We passed on attending the GRAMMY’s and had a family private time, noting this was the first year with our gram – a big loss for our family. Still we have a day of rest and fun with kids and it was all perfect.

We read a wonderful article in the Financial Times on my Birthday. The well researched item confirmed my predictions to you. The article noted that commodities including oil, were demonstrating “unnatural” behavior not connected to supply and demand aspects of any traditional market place.

The financial experts at the FINANCIAL TIMES then correctly reported, that speculators had taken over the commodity markets and were betting heavily in future markets, to control and make prices rises, when there was no tie to market realities for doing so. Central banks, suppliers and sovereign nations facing a HIDDEN TAX on their recovery, surplus to pay debts and bills, and a legal theft of resources from nations, into raw speculation. This is where those who are presently enormously wealthy develop strategy for even more fantastic wealth…creation and development.