Weekend – I’m in hospital recovering in ICU. September is care giving for positive tested COVID son, and she is exhausted with me – with care giving – with worry I won’t make it – etc etc worry. All weekend sterilizing the home for my return as well as Daniel with fever – chills – cough – sneeze – flu body wide aches etc – is four days down and ill and then recovers.

Tuesday last week – I’m home from ICU directly at 1.00 am – story on other blogs.

Weds to Friday – I rest up and September tries to rest up – feels a head cold nothing more really. Friday i get IV cocktail of SILVER C D AND ZINC – which given I’m in the 80% fatal group on all data sets – this cocktail I think saved MY LIFE thank you Doctors.

Saturday last weekend – September and I came down with full on symptoms. These include total wipe out of energy – sitting up 30 minutes is three hours lying down to follow ( thats day SIX FRIDAY STILL ).

Tuesday – 72 hours in – we woke up with body pain – a 360 head circle pressure on your brain and a 360 circle pressure tightening in your chest which is anxiety producing as you can’t get your breadth. Tuesday was bed 24 hours you had no way to manage.

Weds – Both pressure circles were gone – you feel it in your lungs – it is. heavy pressure feeling – like nothing else – September has had dry cough like they say – I have had no cough no fever – her either – lite – really and thats miserable.

Friday – we wake up daily feeling better. The Flu you get energy back and it keeps on coming. C VIRUS takes a LONG TIME TO RECOVER FROM. It is tiny improvements. By noon your energy falls off ( thats from waking up at 9 to 10.00 ). By 2.00 PM you are wiped out from being awake. You spend most of your time in bed.

Brain Fog – the brain – includes head aches and back aches 15 days later for my son Daniel who tests clean today. With Antibodies. At age 21 he is not fully back and symptom free nor back to work since June 17th – needs one more test to return to work. State law. The brain feels like more cotton head than any flu you ever had ( EVER ) . You struggle to put two thoughts together. You put up your potato chips and put them in the fridge – then realize you brain farted on C VIRUS again. You get to laugh about it. Holding a conversation and I mean for three minutes is a huge chore. Watching TV and tracking is not possible. Reading same. You are most comfortable just floating and healing.

At the ONE WEEK MARK this weekend – the energy depletion is the main item. The shortness of breadth you read about is real and lasting and enduring and does not GO AWAY like flu. You get better in inches. Plan time if you get it and listen to your body. Millions are reoververing – it is what it is is all.

Now we are fine. Healing right up and lite. I’m so grateful we all are. Keep in mind ICU June 17th to bed all day into the weekend is a trip on my tireless energy smile. I’m doing all the inside work DONNY trust me. We have to lie down a lot and watch energy but it is going the right way every day in every way. Inches add up – one day at a time.

September and I can read – watch TV – and we are hugging and holding and giving each other energy which was not possible until Friday really – so that is all going well. We are FINE and we are HEALING. As our energy returns we’ll be fully back. As you see now you can read up – but I apologize writing – especially with summary research pouring in on the economics globally and the pandemic numbers hitting 11 million all time weekend records – as new infections are as reported so behind on time line and the real infection the real death counts no one in this world has accurate data upon.


Even central banks washing the world in free money – may be unable to stop a death spiral into economic world wide depression. Time to assure your nest egg is not lost entirely is running low for our CEO SPACE community. I encourage you this FINANCIAL INDEPENDANCE DAY WEEKEND to health wealth check up. SEARCH DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING AND READ THT BLOG POST AND THEN ACT AND EXPLORE NEXT WEEK BEFORE IT IS SUPER CRASH TOO LATE FOR YOU.

I will present economic data – but we will relax a bit from depression dark predictions – as we stand on our forecast and we now super focus on helping business owners and professionals to safe harbor and build profits in the second half of 2020. Our guidance for those who know more – know more first – and then act first – will be you will hire when others fire throughout what is coming.


We reside in the age of THE AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

CEO SPACE is the world leader in this space.

For the tens of millions facing no work no promise no hope into 2022 – as this all gets so much worse before it gets any better at all – we suggest you all encourage those SEEKING to start up their own business – join the AGE OF THE ENTREPNEURE.

If you are seeking real hope and real promise this weekend get my AUDIO BOOK and while having a HOLIDAY IN AMERICA AND WORLD WIDE – listen to ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE in my 5 star smash best selling book this year. HOPE PROMISE is in the data that this recession may end in 2025 versus 2035 like a depression would consume more than a decade. CONVERGENCE we believe shortens the cycle.

In 1929 we were ending a 70 year economic convergence from 1850.


In 2020 we are starting a 50 year economic convergence cycle which will effect all 7 billion humans to the good and all at once. SUPER CHANGE explains the miracle of economic convergence leaders need to plug into as THE OPPORTUNITY of this generation.

Thank you one and all. One family is C VIRUS LITE – on the other side of healing up – over a week – and we are SO GRATEFUL we are LITE versus mild moderate or heavy C VIRUS in our home and now on the other side – as our contagion to others tested we are CLEAN TO GO on contagion – test confirmed.





PS: If you get it – listen to your body and do not try and do too much too soon because C virus will set you down upon your ass folks – reflection – inside work – great period to grow and reflect on dream work and priorities¬† – Gods plan for our lives is always far more amazing than any plan we might come up with on our own….at least in my time as witness ……