Since 2014 you have read the OPEC has made the worst economic error of any titan in modern times. The cost to OPEC is:

  1. The destruction of OPEC as we know it
  2. The destruction of OPEC as the SWING PRODUCER
  3. The loss of 1 trillion dollars of OPEC market share
  4. Economic disaster for Putin Russia and other PETRO  states
  5. USA ascendency that is unstoppable today.

Opec has lied so many times it is like FAKE NEWS to hear anything from them today.

Opec has said there would be demand of 100 Million barrels a day by 2020. In fact there will be he largest decline of oil demand in modern times by 2020.

Opec has said they are not worried about US Shale.

They have said that Shale has drilled all their sweet spots.

Then they asked US PRODUCERS to JOIN OPEC in the cut back – after they tried to crush USA producers into bankruptcy via artificial manipulation of supply and price. All of which failed.

We reported whoever cost OPEC its future and a. trillion dollars needs to be retired. Like forever.

The King  has listened to the wrong drummer folks.

OPEC has been misled and the cost will destroy OPEC . The members will not forget their loss of market share.

THE USA has a trillion square miles of oil to harvest in shale, in oil, in gas, in under sea deposits in under ice deposits and the USA can make money at 33.00 dollars a BARREL. The price is soaring DOWN. One of our CEO SPACE members has proprietary technology ( proven ) to take oil output of 1000 barrel a day wells now down to 3 barrels a day back up to 350 barrels a day for 200 years. At any price it works. America is the Pacific Ocean of Oil Folks. OPEC is a mud puddle.

Technology is upending all of OPEC antique models. These boys have seen their sun completely set. Now. They waited to long for ARAMCO the sucker buy for the loser capital.

Folks if you want to cow tow to the failed theory of the century in economics play with the DUMB AND DUMBER in OPEC. Front page news ( finally ) today replaying what we told you. Drying up fast.


Headline Monday # 1.


Headline # 2

Click CNBC and read the world confirmation that:

  1. USA supply is cheaper in the market and Asia is buying by 100’s of millions of barrels and leaving OPEC forever.
  2. USA supply is cheaper to refine for Asia refineries.
  3. USA supply is cheaper to transport.

OPEC made ECONOMIC DUMB AND DUMBER MISTAKES by creating the GLUT to sink USA production and now USA PRODUCTION is sinking OPEC.

As OPEC nations need above 60 dollar core cost – an obscene tax on 7 billion developing poor world wide – to support their debt construction and opulent planning – that no longer is in the black and operates year after year in borrowing – as their assets go down and down and down.

Hey STANDARD AND POOR AND FITCH where is your lower credit rating for OPEC are you not getting this?

OPEC as we reported last year and this year ( scroll and see ) is TOAST. A failed blip on historic economics from some greedy criminals who sought to tax 7 billion for the few elite against the many trying to become ill partners.

There is nothing “OK” about OPEC other than their lies.

They are a criminal cartel – OPEC against the entire world.

PUTIN needs to GET OUT OF OPEC and so does IRAN as SAUDI hates them and is lobby and lobby to the USA to hate Iran as well. Time to be neutral and not Saudi’s puppet toy. Saudi your influence your threats your day has come and your day has actually gone.

Today OPEC is dying.

The last to know how much an economic walking dead they truly are of course are the Rolls Zombies running around telling lies like anyone believed them any longer as they pay higher and higher interest for the cars they drive around in – no longer are they paying in full and in cash.

OPEC has lost the TRADE WARS for MARKET SHARE in only 36 months.

Those who stay in OPEC are economically – not personally – fools.

Berny Dohrmann – Confirmed by CNBC today – check it all out folks


PS: As always you heard it all three years early first RIGHT HERE. We tried to soft landing OPEC but they just wouldn’t return the call – now well – the failed policy team is in total charge. GOOD LUCK with THEM.