Before I begin y most important blog of 2018 –TRADE WARS OR TRADE “AGREEMENTS” ? $$$$ I want to ask my readers   to read my blog post before this one of:  WHY CEOSPACE IS # 1 my previous blog before you sign off. Why? Well do you LOVE WINNING And WINNERS? I sure do. Especially if that WIN was 72 hours ago. Starting 8000 miles away in New Zealand. It is just plain fun that pure share on GLOW in the world today not from the record earning GOOGLES AMAZONS and boom driving earning and GNP reporting. From the small business owners the every day dreamers like US. It just in the middle of “he said she said” endless spin in election year reporting – we have to FILTER OUT – pure JOY to have some WINS IN THIS LIFE.

Also the BLOG BEFORE THAT on the Central Banks of the world pushing us into recession SUPER CRASH and decline in economics – oh not now and not in 2019 by after 2020 perhaps. For now we are moving to August which will make this BOOM GLOBAL EXPANSION the longest boom in recorded human history. Keep that I your thinking.


The Risks to the BOOM remain in order:

  • Central bank interest rising to fast too frequently too high each raise
  • Democrats winning Congress grid locking forward anything
  • Trade Wars failing to reach Trade Agreements

This TRIPLE WITCHING HOUR POLITICALLY is the cause of the Great Depression and World War II – it is always the economics in the end.


So what is all the fuss about really?

World War II ended. We didn’t get bombed to the floor boards. Our economy was not in shreds. We WON THE WAR. We saved the world but keep in mind Stalin saved Russia are more cost in life and economics than any nation and we made new world orders with them. We made Marshal Plans and rebuilt on our dimes Europe and Japan. We ended up in Cold War with communism who fired off their Nuke in 1949 with stolen plans even then they hacked us out and stole our own work to catch up. No change there.

We had a global trading scheme POST WORLD WAR II ORDER that included the US dollar replacing the British Pound as the World Reserve Currency. To the victor go the spoils. That has created the most dominant economic engine of the entire world for 70 years. China tied with India Japan and Indonesia is second and my be third or fourth economy soon – depending on one concept – TRADE WARS OR TRADE “AGREEMENTS” ? $$$$ – is no where near close to the USA in economics – GNP – capacity – assets – systems – defense ( no where close ) – or anything really and dependent on the USA for everything.

In the POST WORLD WAR II rebuild plan a time sensitive plan to subsidize trade to bring the devastated nations back on line included letting them tax incoming goods like OUR CARS dominant in the world – so that they could rebuild their divested industrial bases for foundational economics in UK in France all over EU and especially devastated Germany. Today 70 years later Germany is the # 1 economy in the EU. Germany is built on automobile trade to the US primary in which they tax our goods and automobiles more than any nation on earth like it was WORLD WAR II all over again. Economically.

President after President and Congress after Congress has “talked” this has to stop for the past 30 years but no one has done anything. The players felt and were confident the POST WORLD WAR II scheme long forgotten as a time sensitive one off GIFT the GREAT GIFT – was never to be permanent.

Until President Donald Trump.

President Trump has told the entire world we are moving to a forward plan away from WORLD WAR II US TAX PAYER ECONOMIC SUBSIDIES. And folks you have unfairly traded with us – refused to set new rules into place – and you have been legally stealing wealth from America and frankly American’s – we the people – can no longer afford it any longer. We can’t balance our accounts and our budgets  with this one way pipe line of our wealth going out to you and none of your wealth coming back to us.

Economically if the wealth of the world flows into China and their communist central planning government subsidies their industries for job and growth using massive borrowing at 300% more than THEY MAKE – to accumulate wealth of the world – they build a Mount Everest of CASH IMBALANCE that is never reticulated and which begins to undermine the entire world order into SUPER CRASH ultimately and a world depression where all banks fail again – which is precisely since 2015 what the IMF this BLOG and the WORLD BANK have warned law makers about more than 12 times in front page news you never read – save on my blog which reported it FIRST as always.

The problem is not China. Factions in China are at full on war with the West with the USA first. China not only is borrowing 300% more than it earns for TEN YEARS to keep its phony baloney communist economics going and avoid a full on revolution – but factions created China leverage and borrowing by STEALING THE SECRETS OF THE WEST. China has hacked every defense contractor every leading IT firm and stolen all our forward plans for planes, flying cars, advanced AI, weapons, alternative power, break through inventions and they have hacked every three letter agency of our nations – taken our entire populations data base and data profiles – and our power grids water systems everything and some suspect planted trojans to take us out in digital warfare. They have our plans for neutron bombs for EMP weapons and more advanced systems and they are RUSHING with borrowed money to MAKE THEM ALL.

