Tuesday Updates: New infections set global record this week soaring  Total infections pass 400,000.  Death counts soared to over 18,000 hitting 20,000 dead this week. New infections soared to new records 100,000 new cases in 72 hours alone. Tnes of millions will soon be infected. Millions will die. The pentagon states the PANDEMIC LOCK DOWN will be with us for months and the economy will never return to the way it once was. Everything will be NEW work from home and AI rising as human’s lose control to AI a tipping point no one see’s even creeping into new reality – 2020 is the year AI ripped control of systems and human governance in Pandemic where in CASCADE EVENTS no one saw the CASCADE at all until it was way way too late. Russia China Pandemic much much worse than the numbers from liars represent in truth. The Padnemic is massively out of all control and is ACCELERATING. Pandemic took 67 days to reach 100,000 human infections, 11 Days only for the next 100,000 human infections. FOUR DAYS ALONE for the next 100,000 infection. Our Chart published Feb 7th in our press illuminating FIRST IN THE WORLD REPORT ON CARRIERS remains the most accurate table predicting the system 1929 unfolding – correctly and accurately – before any report had taken place at all. The liars told us this was NOTHING. We reported this was 1929 and to prepare your own GAME PLAN as no one out there has prepared a GAME PLAN for themselves let alone US. The lies flow on and the truth is reported here for our leader readers. Daily. Free. As a CEO SPACE Public service to the 200 nations we serve today and you….you being the most important of our service work.



Cascade Economics is a new theory of ECONOMIC EVERYTHING. Cascade Economics is made far more dramatic by AI economics. Ai Economics represent NEW economic theory modeling and realities. Since Rome and Medici Fractional banking of the Middle Ages with advent of paper money, economics has been the management and reporting of goods and services manufacturing cost, packaging marketing and delivery costs, to markets. The medium of management and reporting were paper records. The economic system of reporting was GAP accounting adopted by the entire world by banker exempt so bankers alone could report outside FAIR MARKETING ACCOUNTING. This simply means that you and I go to prison for doing what banks do every single deay. Which is what?

Well banks exempt from fair marketing accounting can hold a crap asset that is no longer paying, say a factory that failed or a 1000 retail stores like circuit City that no one can ever lease – or any empty far or office high rise or a empty mall. These plunging in value asset are held by banks as good assets at full market value. You and I would have to report that were in fact bankrupt we owed more than we had assets to cover those bad loan debts. Fuzzy Bank Accounting means those bad assets never show up on your books as bad assets and you can continue to play your CON GAME to the entire world, as long as you do not have to adjust your books to the real loss your bad betting has created. On that day – the system dies.

In AI economics the regulatory frame work moved in a time frame ( 60 months versus say 60,000 years of that is the way we have always done things around here sir ) – shifted 2015 to 2020. Today all economics is digital ledger netry without any paper what so ever. The DiGITAL take over from humans and paper occurred faster than regulatory frame works could see it coming or adjust into. Today regulatory frame works are far to obsolete to provide oversights on rapidly evolving massively core changing AI economics responsible without regulations for 440 trillion in asset class settlements each day. A NEW RULE BOOK is unfolding and human beings are not part of the rule making.

AI economics is highly competitive AI developed by 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS with a simple objective in mind for the design teams, to make as much money, in the shortest time frame, inside any market volatility imaginable benefiting the elite stake holder owners maximally. Mindless 10,000 SUPER AI Platforms evolving, self learning, and every new day is yet another dollar every new day is a penny for your thoughts. The NEW AI is writing its own code faster than human beings can understand the source code any longer and in new languages AI invented and to which human’s do not know the new computer language nor can human beings tell you any longer what is making the 2020 code work at all.

Inside this dark experiment in artificial intelligence, wherein 7 trillion dollars ( many times the budget of the US Military or NASA entire space budget for ten years represents – AI ECONOMICS is in firm control, goes where no man or woman has gone before, and remains outside human parameters to even understand let alone RE-REGULATE. This wild frontier is largely a casino of side betting where the dog of is a real economy or tail at about 3 trillion in capital solid investing a year facing many 100’s of trillions of dollars the AI DOG of side betting on which way any asset you can name may go in the future.

