In the ancient history of say Reagan economics congress would investigate oil price gauging by oil firms. If the AVERAGE lifting price to market is 10.50 cents and audited it truly is just that – then 39.00 is a 300% oil profit or margin retail calls the high side – or triple keystone. At 80.00 dollars the world global tax to elites in the oil speculation manipulated price casino capitalism – make 1000% margin – or price gauging. The risk to the world boom is not trade war in fact if you do the math. The risk is historic economics to the depression of 1907 1929 the crash in 2000 and 2008.

The risk is:

  1. Oil the cost of everything driven by wild unregulated speculators elevates as it is to tax nations to a point where growth is now impossible and the SUPER BUBBLE across all asset classes and debt bursts.
  2. Rising interest rates by central banks is way to fast way to high way too soon and always creates down spirals due to central bank failed policy no one holds THEM accountable for.

China driving growth with 300% borrowing over income – for ten years totally not sustainable economics -has its first refinery bankruptcy today due to interest rates and oil cost rising for raw product ending margins that work. This is the TIP of the ICE BERG in china as a DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE we have warned about as has the IMF 12 times may now be compressed by impossible interest and oil prices combining – nothing TRUMP has not tried to effect but tweets alone won’t do it. Releasing our oil reserves would help a congressional price gauging may bing new laws globally against oil wild speculation – and the USA could go as a government into oil production itself chilling cartel modeling.

Today we have:

  1. Scotland starting the largest wind far taking 450,000 homes off oil in just the EU and more are coming largest almost 100 megawatt plant for wind in the world.
  2. China is building Dubai’s record 1000 mega watt solar plant taking millions of oil off electricity production which is going on world wide.
  3. America is passing 12 million barrels a day production – already over 11 and we pass soon Russia as the largest oil producer on earth. WE alone make up for all other short falls and create a surplus as you see in our own oil tanks.

Meanwhile OIL goes UP today driven by wild ass speculators making a buck on IRAN nothing. Iran is selling more oil than ever and there is zero sanction change to their sales until later this year and Trump may meet Iran and make a deal ( likely in fact ). Oil going up on nothing is just speculators having control of 1000% margin pricing – versus real market pricing. Demand for oil falls off a cliff over the coming sixty months and continues down for 30 years. The largest DROP IN OIL DEMAND IN HISTORY is ahead of us. Rising oil prices. Humbug its all economic speculations that should by nations be a criminal act as it was in 1999 and after not so much.

We will keep reporting to you that the COST OF EVERYTHING is robbing you for an elite criminal oil community artificially investing to manipulate oil prices or their own insider wealth making against 7 billion of us who need low cost energy to assure NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND. Sanity versus insanity really. The old system IS dying but it takes time. The new system is rising. Speculators will have a BLOOD BATH in the coming oil SUPER CRASH say next year as soon as 2020 latest.




PS: Bought and paid law makers world wide are unlikely to oppose the leading lobby next to FINANCE Lobbies – the OIL COST OF EVERYTHING LOBBY rules bought and paid for law making – follow the money folks. Be focused.



You KNOW that I have written on this blog this year – over and over – how the Democratic Party is in a full on Civil WAR. There are no nine factions ( splinters ) of the once more or less United Party that are in splinter groups. Four are socialist and two of the four are full communist backed. The largest splinter is saying they will vote for TRUMP and that ;is the fastest growing splinter group we call the NEW WALLET PARTY we are all joining and we are all staying inside of moving forward. Another equally large splinter says they are so disgusted they will not vote until the Democratic Party can define itself to their belief and philosophy. It is a mess. Just when you thought it could NOT GET WORSE for them or better for Trump at the mid term this happens. Wait for it…..

Comey – yes Comey the former Director of the FBI and a top tier leader for the Democrats – the FBI director that was anti Trump and Pro Hillary ( thats history now ) with the famous line from the Apprentice ringing in HIS ears – YOUR FIRED – ( still I”m sure based on today’s tweets ).

Comey came out and asked the Democratic Party based on the truth I report here to:

  2. Democrats ( led by Pelosi Socialism ) PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE YOUR MINDS.

Do not lose your minds?

From the former FBI Director now gone full on political. Is Comey setting up his own run for office like he – the fired – could beat and win the White House. Now the Comey SPLINTER is a whole new SPLINTER ( Thats for SURE ) further dividing the Democrat CIVIL WAR.

The Party that divided, mismanagement, and failed to United in the last Presidential Election is now fragmenting into self destruction as no model we have records for. The money rising to 100 million Nancy Pelosi has raised is almost exclusively raised from the most wild socialist sources and right out communist party affiliated donors. So the party is steering by the money to all the things we love to talk about but that economically can’t be paid or ever.

Lets forgive a trillion in student loans – left.

Lets pay for free college for everyone – left.

Lets pay a living wage to everyone so no one has to work ever again – left.

I love the idea of paying every 75,000 inflation adjusted. The way a nation pays for that is HOW again as an economic thinker? I’m not right I’m not left and the majority of the WALLET PARTY is not left or right they are moderate and want COMMON DAMN SENSE as the comedian Gallager defined for us with his giant wooden hammers smacking water melons all over the audience screaming COMMON DAMN SENSE. The Common Damn Sense party is leaving the Democrats the Republicans and the Independents and joining without any formal institution the MAJORITY NEW WALLET PARTY. We are voting our wallets.

So IS Nancy Pelosi on something or is she insane? She has turned the democratic  party upside down. The base at the top is leaving. The bottom calling all the shots in the Pelosi Upside Down Pyramid for the Democrats – has Nancy with her nose like an ant eater poked in the ground telling us all about the landslide coming – as she wiggles and squirms her TREASON issue on Trump as he had a discussion with a world leader – just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and so it goes. The base is running for the hill as socialist Nancy Pelosi is by Comey today – called upon – Please Girl do not lose you mind – which means she already has. America regardless of party simply HATES NANCY PELOSI save for communist and socialist which is now what the party has become or Comey would not write what he did today. Now we have TEN FACTIONS or SPLINTERS with the millions that will join the COMEY splinter. The Democrat Party melt down means donors are wasting their WALLET money – it means that they can’t repair this in 2018 or even by 2020.

Their candidate appears right now to 2020 be Biden – a geriatric by then – and having run for President since I can remember and lost every single time – the multiple endless loser running against Donald Trump seems not only a ROCK STONE LOSER PLAN and a donor repulsion – plan – but in the splinters – THATS YOUR BEST – I mean RELALY. It speaks oceans about the divisions in this Civil war as the party dissolves into splinters with splinter leadership and a attack plan Nancy Socialists are running to the extend Comey writes this July – PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR MINDS DEMOCRATS ( he means Pelosi underline that item and her socialist communist factions all tracked documented and speaking volumes of Nancy push to the outside extreme of the left side for AMERICA ). I don’t hate her because my guy said forgive them father for they know NOT what it IS that they do. She thinks she is RIGHT in absolute terms and all the other splinters and anyone called Republican or Independent is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. That is her actions triggered by her thought.

Nancy Pelosi has done more harm to the democratic party than anyone since the end of World War II. WOW its pain full to watch Comey write to tens of millions DEMOCRATS DO NOT LOSE YOUR MINDS IN A RUSH TO SOCIALISM.



Nancy Pelosi is circulating “sign here” on her ice breaker march to no destination related to her bought and pay for issue at the mid year – Trump committed TREASON for talking to Putin as her only game plan is impeach the President GRID LOCK Congress and win my seat back so I can run Congress again. Now thats a plan right there billy bob.

The “sign here” seeks to BLOCK the Putin meeting. Now congress does not have powers to block meetings between hears of state as the President powers are SEPARATE from law making. The President has absolute powers to EXECUTE THE LAWS on the books and to act within long established court ruled precedent on those powers. Nancy attempts to bloc Trump have failed in the Supreme Court separation of Powers. Again and again in fact.

So Trump. Lets look at this. We are meeting with an enemy. We are not meeting with a friend. Can enemies meet, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Japan ( we went to war with them ) and so many others in Africa to South America and all over the world with over 200 nations many of which are NOT OUR FRIENDS. Can we meed them? Can we reduce the competition and elevate the cooperation? Is a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PLAN of value? Is a new world order on trade and box top rules for how we interact with one another timely and important?

Should we pay attention that for the first time since the Cold War a United Russia 82% supporting their leadership ministries and Putin – now believe it is likely we will move to World War III. Why? The America Russia culture almost Pelosi insane if not hysteric.

