Having Run a global – publicly traded – investment banking firm with thousands of licensed stock brokers – for a good part of my life it was not that I was the youngest owner of a PUBLIC BROKERAGE FIRM (ever) – it is that I was a MASTER STUDENT under the most extraordinary mentors – like Bill and George Witter of Dean Witter (I miss integrity based firms like Dean Witter family owned like ours was) and David Rockefeller (recently graduated at age 103) well serving the world. Mentoring me as a young Wall Street Puppy. I grew up on Wall Street. Once you have you never leave – your always in the CLUB. So, it seems.

I have to give my investment banker economist head a SHAKE now and again. Why? Well economics no longer need apply for job or hire on Wall Street it seems to me. Let’s Peek under the hood. The NEW 2020 RULE is nothing but nothing is what it seems at all. Hold on to that and you’re in the NEW AI ECONOMY WORLD OF RIGGED MARKETS PHONY PRICES AND AI RIGGED CASINO CAPITALISM. This publicly going where no “man/woman” or market has gone before – cannot end well. Not in economics.









We know the Pandemic shut down has created two new economic realities. First the world GNP is depressed (into a depression) of 38% in China almost 35% in the USA and over 40% in the EU. We see consumer buying patterns massively change we believe is permanent. We see the largest pool back in profits for companies since World War II. We see many industrial sectors in a DEATH RATTLE as their liquidity and cash dry up and record Bankruptcy filings are now under way industry and worldwide. We see no recovery – although economic activity off a TERRIBLE 1929 BOTTO. OF A SUPER CRASH is of course rising back up but it is in a new speed for recovery – slow slower and damn near stopped.

Against this the market GOES UP.

We see the market go up on oil with HOPE that oil demand rises (China just acquired the all-time record one month import for oil which makes a dent in world Glut? Wrong?) The world is pumping more oil than demand can use. The result is a surplus where land storage is so full that the world is now running out of ship at sea storage – storage is running out and wells are crashing out of production from Russia to Mexico whose oil company next goes to JUNK STATES. So, oil goes up when the world is drowning in oil and no one is buying PHONY OPEC PRICES everyone is buying oil at prices unseen since the post war 1950’s. The entire OIL INDUSTRY is in economic depression long term. Oil price goes UP. How? Casino manipulated gambling – wild oil speculation betting that cannot end well.

We see the department of Labor issue warnings no one paid any attention to. As states in the USA relax stricter no movement controls from barber shops to dentist offices markets crawl slowly back. Things look UP from the darkest valley where no economic sun reached earlier this year. But those health care professionals and barber shops are not seeing anything like the numbers they knew in 2019. No there are seeing 80% to 60% less traffic. Permanent Change in economics no one has sorted out yet. The Labor department showed new jobs coming in almost matching new layoffs at 2 million a week or higher in USA alone – now at 40 million out of work. The Labor Department cautions – our numbers are WRONG. The real unemployment is much HIGHER. We are behind and have trouble with correct adjustment to the real count. We are millions upon millions under reported. UNEMPLOYMENT IS FAR WORSE than you are seeing and getting even worse than THAT and the market goes UP. If the market is forward looking the DOW would be 6400 DOW and S&P would be the blood bath you will come to head shake – WOW my blog told me in Jan Feb March April May and June SUPER CRASH WAS COMING before or during summer to Fall September – October as our prediction. To you.

The bond markets are what? The world is thinking the worst is over and holding US dollars like the world holds GOLD in older times, is the run into dollars. Still with everyone massively cashing OUT OF US TREASURY DEBT the dollar should go down as trillions leave the US debt Market because – profit on holding us Debt is negative versus positive. Human market markets kept reliable % of assets in safe haven US debt. Today AI ECONOMICS with AI in control of markets for the first time (96% of all settlements are AI reliant) where – AI seeks yields and has ZERO HUMAN ACCOMODATION to assure market liquidity is maintained. Market liquidity not being a WEIGHT IN PROGRAM AIA for the markets today is the Achilles’ heal of program flaws in the current system.