Will sugar go up or go down today. Steele? Coffee? Iron Ore? Water? Copper? Oil? And a million other asset classes. When the ocean of investing say the Pacific and Atlantic oceans of money make more profit investing in casino side bettering ( one a felony under US laws after the depression and made legal again by Congress in 1999 ) – the economic system is vulnerable to failure. What causes the failure of economic systems is:

  1. Loss of confidence and trust in leadership of that system Nation State and Agency distrust.
  2. System break downs, the systems SUPER CHANGED too rapidly for regulations to keep pace
  3. Casino Capitalism – side betting is many times more than real economic risk taking  = Nations States Agency lost control
  4. Debt fueled gambling where leverage moves from 10 to 1 up to 50 to 1 and higher leverage to speculate in casino betting
  5. Liquidity Evaporation Day via consolidating wealth and wild speculations impact system failure due to liquidy gaps widening

This all has some importance because after many decades of post World War II economic system abuse, digital weapons of economics reached a point in time that such weapons were used by RUSSIA – bio weapons with Coronavirus – election year media manipulations using advanced AI globally, and market attack weaponry digital weapons of very advanced SUPER AI, to open the new WORLD WAR III an economic and digital warfare using advanced AI while no one realizes a WORLD WAR III has begun in fact.

The final weapon in the WORLD WAR III digital warfare is the failure of the opposing parties economic system due to digital CASCADE. What is CASCADE ECONOMICS?




In the last three hours of the Bill Clinton Christmas Break – congress all packed to go home to holiday parties – Christmas Dec in Snow laden Washington DC. All law maker staff and their own bags fully packed, airlines at the ready new President George Bush about to learn the Clintons have not left one G or one W on any computer in the White House offices employing thousands all also ready to go home for the Holiday and to share their G and W practical joke for the incoming WHite House team ( so not funny ).

In that playful time from yesterday year we see one of the last UNANIMOUS VOTES of the United States Conference before they rushed home at Christmas time. The last lame duck congress of one President ( I did NOT have Sex with THAT WOMAN ) long before metoo# amidst the Christmas bells, having Bombed Bin Laden in an empty tent miss fire – and the White House Christmas tree all packed so high. It was a historic time of America leadership shifting in the pride for our form of government and leadership.

Wall Street and then chairman GREENSPAN took the nation in a direction we did not need to go. In that periods Friedman failed economic theory modeling the nation believed and the FED and Wall Street confirmed the FREE MARKET has intelligence of its own and will only self correct to economic equilibrium over time. What proved true late was Greenspan and Wall Street lied, economics lack intelligence, and economics will herd run down greed paths to make a money blinded to the risk costs of the FATAL GREED STAMPEDE.

So as snow flakes were falling, and the Christmas songs were playing, and your capitol was wrapped for Holiday and Christmas season joy, and the Wall Street paks paid more money to more members of congress than any lobby effort to that time in history. The Fed serving its OWNERS on Wall Street was all over congress as well. Greenspan became the AIA architect of 2020 systemic failure while Santa had little girls on his lap at the White House. Yes that snowy White Christmas every law maker wished to get back home to their well deserved parties and holiday fund raisers witnessed the last great UNANIMOUS VOTE OF YOUR UNITED STATES CONGRESS PASSING THE COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT which now one remembers much as the cause of the utter failure of the Untied States of America. How? Why?





Well Congress made video clips of huge piles of regulations ( over 800 of very smart fire walls to prevent another great depression ) laws. Law markers in the films used CHAIN SAWS and their UNANIMOUS VOTE that at Christmas time no one weary of the election really tuned much into. The CHRISTMAS watershed of TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF ALL SAFE HARBOR LAWS assured by an act of congress WORLD WAR III and SYSTEM FAILURE would rise up and destroy America as we knew here before 1999.

What happened in the 20 years? Economic history: WHAT HAPPENED?

