BLACK SWAN ARGENTINA? What makes my Tummy Growl going into the Labor Day Holiday in America last weekend of Holiday before summer is OVER and we all world wide get back to WORK for REAL? Well Argentina. Why?

Having been from Peron Days into the nation and its wonderful people the stress of:

  1. Fiscal missed options and opportuntiies
  2. The mismanaged events bringing us to today
  3. A total crash of the nations currency
  4. A move to 60% interest ( which never works )
  5. Where the strategy to once again restart Argentina fiscally is NOW

The problem is years of SOCIALISM which simply as the nicest set of ideals – has no validity in economics. It can’t self sustain and always crashes making things WORSE FOR THE POOR than other economic choice systems always – always – do better.

So today as I’ve been sharing with you all – the network of banks and central banks is one huge integrated system. The System now includes 10,000 Super Money pools that control capital movement and circulation world wide by AI. For the first time SOFTWARE not HUMAN’s control all economic Velocity Accelerations and Momentum’s. VAM. I have been warning about the risk of this all taking place outside any regulatory frame work that has thought ahead of the GREED speculation issues going on – and those powers take time to catch on how obsolete they are in fact to the realities of todays casino capitalism globally.

So now VAM and AI move money away from Argentina that no central bank has powers no World Bank no IMF has powers to moderate. An entire nation is failing all at once. Is currency is worthless – worth less than the paper it prints on as confidence is totally shattered now.

A nation back to barter and black market and hardship and rule of law break down and marshal law and riots and suffering and food and all of it an example of where Venezuela might be next week. Totally failing. If this CASCADES around the world the nervous gut tingling I have in my own Labor Day tummy is economics nothing less. BLACK SWAN.

We have advocated for SUPER BOND solutions for nations like Argentina as the ONE and ONLY asset based way forward we can see in economics. Super Bond Theory resolves the current debt burdened accounts of nations that can no longer survive without a debt reset to core balances which are not so far out of whack.

All economic abuse including the worlds enormous first time in history DEBT SUPER BUBBLE that is all nations globally at once – and corporations and individuals – all at once – is the RISK to rail the entire system if SUPER DEBT BUBBLE CASCADE BURSTING is to be avoided.

Super Bonds resolve the structural economic gaps to rebalance accounts inserting the critical asset of TIME to successfully manage forward.

Will SUPER BOND “EXECUTIONS” And Fast Track authority get set in place for Venezuela, Argentina, Some Gulf Nations – African Nations – and others in TIME to preclude Asia and related and unwanted account readjustments – where our way forward is clear and we all help to push the SUPER BOND solutions to market – fast track authority for nations to retain and work with leading Sovereign Bond law firm Hughes and Hubbard and Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner and father of Super Bond Theory – now reaching nations who are exploring fast track authority. 

Today’s event – a global BLACK SWAN POTENTIAL EVENT – of a DEBT CASCADE CRISES that can spread world wide – is what has my tummy with China falling – Iran crashing – Russia diving – Venezuela the world’s largest oil reserves – a failed state entirely – under Communism economic abuse to such an economic crises there is NO RECOVERY possible without SUPER BONDS nor for Argentina when they did bandied work like Greece which has no forward solution to its debt issues – today – unless and without SUPER BONDS for Greece. Permanent structural rebalancing the resets the entire world order and system onto even keel.

All nations need to get behind solutions for debt riddled sovereign states to assure we don’t see a POTENTIAL SYSTEMIC CRASH where banks and investment banks are bankrupt instantly due to DEBT DEFAULT CASCADING inside digital space beyond any old world contagion we used to experience in a world so far from REAL TIME it was news by sailing ship 75 years ago and before that horse back messages.

The world is new.

The problems are old.

The solutions are new.


Without application of SUPER BOND SOLUTIONS I fear a BLACK SWAN event is potentially  now unfolding in economic space – and it is very dangerous – itself a reason to pause FED INTEREST RATE rising – as Fed Interest Rising created Argentina – nothing else – just soaring interest – and I present that the Fed is going to open a flood of this pain if it keeps making policy mistakes. The box top rules are so simple:

  1. The Fed is not GOD.
  2. The Fed is some folks working to magnify profit and power of the FED. Less than 30 humans making choices and policies that drive their profit motivation to their shareholders – criminal banks. You all chart Trump ( lies ). Are they? Have you charted BANK CRIMES AND LIES…We are and we have. Trump looks like a seven year old child’s guardian angel next to the criminal guilty pled fine paid and out of jail crooks like the world has never known – they all have no tax case or special prosecutor case – they eat warm meals keep their profits pay a little fine to their gov insider crook pals and the next theft to us all – begins. Phony accounts phony loans fixing money price and interest price – no oversight or check and Balance – over control of MONEY the first product of any nation – ARE YOU KIDDING ME we let that go without any review – hey WE ARE THE CAUSE we are SO STUPID we deserve what we get for noting taking control BACK to WE THE PEOPLE. 
  3. The Fed is conflicted by our US policy needs and their own GREED NEED to earn maximum profits for the banks and investment banks that own their controlling shares – and whom they actually serve. In secret and in pure fraud to the American tax payer.
  4. If special Counsel investigated the FED the criminal indictments would be so many the Fed would already be merged into the USA treasury.
  5. The FED is causing pain in nations – like we have yet to know – read economist Naomi Klien SHOCK DOCTRIN if you wish to see the wrong minded approach we use to put nations into this Black Swan harms way to OURSELVES and never consider NEW INVENTIONS in economics to work out of the problem versus REPEATING past history – which is all the Fed does because it makes trillions in its own rush to profit versus going slowing.