President XI and moderate factions in Russia and China want a new WORLD ORDER. They want trade agreements. They want a strong USA and see no way to win a war with the USA as pragmatic. Losing our DIGITAL PEARL HARBORS we are now winning the DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and we are counter attacking in ways that sends chilling messages to those who would come at us. Some are now destroyed. More will be soon. AMERICA IS NO LONGER MESSING AROUND IN TALK.

But President XI and Putin have factions in their nations they have to play to that are thinking they can bring America to her knees and this IS their time. So politics is alive and well.

The core issue is world trade that works versus world trade that leads to utter melt down – chaos – and world war in fact. Our own history repeating financially.

Will economics run politics ( sane )

Will politics run economics ( insane )

There are insane brains – competitive virus infected – in power and their are sane brains ( cooperative collaborative  – in power. Insane brains lack any integrity sane brains express integrity.

Who wins?

We don’t know and we can’t predict.

So across the world discussions are intensely under way to develop a NEW WORLD ORDER. This order will be led by the new cooperation – sanity – between:





Not necessarily in that order. The first to advance TRADE AGREEMENTS AND RETIRE TRADE WAR OFF THEIR TABLE wins big time and leads the world back from the brink. Trade agreements are complex and take time there are 10,000 of items to advance and consider.

President Trump has advanced two global primary policies to reset world order between nations:

  • Trade Agreements versus trade Wars – where the US wins in all outcomes. Anyone can do the math on this as it is a zero sum game to advance into trade wars for any nation – economic reality never lives.
  • De-nuke the world – Trump wants all NUKES DESTROYED and wishes to work with Putin to lead the way to drop the NUKE COUNT by the most serious reduction in human history since the 1950’s.



North Korean leader Kim Jong-un guides a target-striking contest of the special operation forces of the Korean People's Army to occupy islands in Pyongyang on Aug. 25, 2017.

KCNA | Reuters
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un guides a target-striking contest of the special operation forces of the Korean People’s Army to occupy islands in Pyongyang on Aug. 25, 2017.
  • Total nuclear weapons: ~10 to 20
  • Total nuclear tests: ~6
  • First tested: October 2006
  • Most recent test: September 2017


  • Total nuclear weapons: ~80
  • Total nuclear tests: 0
  • First tested: No confirmed tests
  • Most recent test: No confirmed tests


  • Total nuclear weapons: ~120 to 130
  • Total nuclear tests: ~3
  • First tested: May 1974
  • Most recent test: May 1998


  • Total nuclear weapons: ~130 to 140
  • Total nuclear tests: ~2
  • First tested: May 1998
  • Most recent test: May 1998

United Kingdom

  • Total nuclear weapons: ~215
  • Total nuclear tests: ~45
  • First tested: October 1952
  • Most recent test: November 1991


Chinese President Xi Jinping

Getty Images
Chinese President Xi Jinping
  • Total nuclear weapons: ~270
  • Total nuclear tests: ~45
  • First tested: October 1964
  • Most recent test: July 1996


  • Total nuclear weapons: ~300
  • Total nuclear tests: ~210
  • First tested: February 1960
  • Most recent test: January 1996

United States

  • Total nuclear weapons: ~ 6,550
  • Total nuclear tests: ~ 1,030
  • First tested: July 1945
  • Most recent test: September 1992


  • Total nuclear weapons: ~6,800
  • Total nuclear tests: ~ 715
  • First tested: August 1949
  • Most recent test: October 1990


Of almost 15,0009 NUKES In this world America and Russia hold 1400 of these NUKES so who should lead reducing these nukes as insanity for our species to survive? Should wealth be exhausted in how to kill each other better ? Is that sanity?

President Trump said this week while the brain washing to win the mid year election focuses on emotional capital related to STORMY DANIELS a his word versus her word – I mean really she is making a million an hour in chat rooms folks from it all – Trump staying on course stated – HE IS FOR ZERO NUKES and HE KNOWS THAT MAY BE A DREAM BUT HE BELIEVES REDUCING NUKES BETWEEN ALL HOLDERS IS THE ONE FIRST ISSUE FOR HUMAN KIND.

Now anyone that says that focus is insane has to see a physical and get help.

Next President Trump is ACTING not TALKING to get new trade order that is fair with his policy of RECIPROCITY TAX POLICY.