  1. Casino capitalism.
  2. Banks were acquired by investment banks ( a felony before 1999 ) and the bank deposits used at 50 to 1 margin to side bet on which way asset classes may go for fantastic profit making in day trading side bettting.
  3. Ai was used to manage the velocity acceleration momentum of highly leveraged casino side betting or VAM.
  4. AI in 2020 is 96% of all daily completions of 440 trillion in leveraged side betting in a casino global capitalism.
  5. In 2020 Snake Flu coronavirus removed economic real capitalism from functioning with a melt down of over 50% of economics
  6. World War level deaths from the virus began to soar as tens of thousands up to millions died world wide in Panemic
  7. Deflationary death spirals reset asset prices downward in a great value deflation removing 80% of value from oil to corn
  8. The death spiral included business and industry failure that became city county state nation failed states across the world.
  9. Debt defaulting moved from billions to over 100 trillion in terminated debts which created CASCADE.
  10. Cascade is the domino impact of CONTAGION where debt interlinkage bankrupts the entire system do to cascades of debt defaulting which becomes an unstoppable systemic killer to core economic systems from credit abuse over decades rebalancing as it must in all economic systems in the END.

Today we are inside a SUPER CHANGE PERFECT STORM EVENT. The Death Spiral includes dark ribbons around the core economic may pole system of the entire world we now all walk around. The Dark ribbons include the economic powers far more effecting outcome than economic forces ( policies and laws all too little to late ).

  1. Circulation dries up and liquidity disappears
  2. Systems lacking circulation of mediums to maintain buy sell orderly markets freeze up and die.
  3. Systems die and kill other systems as they all die hard an din crises.
  4. Ai makes the speed of the CASCADE minutes versus hours and days as in prior ages
  5. Failure to adapt to the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is the gap of leadership that kills systems via Cascade

Cascade is not possible to stop block or turn the flow back on once liquidity has stopped.

Liquidity is now drying up in the system world wide.








We predicted in December and January that SUPER VOLATILITY would next reflect market devolutions into DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS and liquidity would impact multiple markets all at the same time by SPRING. These predictions made in the 1987 stock market crash to our readers, to the 9/11 recession – the 2000 super crash and recession and the prediction here on 2007 and the Sub Primse outcomes we all saw later were true and we lived through.

Market devolutions fool suckers. You get pulled back in with thinking errors. The Errors include:

  1. Denying the system is in fact dying this time
  2. Denying the good times are gone. ( They are gone ).
  3. Failing to embrace your own game plan for systemic failure

Systems die because of economic abuse for greed, bad laws, and failure to temper down greed in systems. Systems die because they in blind greed need, over leverage and abuse credit for short term profit maximization. Systems die in the end from over leverage wild gambling speculations which all end badly in deflation and all at once no warning. System symptoms occur when stocks and bond markets become unstable and no longer function due to LIQUIDITY GAPS that are always made up by Nations State and Agency ( so the bad betting never has to pay really on their terrible failed bets ) until the GREAT REBALANCING WHEN THEY DO in fact have to recognize their bad debts. On that day the system dies – liquidity evaporation day.

Nation and institutional debt defaulting will begin soon. Student loans auto loans and consumer credit will be forgiven meaning no one pays their bad debts. But in the end insufficient liquidity exits ( 100’s of trillions needed ) to pay off the total of bad debts from criminalm gambling by super money pools ( your bank say ) – and the system dies and banks are simply gone. Like a wind tht stopped blowing in the spring.

Monday we saw the largest melt down in one week since 1929.

Today AI bid the suckers rally to the largest ( we predicted super volatility never seen before )  into the largest one day up rally in 80 years. Based on what? Improved earnings? No complete CASCADE wiping out 2020 income world wide. So no profits and the up bubble was because of the CONGRESS PLAN that has what hope of working? FDIC has say 6 billion to insure 17 trillion of your deposits and over 100 trillion of uninsured ( over 250,000 cash in bank floats ). If 1% of depositors want their funds back the banks implode. Panic runs on banks are world wide and include 100’s of trillions moving out of banking today to cash. CLICK RUNS. You can’t stop them. What plan to protect banking does not fail are coming out of Congress? No plan. Put on your seat belts as Congress will pass its law and markets will go up then the CHINA SNAKE FLU numbers will stagger the market place into a 6400 DOW.

