Economics in AI economics or old economics is still like flying Children. I’m a PILOT you see and I’m a retired investment banker economist that loves to research data. Economics today are attempting to dampen boom bust crashes and hold market prices for all asset classes in PRICE RANGES from Oil to sugar. This is achieved through NEW AI in real time assessing big data on supply and on demand and placing BETS into the market within the ranges AI not human beings – construct as – new normal for AI.

Around AI attempting something new in economics are human beings driven by GREED, that mucks things up. SInce the GREAT RECESSION and it’s criminal Fed & Banker gang SUPER BUBBLE in mortgage profiteering – the fines for crimes – and the cost to the tax payer now pass in 2020 100 trillion dollars. Who pays all this cost? How is this cost factored into the ECONOMICS or is it accounted for at all and it is rising as new crimes from the bankers world wide come to light well and business from Medoff and his billions to across the world from Russia to UK – just economic theft.

How does AI price in the losses? We think their programs lack capacity to take that step YET. We also think AI will begin to make economic crime obsolete but we are not there YET.

Meanwhile the system has to hold together within economic suicide trading partners. Partner 1 can not sell 90% more than it buys to its best customer unless that customer is making enough profit ( which it is not if it is the USA ) to afford to buy more than it makes for long periods of TIME. Over TIME the WEALTH TRANSFER of the seller and maker of stuff say China bankrupts their own best customer say America. That is ECONOMICS 101. Now America has compounded problems because China is a liar criminal nation. First rule in dealing with China they Lie. So if we look at crimes we can add up these for sure:

  1. China hacked our industry 100% and raped all plans and engineering and IP into their nation as a criminal theft of real wealth. From Cell phones to Abra Cadabra  China has moved the wal nut shells around stealing the wealth of the world. Fast too.
  2. China has hacked banks and coins and stolen trillions of just cash.
  3. China has hacked all our AI.
  4. China has hacked all our advanced weapons
  5. China said they would open their markets they have simply lied for three decades.
  6. China said they would not weaponize the China Sea that is an entire ocean and they were weaponizing while they lied form the Rose Garden they just lie
  7. China is ramping up offensive WORLD WAR III weapons in economics as AI and in space – in the seas and on land.

So in economics China is engaged – all well published and documented and we presented that data here with third party proofs – in asymmetrical war fare developed as a winning WORLD WAR III ( bankrupt the west ) war plan by Putin who mentors XI. These two communist rulers operate nations under their IRON CONTROL and Putin is XI’s # 1 Mentor – who says? XI over and over this year.

The Asymmetrical War Plan includes multiple fronts to weaken the enemy ( USA and EU ). Divide them maximally. Insert violence. Use 100’s of agencies and AI to influence elections to install socialists to Congress and to leadership. Bring the enemy low economically. USE advanced AI to hack them and steal their advanced weapons and move ahead of them. Then economically you control the world and they no longer do. We are getting close to the ASYMMETRICAL PUTIN WAR PLAN winning in 2020. If the Trade war advances economic melt down without creating a SUPER CRASH the West might still win….but it is very close folks.

A real WORLD WAR III is going on right under your nose and what helps the winners win is that you all don’t believe their is a war taking place at all. Ask any three star up General in any branch and they’ll help you see things more clearly.


So humans sure muk things up in economics. So the Criminal Fed a cabal of criminal bankers did what? Well the Fed is not a government anything. The Fed is a private NGO owned by its criminal bankers. Together they engineered their biggest profit ever in what – new structured assets known as MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES. These new economic “agreements” as all securities are just agreements – where proven to be bad agreements. They existed in the new developing AI economy outside regulatory oversight. The Fed is not a bank regulatory anything. The Fed is a criminal cabal that owns from congress via an 80 page Fed act you can look up on line – granting the bankers unlimited powers to print USA currency for a fee – never audited and with zero accountability to any one ever – zero check and balance known as independance.

Independence means the CRIMINAL BANKERS CAN NOW STEAL IN THE OPEN AND NO ONE CAN STOP THEM. That is all the worst economic theft of wealth of nations is – central banks are criminal wealth theft of nations. ECONOMICS 101. Worst the theft goes on right under your very nose and you believe the robbers are good guys. Economic ignorance 101. Ok then . Alrighty. Fasten your seat belt Children as we economists going down for the hard landing….put on our oxygen masks first and the children later if ever. Ai economics leaves no time to breath….have you noticed?

So we seeing bad bets from global criminal bankers in crap mortgages all criminally rated AAA the highest qualify securities when it was all pure crap – what did we all do? We’ll we did TARP and more to install 20 trillion so the bank bad bets were all paid off and the banks could steal even more. No one got punished. For crimes.

