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What does the longest ten year boom expansion globally look like in 2020?

  1. A 468% gain for the S&P through Nov 1st. Never seen in recorded record keeping.
  2. The best performing growth market since WORLD WAR II and thats a lot of years folks.
  3. Through Thursday we see S&P move to a new record high at 472% epic run up – are you all tracking this?
  4. Explosive forward economics. Only 5% budget deficit – lowest cost of money ever – and economy at full employment plus
  5. The rest of the world slowed down making the USA the place to PLAY for all that money on the side lines trillions into 2020

This blog is the only site that has written about ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE. The kind of economics that occured in the 1850 with the invention of the internal combustion engine, electric light bulbs and engines, the telegraph into the telephone and voice recording altered the landscape. Our report on 2020 CONVERGENCE ECONOMICS is a tide lifting all our boats with:


  • 5 G and 4 billion devices flipping over in 2020 and 2021 alone – an economy by itself
  • AI into SUPER AI by 2025
  • DNA and longevity transhuman economics
  • Environmental earth industries from non toxic low cost energy – to cleaning up the earth in new sustainability  economics
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum travel and new industries flowing from Quantum knowledge explosions

There is more – much more in our publications on ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE.

The central bank management of economic stimulations to manage growth and expansion globally are changing economics at core into the new AI ECONOMICS that go where no man has ever gone before – hence the boom of booms – your inside of today.

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Do the headwinds traditional to such expansion periods promise caution in 2020 and beyond? Does ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE over power the head winds and extend the boom of CONVERGENCE ECONOMICS as it did in the 1850’s with low inflation soaring productivity and global growth unseen in prior periods? No one knows. No one can predict. We have to wait and see. What are the headwinds:

  1. Trade Wars – no one can predict the stimulation of removing tariff and re-stimulating global prosperity from global abuse will in fact work out. That is why they call them trade WAR and all wars are unpredictable. China wants tariff reductions. Trump has not said tariff’s will reduce. No one knows. No one can predict outcome risks.
  2. Impeachment and election year outcomes in many nations including the USA are uncertainty head winds in 2020 and beyond.
  3. BRITT EXIT outcomes is another large uncertainty and unknown to economic global and EU headwind dynamics.
  4. Insane economics. Apple for example is down over 10% in IPHONE sales in 2019 against 10% down in 2018. The never ending software upgrades for endless bugs in the software quality are huge sea changes for Apple and the stock is at a record high against such realities. Today one major firm downgraded BUY ON APPLE as one FAANG item. Who knows.
  5. Stock earnings – market stability has revolved around 8x to 14x earnings across the board – the S&P at its all time record is now leaving 19x earnings for 20x earnings an average outside all stability index histories including 1929’s great depression correction and no end in sight for ratio of earnings never seen before in economics.
  6. The Super Wealth seeing all this have moved 25% to all cash. The good news is the cash rising as ever higher % of super wealth moves out of markets with insane valuations into safety and cash – is a cushion shock absorber for any disintermediation of markets.
  7. AI economics. For the first time ( ever ) 96% of 440 trillion dollars of world economics and  fully leverage 100% of all asset settlements are AI as are fully leveraged maximally derivative casino capital side bets at 550 Trillion dollars as to which way future asset prices may go as manipulation of prices where the side bet market moves ahead of the real economic market as it did in 1929. All these trades are AI resolved outside human capacity at the volumes and flash trades and digital completions as never seen before in human history.
  8. There is growing instability in the credit markets. Rising Student loan defaults, a record, rising car loan defaults ( a record ) and now rising mortgage sub prime defaulting again.
  9. Oil disintermediations – oil demand is falling off a cliff beyond any chart or forecast as the world moves away from its own extinction event from the most toxic fuel and packaging on earth today. The disintermediation of economics is so rapid and so massive absorption may exceed systemic capacity economically within highly interdependent market spaces.
  10. Sovereign Nation Debt loading is unsustainable.  Search this site for SUPER BONDS – the one solution we know of to reset Sovereign Nation Debt whose defaulting can evaporate liquidity from the new AI economics at speeds never known before ( A SUPER CHANGE EVENT we discuss in the book ). Super Bonds if executed in time may resolve this HEADWIND but no one can predict the outcome today. Time is not on any side as economics marches to its own drummer this Holiday.

As these 10 head winds ( as primary ) create FEAR FACTORS significant enough to move in 24 months – 2018 and 2019 – in the best longest boom expansion ever known or recorded – 25% and rising ( trillion upon trillions of wealth ) out of market circulations and into all cash CAUTION HOLDING POSITIONS – to Super Wealth across the globe. This move into cash removes liquidity indexing from all asset class markets where liquidity is a head wind of consequence.

The Largest Central Bank the Fed to maintain the boom has been forced by market conditions to give up both control and influence not seen since 1907. Today the Central Banks the FED had to:

  1. Stop raising interest rates
  2. Stop selling trillions of its bond assets back into the bond market
  3. Lower interest rates
  4. Buy bonds versus sell bonds
  5. And pump billions a day since October into the REPO daily over night bank to bank lending markets because those core foundational economic markets saw LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY in October – panic to all central banks – and only billions in daily new cash flowing on emergency life support to this date in time keep the enormous bank to bank repo market LIQUIDITY SOLVENT – LS.

These head winds promise unknowns in new AI economics going where no nation or man has gone before all in full denial by nations who remain operationally using pre AI modeling in an entirely AI economic – so new so fast even theory for AI economics still does not yet exist out side our publications on the topic as investment banker economist including our GLOBAL BEST SELLER On SUPER CHANGE just out for your Holiday Season. Super Change is the essential LEADER 2020 TOOL BOX you will want to share and holiday gift to your circle inside.

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Super Stress is now upon us all in the C SUITE and board rooms and in our home space due to SUPER CHANGE.

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Make sense?

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