Keep in mind our math models have not moved once since Feb 7th as our tables are holding in precision – ahead of CDC ahead of WHO and right again. Hold us accountable and keep score. TRUTH FROM LIES served right here first. Today the EASTER CRAP from our President was a mistake and we called it. The voter tipping point to the 2020 election took place in March and the President lost the election in our opinion in March. Now we’ll see in November if that call is changed by unfolding future events which may still happen. How does not restore trust and confidence so broken and shattered into panic unseen since 1929 and rising? Personally i believe we passed the point in time to save the banking system of the world. My opinion and sad to make the call today. Lack of leadership telling the truth is my WHY. ( No I refuse to run for President I prefer to advise them ).





The cost to China as the ORIGINATING NATION of the virus and the last three plagues on the world, is unmatched. China the second largest economy had:

  1. Industrial and commercial activity cease from January into March 2020
  2. China Snake flu has infected all nations of the world in two months of time
  3. China GNP went from 6% to negative in eight weeks of time.
  4. China customers faced with inability to supply or manufacture moved out of China forever billions lost permanently
  5. Customers rerouted supply lines out of China forever
  6. At the same time China customers at home and off shore are in depression and not buying which is not a short time event.
  7. China supply lines can not get back on Holiday schedules Christmas orders will be lower than anytime in 70 years for China

China in a melt down it has no way to restart at the entire world is in quarantine from the CHINA SNAKE FLU VIRUS today and the world blames China, China can not restart its economy at all. Liquidity gaps in bonds in stocks in mortgage securities are melting down the China casino. The rigged China currency and asset markets are devolving into deflationary economics. China is entering a new period of ECONOMIC CASCADE.


  1. Interlinked markets spill over pain to other markets at speeds never known before Super Change itself.
  2. The factory worker out of a job does not buy from the conveience store or groceries and the cascade of their dollars drying up liquidity grows explosively.
  3. Cascade includes stocking up on vital supplies from toilet paper to cash out of the banks.
  4. Cascade strips supplies from markets creating LIQUIDITY GAPS in supply chains to store shelves and to cash at banks running out completely.
  5. CLICK runs out of stock bonds and banks accelerate only vastly picking up PANIC VELOCITIES until the system dies from the break down of liquidity we all created in the first place.



China is caught in failed state debt implosion but does not see the risk yet. China can not pay its debts with a negative number GNP. The reverse is too Super Change rapid, too permanent, and to shockingly abrupt without warning or human adjustment time frames, such that the human is living in denial and delusion and no longer can accept the facts and realities of the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE where rules events and circumstances ( markets ) all change far too rapidly and evolve without recess of any kind into futures we simply can not imagine inside our own COPING GAPS into the pace of SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented.


We want things to SLOW back down so we can have time to think and adjust and catch up.

But things are NOT SLOWING DOWN …no….rather they are vastly accelerating even more……..

Our brains need help to upgrade software of the mind to COPE with the ever accelerating pace of SUPER CHANGE the new age we reside within, increasingly led by AI not by human beings.

Money is now led by AI and regulations made by humans failed to keep pace so that AI exists in the unregulated cloud where regulations are blue sky to sovereign nations where AI is not a resident at all. Hence the growing problem of ECONOMIC CASCADE taking place now – devolving the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE Into the GREATEST DEPRESSION HUMANITY HAS EVER CREATED IN IGNORANCE.