Then the criminal bankers got caught ( all of them ) money laundering – price fixing – phony accounts etc etc etc ( all of them ) and they paid parking meter fines – steal 100 billion pay a 3 million dollar fine or even 30 – and it all goes away as the big bad government is now funded by sharing in the crime money. Get out jail free cards. No one goes to jail. The crimes are larger from the bankers and the central banks than all the crimes economically of all those in jail combined together. Lets do the math:

  1. Of the five million locked up their crimes economically are a factor of x.
  2. The real criminal bankers and central banks stealing the entire wealth of nations – is a factor of xxxxx.

Can you add children the bankers having warm meals private planes and yachts exist outside regulatory real frame work today and never go to jail not ever and the total theft of money is far larger than all other crimes combined together. The real crooks remain free and the tiny crooks who are locked up are parking meter money to the crimes of the big corporations and bankers. In both Socialism and Capitalism unreformed.

Until we have enough – enough pain and enough crime  – we will not upgrade the system into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which box top rules:

  1. Self correct and renew regulatory frame works over time.
  2. Preclude unwanted wealth consolidations where 1% elite wealth is greater than 99% of 8 billion of all of us wealth ( 2020 ).
  3. Preclude bankers printing money – merge central banks back into state treasury with oversight and check and balances
  4. Systems replace trust with audits accountability and full transparency
  5. There are zero secrets in a real time reporting system – reporting firms report every 180 days versus 30 as it is today

Today the world is absent these 1-5 principles in any system. I ask as i set forth solution blue prints to world leaders and law makers in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – and NEXT MONTH RELEASE OF “SUPER CHANGE” ( as no one listened and acted on Redemption as yet ) – that we prepare for Super Crash together. To do this I encourage my readers to register to CEO SPACE in Dallas September 28th to protect yourself. I will not write on this item again. You have it or you do not.

So the DEBT MARKETS are rising in structured asset new debt models in all nations of the world toward a DEATH SPIRAL. Attempting to restore inflation economics the world is being flooded with money that is worthless. No really it is. The confidence in money is not shattered today but it will be shattered. You’ll see? How much will BITCOIN be worth when money is worth less? Ah that is THE question no?

The Debt is endless. China today said – hey boys we are super crashing – so look – as a last gasp as we made economic bad choices on the trade war and now we are imploding in a SUPRISE SUPRISE SUPRISE on us unfolding data – lets this weekend remove those silly reserve requirements for our banks. Criminal bankers. You can now lend to your hearts content and those old silly rules – you know – you get one dollar of deposit in and you can lend 11 to 1 – hey now you can lend 50 to 1 we don’t care really just lend and . lend make and make go and go help us all grow.

Only no one is borrowing in a down bubble in China. Why?

PANIC. The market is starting to GEO PANIC in markets. Markets are destabilizing.

I don’t have to tell you KIDS this do I?

You children all know it and the parents all lying to you do not remove your inner knowing right?

Children are really smart. They know things…….

The markets are Destabilizing in the BOND MARKETS.

Defaulting on Debt ( like SUB PRIME only system wipe out bigger ) initiates just two economic domino events:

  1. Companies and Nations default on their debts in a cascade that unfolds over 72 minutes in AI ECONOMICS
  2. Liquidity in the system evaporates – as you were all told here Children for years now

As it says though Children true then and true now from Alice in the LOOKING GLASS…..


The time has come.

The ability to spiral up SUPER DEBT BUBBLES in China is no longer sustainable. If a trade deal is not perfected and soon China will implode and the SUPER SHORTS taking place today will pay big winner sums to those making those bets. The Yuan up from the HOPE & PROMISE of a real trade deal – will occur because the PAIN from the USA is killing the evil vampire dead. The vampire has to agree not to come out in day light any longer and to assure it stays like a good vampire inside the economic boarders of its own casket moving forward ( CHINA ).  The Vampire has to agree to play by the rules or have a wooden stake driven into its economic DEBT HEART which frankly has no blood outside what it sucks from others left inside at all.

So failing the WAR and looking into SUPER CRASH ( in China and RUSSIA  ) will deals get made to SAVE THEM from their criminal war plan. We tend to rebuild when we are winner. TRUST AND VERIFY.

We’ll see. Lot is going on and China lies.

So any more lies and likely China implodes next.

The Bond and debt defaulting will rock the world.

What is going on in the news is nothing compared to WORLD WAR III playing out and the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE rising and rising until…well it no longer is at all.

But Children that is enough story entirely…now turn off the lights and take a sleepy time nap. Ok? All this is not happening to you NOW or YET. No no. None of this is happening to you now …the grown ups Children are playing war games – sleep on through them and go large on that Shake tomorrow…..there there its all good until it isn’t.