Today massive selling of US Debt as NEVER SEEN BEFORE results in what? Bond markets are unstable. Bond markets are liquidity effected. Seeing no yields AI moves trillions out of US DEBT and into markets with yields. Seeking returns mindlessly. Greed. The cost of buying GOV. US DEBT is the lowest in history due to Pandemic offering negative loser yields. Who buys this loser US debt today/ Answer – the FED. That is right. In the Casino capitalism lacking weight in AI programing to assure market liquidity is never below required thresholds (which it is today – no safety nets) – the FED comes in at a trillion a day or so and putting US tax payers in trillions upon trillions of new endless debts – the FED buys the CRAP US BONDS the world will not buy to make sure the bond market does not FREEZE UP and SPILL OVER to the STOCK MARKET.





Now the stock market ran to the end of its casino phony prices. Price manipulation once a felony now legal to buy back stock by billions to manipulate stock price – is now gone from the market of PANDEMIC. Companies losing all their profit and sales must now guard cash to survive a long depression in an L shaped crash and decade long recovery. Your thinking the worst is over and we are solid as a rock is like Children running out to sea in the never seen before uncovered sands just before the highest 3000-foot TSUNAMI sucking all the market water out roars back to shore destroying everything we call SUPER CRASH. We see the sand for miles from shore already and everyone is racing for sand buckets to play in the newly uncovered sand at the beach. We find that to be given our economic warnings – to be INSANE. So many will be so sorry when it is way too late to affect your fate.

Markets are DECOUPLED FROM ECONOMICS. Markets are manipulated by CASINO CAPITALISM AI AND GREED outside all antique obsolete and irrelevant regulatory schemes that without upgrading fail to apply to the new Super Changing markets.

Today the Central Banks in the USA in EU and in Asia are buying not only bonds to stabilize their government unstable debt markets artificially – with FED influence on those markets – and now for the first-time stock. The central banks are buying crap bonds and crap stocks no one else will buy to assure liquidity. Market price goes up in election year because your central bank and nation are manipulating casino pricing in a market GONE WILD.

Today CRAZY BRAIN CASINO CAPITALISM – outside any regulatory moderation to greed – is a phony rigged market – a manipulated market – a market that until the market is re-regulated risks collapse to the entire system – as in 1929 but worse as things are far more global leveraged in debt super bubbles, and digital with AI. We go now where no man/woman has ever gone before in a totally uncontrolled experiment with no controls or known givens, where error in core economics must one day trigger the GREAT REBALANCING to the abuse of credit debt and the system pricing which is phony and must deflate-massively.

The best guide is to consider the DOW REBALANCES to under 16,000 DOW and we say the absolute bottom could trough as low as under 10,000 DOW. Now pundits will tell you their WHY this could never happen. The inconvenient truth is their score is F grade and this blog site is A + Grade 1988 to today – to their F grade. So, if you want to follow their bouncing red ink ball into the sewer of greed economics play in the casino. There “IS” riskless – risk will be your delusion. In fact, you can lose more than everything in the Deflation and your margin calls to come this fall. We told you. Remember we told you how to get out of the TRAP.

So, drink your booze and read your news.

Fake News.



Deep Fake they call it when its video manipulations with AI and Digital evolving 5 G tools – we can put video that you think is real that has Donald Trump saying things he never ever said and you all believe that is the truth because you saw the DEEP FAKE. So, what is real out there. What is fake. Truth? No one knows nor can they tell you for sure. We exist as an old digital and economic system is dying out and a new system is not yet built and risen up – inside the RIP TIDE OF SUPER CHANGE between two systems. Do you see the danger in that truth?

When you read about economics and see markets soar ask yourself this:


…what force of economics would in the worst economic news since 1929 elevate market value and price by 50% in 60 days from the last record super crash and trough of under 19,000 DOW – horrific news markets go up? 


Markets go up on oil based on talks that lead nowhere.