Nations who must roll over sovereign debt can’t do so and settle in US dollars when a) they lack the dollars and B) the cost of loan roll over on their nations debt is rising over 500% in US dollar Interest in 12 months alone and going to 1000% higher in months forward – way too soon Fed for nations like Argentina to prepare and cope. WAY WAY TO SOON.

Argentina is not to BLAME all alone and guilty out there. The Argentine’s like Greece have done A + report cards working with IMF and World Bank and the USA and EU and Asia. Still they can’t sharing blame and cause over come the POWER of the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD for the single world reserve settlement currency US dollars – survive with 500% in 12 month interest rate rises – that are the RISK OF OUR AGE from the FAILED FED POLICY of TODAY in economics.

If the FED keeps this up we are going to have to rethink the entire time lines because the FED is creating whether for political reasons – A SUPER CRASH to derail Trump perhaps – in the election year – or simply in profits of trillions to their global bank tribes – just not seeing their unintended consequences to the world of sovereign nations as this insane interest rate elevation goes on.

Lets do it this way for your Holiday Play time:

  1. Money is a product. Say like an IPAD or a Galaxy phone.
  2. Like Coffee or sugar – common and everyone has some like salt.
  3. Now then raise the price – on any product by 100% all at once – than again than again than again till your up 500% in less than 12 months of time on your product. 
  4. Can a car or gas or beef survive in the market if the cost for your product rises too fast for your customers to buy and reuse the product in this case YOUR MONEY your DOLLARS?
  5. No company ( THE FED SMARTY PANTS INCLUDED ) can raise world reserve currency based on 50 year old play book rules so out of touch with the unregulated global digitally fully leveraging speculation taking place in price manipulations on every asset class including BONDS and debt of nations.

As the INTEREST at core rises too fast the FED sends the world ( and they know this ) into a SUPER CRASH BLACK SWAN EVENT and a major correction could now occur….Argentina if globally not repaired in 2018 ….has potential to BE THE BLACK SWAN SEED EVENT FOR DEBT SOVEREIGN DEFAULT CASCADING.

As this becomes now the MOST SERIOUS GLOBAL SYSTEMIC EVENT with all the IMF and World Banker and central bankers and Treasuries working non stop to resolve this – but how. Jaw boning Argentina is not going to do it nor is 60% interest anything but a shock doctrin.

Super BONDS is a total solution. That discussion needs to rise up the pole.


The Fed needs to hold interest till 2019 – no raises till after the MID YEAR elections or no more in 2018 – which helps enormously for Argentina planners and Super Bond Solution planners.

The Cause:


Others are going to fall next.

The BLACK SWAN’S WINGS are coming out now and may shade the boom markets as …it seems to me a political item versus an economic item – as raising interest rates on this pathology is frankly BAD ECONOMICS and irresponsible as the world reserve currency nation – and A FAILED FED POLICY which is easy though as 100% of their policies are failures. 

Eventually tax payers will get furious at the biggest waste of national wealth – interest on the nation debt – and stop it by merging the FED back into the USA Treasury – can be done in a week – and we no longer pay interest to print money – and why would we ? The reason for that is we all went insane.

Print money no interest – 300 years. Recent history from 1900’s with a telegraph and pony express – contract to give a private firm absolute control of the money supply by an act of congress – where an independent private firm prints the money – a central bank run for the nation by its own criminal bankers ( as all have pled guilty of the worst financial crimes of all history in war or in peace since 2008 ).

The World needs to stop this insane central bank crazy period – or wait till it all super crashes down like it did in the first Fed years 1907 and again so short a time later – 1929 all due to failed fed policy as the new agency – two depressions – two world wars – losses one can calculate – and suffering that includes over 100 million human lives slaughtered for reasons that well – had options. 

The FED is a BAD BAD AGENCY and the cause of our inability to have an Australian 27 year boom without any downturns or black swan economic events at all. Australia as a nation is not as large as the bigger USA cities. Why can’t we do as well as Australia on its ass with CLIMATE CHANGE and no water today.

Folks America needs to lead the free world – into a future of no nation left behind – all G 100 leading collectively – new regulatory global frame works – and SUPER BONDS working out the DEBT ISSUE and all central banks merged into treasury – or wait till all banks fail and then have a FED Central Banker revolution – perhaps the French Guillotine returns ( or your substitute )  so bankers don’t try this item again. Ever. 

I’m for putting all the central bankers on METH island they buy and reside on – they’ll all be addicted and happy with a guaranteed living wage. For them all.

Cheaper than what we pay not by a billion % as they rob all nations blind.

So you have new glasses to understand……

See how effect and cause create absolute distress of entire nations from failed policy all experts have been screaming to the Fed its TOO SOON ITS TOO FAST ITS TOO FREQUENT ITS TOO HIGH EACH RAISE.

So with all that – known – why are they doing this if its not political effecting reforms they do not wish to see occur – to their bankers and themselves as a criminal gang in charge of the central nations money but the same crooks are in charge of the majority of nations money.

THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE….before the Super Crash or after – really its up to others at this point.

My tummy upset is over SUPER BONDS which could have fixed Argentina and still can.

Options. One OPION and your out of the quick sand economics.

Step wrong and the BLACK SWAN SHADOW spans the digital world in a Holiday Weekend.

I’m nervous for post Labor Day when the grown ups ( like me ) come back and understand these tea leaves as protecting asset value will become the only AI policy.

Folks – I’m hoping we don’t see a major event – down – on Friday.


PS: Our entire US Debt what 20 trillion – Tesla was going private at 70 billion – the USA can issue Super Bonds and repay our debt accounts next year – you know what – why don’t we?