So Isis and their little meanie logo was on my old web site. They hacked their brains out to defeat my baby security. Free speech. ISIS kills them for it. Nice group of insane brains.

Of God? God’s holy word commands us to celebrate what is diverse about us and love each other as we are so loved. Punishing diversity is a sin. Isis is sinning. Deleting Isis as a virus on the global computer is sane. Dealing with insanity is well INSANE. There is no reason.

Insanity seeks power.

Insanity operates within systems of fear punishment and exploitation.

Sane systems operate within protection recognition reward and celebration.

The sane celebrate all diversity in humans including worship diversity.

The insane punish differences and kill.

The sane do not take lives attempting to use the delete option only on the insane themselves. Boomerang effect for Karma …..

The real estate for the INSANE or uncooperative brains, is shrinking like a single ice sheet for the final polar bear.

ISIS and their insane suggestion an all merciful God would command taking a life that is not in combat and is not a threat and who is INNOCENT of any reason for murder. Murder is murder. Murder-ers must face their punishment. ISIS will be removed by the collective will of 7 billion people. As we have seen ISIS is not protected by any God ISIS is loosing and increasingly ISIS is dead. Choosing a LOOSING TEAM is simple. Satan owns the loosing teams.

The Holy of all Spirit owns the winning team.

ISIS made a deal with the devil and forward in time that liar and false prophet will reap what has been sewn. Don’t think about it or try to suggest WHY.

Why is easy.

ISIS is insane. If you are confused in ISIS reform yourself – leave them – find a community of faith that appeals to you and regain your sanity. Insanity like the flue is contagious and you can catch it.

Rather than walk away.

May I suggest RUN.

So it was flattering to have an ISIS hack, but folks, my Blog is back.

The Holy Spirit will take care of removing error code from its sacred creation. The insane are banished to the insane asylum – the padded safe house many know as HELL.

ISIS your rooms have been reserved and we have pre paid your mini bar which by the way is on fire.

Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO SPACE