Markets go up on recovery news to the % of gain from the bottom versus the % of distance from 2019 now enormous % down from 2019 and no recovery for a decade in site with the WORST STILL AHEAD and the insane market goes up. You are caught up in the GREED MACHINE The fear of missing out. The fear that the most insane crazy multiples 20 to 40 times earnings will only go to 40 to 80 x earnings? You think NEWTON WAS INCORRECT? What goes up crazy insane up on air and zero economics can hover there and go up endlessly MORE? Really? Eventually the GREED is illuminated as INSANE and the resulting REBALANCING is a SUPER CRASH.






Fools ripped from their money by the 2020 SUCKERS RALLY will be fools soon parted with their money someone smarter than you

FOOL will take from you in what we believe is a LEGAL THEFT economics call WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION. Only this outcome is manipulated by criminals who are rigging world markets and today no one does a thing as CRIME PAYS TODAY. Too BIG TO JAIL BECOMES EVERY BIGGER SAILS until the ship cannot support or hold that much GREED and the great mast breaks away into the sea of real economics.

Perhaps one day in the future you will re-read this June 8th, 2020 News Update for you. Known as the TRUTH. Perhaps members of CEO SPACE & IBI will join the full FORUM to network for CUSTOMERS before the Super Crash. Members do not miss CEO SPACE for only $ 99.00 as a lifetime member benefit June 16th – you simply cannot be a passenger in the seat driving your own future forward.  When does one click safe harbor and life style income protection to the real risk that is your NEXT & FIRST PRIORITY BAR NONE? Which IS: Make sure your income does not collapse 50% or more into the fall. Many of you are lulled into election year manipulated false security unseeing to the economic risk – the truth. Click and book mark your best option as a CEO SPACE MEMBER today: . The June 16th reality for three days – if you want more and better CUSTOMERS NOW you can’t get more new customers faster than any other option.







IS YOUR PLAN CHESS OR CHECKERS ? Whats the difference ? 








I treasure growing up in Silicon Valley, studying to become an investment banker economist, having a million lines of programing code on everything from talking hand held portfolio readers in the 1980’s before Steve Jobs (I mentored) had a computer with Woz that said hello – we led. With the future of class rooms and technology – as software Tony Robbins cut the ribbons for at the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA for – I’m just proud. But it helps to know what is going on out there as a programmer.

The market is now decoupled from economics.

AI is having such a fun time – like self-aware children age 3 to 5 playing with money for the first. time. The Kids are out bidding each other up up and up and up and away. Until the children can no longer pull it off. When the grown-ups see how far out of balance the kids (AI) has economics today – a GREAT REBALANCING OCCURS IN PANIC SELLING. AI “unweighted” in core programing to market liquidity has no program parameter for LED DAY or LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY.

Now we have done some charts and some graphs. Also, we do not have the resource depth of economists at HARVARD PRINCETON YALE HARVARD AND KAUFFMAN FOUNATION. We encourage them to DO THEIR OWN CHARTS AND A GRAP OR TWO. We keep coming up to the same fuzzy math in economics. WHEN AI reaches the point (it takes fractions of seconds folks) where sell orders are 15 times buy orders – a 15x to 1 – ratio the market SUPER CRASH is self-sustaining and markets freeze up and debt super bubble defaulting cascades end the entire system of casino phony value. Price to earnings ratios fall from 20 to 40 times earnings as economic FRAUD NUMBERS to values you think are sold in stocks and in bond debt securities.








Own this: The Central banks lack the 100 trillion of required liquidity to save the system from LED day. So, own this truth. There is no “THEY” out there to save the system. The thought THEY can and will save the system is a haunting thought for you when you find it was your brains own fake news outside the economics.

Now: The world’s worst economic DEPRESSION OF ECONOOMIC CIRCULATIONI PROFIT AND BUISNESS took place in March to June of 2020. Hiring like Dunkin Donoughts hiring 25,000 back from the low fails to define in the FAKE NEWS. How many are still laid off. Also, that profits and cash flow are less than 50% of what they were in 2019.

