So the bond market pays zero or less than zero to park money. No one makes a yield. The market could crash. Then 6.6 BILLION invest into the market – in flows – last week. Is this wise?

How much is leverage? Using FREE MONEY to manipulate bond market resale prices working on bubble market spreads as a speculation versus the old safe haven how polluted is the global bond market? How much influence has ETF speculations had upon the bond market value globally? The artificial influence now matching and exceeding bond market scale size and scope in the new unregulated world of digital casino capitalism now out of control?

We keep telling you.

We keep warning you?

When did sovereign nation funds get destroyed?

2008 that is when. In guaranteed AAA rated by criminal corrupt failed systemic credit rating agencies who should be put into prison right this month. But no here we GO AGAIN as President Reagan so well coined.

Japan eases money – failing to move from DEFLATION over twenty years of trying everything – and now SUPER EASES as never before and THAT is not working a year later.

EU taking no lessons from Japan seeing the 2008 crash breed a debt bubble, a recovery with no growth – a stagflation as Alan Greenspan see’s world economics – and a no end in sight – so they SUPER EASE following the proven failed policies of JAPAN. These FREE MONEY policies don’t work – don’t stimulate anything – and only manipulate manipulation – creating bubbles and acceleration to casino side bets with free money – a phony shadow banking economy of pure greed – out of control of any nation of central bank.


When you arrive at this point you see the SUPER RISK in the bubble in bond markets. The largest market for cash and money is the guaranteed bond market for corporations and nations. This market is going to SUPER CRASH. Driven off any historic track record by DEBT BOMBS that reach contagion and panic stage without any warning when domino defaults begin. They are close. They will arrive soon. We told you and told you on this blog.

Short ETF’s the next SUPER SHORT fortune marker.

Short BONDS. Be contrarian.

The present model is fatally flawed and broken – wildly in bubble speculation – and unsustainable.

BONDS HAVE ZERO VALUE and those investing in BONDS are INSANE.

How can you lose more than your principle? Margin leverage in your bond purchases. You have risk-less risk right?

Remember we TOLD YOU in our BLOG there is no such thing as risk-less risk. Every return is risk. You view asset classes as they rise and they fall they soar and they crash. You buy low and you SELL HIGH. You don’t buy at all time record high prices. Ever.

That model is ECONOMIC 101 – children.

So follow the herd. They always run off the financial cliff right to the very end. The herd is mindless.

Follow the leader. If you can find ONE even one. Watch what they are doing. They are out of the markets – they are in all cash – they are yield locked to diversified insurance investment the only cross asset class not in bubble today supervised by the most conservative money managers still regulated globally upon the earth. Everything else offers less return and less principle back when the SUPER CRASH hits.

Protecting principle now supersedes yield search.

Diversified insurance investing is superior to bond investing in protecting of principle when the BOND SUPER CRASH hits the market as it will.

This fall the risk in WORTHLESS BONDS as the BOND WIPE is one of the drivers of the next world SUPER CRASH.

Looking for safety? Want to store money in a negative return asset like BONDS? Want to invest where trillions are parked and billions a week are in flowing for safety ? Want to play in a global – unregulated – out of control – manipulated casino capital market – the new DIGITAL BOND SPECULATIONS?

Go at it. But I would not use your mommies saving and deposits. You might wish to see where your BROKER has you invested today. Ask them:

  1. How much if any is invested in ETF markets by dollars and by % of my total? Retirement plan included. In writing please.
  2. How much is invested in bonds – corporate national and other – by dollars and % and in writing please.

Then you decide not they decide on your own REALLOCATION THEORY. If you believe a SUPER CRASH is the only outcome for failed central bank market manipulation with free money policy – totally a bubble builder and utter ten year failed policy world wide – is SUPER CRASH – armed with broker information – call three insurance top their top five institutions and ask their LICENSED AGENT to propose a diversified insurance seven year game plan for your investment and what those returns might look like projected ahead.

If you leap into real safety and outside bubble wave effect – disregard market “what if” and “phantom earnings” on the roller coaster market space – let it go – let that risk and downward plunging go – so that on those SUPER CRASH months your on the Golf Course or Cruise Ship – hearing the woe reports of everyone else – everyone – and your at that salad bar – with an inner smile – going OH REALLY – and I”m so sorry – for YOU.

Your safe harbor came from a Blog. Your circle your family your inner network if you share this information reached SAFE HARBOR while the others where washed ashore in the financial storm could coming this fall as we have reported all year.

As they say in Alice in Wonderland… the Walrus and the Carpenter feasted on the Oysters who trust them….



……the time has come……..


…and now its done…..down the the very last and every one……


the song is glad the song is sad……for all are gone…and all are


gone……..I weep for them……



Berny Dohrmann – I weep for them


PS: The FALL folks be weary of the the leaves falling in the FALL……..