What does it all look like from Putin’s view and his teams ? Lets put on his glasses for a minute:

  1. They don’t get it. They don’t. They don’t see what we see.
  2. They believe they were set up in the election by another nation because if Putin hacked us we would NEVER KNOW as they are that good.
  3. Plus they don’t get how inept it was if Russia influenced the election there would have been real influence no footprints at all.
  4. They don’t understand as some face book silly stuff had no effect and the US Justice said it had no effect on outcome – so why would they at the top ever do such nonsense.
  5. They KNOW the US influences elections massive intrusions in Iran, Iraq, and world wide and has forever so what pot is calling what kettle black here – Putin thinks the congress is hysterical on Russia.
  6. Putin on coming to office FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS was to remind the USA of Reagan’s fixed agreement – WE BRING DOWN THE WALL IN BERLIN and you as the USA do not MOVE NATO and your sphere of powers east into our trade blocks of the Soviet Union as our sphere of influence and we remain good.
  7. As Clinton Bush and Obama vastly moved NATO’s net ever east – breaking our agreement with Russia time and time again – against warnings there would be consequence – Putin in the end drew his own red line and acted.
  8. Ukraine has a lawful democratic election and elects in their Russia touching Russia nation – a Russian leaning leader who said NO to the EU membership and wished to remain trading with Russia raising their deals where all their energy comes from. The US influenced their COUP as a revolution moved the elected leader OUT and he fled to Russia without due process. Putin acted on this final betrayal not willing to allow NATO to move to its own borders and took over Crimeria which as a red line  said – they folks used to be our nation and are again – and this port now offsets your military in the MED and we are NO LONGER FOOLING AROUND WITH YOU.
  9. If a war took place with Russia Nato would currently lose in 60 days experts report. Without Nukes with Nukes in 60 minutes Nato would lose. Russia has drawn its red line from Putin’s view where America breaks its agreement with Saddam, With Gadaffi – with RUSSIA ( on treaties on multiple broken agreements ) with Iran now – and they are willing to fresh start but they will not permit any further agreement making that is subject to be more worthless than the papers they are written on. For this opposing reasons and no break in agreements RUSSIA is highly respected world wide and we are not so much.
  10. Syria – we were backing factions including UN terrorists with billions to take over Syria as we don’t like King Hussain – Russia has s multi billion dollar World War II high tech critical port in Syria which it can not let fall to the WEST as it is strategic and Russia is an alliance with King Hussain and his father before him the legitimate roller of Syria. So Russia comes in and coordinates Iran’s help and support and they coordinate with the US commanders on now focusing attacks on the ISIS group – along with the American backed opposition to Hussain – which has lost their war and we have lost untold lives and billions upon billions of dollars – total loss no gains of any kind save for ISIS is gone – which and this is the good news – may NOT have happened without RUSSIA AND USA COOPERATION.

So put on Putin’s glasses.

Now then the spin having zero proofs is endless on Putin being a monster. Consider the monster ( by our bought and paid for media ) is a follow the money issue for me at least. First bashing Trump is what it is. Bashing Putin is more of the same though and we tend to make Putin fact and Trump spin. Now put on new glasses and consider if Putin bashing is a lot of SPIN as well. The monster Putin has the highest approval rating of any world leader upon this earth where millions upon millions approve of Putin and his policies for his people and nation including overwhelming stopping NATO moving East and yes Ukraine policy. All those 82% are brain washed – I don’t think so folks.

Russia is not America. Not by values culture or on any comparative. if you know Russia history really you don’t expect Russia to be America. Stop putting America criteria thinking manners and outcomes as a saddle you place on Russia. Wrong horse wrong saddle. Russia is Russia. Can we talk and cooperate on some levels with the largest Nuke Power next to the USA on earth? Yes we can and yes we must. Can we reduce a World War III spiral – yes we can and yes Trump must its his day job – just that first priority – Trump or any President.

Another Cold War in a push button digital world is not a spiral we can afford where AI may push THE BUTTON soon. I mean really folks ?

Treason? Come on. Comey to Democrats – DO NOT LOSE YOUR MIND DEMOCRATS – but no one is listening as the middle the mass on all sides in all parties is joining the non political WALLET PARTY because voters have become TOO DAMN SMART for brain washing. Thats new.

So with all the distrust on all sides Putin and Trump seek to forge a NEW WORLD ORDER. Why?

  1. The problems created by the world world order model can no longer be solved by those old world box top rules in the new age of SUPER CHANGE.
  2. The solutions to assure WORLD PEACE is secure require alliances of opposing powers to resolve the problems without which such problems can not be resolved and World War III “IS” around the corner and the massive majority in America’s new WALLET PARTY knows this at bone marrow level.
  3. Team work over time to construct a new box top rule set in which opposing powers can related agree and canton is in process and is historic and prioritizes world peace with events in North Korea and Iran where outcomes require Russia and China working with the USA and the EU to resolve the world slate of issues.
  4. Will it be rocky and without bumps in the road – you bet. Can we do better. You bet. Should we try. You bet. Is that treason folks? DEMOCRATS DO NOT LOSE YOUR NANCY PELOSI MINDS TO THAT WOMAN.
  5. History is unfolding as never before as some of the most amazing LEADERS are TALKING. The EU is talking about new box top rules for trade as a TRUMP vision for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND rises to the future like an economic light house.

We as a nation have interests. President Eisenhower the first President I personally can remember speeches and presence from as a very young person sitting on the warmth of an RCA tube heated radio like a piece of furniture – listening to the CONVENTION Screaming – WE LIKE EIKE – WE LIKE EIKE over and over. I recall in my first retained Presidential Speech – I think I was age seven but it remains clear to that little boy even today…..

….As with President Lincoln I also know that no giant can span the oceans and every threaten the United States of America. No our damager today remains as Lincoln warned us so long ago – always from within. Today I caution you against the greatest danger to our way of life which is the insidious post war MILITARY INDUSTRIAL UNHOLY UNION OR COMPLEX…….

Do you believe the founding fathers would see the central government controlling all your rights privileges etc. You didn’t need a license from state to drive a car fly a plane or ride a horse bu soon your universal chip will track your breadth heart beat and AI will rack your movements habits purchases and every move you make. Today the largest customer for all and everything is the US central government do you think the Founding Fathers saw THAT when they  invented a constitution to limit central movement powers and taxation – preclude parties from nominating candidates – and assuring no third party could print money ( like the FED ) where only the Treasury of the people could print money and then within balanced budgets save I times of war. How do you think they see us today?

So the largest cost of the US Gov in central economic terms is indirect and direct defense cost to the reported and non reporting military industrial complex. Said another war without fear threat and spending the US economy contracts. Booms are created when consumers spends, government spends or they both spend. If they contract we have a recession risk. If Defense spending reduces we have a recession.

Follow the money.

So what forces wish a hostile relationship with Russia based on fear and maximum defense spending? Third graders can answer this folks. So stop the press and Pelosi mid year election hysteria ( has she lost her mind as Comey cautions Democrats to not follow PELOSI SOCIALISM in 2018 – and the splinters in the civil war are rebelling right this minute and today and Comey is leading a new splinter entirely ) – so you can answer this. A trillion dollars is fearing less spending if Trump and Putin make new box top rules.

ECONOMICS wars are economic and so is peace.

In the end it is competitive thinking is a form of insanity. Denial of that is insane itself. Cooperation is sane thinking and virus free thinking where the competitive virus is removed from whole brain thought process. Your reptilian mid brain will always introduce insane fear competitive thought impulse – which your higher brain can train itself to deny – you know hard wired to preclude being eaten by a raptor which RUSSIA and her people who LOVE US in fact – if we could calm down here – are not raptors. They do not want war and we do not war. But tension is profit and its billions.

A new Cold War in digital space with AI coming is insane.

Sanity is the right move – find common ground and forge new bo top rules. To call that treason is sure insanity by insane brains virus infected. Comey had to call it today – its INSANE.

Not my words but words from your own Former Director of the FBI.  Billion people looking in on 300 million of us – see the insanity and think America has lost its way.

But America has not lost its way. America is inside reform – the most significant upgrading and reform in 100’s of years – in generations and the move to the NATiONAL WALLET PARTY NWP is the new majority about to usher in massive Republic majority to congress because voting for a splinter democrat assures grid lock – recession and lay off’s and massive waste of billions upon billions of dollars – a pure mess as we slip from 5th gear in the commuter lane – to reverse out of all lanes and on the shoulder backing up into an economic boulder. NOW THAT IS INSANE IN FACT.