A DEPRESSION OCCURS WHEN ECONOMIC COMPRESSION IS GREATER THAN A 20% FALL IN GNP THE GNP DEPRESSION 2020 exceeds 35% to 45% almost twice the impact of 1929 contraction and for far longer. The DUST BOWL is replaced by CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER with fires (from terrorist who are never blamed burning down billions of our assets each year) and up to 19 HURRICANES THIS SEASON IN AMERICA with the first already shattering records for billions in damage and 18 left to strike damage to our industry property and insurance companies. – and PANDEMIC DEPRESSED ECONOMICS – the FOOLS BEAR LIQUIDITY MELT UP SUPER BUBBLE you see death spiraling up sucking all liquidity INSIDE until all liquidity is GONE AND OUTSIDE where the markets lacking liquidity crash – banks and all – like 1929 in DEPRESSION that is 12 to 15 years to recover from – if for the FIRST TIME EVER IN DEPRESSION we humans avoid WORLD WAR III which to date we have never ever been able to do given the economics of the entire world all at the same time.





Enough said. Just follow the idiot fake news – in election year all manipulations to get your vote with billions upon billions upon billions (no really) and billions (more than four billion – spent no ELECTION MANIPULATION OF YOUR VOTE. Today a major INDUSTRY is election year industrial output which when election ends – the army of manipulators will be unemployed as that stimulation to economics evaporates with final market liquidity as the world spins into depression under the weight of the LARGEST SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING in the history of recorded economics. TOO MUCH DEBT CAN NEVER BE FIXED BY MORE OF THE SAME DEBT LOADING which remains our case of SUPER BONDS to world leaders – their way back out and back up.

Click & Bookmark (IF YOU CAN GET THIS LINK TO YOUR HEAD OF STATE): thank you: – for those with access to their head of state – no process can do more for your nation in the developing depression than a SUPER BOND RESET TO THE NATIONS DEBT.

Make no mistake. As the credit rating of nations – now MEXICO is moving to JUNK STATUS for their oil petro nation – as is China – and debt defaulting to the massive state debts without a SUPER BOND RESET to the debt is FATAL ECONOMICALLY for nations.

The Depression will include:

  1. A summer fall Super Crash to market price deflation not seen since 1929.
  2. Nation debt defaulting cascades wiping out IMF World Banka and a growing list of failing PE and Hedge Fund super money pools
  3. Italy in the EU will debt default crash out of the EU and return to its own Currency.
  4. Spain and other EU debtor nations will rush out to follow as the EU is worthless raping out 500 million holding EU’s
  5. Before that the dollar will SOAR as it is soaring – because of 7 billion most are RUNNING OUT OF YEN YUAN EU and currencies to collapse and into DOLLARS as the one trusted medium of trade – you can hollow table legs and carry a million dollars with you – and no one knows – outside DIAMONDS there is no speculation free market as in gold and silver so overpriced and valued today – will super crash as well after insane highs after panic buying dissipates.

The fun into US dollars as the world go to STORE OF TRADE VALUE IS ON. Trillions upon trillions in EU will panic out to US dollars next up. Shares in EU will Super Crash. Asia will Super Crash First.

China created the MERS the SARS and the trillions in economic impact for the last pandemics. The CHINESE SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC we called first in January ( look it up with our first in the world SHAME ON WHO – the head of which we said first HAD TO GO ( now finally ) is resigning on August having murdered over 100,000 preventable deaths by getting it all so wrong ) – as the wicked warlock of WHO ( now defunded by 500 million dollars for utter failure supporting only China and the communist liars release of FAKE NEWS ON THE PANDEMIC FOR MONTHS ) – created 15 trillion in world financial damage. Let’s keep score shall we.

China President XI lied to the world – in the ROSE GARDEN OF THE WHITE HOUSE – stating his cooperation and friendship lies, stating to one billion listening and recording – CHINA WILL NEVER MILITARIZE SOUTH SEA ISLANDS. YOU SEE CHINA COMMITTED A WORLD FELONY – by declaring on its own – we own the entire SOUTH CHINA SEA – it’s like saying WE OWN THE PACIFIC AND ATLANTA for the USA (which we do by virtue of the most powerful navy every put to sea in human history). The World Court voted before President XI’s Rose garden China State CRIMINAL FRAUD TO THE WORLD – where the UNANMIOUS VOTE of the World Court on 400 years of maritime laws – was and is – CHINA CLAIM THAT THE LARGE OCEAN NAMED THE SOUTH CHINA SEA IS BY COMMUNIST ILLEGAL DECLARATION A PROPERTY OF CHINA IS WRONG ILLEGAL AND MAY NOT STAND UNDER RULE OF LAW. After that DEFEAT where CRIMINAL CHINA just moves on as if world nations and world law do not apply to CHINA – but they in fact all do and will – which created what.

