Dennis Wong is a leading Silicon Valley entrepreneur attorney. Dennis is a HUGE CEO SPACE WINNER just opening his new high rise office over looking the San Francisco Bay in Oakland. Dennis Wong has instructed Entrepreneur law at SFO UNIVERSITY and Beijing. Dennis is the Entrepreneurs go to attorney for everything – half the price and time and double the quality. Our HIGHEST CEO SPACE endorsement for his law service to entrepreneur CEOs and non for profits.

Dennis was kind enough to produce a professor grade film to inform you – why – electing to repurpose a tax dollar right now this quarter – into a CEOSPACE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP asset for your business – is the single most profitable decision you can make this year. Why? Ranked # 1 by third party press – WHY?

Trust a corporate sophisticated University professor and attorney in entrepreneur law to inform you. To offer short click due diligent how to turn a dollar into ten without delay. The process. The mechanism. The HOW. Know before you go. Who would not repurpose a tax dollar if they knew they would make ten back? Who would not use that tax cost more wisely if they knew they had a money back guarantee on outcomes to protect every bit of time and cost?

Who would not explore a faster easier safer better way to grow the venture – or practice – if you knew the program permits the CEO at the top to run their empire virtually every single hour while on site? No conflict all that work that every CEO knows must  just be done. All included in your consideration to the most customized CEO support process in the world – 2018 # 1 Business Conference globally fifth year in a row. Worth a click to just profit?

CEO SPACE proudly presents Attorney Dennis Wong a San Francisco based huge winner from lifetime membership. Allow a leading attorney from the mountain tops of Silicon Valley itself to tell you the WHY to explain the WHAT and the HOW. Worth a beverage break to LEVERAGE profit income and growth results now versus when?

We are so proud of Dennis Wong success in his law practice which is true for professionals and CEO Entrepreneurs in 147 nations in 2018 – a 30 year consistent winner record for our members.

It is hard to be # 1 ranked world wide by third party press in 2018. It is much harder to remain # 1 ranked since 2013. An institution standing for full partnership for woman and led by all lady leaders in all silo’s to the award table and trophies year after year after year. Again worth your own exploration if you answer one question.

Don’t you deserve the # 1 help and support process to grow faster ?

Anything less is a waste of your time your money and your tools and tactics moving forward.

May 21st the four remaining back to back programs are being hosted in the Innisbrook champion PGA Golf Resort in Palm Harbor near Tampa Bay in Florida. The best two accelerators of any year are May and July together. Best success and faster results. Superior values. Our world famous Teen entrepreneur program draws CEO parents world wide who wait a year to bring their young leaders to CEO SPACE in July.

Billionaire mommies and daddies walk around with millionaire mommies and daddies with their families ( unique in the world )  and the contact pool is annually the SUPER BOWL. The film we presented here is our WHY.

Serving you is our purpose.

Transforming futures is our outcome.

Our main web site under QUICKLINK tabs has all our dates, registration, hotel discount packages and films for your industry specifically in our video section. Just click and make a BOOKMARK. Over time you will wish to share CEOSPACE as a pure blessing.

The more you due diligence and study the more confident you are before you go. You can sense the profit.

Plus you we know will  wish to share CEO SPACE which never advertises or sells or promote. For over 30 yeas we have let word of mouth from our CEO raving fans, spread our membership to 147 countries today. CEO SPACE invites qualified business owners and practice professionals to explore membership. You act on the invitation. Your invited. By the founder as one of my readers. You can invite others.

We serve business owners of all scales and size missions from M&A to IPO to development space just ramping up. We serve owners who qualify themselves by exploring that:


….yes I want to grow faster and yes I know I need help to achieve that faster outcome in less time for less cost …and no I do not wish to delay accelerated pay today… a decision maker I always will take the RISK of WINNING……

Risk winning faster.