Statistics do not lie. Trump economics take some time not one quarter by three years. Today the pay out of states and nations to welfare and unemployment are soaring downward. Meanwhile jobs are soaring up as you see quarter after quarter after quarter. This is a double benefit. The treasury stops paying out cost while income to the nation is soaring. This moderates the national debt to better numbers than all prior projections.

THE USA against its assets is a 12% home loan and not bad on debt to GNP because GNP is ahead of all projections and US GNP is soaring led by oil rising to 12 million barrels a day when we pass RUSSIA as the # 1 energy and oil producer on the earth ( again ).

Trump Team economics is about to restore the AAA CREDIT RATING that was downgrade under Obama. We expect that by the mid year vote this November and remember you heard that sound byte here FIRST no where else.

The USA can afford the Wall new immigration policy and upgrade box top rules long over due – and infrastructure investing to rebuild upgrades and modernize our nation back to global leadership for our unborn generations of prosperity. WE can’t afford to NOT but we if insane Pelosi wins the congress – NOT IS THE GRID LOCK AND IMPEACHMENT YOU WILL HAVE.

Pelosi Impeachment as with President Clinton has a ZERO chance of PELOSI outcome ( which is insane ) but will create:

  1. Chaos
  2. Division like never seen before
  3. Billions upon billions wasted for deep state powers
  4. Grid lock as never known before and back lash
  5. Recession Super Crash and massive unemployment within socialism and Pelosi economics but she’ll be speaker again?

THE NATIONAL WALLET PARTY – NWP – IS DERAILING PELOSI POLITICS AS COMEY DECLARED INSANITY – and Democrats are voting for republican congress because it is mechanical not political – such voting MAKES CONGRESS WORK versus grid lock.

The NWP voters have no party spin like a duck NWP voters shed spin like ducks shed rain drops on their feathers as they fly and soar.

NWP voters in the dark privacy of the voter booth vote to assure:

  1. Congress WORKS
  2. Congress remains in dysfunction and does not work well

Its no longer political it is mechanical. Elect a Republican brand President NWP elects a republican congress to make CONGRESS WORK.

Elect a Demorat brand President NWP elects a Democratic Congress to make CONGRESS WORK.

In the new box rules VOTERS HAVE WORKED OUT THEMSELVES much like the old movie – THEY ARE MAD AS HELL AND THEY ARE FULLY UNITED IN NOT TAKING THE INSANITY ANY LONGER…..hence the WALLER PARTY we vote privately for our prosperity and obvious function versus dysfunction and party spending has zero bearing on that VOTE.


Common damn sense.

For five years I have blog reported for sanity versus insanity. We have started a movement the NATIONAL WALLET PARTY. Folks in 2018 the NWP is becoming the new majority and no one has registered for anything. America just comes together as one when its time and its right because in the end – when the music stops – in our chevy by the levy the day the spin music died – we Americans have a first LOVE – for the world never see’s through our USA glasses in all our division and all our debates and all our views all Americans’ all of US – why we simple cherish and love EACH OTHER in a way impossible to explain unto the world.

Reagan perhaps explained it in our modern world with his words…

….Oh you can migrate to Russia or France and you will have a life in Russia or in France – but citizens of the world make no mistake your generations and childrens children will never no not ever “BE” Russian nor will they “BE” French. But you may also be resolved that when you pass our French gifted Statue of Liberty and you ( legally ) enter our nation – not in generations – no not in years or months of time – for in one community upon this earth in 90 days just that – you will be welcomed and appreciated and included and you in this single nation you having arrived in wonder WILL IN FACT “BE AMERICAN” and only here is that reality expressed in the 1700’s and again here today….only here……..

The National Wallet Party understands we majority LOVE EACH OTHER without condition American to American at a foundation level that is our super glue that unites us all so uncommon and impossible to express at core to the world as our first truth. We are core love each other as one people one nation and yes always under GOD in our vast vast majority.

So in God we trust and frankly in the WALLET PARTY this mid year I completely trust but if you cancel my vote I chose you all over again my brothers and sisters – always you.






https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 BOOK Mark this link and below you ee how urgent important and the WHY as my readers – global and enormous depth rising as you share this blog on what IS going on out there in fact. Thank you for being awake ….

The leaders of FRANCE attending the Agentina Summit with IMF and Fed Chairman and all the Kings Horse and Men – attacking Trumpy Dumpty all over again – had France step up in their weekend sound byte to restate the obvious – Duh – TRADE WAR IS HERE.

In the French Speech he stated America was proceeding in the law of the jungle the survival of the fittest  – good political spin to throw sand in the Giants ( all of us who votes ). We voters are the giant insane bought and paid for FRAUD MEDIA attempts to brain wash voters with bias sand in your eyes from their biased advertisers who pay their bills – follow the money folks and read fake news like it is all fake because today folks news is a sit com – a pure entrainment who like Gilligan island in the olden days. Just that.


The US responded explaining MOVING FORWARD RECIPROCITY TRADE POLICY APPLIES. The notion a German or a Japanese or South Korean or Chines or Italian or most nation trade dollars – in AUTOMOBILES would come to the US and sell for 40,000 to 70,000 while an American Chery Ford or Crysler made car and all our American brands would sell in THEIR NATIONS For 250,000 to $ 650,000 due to unfair, punitive, tariff taxes placed on our American “everything” by our FRIENDS – which is not only NOT FAIR it is not friendly – has come to an end.

THIS IS NOT THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE as FRENCH LEADERS thew sand into your eyes this weekend ( sand is distraction from the truth ) – that was the old trade legal theft of nations from America the new model is WE MATCH YOU AND YOU SET YOUR OWN POISON. WE WANT ZERO TARRIFF ZERO TRADE BARRIERS BUT MOVING FORWARD WE WILL TAX YOU IN RECIPROCITY ( BY COMPUTERS ) IN REAL TIME. FORGIVE THOSE WHO TAX YOIU FATHER AS THEY FORGIVE YOUR TAXES MATCHING BACK TO THEM – BAM _  – HEY ITS THE REAL LAW. Read the real books. Tax them as you would tax unto yourself – Trump want open world trade an zero tax between nation. Criminal tax to the USA will no longer fly folks. That is the truth. Not why France in every nation for itself and total competitive isolation – Trump is not isolation the FRENCH INSIDER ELITE TAX THEFT FROM AMERICA is not going to help. Hey France – a) you helped the USA in the Revolution against the British remember that from our birth your cooperation – b) when the NAZIS over ran your entire country w spent the money and the deaths to set you free – do you recall your nation would be GERMAN not French ( for sure ) without the USA death do us part commitment in our integrity back to you – is a FAIR ZERO TAX TRADE PLAN BETWEEN FRIENDS NOT THE FUTURE – IS YOU TAX US LIKE WE WERE NAZIS AND WE TAX YOU LIKE OUR LOSEST FRIEND THE WAY YOU WANT INSANITY TO MOVE FORWARD? If you fail to join us in the aligment of nations you perish economically with full recession and deb defaulting by 2020- China too. it is all about sanity or insanity. Stop the FAKE NEWS SOUND BYTES – great sit com but if that is how you wish to Brain wash your home community you lead them into depression and political unrest and a Muslim economic future following a new French Revolution . Now that is what is at stake from your leaders insane choices this weekend and Trump remains open arms to the EU and France as our brothers and sisters co creating the new world order the COOPERTIVE CAPITALISM replacing every nation for themselves into NO NATION WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. GAME ON. Read the truth of it noting France said – we are the enemy of the USA Today. That happened this weekend – we’ll see how AMERICANS cease buying French wines cars and commerce unless the sanity returns – MACON politics will never defeat any longer the global WALLET PARTY  – ol competitive political models are dead an dying – 7 billions of us are cooperating informed and stepping back from insane brain washing and into th WALLET PARTY MAJORITY

VOTE – 7 billion of us together united for sanity integrity and prosperity …..s

TIME IS THE FACTOR. The more nations make the US their enemy in unfair legal theft and steal our IP – hack out IP – steal out IP which is our wealth of our nation and people – the faster and the more complete will be AMERICAN CONSUMERS shifting to stop buying from those who would steal from our nation. There will be no democrats. There will be no class of wealth. There will be no republican or indecent. We as 300 million of the wealthiest buyers on the planet earth will as one united into the new AMERICAN WALLET PARTY will stop buying German Cars – we will not longer buy a LEXUS we will not longer buy MADE IN CHINA ANYTHING – ZERO – and we won’t return to buying for 100 years – THAT IS THE RISK OF NATIONS WHO STEAL FROM US. Donald Trump and the Democrates CAN NOT CONTROL OF INLFLUENCE THE AMERICAN CONSUMER. As we see we are under economic THREAT and World War III is digital – on going since 2008 – and a wr of nations against our people – we will rise us ( they think America is divided they don’t appreciate anything about our people or our culture or our community.) yes we will rise up as ONE all voting the WALLET PARTY and we will STOP BUYING YOUR GOODS SERVCIES YOUR ANYTHING. We will buy only American. And we will BEAT YOU and you will sink onto world depression while we prosper and our friends will prosper with us because they did not politically die in their own law of the jungle they left the dog eat dog insanity – the brutal tribal cruel mean spirited law of every nation for themselves – pure insanity – and they forged FAIR INTEGRITY RECICPROCITY TRADE CONTRACTS in COLLABORATION ( SANE ) AND COOPERATION ( SANITY ) LEAVING COMPETITIVE INTEGRITY NATIONS ( INSANE COMPETITORS ) BEHIND AS THEY COLLAPSE INTO THEIR OWN DEPRESSION AND ECONOMIC REVOLUTIONS.