China Rose Garden speech was still broadcasting as the most massive military ring of battle was being built is still being built – air bases for war – radar for war – missiles and nukes for war – island after island – saying to the US – you can no longer open sea navigate here to which the USA flips FRAUD CRIMINAL LIAR CHINA the FINGER. Get your facts ON as to how serious this all is.

China lied about SARs.

China lied about MERS.

China liked about SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS day one to today in fake news counts that are lies to the people of China. What until China’s 1.5 billion uncork the reality the communist 10% of China the 150 million FEW against the 1.5 million MANY the FEW AGAINST TEH MANY immoral system – lies to all its own people on life and death from PANDEMIC China started. The only way China has no infections is China invented the bio weapon and China has a KILL SWITCH it will not share even with Russia. Do the math in your own mind – you’ll figure out that when nothing else makes sense whatsoever …….what is left is the truth.




China lies about its GNP.

China lies about its trade.

China lies about HACKING.

The most massive state hacking is taking place from China in world history stealing everything it can today and its massive. China is manipulating US elections with AI Blue Screen fraud no voter can tell is not real today – lies become truth and truth become lies just as it says in the bible. Think about all that. China lies and China manipulates and China is about to act.

We predict facing an uncontrolled economic DEPRESSION IN CHINA – where CHINA ECONOMICS are in what we all irreversible economic DEATH SPIRAL. Black Rock in a last Gasp from Larry Fink exposed to more than a trillion dollars of China Loss perhaps the bankruptcy of BLACK ROCK if investors panic (seeing the CHINA HANDWRITING ON THE WALL.) not only fail to invest as Larry Find down the DRINK (with China) called for last week. If investors PANIC RUN OUT OF CHINA as they in fact are doing in depression in China what happens next as XI lies catch up to him.

  1. China Real Estate SUPER BUBBLE largest real estate bubble now in total deflationary economics – implodes. REAL ESTATE IN CHINA Super Crashes worse than our 2008 Subprime due to their valuation debt super bubble abuse of economics.
  2. Commodities implode at the same time as trillions in stored China values super crash.
  3. Debts SRO’s and China hold can no longer be served and default cascades in CHINA destroy the world economic system.
  4. As China massively defaults into trillions the ripple default cascades bankrupt financial institutions.
  5. `Unlike 1929 this all occurs in AI time – 72 hours versus over 72 days. The markets could crash to below 10,000 DOW faster than any historic record – now the past no longer dictates the future.

China has one way out.

China has one way back.







Trust us we are working to help XI to promote a future outside SUPER CRASH for China. Time is running out however. Time is short. So very short now. The lies at state level worldwide supporting a casino side bettering price manipulating market outside all regulatory frame works – must RESET in the largest G 100 RESET TO WORLD ECONOMICS IN HUMAN HISTORY. Failing that we face world war together.

As China economics are now imploding, and economists we believe have it all wrong – XI must distract his own people from the inconvenient truth (Putin as well) which is – COMMUNISM is the 17th century to today the single WORST PERFORMING ECONOMIC MODEL AND SYSTEM KNOWN TO MAN. A 100% failure system. A system where less than 1% elites own 99% of all national wealth – the insane immoral criminal system of THE FEW “AGAINST” THE MANY.

Can we do better than this? China can we all do better? YOU BET and we must do better. Finally, what is the legal address in China to issues like Police Murders? China see’s in the USA citizens can march and riot and they will not face camps – in fact they will in 99% of the cases not go to jail at all. THEY ARE FREE TO MARCH FOR CHANGE TO THEIR GOVERNMENT. Everyone is seeing that RIGHT a right China does not have at all. Protest against XI and like 2 million rising to 5 million as the numbers just go up and China lies about the numbers of CORONAVIRUS INFECTED ( 5 million China with 1 million dead – everything else is a CHINA LIE count to the world ) – and they lie about their camps now passing 2 million – no due process – single moms with all the kids for years now in brain washing to assure they are good communist puppies released out of China brain washing entire cities of people – no freedom there – Chinese ask yourselves one question – IS THAT WHO WE TRULY WISH TO BE? IS THAT US?