President Trump stated the following as policy for his republican/democratic dedicated teams working globally on new trade agreements to replace trade wars – that are not really trade wars and which have minimal effect on the growing boom expansion with earnings your seeing this week – keeping in mind AI controls market prices not humans any longer – so there is a delayed effect on up bubbles which are coming. More up than down – once the real players return from Holiday in September October. Down before election as always than massive up if Republicans keep congress and more massive record massive if the republicans pick up seats – mechanical – the wallet party – back lash – and prosperity voting – or – emotional brain washed voting – emotional capital – republicans lose the congress ( one poll shows more than 50% advantage for the democrats but keep in mind no one polls the new American WALLET PARTY ( Populist voting world wide not counted in polls yet – read my last five blogs so you KNOW the rising details ). So if the republicans loose the congress than experts expect  massive sell off into 2019 and recession to follow the grid lock and decades of congressional dysfunction and 2019 impeachment under Pelosi led politics. The Deep state wins and legal theft returns. We’ll see.

It is no longer about party at all.

Today its about prosperity.


  1. Reciprocity tax – the USA taxes you – precisely as you tax us.
  2. Computers in REAL TIME with RECIPROCITY TRADE reduce your tax as you reduce out tax.
  3. The USA wishes all trading partners zero tax zero barriers in a fully open NOT NATION LEFT BEHIND WORLD.

The nations spending money vilifying the USA and President Trump want to keep their billions in unfair tax blocks – so their automobiles trade in the USA at 40,000 to 60,000 US dollars and our American ( all goods just using Auto’s to drive the point home ) sell in their nations for 250,000 to 500,000 dollars due to decades of theft via UNFAIR TRADE BARRIERS TO THE USA.

Trump has a full house. Aces high.


Not moving forward. If they DRINK SWEAR STEAL AND LIE ( buy may Platinum Super Star Michael Petersons song on this as he teaches at CEOSPACE and does a concert live in December )

Then the following happens to those who Drink Swear Steal and Lie with the USA:

  1. Taxes matching theirs to us will crash their economies
  2. American consumers threatened by enemies economically will stop forever buying MADE IN CHINA or anywhere else that is unfair to us. That consumer brand positioning will destroy economies from Canada to Mexica who fail to execute new trade agreements and way way beyond President Trumps teams or politics as 100% of Americans are done DONE DONE with being the victim of legal theft of nations who DRINK SEAR STEAL AND LIE – hey buy the song its a click

Other songs include in my song book from my buddy:


I REMEMBER AMERICA ( you need this one )




The economics are like this and in order.

  1. It is not the Nuke Count it is the quality of the Nukes and delivery – ours are better than theirs and we leave nothing on their side period  if challenged. Nothing is left at all. We win.
  2. Our economics are so much better than theirs. If they trade war with us they are economically destroyed and can’t afford their nukes at all – they have revolution and they know they would have revolution and fast.
  3. Trump holds a full house on the table with ace’s high in trade dollars and trade sense and everyone knows that. The opposing side holds two twos – which is another song by buddy Kenny Rogers – YOU GOT “KNOW” WHEN TO HOLD THEM BUT YOU GOT TO KNOW “WHEN TO FOLD THEM” FOLKS.

Trump has put all the USA chips ( and weapons ) in the center of the table for all trading nations with rip off trade taxes and said despite all the fake news and spin press – CALL.

These nations want congress to move to democrats and secure congress action to pull out Trump’s powers to trade negotiate – setting us into a third world nation if that happens – for sure as it is economic not political.

THIS IS THE APEX MOMENT SINCE THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN THE WORLD and voters are largely illiterate led by bought and paid for media election brain washing – which is all it is by very bright folks outside our nation. Not Russia the world is election tampering. GET THAT.

Get WHY. Trillions in trade ….being reset to sanity versus what causes world wars.

What is at stake?

Oh – everything.

Our future world wide.

Who knows THAT?

All world leaders involved.

What is the problem then?

Politics is bought and paid for. The institutional larger firms doing the buying and they paying want their PROTECTED FRANCHISE – they do NOT want some of their local buyers to BUY AMERICAN ANYTHING. Selfish competitive insane brains – want to protect their tax protected lake which President Trump points out is in dough and has dried up to dust at the bottom – but they see only water. They invest to protect the old deep state models – the reform is now unstoppable.