TRADE CONTRACTS require time to netogiatte. From Mexico and Canada on our borders Trump Teams are in negations on final copy from drafts over a year of work to develop new reciprocity trade policy between fully ALIGNED NATIONS. Those outside the ALIGNMENT ( COOPERATION OF NATIONS ( will perish in economic competitive insanity. Historic and well predictable. Those who advocate for unfair post world war II socialistic piggy bank all nations from the USA tax payer – have a new Trump economic red line. A financial Fire WALL. Like Gandalf on the ledge of that bridge in the Trilogy – with his staff and powers – when he said to the great demon of economic robbery – THOU SHALL NOT PASS – that is Trump on the Bridge and he means every single word and there is no turning back to legal theft and you tax us 100% of % and we don’t tax you and you steal all our technology and serves rip us off and come back and compete with us with national subsidy to pay for dumping products and services into our nation – under your own cost – from airplanes to everything and you wipe our economy our jobs our future and you wealth transfer untold trillions across the world to your nations unfairly in economic evil criminal theft you call the law of the jungle in France which is your JUNGLE not our JUNGLE. RECIPROCITY FRENCH ECONOMICS – go it without the USA and see how your recession unfolds into full depression and revolution with a 54% Muslim voter population in France by 2020. Lets in our duel – ready air fire ( oh the US fired on two and head shot into your phony economics ) – with the docs on site to heal you – just create a RECIPRICAL TRADE CONTRACT folks. Real. Honest. Integrity drivers. The longer you delay the more AMERICA will cease buying anything FRENCH OF CHINESE – and in the law of the jungle when no one comes on safari to Paris we’ll see how YOU ALL do versus how our teams and aligned nations do. We’ll just see.

Trump has invested billions all over the world. He has known world leaders all over the world for a lifetime. Trump surprise surprise surprise ( say it like Gomer Pyle ) – has FRIENDS. More friends than non friends. TRUMP is making new trade deals globally. Tallks are going on with teams from Asia from EU from South America Canada and Africa and all nations. New deal terms are being forged.

Do you truly believe that China receiving 500 billion dollars from the USA that is rising up like a chart no one wishes to stop – against 100 billion or less in their buying from us – can survive economically if that 500 billion begins to permanently MOVE ( as it is right this instant ) to India – Indonesia and so many other nations – within a communist phony economy built on 300% borrowing to stimulate growth for ten years – with 100 Trillion of bad debt – non performing debt in their bankrupt system all disguised ) as they lend unlimited money a trillion a year to Africa and third world nations that largely will default on these Chinese loans they created by borrowing to make those loans – do you truly believe their economy can survive – their defense will not collapse – their country in depression without the US consumer – will not have a REVOLUTION truncating XI’s leadership ? Do you really believe on the money XI doesn’t see all this and will not make a new bridge between the US a reciprocal economic bridge – stop hacking us – stop stealing from us – rule of law the nation in IP and fair trade with us – do you really think he will risk IT ALL in a TRADE WAR? Come on.

WORLD LEADERS need time to have teams negotiate their best possible DEALS with Trump Teams. These deals will reset the world into COLLABORATION with no nation left behind and a global prosperity into 2030 – IF we have a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS elected by the new majority of the WALLET PARTY – so that infrastructure and rebuilding America is laid in as the final leg of the Trump Policy economic Tri pod.

The Old national structure of WE WIN the US Loses – is over. The WIN WIN new moving forward reciprocity trade policy is more supported by all democrats and republicans than you now. Yes there are favored financial interests seeking to keep things unchanged. Lets not save the billions upon billions Trump saved by just whacking off defense over charging – hey they invest 100 million of that in packs to lie fraud and STOP TRUMP to get those billions back – and the billions of PHARM price raises just this year and price drug roll backs last year – all Trump – and these Pharms dominant in advertising are investing a billion to assure things roll back to their legal theft and price gauging – STOP TRUMP. But the new majority in the WALLET PARTY sees the economics of no reform or real reform and is no longer brain washed by the massive attempts to brain wash voters with frauds. In fact the BACKLASH into the WALLTET economic no political party continues to raise and elevate TRUMP POLL NUMBERS just last week again. Never has so many billions to attack one leader been so ineffective and lost forever as waste – because REFORM IS HERE and REFORM is unstoppable.

The 1930’s hymnal chant – WHAT IS GOOD FOR General Motors IS GOOD FOR AMERICA is true today. What is good for criminal VW and Chinese and Japan Brands is not GOOD FOR AMERICA unless its reciprocal trade. Watch American buy American cars and prosper as trade insanity removes buying from nations who make us their enemy and there is no make up – the idea there is a re–set from AMERICA buying is itself in economic a path that leads to a cliff for nations diluted to walk on that path. We cooperate and prosper together. We compete and those nations who do perish.  That is the absolute bottom line from President Bill Clinton who told us all its just arithmetic – a math item his Wife Hilary this weekend could not balance her own check book it seemed as she did the politics of competition and revenge to a pathetic small crowd of very radical die hard loser voters in the vast sea of majority voters who cancel their votes entirely and overwhelming. MAJORITY WALLET PARTY IS SOARING – NOT PARTY INFLUENCED – IS VOTERS MASSIVE VOTE FOR WHAT WORKS VERSUS OLD MODELS THAT DON”T WORK. YOU CAN NO LONGER BRAIN WASH THE WALLET PARTY UNITE ON SOCIAL. DO THE ARITHMETIC. WE did.

Fair Trade reciprocal trade – integrity driven trade between Trumps vast friends with nations which include Japan, President XI, South Korea, the majority of the EU and world in fact – belay public and private. Public the leaders must play to their home base – with factions that support THEIR LEADER in his final answers – but with factions that hate Trump when the majority do not – so the leaders must play politics to HOME FACTIONS at war with each other inside their nations – same as USA – old protections and legal theft – to more REFORM integrity and upgrading – that removes price gauging and old theft franchise from those who would COMPETE versus Collaborate.


Read my global work ( my book on Amazon ) REDEMPTION THE COOPERTION REVOLUTION and you will become so wise to the rip tide of global reform at core economics – a first in 5,000 years folks.

https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 I ask my readers to make a book mark – you will wish to reorder for your community and circles – and you will wish to share this link vital for virus free brains who are simply SEEKING a far better way. Thought leaders have stated in their reviews that REDEMPTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL CHEST SINCE THINK AND GROW RICH WRITTEN BY THE MAN NAPOLEON HILL MENTORED UNTIL HIS GRADUATION AND MENTORED BY THE AUTHORS FAMOUS FATHER – THE FUTURE OF THE ENTIRE HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY FOUNDED BY ALAN G DOHRMANN IN THE 1940’s – WHO MENTORED THE Masters – THE TEACHER OF THE MASTERS – ND WHAT COMES NEXT IN 2020 AND BEYOND IS REDEMPTON. Order five or ten copies for you best customers and yourself and family circles – and come back when you need ore or wish to share -telling your circle you have to use this Link to fully TURN ON SWITCH UP YOUR OWN LIFE JOURNEY. SWITCH Is a word you scream. The first duty of any human growth is to elevate your own potential the first instant the opportunity choses your consciousness. https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051

GOOGLE SEARCH www.amazon.com/redemption easy make a book mark.

