So I just got done speaking at Chamber of Commerce and to business leaders all over the NORTH EAST last week. The NEWS in the US is dominated by FAKE NEWS about Trump this or that which in my opinion has no weight on policy. The congress and other legal factors will determine what is real long term policy and Presidential Order’s don’t mean all that much in the long term really. The MEDIA MASTER dominates the news the real events continue to unfold.

Greece has been warned by the IMF in financial speak they about to pull the plug. Why? The IMF has warned Greece possibly for the last time, that, their debt is not sustainable. Public debt as it is with rising interest costs will become by 220 almost 300% of Greek income. Time is not helpful. Default now or default later. The result is Greece leaves the EU and the EU is wiped out of billions in Greek Debt. Other EU nations follow.

The head of the EU said the “demise of the EU as a valid long-term¬†currency is premature” which means – the leadership has no way out – they are in panic – they made it all public to calm the run out of the EU – as everyone IN THE EU can see that the EU is about to crash burn and fail. Nation after nation can’t pay their public debt. The aging of their populations makes it all but impossible.

As I have written since the 1990’s as an economist – the EU is toast – economically the EU is a building in a firestorm where its founders never built in fire escapes. There are none. The EU is burning to the GROUND FOLKS.

But before all that the accelerant to the EU demise will be CHINA. China will come first. Why? Communism is a failed economic model or system to operate nations within. This has been so documented that anyone that try’s communism is repeating a form of economic insanity.

In China’s case, with the best human intentions, the problem is that over ten short years China has gone from over 25% annual GNP to 5.6 GNP last year ( they say it’s 1% higher but that number is a lie ). So imagine a graph on a flip chart that goes down from the upper top to the floor on the wall off the flip chart with no let up and the bottom is picking up speed.

What does picking up speed mean?

  1. China leaders are in a panic and they are making wrong not right choices.
  2. There is a run on CHINA trillions of dollars are leaving forever in manufacturing buying investing and the phony communist currency totally manipulated where China is investing its last reserves to support its currency from a super crash but they can’t stop it.
  3. China is only afloat at all as an economy avoiding global SUPER CRASH by communism lies and spending a debt 300% more than China earns. Debt can’t sustain economics and as time passes the debt BOMB will explode.
  4. China aging and birth policy leave a population that is declining. More are dying in the future than being born. Far more workers are older and retiring and by 2020 the economics become CRITICAL. There is no way to fix this demographic as the communist one child policy over years is now the economic curse we all knew it would become – it is here today. No way to support growth in Gov income to pay the soaring debts and maintain the worker conumser economy.
  5. Economically China and the Communists failed and a billion people in China are going to be led into war and largely slaughtered to protect the communists in power through lies and public manipulations the final gasp of communism since the 1700’s. No change ..none.

So China’s debt bomb has its own acceleration. DONALD TRUMP. At a time that China is dying financially – a trade war with the USA is catastrophic. Threatening the USA is a joke. Again let’s look at the economics.

The real USA economic GNP globally considerating all factors range from 15 ¬†to 23 trillion annually. The China GNP is a lie number of 5.5 trillion. Russia is 1.3 trillion. Japan is now 5.6 trillion and growing and once again the NUMBER TWO ECONOMY and China has fallen behind THEM. Indonesia the world’s Fouth Largest Economy and India are about tied at 5.2 Trillion and both will go ahead of China in the coming three years. China has been in decline for ten years. Russia failing to diversify under 14 years of Putin into an ENTREPRENEUR NATION staying a PETRO ECONOMY has slid from 5.7 Trillion in annual GNP to sanction 1.3. Putin and communism have failed. As an economic and the only tool they have remaining is the war which is always their final gasp.

Now comes TRUMP who gets the economics. Trump has a full house. The others have two five ‘s. Do you hold them or fold them folks. What do YOU THINK?

Now TRUMP is super ramping up his already so advanced military you can not imagine it. Star wars work and is a high energy particle weapon system that is not only defensive it is offensive. Weapons you have never seen or heard about are in the US arsenal. From EMP weapons you can not imagine to cyber weapons you can.