We either get new NO NATION LEFT BEHIND WORLD ORDER led by the reformers in the TRUMP TEAMS – massive teams of democrats and republicans and independents in the new American WALLET PARTY ( Prosperity minded voters and team collaborators ) moving to COOPERATION AND AWAY FROM COMPETITION – insane – and dying into sanity.

Lets say Russia can deliver super sonic hydrogen larger nukes than anyone has to our cities in 20 minutes no warning no defense – and the congress states because Republicans lose – you Mr. President can not even talk to the leader of that opposing nation without our permission – while we sanction and punish those people as a nation until they without warning nuke us. Perhaps we retaliate perhaps if the space EMP us we can’t and do not. WE lost because we didn’t cooperate and talk? Really? Thats the deep state path forward with all the super money not wishing Russia trade to take away their trade.

If we have ZERO TAX ZERO BARRIERS ( the NO NATION LEFT BEHIND GAME PLAN FOR REFORMERS ) that tide raises all vessels globally to PROSPERITY SAFE HARBOR for 100 years.

So how does this all work out in a computer data rich world where leaders making choices have superior absolute data.



To the PRESS – pull back from the brink of bias expressed frivolity to brain wash voters and report substance – this blog might give you a template of what news is real news and what news is important to our survival as a nation. If you yourself believe your own emotional capital and you think news in the world order has anything to do with Stormy Daniels or a Russian Face book posting – you are deluded in fact.


The outcome defines economy tragedy or prosperity world peace or world war collaborations between nations or competition to death do us part. Voters decide mindlessly unaware or with education and a perspective – which is the rising AMERICAN WALLET PARTY no one is polling at all but we are tracking as its millions of voters in that SWING who will decide the future of the world.



…..congress will WORK or congress will GRID LOCK depending on voter final answer in November …..

All other issues will be resolved by very smart people who will for sure work on solutions if Congress WORKS and for sure no solutions will come only MORE PROBLEMS WILL RISE as we sink as a nation to possibly never not ever again recover.

The result is economics and is more significant than the 1920’s when Hitler was rising to war and powers and we were moving into the greatest depression of history and a full on world war costing 100 million human lives upon this earth and suffering for billions the like of which has been ever repeated – until potentially now – setting a new record depending on voter outcome.

THIS “IS” WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE behind all the bought and paid for brain washing by those advertisers packs and super money pools on the REFORM side opposing the old guard money interest who wish no change to their unfair franchise and secret criminal dealings which kill the earth change the climate and profit the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus the MANY FOR THE MANY ( in sane reforms ).


Will the sane have enough votes.

No one knows no one can predict. The polls say the democrats are above 50% but they are bias polls without the WALLET PARTY as the swing factor which pushes those polls down to 39% as a potential. Still The polls showed a decisive Hillary win and a NO WAY TRUMP could win – right up to 72 hours before Trump MASSIVELY WON. Dewy did not win and the press was wrong again historically. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR PRESS 90% on Stormy Daniels as the BIG NEWS OF TODAY versus the nuke count we presented to you today in our blog.

What do you think is important as an issue? Battering rams taking down the President Attorney’s office and home doors – his campaign manager denied bail and in solitary confinement for months punished while being innocent under our laws – is that your AMERICA you want more of.

Let me give you another issue that has nothing to do with President Trump’s personality or style – look rather at 10,000 on his team leading a prosperity such as the modern world collectively has never known and this weeks record earnings from Google to Amazon are amazing and those missing targets AI dips value to then by Friday buys in that dip and profits maximally – its all a great market – albeit sound bite volatile in a new AI economic model – but overall up up and up for 2019 into 2020. With Congress prosperity in November the BOOM goes forward globally to 2030 – but consider –

….vote on this issue not by any personality one way or the other vote for America and disregard TRUMP as a personality – truly important – vote TEAM WORK IS MAKING DREAMS WORK no one person can do anything at all really – so here it is as the issue……are you as a voter more or less afraid of your own government than you were ten years ago or twenty years ago – if yes vote your wallet for rolling back freedom and keep congress WORKING – if you sincerely vote no you are not more afraid of your own government than vote the deep state back into power and all reforms out….and the nest you created is the nest we will all reside within…..its your vote after all…..