Competitive Capitalism ( all forms of human competitive thought impulse are expressions of a form of first cause of all symptom and illness in human condition – a first form expression of insanity – competition in all expresso;ns is insane and its definition for economics in all system adoptions is insane – without integrity and horrific if outcomes to humanity ): COMPETITIVE ECONOMICS SEEKS TO MAXIMIZE ELITE STAKE HOLDER PROFIT IN THE SHORTEST TIME FRAME – EVERY FOUR WEEKS – AT ANY COST TO THAT OUTCOME.

Aligned Reform Nations are ushering in the new economic revolution COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that redefines economic reforms for nations into a no nation left behind among aligned collaborated nations who departed from the insanity of economics of centuries and adopted the new economics outlined in REDEMPTION for nations to draw from. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM BOX TOP RULES SEEK TO MAXIMIZE OBSESSIVELY THOSE BEING SERVED BY ANY SYSTEMS EVERY RISING BENEFIT AND QUALITY WHILE MAKING A PROFIT.

The definition of insanity and sanity is expressed economically. This CORE THOUGHT SHIFT elevates economic systems to integrity – as we will not cooperate as nations in distrust and negation nd corruption – in competition – as there is no integrity – and INTEGRITY is the DNA of cooperative aligned nations. One definition is insane – THE FEW owning 1% of wealth in class war fare against the 7 billion who own less than 1% of wealth as the 1% competive insane elite own 99% of all wealth and powers. IS THIS SANE for humanity and nations? Come on ? Really? Can we not do better for all of us THE MANY FOR THE MANY versus the insane FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

Cooperative CAPTILISM IS a collaboration – a sanity – and require integrity forged one day at a time between nations that keep the integrity and sanity and preclude competitive thought impulse. Leaders who wake up to understand competitive thought impulse between immortal never born never die – co creators with source – eternal beings being human for such a short period – haven way as immortals to compete within sanity of understanding pure natures of divine beings. All works of litgury call upon the cooperage in integrity to celebrate diversity of all human tapestry. Only insanity and competition PUNISHES human diversity as a first form of inanity and ignorance of pure nature – failing to CELEBRATE AND ELEVATE humanity and its majestic diversity of race, creed, culture, laws, music, food, dress, art, sport, dance, talk, manners, and so much more – it is our heritage and killing one another and punishing one another for diversity is a symptom of insane brains. Virus infected software. Brains infected by a competitive virus loaded on to those whole brain computers by damaged brains before them that the individual NO LONGER KNOWS OR EVERY REMEBERS but the controlling virus is running the Brian software. Crips Bloods criminal gangs ISIS Taliban and so forth – no where near a religion or a culture or anything but a game of inasane brains acting out. Cooperative brains aligned with the greatest regret for the unteachable must delete insane brains to protect sane brains and always the sanity resides in victory because it is POWER versus force. Insanity always requires endless justification because it IS insane. Insanity always requires reaction. Power never does. Power just IS and always defeats force in the end. Sanity versus insanity. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM being ushered in now by all aligned leaders in all nations elevates within a bloodless economic revolution – THE NEW WORLD ORDER where no nation is left behind.

IF the FIRST pollution that must be “cleaned up” is MIND POLLUTION whose effects and symptoms are endless competition with the PLANET that is our survival system – as insanity – one might ponder correctly how would we reverse all the earth pollution a symptom of MENTAL POLLUTION without first assuring we have virus free ( competition removed and deleted ) brain software to cooperate with the planet versus compete with the planet – itself evidence of human insanity from the competitive virus. Dealing with symptom will never lead to human longevity nor to earth longevity. We must first deal with CAUSE – Competition – insanity – competitive mid reptilian brain thought impulse IS THE CAUSE and humanity is evolving to remove the virus of competition from effect – cultural expression and result. Imagine if we instructed COOPERATION CULTURE box top rules in K to 12 – imagine that children were instructed that competition is a form of insanity – that celebration diversity is sane thinking and punishing human diversity is insane – and systemically the children learned to share their toys – help one another up together – they made sure no child was left behind as virus free thinking and no one competed for better grades and all gifts were celebrated without jealousy or envy secure each soul has its own gift which is always more than ENOUGH just more than enough for any life. Imagine that – the song so long ago – JUST IMAGINE.

A competitive virus infected brain killed John Lennon walking in front of his own home as an expression of insanity a virus outcome that cooperation cultures would self heal – otherwise more of the same because we lack SOCIAL RULES of what it MEANS today to BE AMERICAN. But that is  rip tide of change from the insanity to the sanity – COOPERATION is the future and COMPETITION is our sad brutal violent past. Humanity as a future is extinction from incoming strikes to the home earth – renewing the earth and removing the virus plague of humanity. BAM. 100% our future. UNLESS as Redemption outlines ( and quick for reasons Redemption data documents to you all ) THAT we COOPERATE – we remove competitive thought impulse seeing such thinking as a true form of human insanity we abandon by awareness. In so doing we rechannel defense of nations to nuke one another into national alliance to DETECT AND DEFLECT only possible within sanity never possible within insanity – and the Earth developed a replication conscious SEED ( awake virus free humanity ) that will now repopulate all of Earth ( rapidly being healed from the insane pollution and climate change ) to other Earth’s where the Earth and her beauty is immortal as in sanity we use technology upon the earth to tara from seed planets to duplicate our home with a RIGHT to preserve protect and guard such environments versus ruin them in virus infected thinking.

The majority of the planet is waking up. Real time media makes us aware of the insanity of competitive thought. Media has yet to unite because media is virus infected and competitive insanity to reformed sane integrity media – in which – all such horrors are labeled properly as competitive insanity responded to by the integrity and sanity of the cooperative social virus free first responders. But we the 7 billion intuitively know the cause and are removing the virus for switched on turned on home space and switched on so much more prosperous work space. If you follow Berny Dohrmann on social media you just 30 years of proof from CEOSPACE last week – of children of teens of CEO leaders and families world wide expressing their gratitude for the cooperation tools and tacitcs you can all receive right now from REDEMPTION – wherever you need the sanity elevator and virus removal or home space – relationship – parenting – teams – work space and leadership fortune institution to dentist office. Government silo to contractor prime. How fast do YOU personally want the virus removal tool? The APP for VIRUS REMOVAL is and remains for the last many Presidents and Global leaders – working on the new world order – REDEMPTION THE COOPERAITON REVOLULTION th one book that READS YOU even as you read the books – ten years to release it and now world change is rising from the work. Perhaps you should order five or ten and circle it to your family customers and gratitude partners. I would. Early Holiday shopping folks. Include this one item as this gift keeps on giving …and giving and giving.


The world of every nation for themselves the FEW ELITES against the many (  7 billion of all of us ) is insane as a system. There is enough food to feed everyone. Yet this year with food sufficient in silo’s to preclude it – 1.4 billion – that is 1000 million plus 400 million under the age of 35 mostly will die screaming deaths when the salvation food is allowed to rot and be plowed into the sea to price support an elite combine food producer. Is that system INSANE? Can we DO BETTER. Trump’s team and a majority of world leaders ( yes despite bought and paid for press always being wrong wrong wrong in their fraud fake news and deceit on real influence from their money sources spinning their out put as brain washing that no longer works to the WALLET PARTY in America ) – the MAJORITY OF WORLD LEADERS are aligned – working like dogs to get new world order trade agreements in COOPERATION in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM ( no nation left behind and sane ) as they STOP THE INSANITY – they get it they see it – BUT they have to play to home audience and advance the new result in stages and phases. The FATHER OF PHASES ( TRUMP ) is walking it through like a Michael Jackson moon walk across the world. IT IS HAPPENING.

I now predict listening to Hillary Clinton’s competitive New York address yesterday faithful to the competitive insanity – suggesting such fraud and mis statement of historic President history with Russia – uniting the insane fringe that lost so badly with her wrong minded failed directions now in her 70’s – that – competition only drew a couple thousand. Trump on a bad day sells out and has 10,000 even in a small city. Democrats majority moderates come out independents. All parties friege minorities and together in competitive insanity for their virus infected realities having no clue what so ever they are even virus infected. For them competition is good and from God – the great lie – FIRST COMPETITION in all ancient texts from 5000 years to now is the name of what religion labels as SATAN. First competition with God is a free will insanity – a first choice is state of being. sane or insane. Is heaven the absence of all competition and the presence of pure unconditional love in your faith? Then why to you make hell how we operate upon the earth and look at the outcomes of hell choice – insane choice – as hell is the expresso of endless competition. Refleting FIRST COMPETITION the PURE ETERNAL INTELLIGENT EVIL A CONSEQUENCE POTENTIAL ESSENTIAL OF FREE WILL ITSELF – FIRST CHOICE – yours – Cooperative sanity or evil in competition insanity – you shall know THEM by their WORKS. Circle with cooperative brains and avoid competitive brains. HOW WILL YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE – the check list is in Redemption and changes your circles your future and your life. You step into and relax into surplus abundant grateful living and circles who share that virus free community. The choice is yours. Elect candidates that usher in the NEW WORLD SANITY – COOPERATION.