So, the communist is what?

  1. The only leaders you have and terrified from economic depression with 38% melt down in GNP far worse in May as exports super crash and are NOT COMING BACK to 2019 levels at all – maybe ever.
  2. Knowing 500 million out of work in China creates social revolutions – the LIAR LEADERS will move to take over TAIWAN and Hong Kong in SHOCK AND AWE to reset China world order and to DISTRACT ITS PEOPLE using WAR as the tried and proven model to do just that.
  3. China will bet TRUMP down for the count and out in November ( and you can take that one term prediction to the voter booth ) congress goes democrat – Trump divided and destroyed the Republican party now splitting into factions – fighting for each members life – DRUMP TRUMP will preclude the cost of USA and CHINA WAR where USA pounds its chest and does prediction every nation now discounts to zero – like little babies not sharing their toys – the USA in war will cry out – WE WILL SANCTION YOU OH GET READY WE WILL SANCTION YOU SOME MORE AND THEN MORE.
  4. China doesn’t care because they make more stealing from our markets by hack than sanction cost by 100x to 1 their gain their side – and they see us from their criminal hacking point of view – as silly immature children who lost all their toys to China.
  5. The wealth transfer into China is now transferring back out because CHINA LEADERSHIP failed the world on two principles of leadership – TELL THE TRUTH FASTER – and LYING AND STEALING ISOLATE NATIONS TOO. Now China is isolated as Pandemic CHINA started and is held accountable does this:
  • Runs out of China on capital flight are passing 15 trillion out in 2020 – China can’t manage its debt bubbles to follow
  • Runs of industry out of China is unstoppable in 2020
  • Runs by consumers to buy anything NOT MADE IN CHINA where CHINA is held accountable as demand stops
  • China has no future economically in a depression deflating implosion and China Super Crash up next
  • China leader liars are powerless to stop the CHINA PANIC that is starting after Black Rock panic call – buy buy China




The crises are INTEGRITY in economic systems.

My book REDEMPTION set forth the problem of regulatory by pass that took place in 1999 forward. Today the most massive UPGRADING TO G 100 REGULATORY WORLD-WIDE FRAME WORKS IS REQUIRED TO RESTORE STABILITY TO THE SYSTEMIC FUTURES IN NEW AI ECONOMICS. The work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATOIN REVOLUTION Presents to world leaders HOW in step by step guidance – to host a CONSTITUTIONAL ECONOMIC CONVENTION to reset a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND trade upgrading rule of law even CHINA must sign on to – as they help make the new rules.

The crises of INTEGRITY are resolved by an INTEGRITY SUPER CONFERENCE the work REDEMPTION Calls on world leaders to secure. A Biden might lead such a solution. A Trump never will or can for too many reasons to explain here. Trump is doing the very best that Trump knows how. Trump is limited as a leader and over his head in crises management. Trump is challenged to avoid personal bankruptcy as his resorts are dying in debt and red ink today – internally distracting leadership to avoid scandal bank defaults and debt implosion potentially wiping out Donald’s entire net worth – why? Mishandling PANDEMIC ECONOMICS. Not his fault. Trump is doing the best he knows how.

Biden was CO PRESIDENT for EIGHT YEARS – a full OBAMA PARTNER in running the USA today. Not anything less in VP work over centuries. BIDEN knows how the office of the PRESIDENT WORKS and did a GREAT not a GOOD JOB from a lifetime of expertise experience and gifts in the chosen career.

Donald Trump a highly leveraged real estate developer, is a modern SIT COM super star. We elected a SIT COME SUPER STAR to star in the SIT COM “THE WHITE HOUSE”. Everyone who hates Trump watches the sit com highest rated show in the world ever. We all watch the kids like we watch the ROYALS. Fun. Entertaining. However NOT TAKING US WHERE WE NEED TO END UP.

