I’m a fifth generation San Francisco resident. My family forged the first and largest paper in the North Bay the CALL BULLETIN which was sold to the Hearst Family, but not until Mark Twain had died, as THAT was why they wanted the paper along with its circulation. My grandfather ABC Dohrmann promised Mr. Twain he would not sell “him” to the Hearst group until he had graduated. He kept his word. ABC also Chaired the largest department store chain the Emporeum Stores in the Western States and the largest Hotel Supply Group – DOORMAN HOTEL SUPPLY – and founded the National Park Service and served on its board the first four years. Forgetting his children’s contribution to the city, or my own, we are old roots in California. So I do not say this lightly.

California has politically lost its way from the time of Gov Jerry’s Brown’s father in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Whom I knew. Then California was number one in education, the number one business environment, the leading transportation system, and the envy of the world. Today California is down in the 30’s in fifty state education, and is falling lower fast. The road ways are one pot hole after another. The traffic is the joke of the world. The state offers its citizen the highest debt to income ratio of any of the 50 states. The state has no direction. The state is now the most HOSTILE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT in the United States.

Serving the largest Entrepreneur institution in the world we have offered to supply suggestions. In writing to leaders and Gov Brown. No one replies. But the actions of the state make everything worse and worse. Now Gasoline is the highest in the nation. While we pay 2.18 a gallon in Florida my home state is paying over 5.50 cents a gallon. Why? Legal theft is why. They can steal billions now and no one will stop the thieves. But three strikes and a guy stealing a loaf of bread to feed his six kids at home goes to prison for LIFE in California. The soul of California has been lost.

Seeing this all coming I left in the 1980’s for a more friendly state and there are too many to count. Chose yours. Avoid Nevada who awash in revenues just passed a corporate income tax on all the corporations housed there but operating else where – now those firms will be double taxed. Talk to LAUGHLIN USA ask for Scott if you have a Nevada firm and wish to “walk that entity” to WYOMING…I would do that right now if you read this or pass it on to a friend. Its the little things.

One little thing one tiny freedom until your in a completely controlled police state – thats what Hitler taught and California Politician’s practice. But now you have a bankrupt state that will soon default on its bonds, and debts just like Greece just like Detroit. You will wipe out pensions. You will reset your debt. You will cheat people on promises you made just like Greece saying its the mean lender who helped you out like it is their fault. You become souless then.

Dad always taught us – your a person if you keep your word and pay your legal debts. Illegal debts are something else.

California’s have the highest tax burden and goods prices and cost of living prices of all fifty states. It is now the most HOSTILE STATE JUST TO LIVE IN. In 2015 it crossed over to a state that people should LEAVE in record numbers.


You have no water for 25 years. This draught is not going away. Your going to be unable to flush.

LEAVE. Move to states benefiting from climate change. The earlier you leave the more you won’t suffer the property complete crash in real estate prices that is going to hit California. As hundreds of thousands of UNOCCUPIED HOME ( they are leaving folks ahead of YOU ) become millions of homes unoccupied and without buyers wanting no service, high taxes, roaring crime, no water to flush, quality of life that spends too huge and massive a percentage on shelter food and gasoline – versus other states where that percentage is half or less than half – as Bill Clinton said – its arithmetic folks its simple do the math.

It does not make sense to stay in California. The great gold rush out of the state to Texas, Wyoming, Colorado ( the number move in State ) follow the water. Move to the jobs, life style and mind sets. California is going to be a century to restore and it won’t happen for two generations. For the coming two generations untold millions are leaving the state. The tax base will fall as income earners by millions leave and property taxes plunge as property is abandoned in rental and ownership. People are walking away. For water. For futures for their children.

Your little ones will not find the jobs or the life they want by staying in California. You can leave before the route is front page news. But when it is the cost to you in new location jobs, new opportunity, better values, will be passing. THE TIME TO LEAVE is 2015.

California’s I speak from experience. I did it. No traffic. No taxes on business in Florida none – no b&0 tax no state income tax – gasoline is at 2.00 dollars yours is five – we can flush all day – electricity is cheap – roads are new – no traffic ever. Quality of life is amazing.

YOU ARE NOT A TREE. Replant yourself.

Business is leaving first by the scores every month. They need water – lower fuel and power costs – lower taxes – and they are taking their workers with them. If you stay your options will shrink. If you leave your opportunities will soar. LEAVE THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA and make sure the last person out of the state turns off the TAP !

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking about smart money living