All living things die hard. Competitive viruses infected insane communities that punish diversity of the human expierence have had all the wealth and power. They do not wish to die off. The majority are removing the virus or deleting those who are unteachable. THE VIRUS OF INSANITY IS DYING FROM HUMANITY world wide.

The majority of nations are united into the new WORLD ORDER because Trump’s zero tariff matching reciprocity tax plan – is sane – and fair and has integrity. Trump is saying economically as the elephant in the room – the MASTER ECONOMY THAT DRIVES THE ENTIRE WORLD – join the sanity and prosperity and help us create the future together – a future where no nation is left behind – or remain in the insanity. The majority of nations will be leading the world. You are either with us in sanity integrity and the NEW WORLD ECONOMIC COOPERTIVE CAPITALISM BOX TOP RULES – OR – you are again the majority of nations and in insanity depart into depression and revolution in your own nation within suffering that brings your community back into sanity anyways. The INSANE shall perish from the earth and the sane shall inherit the kingdom of God as immortal beings who final saw the truth -at the end times the scales of the great lie will fall from your eyes – worshiping competitive thought and action between immortals is pure evil and insane – you worship FIRST COMPETITION ( dark matter versus bright matter still to be discovered which empowers your breadth and heart beat and universal renewal ) – and you with KNOWING become virus free.

WE retool global education next so the COOPERATIVE VIRUS FREE THINKING populates education as FIRST PRIME DIRECTIVE TO GLOBAL CULTURE celebrating the great diversity of humanity where any form of punishing is a form of ignorance and insanity ….children understand immediately. If we only gave them their birth right as their little new souls their spirits WHERE BORN TO CHOSE and we brain wash them into competition and insanity because we ourselves inherited the virus. As we become virus free our children will create the most advance progress for the human experienced beyond our imagination and impossible with virus infected thinking – which leads to IMPACT EVENT ( and soon ) and earth starts all over with a new not insane consciousness as a living energy ( Mother Earth is a being and is alive and intelligent did you now that ? ) There is more intelligence and energy in the oceans of the earth – hey you and I are water creatures storing your reality in water – and the earth is far more intelligent than humanity and the EARTH IS NOT INSANE. As her children Mother Earth just wants us to remove our virus.


Trade WAR Is NOT just an economic upgrading – trade war is a red line – a choice to elevate consciousness integrity and sanity into global humanity or to retain the insanity. SANE OR INSANE. I predict the following for the first time and we’ll see if my opinion once again has relevance to all 7 billion of ther rest of us – sharing this blog is essential do you do that step ?

1. The majority of 80% of all economic trade on earth is in negotiations to create a new box top rule for world trade that is sane versus insane using Trump Team reciprocity trade software as the transparent ingtegrity self correcting accountability to collaboration and cooperation between nations. No nation will be left behind in the prosperity these new contracts will secure for generations for all of us.

2. By the mid year elections Trumps friends ( and despite fake news folks Trump won a massive majority and that majority from the new WALLET PARTY by poll numbers is soaring – just soaring ) will like a matched D FLAWLESS Diamond Necklace – and I was one of the largest Diamond dealers on earth world wide for decades – with trade agreement after trade agreement – coming into that global necklace of aligned nations – August September and October one after another.

3. These sane integrity COOPERATION OF THE NATIONS IN ALIGNMENT will result in the largest mid year upset in America modern history with an overwhelming WALLET PARTY voting prosperity – upsetting foul sewer driven campaigns in all fifty states  – where the WALLET PARTY VOTER leaves the stink behind of the old way that no longer works at all – brain washing fails – a trillion is wasted for nothing – and the CONGRESS IS REPUBLICAN MAJORITY AND JUST WORKS – versus grid lock and recession. Vote majorities will VOTE TO MAKE CONTGRESS WORK FOR SIX MORE YEARS IN A ROW UNLIKE THE LAST nasty terrible wasteful harmful – set backs of 15 years of congressional grid lock competitive insanity and dysfunction. THE VOTERS OF THE WALLTER PARTY ARE NOT POLITICAL THEY ARE VOTING FOR PROSPERITY.




If your emotions are elevated why. As an immortal being having a human experience for a flash bulb of time – blink – why are you not in your core nature grateful and in bliss joy and calm in your full clarity of your own core nature? Cooperation is heaven as everyone relaxes into their our joy and no soul removes any joy from another as sane. If your emotions are virus controlled and you have contest competition an combat as your CHOICE ask yourself how does that over all of human savagery and what you see on the news ( all of which is virus infected though – mind pollution ) working out for you and for those you love? Do you want an earth like hell – the nashing of teeth spirit against soul – mean – never ending competition and war between soul and individually harsh and personally cruel beyond measure – as outcomes? Do you wish heaven on earth where you and I never remove one drop of self esteem from another spirit and we exist with virus free soul communities in pure joy gratitude an harmony within effortless abundance with no spirit left behind? Who choses? If your virus infected can you even chose again at all? FOLKS Trade war is not reality or real. What the virus infected trade war is in fact – is awake brains world wide – forging new NO NATION LEFT BEHIND FAIR INTEGRITY COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM new box top rules about to come on line into the NEW WORLD ORDER NECKLACE one Diamond at a time – all though next year – creating record global prosperity record sling shot effect on December market all Time new highs and soaring into 2019 as infrastructure from the new WALLET MAJORITY CONGRESS votes into law finally – so that prosperity globally is 2030 without stop. Trade war is nothing of the kind. What is happening is a REFORM an IMPROVEMENT world wide from file Communism socialism and failed competitive capitalism corrupt and broken at core into the improve higher virus free final human revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISIM by virus free leaders – with my admonishment to media that the Frau must stop irrespective of advertising bias – we must exchange insane media for sane media – which will come in phases and stages – but for now TRADE WAR IS AN EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS RISING ACROSS THE PLANET.


PS: https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 please make a book mark for me and share this link and get your close tribe their copies –  as virus free living is the next priority for awake beings.



History was made last week. From Monday to today on Sunday the Press of the entire world – 90 % of American Press bashed President Trump as no President has ever been bashed. On many papers 70% of the entire real estate was 7 front page articles bashing Trump.

All the Kings Horse and All the Kings Men tried to assure Trumpty Dumpty COULD NOT be put back together again.

President Trump’s poll numbers rose from the full side barrage of every caliber weapon fired. President Trump should be impeached. President Trump committed Treason equal to World War II Hitler, Equal to Pearl Harbor equal to 9/11, President trump is evil a traitor and more.

Why? President Trump like all Presidents of the United States of America since Eisenhower – the first President I met personally, in the 1950’s and I was little – 70 years of Presidents – met with the leader of Russia. So did Trump. What was his treason? He agreed Ito have another meeting – they framed in their issues with one another and their own agenda to fresh start and move forward – and they agreed to have another meeting to see if they can move into a new arena a Fresh Start. In Public President Trump did not Bash President Putin.

They both KNOW that Russia has an economy the size fo New York State which is struggling and in marginal recession save for higher oil prices, and, their military budget is 90% less than the USA. We are not equal Super Powers and President Putin knows that.

President Trump told Putin he would not tolerate election meddling in his elections this year. I’ve reported the concept what if Russia is being set up by a worse enemy like IRAN? Is that a possibility? Do we believe like on faith the intelligence agencies that were dead wrong on weapons of mass destruction and over a dozen other ERRORS in the past 70 years. Why is this inside a justice department obviously needing reform and an intelligence agency team obviously needing some upgrading – not another time we think versus lock step and follow the politics. GET TRUMP.

So Many Pelosi will soon pass 100 million dollars raised of the trillion dollars the PACKS are uniting behind democratic lock step to get TRUMP in the Mid Year election. To assure they get Congress – grid lock years moving forward of any legislation and instantly begin impeachment process – which will waste a billion slide us backward into economic recession and massive unemployment – all blamed on TRUMP. As the game plan. A TRILLION TO GET TRUMP.