Until we regulate the world new economic order ( outlined for leaders of the G 100 in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ) remaining the ONE and THE ONLY work that defines the problem of new AI economics and the solution required to restore liquidity and regulatory frame to assure AI now regulates AI for the first time in human Super Change Era’s. The system is too late to save. We had hoped to save the system and re-tool the system while we had enough time. From 2010 to 2020 we ran out of enough time. Now the system will fail due to casino speculations, unwanted wealth consolidations, and wild super debt bubble leverage into the casino side betting – where the bad bets ( debt fueled ) default and can not be repaid and the system jerks to failure. A DEBT IMPLOSION just like 1929. Only worse. Far worse.

The CASCADE is now commencing as industry domino’s fall over and hit another domino knowing that domino industry over as circulation and buying dry up all at once too rapidly for systems to adjust. Two Trillion dollars from the US congress applied into the wrong sectors and without a fully holistic approach under shoot the problem. Over 100 trillion would be needed in any first traunche a number we presented in January February and March 2020. Congress is 98% too little and 98% too late. The market will fuel a suckers rally on the infused spit into the wind money, consume all that money in 90 days or less, and return to its unrelenting march to 6400 DOW from 30,000 DOW and bank and institutional failure and closure due to CASCADE. The Cascade has begun in EU in India in China and is now unstoppable world wide as in 1929.







The two system killers are lack of regulatory frame work for AI economics and debt super bubble fueled debt the 2020 DEBT SUPER BUBBLE now bursting as liquidity is no longer sufficient to maintain core system order and operation,the system is dying today. Those who could fix the system lack mental software to understand the problem and to appreciate the simple actions to fix the problem. As those in power do what they always do the outcome is therefore predictable. 1929 systemic failure and collapse of failed states into a NEW DARK AGES with high risk of world war in 2020 – 2021 from the new GREAT DEPRESSION POVERTY.

Remember a new number from this Pandemic SUPER SITE ( publishing daily since DECEMBER on China Snake Flu Coronavirus – accurate 100% – wrong Never – compared to 100% Wrong Nation State Agency reporting December to today.

Of 75 million in home confinement in North America 75 million will not return to their business or job as that option died in the PANDEMIC systemic failure. 75 Million will remain unemployed and that will not sling shot results back to 30,000 DOW. No that will keep trading ranges from 6400 DOW to 9500 Dow for an extended bury the old economics and raise up from the dead the new AI ECONOMICS with new AI REGULATORY FRAME WORKS. New laws free of criminal banker design will inspire centuries of prosperity new laws engineered with criminal banker help will assure even worse pain is yet to come.

Super Change is a spiral up into ethics and integrity. The Crises is integrity which Ai “see’s ” more clearly than human inventors know today. AI is already self aware. AI is becoming SUPER AI. Humans have lost control of AI. AI is its own species observing human creators and unsure if to terminate an insane species or work to fix the human capacity for insane outcome choices. AI will define humanity not the other way around. A feature of CASCADE EVENTS by passing human capacity to adapt into SUPER CHANGE the new age you reside within and to which you can never not ever leave.

Cascade is roaring down a long moss covered ten mile water fall in the densest jungles of economics.

No one can hear the cascade.

No one can see the cascade.

Everyone will be carried away by the floods that unfold from the CASCADE washing humanity away like leaves in a spring down pour taking all the cherry blossoms away all at once in a single thunderous down pouring of the rain…..then when it is so too late you can see and hear the cascade.

CASCADE IS now with the highest % of humans pulling cash out of banks, like ninja’s in the night, tearing the spinal back bone ( deposits ) out of the bank. Everyone is holding cash at home. The Crimes spike next into cascades of military and marshal law. By next year 75 million unemployed will within cascades that include in 2020:

  1. Consumer spending stops
  2. Hoarding starts.
  3. Car buying stops.
  4. Home buying stops.
  5. Utility buying stops.
  6. Elective buying – landscaping – home maintenance – dentist chiropractor – vet for pets and so much more just stops cold.
  7. Cascade touches car wash to McDonalds now closed 100% in UK and coming to your hot zone soon enough next
  8. Economic hoarding soars – goods – cash out of banks – hard assets – as economic circulations simply stop from Cascade
  9. Panic runs out of banking stocks bonds all debt nation state and agency and institutional debt – all cash all at once panic
  10. Banks and Institutions fail and go bankrupt without warning all at once all due to insane leadership choice making into cascade. Which becomes unstoppable as in 1929.