A trade war with CHINA? China is the tail of the dog economically. America IS THE DOG. Good dog.

You can not argue with these math numbers.

Trump has a debt bomb of his own to manage. 20 Trillion in debt the USA will step into this year. With rising interest cost the 20 trillion left unattended to will cripple the USA. We envision many options given the USA cash flow and GNP. One is the option we have written about here for years.

I am known in beltway circles as the economist FATHER OF THE SUPER BOND and SUPER BOND THEORY. How does the SUPER BOND WORK? Well, I’ll write about THAT separately. SUPER BONDS are a new class of bond that assets sovereign debt for the world as it gives us all a way out of world war.

Gorbachev the Nobel Peace Prize leader told us in his 80’s last week – that the world leaders are now planning for world war. Why? Economic realities I’m writing about here in your blog. There is no way out. SUPER BONDS is the one and the only option. If adopted fast enough SUPER BOND theory can reset the world economically. If not world war is the other more traditional option.

85% of the SUPER WEALTHY it was reported last week are buying retreats with food weapons and bets the social order will fold in on itself. They who lead at the top can’t see a way out of the more traditional issue – world war. It is all economic. The SUPER WEALTHY GET IT but they don’t have a creative option out. That must come from my tribe of investment banker economists.

The DOOMSDAY CLOCK of scientists and economists was reset last week for the first time since 1954 and its inception to TWO MINUTES FROM MIDNIGHT or the end of humanity and society as we know it today. Read about it. The data never lies.

So what do everyday folks do? You stay ahead of information. You read this blog. You subscribe and you peak in weekly and update yourself. When it heats up you read daily. I’ll tell YOU and the every day tribe what to do to remain safe in the worst of it. This blog will provide a SAFE HARBOR when it seems like there is none available.

Last week President TRUMP closed the USA for immigration. Like a curtain came over the USA. This will be a trend to hire internal to the USA and the USA economy is going to soar. Trump is likely to raise taxes, ultimately, as economics soar taking folks off subsidiary unemployment and food stamps and having those same millions including those in prison for nonviolent minor crimes from using tax dollars and now paying taxes and reducing the debt in the USA. We’ll see if economics prevail or SUPER BONDS reset it all FIRST in the USA. They are talking about my invention of SUPER BONDS now and that ripple is unstoppable because it is the ONLY OPTION in economics remaining.

So Jan ended busy. THE IMF and WORLD BANK issued huge 2017 Debt warnings to the EU and to China as credit ratings for nations from Turkey to North Korea went down again. This raises their borrowing cost and social unrest equation.

DEBT is now the driver toward currency SUPER CRASH and world war. Some nations are in german inflation already as they knew it pre world war II where it takes a wheelbarrow of money to buy dinner at a restaurant. The number of nations with 100% or more annual inflation is soaring. All nations are moving into global inflation. The USA is inflating. Japan is inflating. China is deflating.

Follow the economics and you can see with 20/20 vision.

I’ve told you all GET OUT OF “THE MARKET” and move into diversified insurance investment through 2020. Fail to explore that option at your own peril. President Trump in trying to make America Great again will preside over an American economic recession and DEBT IN AMERICA will consume the Congress who write the checks.

Last week America was downgraded into a failed democracy for the first time. Now, thats a sad day not a GREAT DAY.

The president made no comment or tweet on what we feel was THE NEWS we as a people should wish to repair and fix first.

The crises worldwide is one word. INTEGRITY.

Fix integrity and we fix everything.

In my opinion folks ..always in my opinion with due respect for yours.

Berny Dohrmann – Home with my Birthday Girl September and the kid’s yahoo


PS: FEB 7th I”m having a simple home day – working and Chicken OSGOSH which I personally love and my wife will make for me and the kids love and we’ll watch a movie together – thats my idea of a GREAT BIRTHDAY – simple. The good times.