Registration into CEO SPACE is a lifetime membership for a 1988 price package never raised:

  1. Personal membership – $ 7500 lifetime
  2. Corporate Membership $ 10,000 rotate team in 5 x yearly
  3. Platinum – the Prestige Membership circle you rise into $ 40,000 flat and we discount if you join as Platinum ask us

Call 256 850 4716 the number that never changes if you want to just explore and have questions address. Our Home Office Vice Presidents will serve you professionally. No selling just telling.

CEO’s act on the invitation in their own time and pace .

For those who can not afford the membership – one day you will be able to ….but now is not your time. Price keeps the market space high quality so those at the top have their tribe inside. Everyone is comfortable and we will not waste your time not for a minute.

Our PRE PROGRAM PREP we are told is the best in industry and CEO’s appreciate orientation to maximize results on site.

The community at CEO SPACE is cooperative. There is no competitive thinking inside. Every CEO helps every other CEO without condition. The Tuesday to Sunday experience is a master mind of unconditional cooperative cross support growing alliances JV partnerships and customer base to market including B to B at speeds impossible without a cooperation basis to the environment.

CEO’s tell us they are tired of the dog eat dog business environment and wish to be part of a movement to reform work space cultures from lower efficiency competition to higher yield and performance collaboration cultures. The tools and tactics to such outcomes is a cooperation movement in the work space led by forward thinking CEO’s today. CEOSPACE recharges depleted CEO”s with replenishment to go the distance.

CEO’s need a process to remain current in the accelerated stress of the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Today the C Suite asset is brains not trained by Ivy League factory education but new brains that learn much faster – unlearn even faster than that – and relearn faster yet. Those brains are the new LEADERSHIP GOLD standard. CEOSPACE is ground zero.

Finally a process that CEO’s can run their empire while benefiting – paced for back home obligations every hour – while the boss is brought fully current to quarter – and using the process over time remains current to the SUPER CHNAGE stress we all must challenges ourselves to remain in front of or become obsolete because of.

The tools and tactics provides by CEOSPACE our leaders tell us are superior to their refreshers at post graduate institutions they pay ten times more to attend and there is no lifetime anything for the exchange. They leave those experiences drained, more confused, lacking forward improve plans, elevated team contacts, and growth alliances and to market oceans of connections – and feel betrayed.

CEOSPACE graduates all report to a leader – why did I now know about THIS – years ago? WHY?

CEOSPACE is not a mass market item. CEOSPACE is like the LOVE BOAT cruise for your EPIDTA or your wallet. We stack a ratio of crew to CEO’s attending to assure our FORTUNE GRADE contractors and mentors ( tithing their mentorship 15% of their lifetime back to the futures we transform together  in team mentorship no institution provides ) with a superior cruise each and every sail. This ratio of expertise in industry to CEO’s attending is hard work and requires quality control that costs fortunes to maintain.

We always ask you to TRUST the third party press that investigate long lists of market options and when ranking CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference in the world in 2018 – the one you can not afford to miss – their words not our words – and year after year ranking CEOSPACE # 1 you just can’t afford to miss the next one really.

Everyone who does – tells us and that is 100% of 30 years of CEO’s – why did you not make me come sooner? We let you decide.

Jeff Flam owns resorts in Kaui – a tech fim I believe will be a billion dollar enterprise and we all need to bring to school attention locally – called Jeff has done large M&A deals and invested in owning the top OFFICE PARK in Utah State winning awards. A deer friend and mentee. Jeff explored CEOSPACE and did not attend for years. The money ( even though he was affluent ) held him back. He’d seen all the meetings. He’d projected CEOSPACE could not be all that different. Jeff like so many of you reading – just did not have the time. Check out his four minute regret.

Below is a 4 MINUTE – just four minute – take from Jeff on just how wrong he was to have put CEO SPACE off and he now returns often using his CEO LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – so typical. Listen to the 4 minutes – it may just speak to your soul:

Thank you Jeff for your reflection as a leader in Salt Lake and in the world today. As family valued men or principle we share common ground of the VALUES coming in first and the tools and tactic coming in to follow.