Trump is outside competency.

  1. Trump failed to re-regulate the core economics advancing risk of a 1929 depression.
  2. Trump failed to dampen debt fueled fraud economics and AI casino economics which end in super crash
  3. Trump failed to protect us from Pandemic with 10,000’s of deaths Trumps responsibility – denying it all as lies
  4. Trump failed to bring forth infrastructure over LEGAL THEFT of trillions in Pandemic to insider riders
  5. Trump as SIT COM HOST failed to unite America when police murdered us – criminally murdered US as one

Trump is doing the best he can – in overwhelm and outside a sit com host capacity to lead.





Trump has a core die hard base of voters that as Trump says – if Trump emptied a 30-round clip of 40 mag bullets into FLOYD why they would still vote for me?

Which is true but is also why you are through. You can 40 mag fires on us but your mouth firing has ended you son. Why?

Like President XI – the crises are integrity.


No one can undo the lies sir.

Also, shallow vision. Your team reacts to crises. Your team fails to PREVENT CRISES.

Doing the very best you know how your core base that will never leave you is not enough to elect you at all. The massive support base you have yourself DESTROYED RELATIONSHIP WITH and that base will now put out more republicans than any vote in modern history all because of you sir – your failure to see reality and your embrace of fake reality as real for you. Sir have another diet coke and think – how do I manage in bankruptcy debt implosion on my estate – my own criminal prosecutions at state and federal levels unless Biden pardons me on coming into office.




Sir I would opt to get that BIDEN PARDON AGREEMENT now as your final BIG IDEA because without it the majority hatred of your failed leadership will include:


  1. George Bush Republican presides over the GREAT RECESSION worst economic mess since 1929 handing the pain over to OBAMA coming into bank failure potentials. Which the DEMOCRATS FIXED IT ALL.
  2. Post Obama only four years forward – Trump turns over to BIDEN as a REPUBLICAN a far worse economy a DEPRESSION worse than 1929 as it all lands fully – WHERE BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRATS MUST FIX THE BACK TO BACK SYSTEM THREATS created by republican greed and failed policies – where the real fix outlined in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION has not even begun – as ONE INSPIRED LEADER OF INTEGRITY IS REQUIRED TO HEAL THE ENTIRE WORLD. Your Fired and Trump while endlessly entertaining as a WHITE HOUSE SIT COM SHOW is not the professional leadership we require to return stability to unstable world markets.
  3. Trump failure in leadership (not his fault though) result in SUPER CRASH into this fall.
  4. Trump failed leadership result in VIRUS PANDEMIC SECOND WAVE like Spanish FLU far more lethal and deadly than the first wave with a FULL-ON DEPRESSION TO FOLLOW as in 1907 – 1929. We never economically recovered from the SPANISH FLU without WORLD WARS.
  5. Trump may error and engage in WAR as many believe – which is the final estate – many believe Trump is delusional and may not LEAVE OFFICE – as you may believe will Trump ever leave?

Which brings if that Fake News were true even more BLUE home to YOU.




Voters have moved to massive as one DUMP TRUMP. Trump lost the election this Spring as a SIT COM PRESIDENT the entire world see’s now lacks the GOODS to LEAD in fact. Over Trumps SIT COM pay grade. Trumps enemies in the summer of 2020 include:

  1. All of us marching for JUSTICE REFORMS NEXT AND NOW
  2. Americans
  3. Minorities
  4. Face Book
  5. Amazon
  6. Musk
  7. Google

Why do our leaders seek to break up and set backwards the institutions grown in America that lead the world? Boeing does not have Airbus Subsidies like the EU unfair trade works to bury America. Will ALIBABA inherit the world as the USA dismantles its own leading institutions versus celebrate and protect them?