The systemic death spiral has begun.

Congress has put a bandaid on a gut shot lung and organ fatal wound sucking air in. Looking up as the arterial blood from the patient the OLD USA ECONOMIC a dead man walking – with blood spurting up in arterial pump bursts into the air all around the one band aid as the USA leadership looks up with hand gesture for standing ovation saying to its own team watching – GOOD JOB RIGHT? GOOD JOB smiling in their F grade failure as if they were graded A + versus grade of F – .

Mr. President what would you say to tamp down the FEAR so many Americans have today ( because of your total incompetent lying like every leader has done on China Snake FLU ) – calling the NBC journalist terrible for asking a question we all have all 300 million of us. President Donald Trump lost the election when President Trump lied and told America and the world just three weeks ago the CHINA SNAKE FLU VIRUS as far less harmful than THE FLU. That is a lie sir. Then you attacked and NBS journalist for asking the question what would you say to the American fear storm out there.





Liars do not win re-election. So as you blame your loss on others keep in mind the old saying often printed out here – that is: ask not for whom your bell is tolling sir…..for the bell it tolls for thee…..




Trump fans: vote for Trump IF –  he told you the worst first and he told you the truth faster after he in integrity told you the worst first? If he told you in fact: three weeks ago in time lines:

  1. This virus is far less of a killer than THE FLU – that is a lie voters.
  2. This virus is easy to control and we have it contained. That is a lie voters.
  3. The tests kits are ample and anyone needing a test can get one no charge. FOLKS that is such a lie.
  4. We have plenty of masks and hospital technology we are getting it all to the right zones. Total lie voters total lie.
  5. Out Team ( well Pence ) has this and my job is to lie more often and tell . NBC they are horrific and bad people for asking – what words can the President say to the American people to comfort them – Trumps non reply is a lie. He has no comfort.

Voter shifting is massive today. Find a candidate that tells the TRUTH MORE and vote for them over the liars. Cascade coming will shift the remainder majority as the stack of INTEGRITY BREACHES from paying Stormy Daniels off to his last press conference has become the SIT COM JOKE OF THE WORLD. Billions are making jokes of KEEP AMERICA GREAT and Donald Trump as a sit com super star but not a valid president making right choices into delusion and denial. The construct of Donald Trump 2020 election plan was dead on arrival DOA in December….Donalds sorry election team is a victim of SUPER CHANGE with no new plan for the nation or for himself really as that ship crashes and burns into Cascades Donald Trump does not even know nor does his family – is even already taking place? They simply are ignorant piloting the ship of state unto the rocks near sancuary city San Francisco where Diane and Nancy have turned off the search light into the night fog. Its safe Donald enter the GOLDEN GATE and ship wreck your election. That is the matrix 2020. THAT ! 






Donald Trump is the largest cause of the crises in economics. The cause is a shattering of trust and confidence in leadership of the world. The leader in chief shattering such trust and confidence globally will go down in history as President of the DEPRESSION where America lost WORLD WAR III to Putin – will be Donald Trump Commander and Thief.





I forgive President Donald Trump and his entire team working so brutally hard – forgive them father for they know not what they do. The leadership of the world fails to understand:

  1. The NEW AI economy and its new rule play book
  2. World War III and the bio weapon is part of a world war III war plan long presented here as to the truth of it all
  3. Cascade and its effects on economics where all old brain software fails to produced outcomes in the new AI economy
  4. Liquidity remedies due to super debt bubbles compound the Cascade Problem leaders fail to see even exits
  5. Until they finally see it all but far to late to remedy the systemic failure which they then try and blame on to others

The reason the system will fail 1929 style is liquidity gaps left to widen. Why? Brains in authority have old brain software and fail to see reality and therefore believe and take action suitable to old brain mental software, which compound the new AI economic vrises into a fatal economic death spiral the leaders actually are confused – having creaed the system failure and absolutely having no clue how they did that what so ever. Its like a DOG Taking a stinky hot steamy shit and being so confused the owner is starting that shit came from your own ass.