I hope the four minutes from a global leader are pure gold for you today. I hope the implication in Jeff’s film just how much FUN that CEOSPACE is for leaders at the top always is – that is the replenishment from CEO depletion we talk about.

I believe all leaders are stressed as never before. I believe leaders have few options for a business oasis to upgrade their tool kit while they actually replenish their own leader cell phone batteries to full charge. Perhaps this outcome is the most prized of all by the leaders we serve. They needed that oasis right about now.

All our CEO SPACE dates appear on . One might call out to you. The QUICKLINK tab is the first click to browse our world and get some fast information – print page on that date information.

Make a book mark. You will share and use this URL over time. 

Many of you are familiar with THE SECRET. Over 1.5 billion have seen this film and read that book -a CEOSPACE winning story like Chicken Soup and Rich Dad and Think & Grow Rich For Woman and THREE FEET FROM GOLD and Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus – from Harv to Bob Proctor leaders circle wagons around CEO SPACE. The film by the SUPER STAR of THE SECRET and head fo recently made a 2018 update film for the world on this work. If you want a deeper dive let me include a leader that coaches over 100 of the Fortune CEO’s and stands for acceleration in your journey.

May I introduce Mr. Bob Proctor on CEO SPACE current to this quarter for your thinking – its a GREAT to a good film clip:

I personally out of almost 200 industry specific films by leaders the world knows and trusts on YOUTUBE – just search CEOSPACE on YOUTUBE if you want to bookmark a large more in depth library on what we do – how we do that what – and we cater to every level of CEO from the Fortune Tribe to development space launch entrepreneurs. Try and discount pigeon holing CEOSPACE from any one video as the video defining your TRIBE at. JEFF FLAM level is on site as well – believe me – is available to you.

CEOSPACE operates a city Club System from London to San Diego. In cities everywhere we host free – very unique networking events we call GATHERINGS. The majority of our Club highly trained professionals who participate in weekly training that never ends – are service professionals. They serve our CEO and professional clients. They never sell.

The FREE – CEOSPACE Gatherings in Atlanta or Seattle in Utah or in New York City – the LA to San Francisco Gatherings are networking effective free contributions back to entrepreneurs growing their venture locally. Our Club Presidents meet with higher end CEO’s privately in no host meals to deep dive on their agendas.

You can phone home office Vice Presidents at 256 850 4716 or 256 850 4710 anytime East Coast business hours for address to your fact gathering and information needs. Our Club System and home office network in between our five annual BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES ( BGC’s ) tirelessly bringing resources from our vast community of 30 years of CEO membership ranging from capital to markets – that never ends.

You can attend free to network in any city club weekly. Why mis out on that option. You can invite guests. You can open a CLUB in cities not served we welcome you to lead.

Our service level is reported to be more complete and comprehensive to CEO priority and agenda resolution that any other process. CEOSPACE is famous for lowering the time and the cost to reach owner growth goals quarter to quarter as those goals evolve over time.

Our customers tell us CEOSPACE was the missing mechanism to accelerate outcome results.

Not so obvious is the fact CEOSPACE is the world’s largest SUPER STORE for the CEO. Any agenda can be resolved from human capital to resource capital to capital itself in a more elegant cost accelerating manner inside the SUPER STORE than outside. Work that requires quality control – cost control – time issues – are resolved inside the asset of the World’s largest resource super store for the CEO to reduce cost time and outcome deliverables against.

Again our members report…iF I HAD ONLY KNOWN.

CEOSPACE is not a seminar.

CEOSPACE is not a workshop.

Time inside CEOSPACE is customized for each individual CEO – a process they never have seen before and which they appreciate greatly. All CEO grade level support missing in other venues.

A use caution. When you see a film and you see a BIG ROOM – which there is a BIG ROOM – you – are not inside that big room save for a few times in a week of time with us. You are working individually networking results – customers – markets – alliances – JV’s – B to B – real outcomes and transactional business is taking place the entire time. At CEO grade level. When you are in the BIG ROOM we are networking YOU to every CEO in that room. Those processes are frankly a blast.