So today TRUMP is at war with real AMERICANS. A delusion in his own mind. What cost XI and TRUMP their political capital from failing to appreciate the LIMITATION OF THIER OWN WEAKER THAN THEN THINK BASE AT CORE IN THE FIRST PLACE? Two political errors have sunk both leaders in 2020 in our opinion – as both leaders are working 100 hour weeks doing the best they can for the country from their view. I pray for both as I KNOW HOW HARD THEY ARE WORKING AND HOW HARD THEY ARE TRYING THE BEST THAT THEY BOTH KNOW HOW – PERIOD: THE FAILURE THEN IS:






  1. Lying. They failed to present the truth thinking they could MANAGE with Lies before LIES caught up to them both. That failed.
  2. Failing in crises to TELL THE WORST FIRST – which for leadership becomes unforgivable at the pools – failing to tell the worst first and the truth faster in crises – is what SINKS LEADERSHIP WORLD WIDE – measuring your own against this standard.


Both leaders are now confused as to why these two truths – in fact – are the ACCOUNTABILITY CONSEQUENCE of politcal capital evaporating for both in their nations now torn into divisions over what – the LIES versus the TRUTH. Voters are far from perhaps as their loved ones are dying or facing death. We predict this CONSEQUENCE becomes politcally FATAL to both leaders this fall as the pandemic SECOND WAVE they permitted and allowed on their watch – is going to be so much WORSE AND LETHAL than the first wave we all are going through together right now. The SECOND WAVE OF PANDEMIC derails leadership who lied to us all – pure and simple. First is WHO then is XI and TRUMP collectively. If you can’t see that today understand our prediction is not political at all. We are reporting to OWNERS trends to monitor – to plan for their own future with the superior data to make smarter decisions. We may be wrong. We may be right. But our prediction accuracy is for thirty years LEGENDARY as the leaders of the entire world read this site ( with my apology for grammer and spelling proof outs because it is in the end at this GIVE BACK TIME OF MY LIFE – my public service to readers. My incoming research teams have perfect data. My rewrites given my 100 work weeks serving CEO SPACE membership in the 100,000’s thousands world wide in 200 nations and heads of state – is demanding. This blog is my committment and spell checking is an option when TIME PERMITS and my readers forigve me for CONTENT over quality of a mis spelled words. THE DATA is important and breaking at SUPER CHANGE PACE levels I predicted in the first place.

I watch so many try and follow our LEADERSHIP where they are failures in business now telling you how to navigate SUPER CHANGE they fail to understand in the first place. THE LEADER UPGRADE TODAY IS TO MANAGE INSIDE SUPER CHANGE. Leadership is diving as my five star smash best selling works predicted





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I leave that step up to you – today – between NOW and June 16th – perhaps  your most important single choice in 2020 and beyond today. I leave it up to you and who you share this site with. That is all up to you then.


Trump wanted 10,000 MILITARY TROOPS in WASHINGTON DC one solider for every American protestor. TANKS IN DC? The US Military refused. Trump firings too place. The entire military refused. TRUMP BLINKED he as well must. But the voter move to Biden is more massive than any election in history.




WANT AMERICA BACK for American readers:

  1. Vote Biden
  2. Vote zero incumbent back into office – zero.
  4. In the future if you vote republican vote republican congress – and never any incumbent – never
  5. Term limits voter NO INCUMBENT goes back restore our nation to voter accountability

Think about it …as Biden is going to be PRESIDENT and Congress is going to be democrat – why not make it massive which sends a message to the world and mandates we actually rush out of hits mess….it is such a mess – no one is to blame but CHINA for today.

Finally, CHINA is being held accountable as capital has had IT – and is RUNNING OUT OF CHINA 15 trillion – as the SUN ALSO SETS ON CHINA – China will not recover for 20 years – and you will come to see the accountability in China may well lead to China breaking up in debt defaulting implosions to city states with their own credit and new capital impossible in China under the failed communist model – finally depression imploded in a debt SUPER CRASH in 2020.

Think different. Ask the right questions. See with economic glasses. Don’t be fooled by election year fake news. It is everywhere today as lies are made truth and truth is made lies.

You own the truth now will you register to CEO SPACE June 16th as if your financial future depended upon that step as it does but you just do not know that (and members do not miss the 16th for more new clients this week upgrade your second half income now.

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