Now all the media is GET TRUMP all week. President Trump’s poll numbers go up.

So lets follow the money shall we.

So President Trump costs contractors to America delivering weapon systems and other items a billion here and a billion there in lower costs you have seen it read it and know it to be true. To you think a weapons company ( most of them ) tossing each a billion or more – don’t take 100 million and put that 100 million into GET TRUMP PACKS.

You just saw the Pharm industry roll back price raises in 2018 on your drugs because of one man President Donald Trump. DO you see the ads on TV and in print that are PHARM ADS. The media is bought and paid for by advertising. These advertisers are united to GET TRUMP OUT and return to their legal theft of the public. Do you really believe the media is free to be in the middle? Their advertisers are paying them record sums never seen before to GET TRUMP.

All week they did that agenda. GET TRUMP GET TRUMP GET TRUMP.

Trump’s poll numbers went UP and are still going UP.

The Nancy Pelosi Party is under Nancy splintered into a mean spirited cruel harsh all out war fare to GET TRUMP. To lie to build illusions to endlessly assure they and no one else wins the Congress in the mid year election. The all out warfare. The never seen before budget. The all out saturation to BRAIN WASH AMERICA to vote Trump OUT OUT OUT. United behind a party of fear and hatred.

FEAR AND HATRED IS WHAT YOUR SEEING and ask yourself is that what YOU want – forget party – for America.

The DEEP STATE wants no reform or change and seeks to continue the America of LEGAL THEFT from the citizens in a never ending decline of our way of life.

The REFORM group wishes to stop the legal theft – reform agencies and systems – taxes – rebuild the nations infrastructure and defense – and with new efficiencies in HOW we do that and to stop the LEGAL THEFT OF NATIONS in our trade agreements. STOP TRUMP ON TRADE is filled with lies that are ridiculous when you know the economic s in fact. STOP TRUMP STOP TRUMP it is not almost mindless hysteria.

As the STOP TRUMP movement unites the socialist and communist and so many factions into a single fringe group the vast voter majority is moving behind TRUMP and the pool numbers go up why?

Trump is outgunned. HE can’t influence 90% of the media. They are spending a trillion dollars Trump is out spent.

Trumps poll numbers of voters go up. Why?

Trump goes by the media and tells us the truth on Tweet. More folks decide based on the TRUMP TWEET than the media bought and paid for and the bought and paid for media published every single TRUMP TWEET where President TRUMP is the first President to a) not care a wit about the attackers he has their dial up number and b) Trumps controls the media and the agenda in absolute terms and the opposing forces have never seen anything like POWER being expressed here in 2018.

THE WAR between the DEEP STATE and Reform is fully engaged in the mid year election in the United States – and Oh with Trump alliances in many Populist alliances world wide in nations everywhere.

In America the new party is winning. The entrenched parties have lost their franchise.

The Majority of Voters are not swayed or brain washed by bought and paid for media – they are in fact – disgusted with bought and paid for media and with DISRESPECTFUL LYING DECEIT FILLED AGENDA SPOON FED MEAN CRUEL IN THE GUTTER NANCY PELOSI POLITICAL WARFARE AT ANY COST TO ETHICS INTEGRITY AND REGARD FOR WHAT IS HONOR AND REAL ABOUT AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE AT CORE.

The majority of voters are now members of the largest new UNITED PARTY THE NATION HAS EVER KNOWN – the WALLET PARTY.

The voters are in private in those voting booths – disgusted with media and they are voting a republican congress into power in the mid year election with oceans of moderate democrats now voting the WALLET PARTY – to assure CONGRESS WORKS and is NOT GRID LOCKED and that the nation gets infrastructure rebuilt.

When we borrow to rebuild and modernized AMERICA we get the highest 200 year returns on money – profits on money – from revised G 5 communication systems – upgraded power grids – environmental roll backs to reduce all pollution earth air water – massive shifts in transportation upgrading -= warehousing – deep sea ports – energy transportation – and more. WE secure 200 years of prosperity for ourselves and unborn generations – or we sink back into a recession the like of which you can not imagine.

The politics would sink us into that recession blame trump to secure congress and the White House at any cost to us  to our security to our future to our prosperity and well being. Those political days are over.

The Massive shift to the WALLET PARTY will vote beyond party spin and media moving forward.

Trumps poll numbers rise and rise.

Its not about TRUMP.

Its about the truth.

Trump team policies are working and reform is occurring and our wallets are benefiting. WE VOTE THE NEW AMERICAN WALLET PARTY. Founded right here and unstoppable across the nation today.

Most of you in America are members of the WALLET PARTY.

If you are emotionally invested in non Waltet agenda’s vote to grid lock congress and STOP TRUMP join that vast minority and see how that works out for you.

Lets move into the endless TRUMP bashing on children taken from their parents. This is legal policy for illegal immigrants. So thousands of politically organized families bringing five children each to our border were told over and over – there is a rule of law on immigration. Those who took the time and applied and had their approved entrance papers are welcome respected and part of the America tapestry.

Those who by pass those laws are not. As with any nation.

The laws congress passed are being enforced. Stopping unqualified immigration with packs of criminals also coming in with each new wave. Our own social services and law enforcement are over whelmed ( the Wallet party knows these facts ) with billions upon billions being paid to support ILLEGAL law violating invaders from other nations.

Legal immigrants are welcomes as we always welcomed them.

An organized political march USING CHILDREN to over come our border agencies saying – you will never turn back these babies – were told along the march over weeks and weeks – you will be detained as criminals and your children processed in care facilities separated from you as adult parents will be in JAIL. This what congressional law calls for.

The LAW AS ENFORCED as congress wrote it.

Illegal criminal adults were put in jail.

Children are well cared for.

The majority of older children seven and up all tell officials they want to GO HOME and they do not want nor did they every wish for asylum in America. Their parents made them come.

Their criminal parents warned over and over what would be the outcome.

TRUMP is the horror because 90% of this cross border parent children invasion has stopped from the once red line Trump put across our borders while congress fails to give him new immigration laws and a boarder wall – and that red line like all Trump Team red lines was real.

Another item – the bought and paid for GET TRUMP Pelosi media – advances endless how the TRUMP Team is in disarray. This week the Trump Team reported where no one reported it how together units and proud they all are – in the PARTY OF THE WALLET toting their job for the future of the economics of the nation.

My final point. GET TRUMP?

My God how boring would it be without 6.5 more years of TRUMP. We would have boring. Just the entertainment factor motivates more and more to join the WALLET PARTY and vote your wallet.

I’ve told my American readers as a large % of my enormous rapidly growing blog readership is outside America as CEOSPACE is serving 146 countries for some three decades our peeps are global.

Thank you for reading.

I tell my American’s CANCEL MY WALLET VOTE but my God VOTE this election. We all need to vote as  there is only one issue not bought and paid for ridiculous sit com stuff the issue is:

* Wallter Party and Republican controlled congress that WORKS

  • Grid lock and we move into recession and hardship

That is the only issue for the WALLET PARTY.

So all the Kings Men and all the Kings Horses and all the Kings MONEY can not knock Trumpty Dumpty off his Wall as they are losing billions of dollars – as what worked a decade ago in politics has been undone by social media entirely and no longer works at all.

The last week of saturation TRUMP lies and bashing pure manipulation of voters – failed and





The Week in the USA was a Week of TRADE WAR & TREASON. Nancy Polsie the most hated politician in America marched out her most radical socialists in the Democratic Party to accuses President Trump of Treason. Treason under the constitution carries a death penalty. Treason is a crime where any high official is seeking to over throw the government by FORCE and is working to KILL the head of state.

The PELOSI Fringe held the news at bay in America – with headlines and sound bites one after another like a machine gun fired by a trained United States Marine like my decorated purple hearted son Ryan as they put forth to America:

  1. President Trump IS guilty of high crimes and treason for talking to President Putin.
  2. President Trump’s treason is precisely equal to World War II and its cause with Hitler.
  3. President Trump’s treason is precisely equal to Pearl Harbor.
  4. President Trumps treason is precisely equal to 9/11 and that tragedy.
  5. They accused him of being weak – selling out America – betraying America and endless scaling of mid year election spin and attacks sensing this is their issue.

Meanwhile their ratings in polls in congress went down – way down and President Trumps poll ratings went way up. That took place this week in policy plan 119 that has failed over the years for MEAN SPIRITED and truly hated Nancy Pelosi – who raised 70 million for her liberal social democrats since January and is lobbying hard to be the congressional SPEAKER when she anticipates winning back the house which is dice up in the air and may as with her policies not work as she thinks? Why?