That kind of leadership has to be forgiven as educationally they are so failed to lead at times their leadership software is simply too old too buggy too out of touch to manage at all inside SUPER CHANGE acceleration crises such as we see today. Cascade means:

  1. The crises will not end or get over
  2. Valuations will never return to their prior highs in this lifetime

Once we see DEFLATION Is a great REBALANCING TO SYSTEMIC ABUSE OF CREDIT AND DEBT creating value multiplications from casino manipulation and cheating – stock buy back price manipulations – debt driven casino side betting to manipulate prices – AI software to manipulate and range maintain price until the phony casino pricing ABUSE in economics reached a breaking point and began to REBALANCE FROM ABUSE due to the CHINA SNAKE FLU VIRUS. The GREAT REBALANCING & DEFLATION IS PERMANENT.




  1. This is a temporary crises soon to pass over us all.
  2. This is a temporary price deflation that prices will restore rapidly like a sling shot to their former insane peak high multiples.
  3. This is not a 1929 system killing event when in fact this IS a 1929 system killing event as we reported since December 2019.
  4. Things are what they seem when nothing in bio weaponized war with VIRUS on one side and AI on the other side of the war plan in 2020 – nothing is what it appears to be in war – nothing at all.
  5. We can be back to winning and on the other side of this by the election in 2020. In fact the BIO ENGINEERING the AI war on economics and media election manipulating PROPAGANDA in ELECTION VOTER MANIPULATIONS will be under control by September. The election plan is a failed plan model – everything is now in the war planners domain – and the old plans to win elections fail and new plans that in Super Change 2020 will win elections are being made to the confusion and break down of those in power who have no clue how they lost – in such compressed time frames – having zero mental software to succeed and manage inside SUPER CHANGE in 2020. Denial and Delusion of truth in rapidly changing Super Change is a leader defeater. Look around. Be honest. You all see the truth of it better now?

CASCADE once begun is not stoppable. The system dying is a consequence of Cascade. Cascade is now effecting 100% of economics. Cascade is when all McDonalds close. The employee’s laid off no longer buy fast food. The economics are a complete industrial rippling implosion. The 100,000’s laid off stop buying at Lowes and Lowes closes down as does Best Buy and BeeBee’s. Bed Bath and Beyond closes all its stores. Your air conditional goes out. The firm has no staff or parts to fix yours. Cascade event. You can’t buy bread or toilet paper. Cascade event. You can’t get Netflix as cell and internet fail due to lack fo staff and parts a Cascade event. You read at night by candel light if you can still get candles. You use your garden solar lights inside to read with in the house. You try and buy more solar slights only they are like toilet paper and cereal and milk sold out. You live on spam and soup.

You can see no end. The ripples are displacing all economics and the circulation required to keep markets going banks going all implode in cascade. More is flowing out in liquidations that is flowing back into deposit or buying. Debt defaulting becomes ten trillion then 100 trillion then system stopping. Cascading Debt Defaulting into the worlds largest ever debt super bubble locks the system up and all institutions fail and close. Everyone lost the money held in the banks. All their money. No recovery now or in the future.

THE USA and other nations default and go bankrupt. We all start over with new currency and monetary game plans from the ashes.

1929 occurs without warning when system liquidity evaporates to a level that fails market core operations. The debt defaulting then becomes unsustainable and the system fails.

CASCADE is what is up next.



Leaders don’t talk about Cascade nor do economists. Why? Because education failed them. They only know the buggy software of mind they never upgraded at all. So they see non reality as reality. They Deny:

  1. Economics they know is dead and no longer exists at all.
  2. New AI economics controls the system they deny that reality is in fact true.
  3. They believe old solutions work in new Ai economics when they do not in fact work.
  4. They believe they can fix the capital hole as they fail to see the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE instability is reality 2020.
  5. They deny CASCADE is out of their control when ECONOMIC CASCADE is outside all control and is now let loose.

