As the song says – by you know who – when he sung and  said YOU GOT TO “KNOW” WHEN TO HOLD THEM. You got to KNOW when to FOLD them. The critical TIME to sell was this last Summer and Fall as about 20 of my BLOGS told you – SELL IT ALL . Those that did have the highest profits and no losses. Those that fail to listen 91 times since 1990 – lost a lot of money “IF” and its a huge “IF” you SOLD right now. If you look at three years you have not lost anything. Get your mind around 2019 2020 and you’ll be fine don’t think about 2016 as a year of volatility in an election – thats all. CALM DOWN CHILDREN. Calm Down they are playing with the money.

Also consider the trading participation index is the lowest number of players participating in the market since 1929 or EVER. This is large money and their computers trading against the other institutions computers. COMPUTER TO COMPUTER. The little guy is not even in the game folks not all – nothing like 2007. So CALM DOWN. This is a PHONY BALONEY MARKET PLACE. Really it is. The pro’s all know that and none are worried. They are just playing cards oe against the others software. Thats all. Its temporary. They’ll trade it all back up soon. Watch. Trust me.

The issue is only ONE. It is not moving from FED stimulation which is phony casino capitalism. No. Thought that IS painful and takes a market adjustment period. It is not moving back to Price Earnings Ratios  resetting outrageous unsupportable 30 to 1 PE ratios back to a high and it still really high of 16. It takes 16 years AT THAT to get money back. So thats HIGH. The market is OVER PRICED still. Experts say 10% more. I say 20%.

It may go up before it ratchets down again.

If your holding 3 years what do YOU care. Be rhino skinned to cycles in short time frames. Let it roll off you. You are not SELLING NOW. So calm down children. This is the time to HOLD EM.

The thing you wish to watch is DEFLATION. Deflation causes SUPER CRASHES which this is not YET. A 6400 DOW versus 1600 DOW is a SUPER CRASH. China reports employment UP and GNP year end better than expected. The issues is no one believes those numbers are real. I don’t. So the market will tell you if THEY BELIEVE the head guys reports this weekend designed to calm the children of the world down, were believed. We’ll see because the market actually knows truth from bs. Leadership spin is silly in a digital world. Only the truth will work.

Deflation. The price of everything falling. The price of the cost of everything. Supplies – oil – chemicals – commodities – building supplies – labor – everything. If we see deflation take root the policy of the central banks and are Fed will be the most disastrous policy failure in the history of modern economics. It is hard to beat their last failure that brought us the 2008 CRASH and the GREAT RECESSION. Will they now bring us the second GREAT DEPRESSION. We have to wait and see.

I’m thinking they might.

They are stuck though. If they fail to raise interest rates they signal the entire market space – hey the world is really FUCKED UP. And if they do that the panic will rip the world fabric to shreds. So they MUST RAISE INTEREST RATES. But if we have deflation that may RIP THE WORLD TO SHREDS. So it may be time to merge the FED INTO THE US TREASURY because they simply are a failed institution, antique, that no longer saves us but actually triggers boom bust cycles we can avoid and we must avoid and we should have already avoided.

Who is the blame game landing on? The wrong players that is for sure.

Folks the BLAME for all our PAIN is the Federal Reserve Board.  The FED is not a Federal Agency as you think it is. The FED is an 80 page act of congress to create a PRIVATE COMPANY owned by shareholders ( banks ) who never are disclosed to anyone – with a solo exclusive RIGHT to print the nations money in exchange for ungodly profits and fee’s – and make our policy on money – as a band of criminals. Think of the Fed as TONY SAPPRANO’s BANK. The 80 page law precludes us – the government from auditing the FED and there really is no accountability – only reporting which is reporting LIGHT and the FED ( Tony and his gang of thieves ) are immune from PROSECUTION.  The public has no clue this 100 year old law made during an age of telegraphs is so outdated and obsolete – yet our largest red ink is the debt we owe the FED.

So why doesn’t Donald Trump or Hillary suggest – we merge the Fed into the US Treasury – print our own money with NO INTEREST like we did for 100’s of years – keep all the Fed systems and processes – and pay off the Fed Bond Debt over 200 year SUPER BONDS we put in the market with a US guarantee backed by the World Bank and IMF as co guarantors. The US has instant BALANCED BUDGETS and can grow again free of the failed FED policy machine now under fully audit transparency and reporting of the US TREASURY oversight provided by the US CONGRESS. The banks are REALLY REGULATED where the bears and wolves are not the guards of the chicken coup. Which is insane today and was insane in the 1800’s.

Folks. The CAUSE of the CRISES one after another is the FED.

The FED is to blame. Just the FED.

Congress needs to retired the FED in their next act of work.

THAT is the path to prosperity for all nations. It is insane to have Tony Soprano’s print a nations money.

But folks…that is truly what is happening. The Fed is a private stock corporation with real shareholders who reap real profits all in secret. SECRETS make economic systems unstable and reduce populations with hidden interest taxes to poverty at their enormous gain. Wealth transfer is maximized to the FED ( Tony Soprano’s bank ) and its members gain.

It is time to stop the LEGAL THEFT.

If this means something to you – and you research the Federal Reserve Board on line – and spend 30 minutes on google with the Fed you’ll see in all nations – I’m accurate – you’ll be amazed there is SO MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT THIS IN PLAIN SIGHT – and yet the crooks get away with it because the population is FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE which is their only weapon. Education can reset our nation. In the end follow the MONEY. In all news from ISIS to the Jan melt down FOLLOW THE MONEY.

It is your job to share this information and make sure your circle has it. The truth really will set us all free.

Write your candidate.

Get this on the town meetings.

Blog yourself.


Now we are talking.

WE THE PEOPLE can do this folks, it just takes a rising up.


Calm down children. Now you know the CAUSE of all this. The Fed making a policy timing error to raise interest rates when the world was not ready – again – enriching itself at the cost of three trillion dollars in two weeks – but what do they care about that – they are collecting more than that in interest now. Much more.

Follow the MONEY folks follow the MONEY. Become economic ABCD EFG and the truth will set you free. I’ll keep a light on for you.