Castro dies. Ten US Presidents he has haunted.

As Castro walked into Havana a mentor of mine Meyer Lanksy then head of the families in Miami was leaving Havana. The booming economies in Cuba came to a halt. Communism came in. Castro’s economics held a people in stasis for decades. All of South America would flourish by comparison.

Castro inspired leadership in communism worldwide. His failed economic system created an elite wealth for the communist insiders, as it always does where 99% of the wealth in Cuba is owned by less than 1% of Cubans. While the competitive capitalism Castro hated is corrupt and consolidates elite wealth as well – the people under capitalism do better than the people under communism That part is so proven today that living under communism is simply insane.

As the fanatic of communism dies, his belief’s die with him. The people know better. Only a few worship those insane beliefs.

Cooperative Capitalism is the new REVOLUTION. A model in which we human’s can and frankly we must do better. We must stop competing with each other. We must stop competing with the earth and our home planet. We must stop competing in every way. We must learn and treasure cooperation as sanity. We must see Competition as a form of insanity.

As we wake up and remove the one and the single VIRUS upon our own human collective consciousness – competitive thought forms – from our thinking – replacing this thought form of insanity with sanity – cooperation – we will realize prosperity and world peace.

Killing one another over the MASTER RACE or the MASTER FAITH is itself insane. Competition punishes all human diversity.

Cooperation CELEBRATES IT.

We waste so many words in competitive destruction.

We squander so many options for cooperative construction.

In the future the only REVOLUTION in THINKING to be part of appears inside my book of revolution REDEMPTION THE COOPERATIVE REVOLUTION. Get a copy on Amazon. Castro should have read it.

I’m gratified Castro is reading it now.

Meyer Lanksy gave him a copy I’m sure.

Berny Dohrmann – Castro Died in Cuba today we are sad for Cuban’s who are mourning this day.