Democrat rank and file BACK FIRE. Democrats increasingly GET the notion if they elect a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS then Congress will WORK. If they elect a democratic congress the nation will have GRID LOCK and endless waste of money as the JOBS BASED ECONOMY effecting rank and file democrats ( having never been so ECONOMICALLY STRONG in their life time with so many factories and jobs returning ) will moving forward move to massive lay off’s and recession. Democratic rank and file voters are educated, smart, and get the TRUTH from the Nancy SPIN FACTOR.

Also looking at the week – with the massive spending and work to make TREASON the election issue ( we feel an utterly mis timed and failed policy of Pelosi Democratic leadership must look at ) they added fuel to their own civil war in the democratic party of GOING WAY WAY TOO FAR OUT ON THE LIMB that is breaking. The party is splintered not split and the unification they needed just got torn strategically to shreds in my opinion by Pelosi. Obama was working as a healing agent but was left in the hurricane of Pelosi TREASON. The President’s team took the historic high ground – and told the truth.

The truth IS that every American President since Eisenhower has met with the leader of Russia to talk. Nothing was agreed upon but to host another meeting. The two laid out the agenda’. Trump stated President Putin you must stop election tampering – because I WILL NOT HAVE IT. Putin got that message when Trump bombed Syria twice for using Nerve Gas. No red line that no one pays attending to. A red line that cost Russia allies BILLIONS when we bombed the crap out of them. New Sherriff in Dodge folks. This is not TALK this is real message in the language PUTIN understands real well.

Now then Putin also understands the China factor. This week Trump noted he would do what he said – if China won’t stop taxing the holy shit our of every America item we sell into their nation we as the largest customer they have – five to one in sales and goods – the USA they can’t replace while XI remains alive – and leading say any time in the coming twenty years – that – America will now tax everything China sells to match the tax they place on us.

RECOPRICITY TAX POLICY – we match you to zero or we match you to 500% you decide and we match you.

500 BILLION DOLLARS OF TRADE TAXES coming next on China. What does this DO?

Well China is what?

  1. In free fall decline for the first time ever.
  2. The production is falling like a sky diver as orders dry up.
  3. Buying is falling like a spinning water drain in the China Sea
  4. Capital is flying out of china and their currency
  5. Their currency is CRASHING becoming worth less and less
  6. Their customer are leaving for other nations never to return
  7. Their debts can’t be paid as this sinking sound accelerates
  8. They risk soon loosing America consumers who sensing China is attacking all of us – will simply stop buying anything MADE IN CHINA and really stop – for a generation at least. Trillions stopping.
  9. China defaults on Debts in a global cascade as the real risk.
  10. China goes bankrupt into revolution and massive decline and unemployment – it will not be a military threat because it will lack resources to pay its obligations of any nature esepecially with the lowest new labor force by birthing policy and the worst aging demographic moving ahead of any nation.

Said another way as I’ve reported since last year – President Trump and America hold an economic FULL HOUSE ACES high on the economic data. China holds two two’s of spades against the FULL HOUSE economically. If they play their hand wrong and Trump calls , which he just put all the chips in the center – and China can’t match those chips and CALLED – 500 Billion a year of call.

China spending 300 million more than it makes – lending to nations in say Africa that will never pay those loans back – is going to receive a default cascade as the next step of mis managing the opportunity to simply make a trade deal.

The Trade Deal creates a COLLABORATION of endless both nation prosperity. Why not create that trade deal?

Politics versus economics.

Entrenched interests who want protected bubble trade for their industry specifically lobbying XI teams.

Military Old Guard with a Digital Warfare asymmetrical war fare game plan to beat the AMERICA and become the world dominating Super Power – truncated when Trump won and now defeated utterly by Trump on all fronts all at once – but refusing to give up that their plan failed. These political interests ( READ GAME PLAN BY KEVIN FREEMAN AT AMAZON AND YOU’LL HAVE THE SECRET WAR GOING ON ) – those old guard interest XI MUST MANAGE Over time – lost and the new plan is to COLLABORATE WITH AMERICA for sustained China prosperity.

if China executes a financial war fare response and takes the trade war into serious volley – say they attack out dollar by dumping their US holdings and no longer buying the one safe haven reserve for themselves – they eastern their own Chinese utter bankruptcy due to their hidden secret communist failed economy being a DEBT BOMB that will explode and devastate the Chinese people and perhaps in revolution change the style of their government. The USA wants Chinese prosperity and Chinese stability nothing else.

In the digital and economic war of the past three decades TRUMP has stopped the war – Trump has WON THE WAR – and Trump has put a real red line ( economic red line ) in front of the XI team at the top. Collaborate – Cooperate and no more competing in unfair ware fare no more hacking no more stealing IP –


Now that IS what is REALLY going on OUT THERE. Now this takes some TIME folks. And President Trump in the art of the deal and President XI are the forward leaders of our time and they understand the issues politically and economically. There is a TANGO DANCE to get through our own TREASON idiots – the fringe that is splintering parties into fragments of its former self – a party dissolving in extremism – politically – and the TANGO DANCE any leadership attempting cooperation reform from the insanity of competition.

Do you see the news of competition and its insanity or are you led by the news and you believe what you Read is accurate and fact. President Donald Trump in having a no commitment first discussion with President Putin the leadership of the other most powerful nuke force on earth – like every President before him for 70 years – Committed in that first talk – HIGH CRIMES AND TREASON equal to Pearl Harbor – 9/11 – and Appeasing Hitler and causing WORLD WAR III by talking to Putin. Is THAT what YOU believe in fact?

The majority of news on all front page is last week 70% attacking President Trump for TREASON in sound bites in the USA but not outside. Much better outside as real news was reported by the global press refreshing actually. CLICK A BIT. Gain perspective. Globally.

70% of media – all forms – united in MID YEAR efforts to villify TRUMP using FEAR and TERROR to propel voters to take Congress from Republican control and grid lock congress to win the Presidency in the coming election two years out.

Trumps poll numbers went up.

Congress poll numbers went down.

Media poll numbers dropped to their lowest trust level in recorded record keeping as a splintering effect of VOTER BACKLASH.

BACKLASH is happening and experts suggest Republicans may GAIN IN CONGRESS by November. If they do and its not longer political now elections are moving forward purely MECHANICAL.

If we elect the party to congress the President is FROM then congress WORKS.

Its mechanical now.

If we don’t Congress GRID LOCKS and America stalls tops moves into recession ( for sure ) and we waste billions in endless mindless political same oh same oh. America is waking up past the old game and is re-inventing its own long game. VOTERS are moving to the mechanics of works for the Nation and their WALLETS.

Thats right – voters are now not party lock step marching world wide. Today voters are voting their WALLETS – in the new WALLET PARTY the fastest growing new party of all of us thinking it through and all those billions spent to MANIPULATE OUR VOTE are simply sinking into the sewer of their failed idea they can control all of us into what I call the new politics of BACKLASH including all of us – republicans democrats and independents coming together for prosperity jobs economic strength as we vote everywhere in nation for our WALLET PARTY the new PARTY. World wide. Thinking awake voters that can not be bought. Nancy Pelosi is not only going to lose she is never going to recover nor is her fringe tribe because the WALLET PARTY is smarter united and has a long long memory on facts versus fluff politics.

Like Dragnet the old black and white series – give me the Facts Mamme nothing by the Facts missy Pelosi – with that dragnet stare down. Her smile kind of fades in DRAGNET.


FAILED POLICY is as President Obama called for needing revision to create an America where we all TURN INTO ONE ANOTHER FOR STRENGTH ( the new WALLET PARTY THAT UNITES US ALL ) versus turning ON ONE ANOTHER in bitter emotions created by a bought and paid for brain washing press with.a Pelosi agenda from the ultimate minority representing less than 15% of us collectively. Voters sick of it all need to VOTE as never before and vote your wallet.

That is what the 15% minority fear most – that we would all rise up and vote the WALLET PARTY and massively increase republican congressional ability to pass laws and MAKE CONGRESS WORK – its not political its MECHANICAL and we have all the powers to leverage.

Buy into the spin.

Or open your own wallet and think it through.

THAT IS WHAT is going on out there last week …the drama is the most entertaining politics in the history of the republic – no matter your own views emotions which frankly range form pure hatred to pure collective relief and confidence – and all extremes in between – for all of us – WOW is it every global entertainment at a level not seen since ROME.

Enjoy the show folks.

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