Our customers report a) 85% of your asset value we could not see until we attended we only knew 15% of the value when we decided to join and b) we have no way to explain this CRUISE FOR PROFIT because the guest is pampered by our teams work their ass off in complex support the world has never known before and explaining all that you DO for us – would itself take a three day workshop just to transmit it all.

That of course it the value and why a money back guarantee is so rarely asked for and so happily executed whenever it is.

WE will NOT allow our clients to take a risk with their precious resource allocations or their time.

Most our clients earn large profits within three to five of our conferences. Our satisfaction record with CEO customers in their first BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE runs 99%. In quality control with the leaders at the top – that is as good as it gets out there.

Half a decade ago I turned over management to others generationally having led CEOSPACE for 25 years as CEO. I got us to # 5 on the most prestigious ranking list with Forbes.

The generational team managing CEOSPACE for half a decade re-tooled the product with CEO member upgrades as a master mind process to forever improve the SPACE. They brought us to # 1 on all the list…and they kept us there.

What founder is not ecstatic when they generationally turn over the institution to the next generation of management and see that they improved the core product so substantially and the institution is secure for unborn generations to follow.

As Chairman and founder I pride today our work with children. We operate the # 1 Teen Entrepreneur program in the market. We have seven year olds now on their fourth successful venture. Watching CEO families see their children fully blossom is a great consequence of this work to my own life. To have babies who grew up and went through our TEEN FEAST PROGRAM:

F – Free

E – Enterprise

A- Acclerated

S- Systems

T = Training

FEAST – and see those teens mature in business and now thirty years later as successful CEO’s themselves return and bring THEIR TEENS is pure legacy to the work.

LEGACY. CEOSPACE is my pride and joy. Super Teaching for schools and corporate government training systems ( is another.

I lecture all over the nation today. Donating my time and teaching wherever asked. Phone at the numbers here to book me to events in your community or at Universities as I so love teaching. I appear on the big gun shows now and again CNN FOX ABC CBS NBC and all of them globally. I’m asked – what is your greatest legacy.

I always smile and say – easy – TEEN FEAST and I tell them why. Our slogan in 1988 for FEAST – to mommies and daddies of the world who lead….trust us with uour precious babies and we will send you home the leaders of tomorrow….

Now folks – that is pure legacy when its proven to be true. What greater legacy is there than THAT in a life walk?

I’m appearing May 7th in ten cities in San Francisco. If you know folks in the Bay from Silicon Valley and our Club GATHERINGS I will host – one city a day – and coach individual CEO’s for free – bring a recorder and.a pad – as its high level consulting and mentorship – I’d just love to meet you or your tribe. Connect with any CEOSPACE Club President or call our City by The Bay Club cities via our home office numbers I posted here for you and our team will plug you or your contacts in for the free networking and consulting. No selling ever. it is our way today.

I went off salary in 2013. I donate my time today to give back in my 7th decade of life …mentoring as I can and spirit allows me all over the world – EU to India and everywhere in between in CEOSPACE world. Also I endless coach CEO’s and our team can set up free coaching if you wish by call or Skype or zoom as you desire. Always free. Always a give back pure and legacy to you.

I hope this helps readers understand a bit more about who I am and what motivates me. Leading the largest Entrepreneur CEO community in the world, our members by the tens of thousands tune into my blog – to plan – use data as a guide and GPS forward decision making to market risk and outcomes.

Members book mark items like this because they share CEOSPACE which is what keeps out events sold out every single time.and full with cooperative leaders wiling to master mind to help one another as their own tithe. The results remain outstanding and unlike anything else – anywhere else.

If this item found you…it just may be a divine appointment you were looking for. That will be my hope today.

Have a great year – it is the BEST of times and the BEST OF YEARS – go for the wins ! You so deserve it.

Wishing you effortless abundance and prosperity as we all SPRING FORWAR together…in 2018.



PS: Book mark this page UR for me and share CEOSPACE with entrepreneurs you know could use this information to ease and accelerate their journey into the best possible future.. Thanks.