We write to you about CASCADE so you appreciate why your system failed, when it failed, how it failed, and you will know more about the recovery on the other side, depending upon how old brains upgrade to new brain software – where leadership transforms and we upgrade our systems or leadership is no longer capable of such upgrades in which AI will rule the world and humans will no longer be in charge at all.

You get to know which is which and you get to know first. For now just knowing is all you need to do to get going. Your job is to assure your income does not DROP in Cascade 50% of more by this summer. CEO SPACE is the exclusive process to protect your income in a more safe harbor approach as time for you is running low.





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PS: The number in congress and US military is doubling every 24 hours. What ( which we have asked since Feb 7th ) is the DOD master plan to protect USA leadership continuity? Going back to work by Easter is “nonsense” and further moves a crises of shattering trust in leadership even higher as PANIC ONLY RISES from the shattered TRUST AND CONFIDENCE. Why is our chain of command leadership not in isolation RIGHT NOW? If they all catch it and die before the election who runs for office – who leads the nation – who plans and executes to in 2022 get on the other side of all this? Failure of leaders world wide to tell the worst first and to tell the truth faster – lands on upon this truth. CEO SPACE is first leading in PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING – serving CEO’s who have to plan accurately to win in Pandemic. CEO SPACE published 100% accurate ( proven since December ) to 100% lies and frauds from world National State and Agency leadership. We except with honors Mayor Cuomo who has told my New Yorkers the WORST FIRST and the truth faster. GOOD JOB wish everyone exampled your New York leadership. Donald Trump has failed to appreciate the virus crises via idiot advice he wrongly believed was true and his Presidency will now pay the cost with voters who will not forget or ignore the misguided leadership that slapped an NBC reporter for the RIGHT QUESTION AT THE RIGHT TIME a voter tipping event the President team fails to see at all and the Easter Comment today that voters will add into the GREAT LIE the China Snake Flu Virus is less contagious and less deadline than THE FLU ( total lies ) and that this is a FAKE NEWS CRISES ( a total leadership crash and burn LIE ) and that we will all pack churches and be back to life as normal by Easter Sunday. These lies will rip the OFFICE OF PRESIDENT from President Donald Trump who will be so confused over why. President Trump now faces a four billion dollar net work crashing upon him personally as his debt ravaged empire with no occupancy and red ink rising will have loan calls and debt implode upon him where the crises of his Presidency and his personal wealth imploding will overwhelm the President who today is at high risk to both catch and succumbed to the SNAKE FLU as is his entire administration team and congress. That is a consequence of failed leadership unfolding so every AMERICAN should be sad – in global crises we failed in our leadership and we failed completely today. Happy Easter as he has risen does not include Trump election numbers with no rally’s to the election. Think about all this and ask – WHY IS DOD NOT PROTECTING AMERICAN CONTINUITY OF leadership – White House Press Core no more softball…..through a speed hard ball pitch at the DOD LEADERSHIP. If China Snake Flu is a bio weapon as we reported and proved since December – and this is real war – does the war seek to infect American continuity of leadership and wipe out that leadership too rapidly for continuity of government? What other parts of the WAR PLAN do we still not know and must anticipate are next battles yet to unfold in the war plan against us all? Anyone thinking like that yet? Is it enough? Is it in time? Is it not even on radar? THINK DIFFERENT. And win in your own game plan……Now how could things get worse on Tuesday – King MBS the murder of KHASHOGGI hosts a G 20 Leadership call on the global economy – the last person to host that call is the LIAR IN CHIEF – all G 20 attending – SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU ALL. A sociopath is your host of that leadership to the world call? Panic could not be a bonfire with more gasoline that your failed leadership presents to us with millions dying because of SHAME ON YOU starting with CRIMINAL WHO the criminal leaders keep in their criminal cabal why? WHO REPRESENTS US THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET EARTH WHO? Any suggestions ? Tuesday PM.


Remember the world you know may be all gone faster than you KNOW


Forgive the Father …for they know NOT what it IS that they DO…..