SO TRADE WAR is a non starter. We are NOT in a real trade war. The play to the home trillions who want WORLD WAR II protections from the 1950’s to continue into the future – are NET LOSERS – and despite time and political talking points to their agenda being heard ( given the billions they are spending to rip congress from reform ) – their leaders have teams making final trade agreements from:

  • Mexico
  • China
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • All of Asia
  • India
  • EU
  • EK
  • South American inclusive
  • Africa inclusive

Not in this order and including countless island and smaller communities and nations – as these DOMINOES BEGIN TO LAND ON FINAL TRADE REFORM AGREEMENTS – THE NO NATION LEFT BEHIND FUTURE unfolds in fact and the impossible suffering of poverty – food security – climate change – health globally – rises in the new prosperity elevator.

If congress returns to the deep state – we suspect the Super Crash and total system failure in a debt super bubble that time no longer allows us to work out of ( economics 101 ) will breed a global world war as historic to these events – nothing political – just economic re-balancing.


….economic imbalance in accounts MUST rebalance either through peaceful negotiation and outcomes or via distrust and world war as outcomes but the economic abuse and imbalance must reset as a rule of economics that politics can never not ever overcome or violate…and as they say in Alice in Wonderland when all the oysters were eaten – to every last single one – THE TIME HAS COME.





PS: THOUSAND AND THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WORLD WIDE OF  experts are working with 100 nations  and the US expert teams right  this very minute and every minute – on fresh new sane  trade agreements to collapse trade wars into mutual prosperity within global new policy of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND AND USA RECIPROCITY TRADE TEETH FOR REAL- taking place seven days a week globally – in the best interest of AMERICA.



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Lets go back to the last SUPER CRASH in 2007 and 2008 we predicted correctly right here on this blog and told folks what to do to protect themselves. If you scroll we have done that now for the coming SUPER CRASH still a ways ahead though.


The elephant in the room is housing as a prime jobs economic and driver of everything else. California is the largest market. Southern California is the largest market in that state market. SO WHAT DO WE KNOW?


Today we know that June Real Estate sales fell off a CALIFORNIA CLIFF ( if the homes did not burn to the ground as they are ration for 50 gallons of water per person max per day ). For three months CALIFORNIA ( the trend for the rest of our economics ) has declined month after month. The average home price exceeds 500,000 dollars in June. The great % of home buyers do not qualify for this level of average home price. The June plunge was alarming at 7% year to date and a full CRASH OF SALES and pricing is now challenged. California Real Estate is also up 7% in price year to date while sales fell over 7% year to date a full CRASH in weeks. Three months down down down the rabbit hole.

New homes in inventory went up for the first time in years – so the inventory is growing and home buyers are falling away like flies. Why? Price and loan qualifications.

What factors influence home sales moving forward:

  • Oil the cost of everything being high not by lies of supply demand – but by – speculators making ungodly profits including the oil producers who join those investments to elevate their own profits – the few against 7 billion of us. Nations must act as one but with every nation in it for themselves they can’t act and the criminal cartels profit in unholy alliance as crimes against human food security health and housing. That simple on economics.
  • Cost to build rising at every level from red tape with government to building supply costs starting with massive oil price rises for no reason but pure greed and we pay it why? We all need to buy electric now moving off fossil fuel with electric being renewable and in USA natural gas plentiful cheap. As oil the cost of everything else comes down ( say Trump releases reserves ) then building cost moderate.
  • The Fed raising interest rates far too soon far too high – far too frequently that will as it always done in their failed 100% failure policy over history – create a SUPER CRASH and Global Depression. Its historic economics folks. The cause the other factors are symptom.
  • As Fed Raises cost of money and criminals raise cost of oil we have inflation and higher prices and banks have limitations on home loans as borrowers can’t now afford higher interest and the economy begins to SUB BREACHING to the sun to SUB SLIDING BACK INTO THE ABYSS OF RECESSION AND SUPER CRASH – all Fed created.

Cause versus symptom. You think politicians lie – the FED is the FATHER OF LIARS the ANTI CHRIST OF THE ECONOMY. Lets review once again so you can copy this URL and circulate it to your tribes today.




The Federal Reserve Board is a secret fraud.

Now once again I’ll repost the most important economic information of the Wallet Parties adult lifetime if you want to be educated to financial literacy on the Fed. Here is the video because you guys are youTUBE today more than readers but all LEADERS ARE READERS so thank you for the click – book mark this video please to share with those who need truth over lies and fraud.

Economist data not mine folks.

So what do we KNOW:

  1. The Fed is formed in secret by an 80 page act of congress when the pony express delivered mail and information came by telegraph. Today an average act of congress is 1000’s of pages.
  2. The Fed is a private – stock company like we all own – whose shareholders are secret and include the banks oil firms and elites of the nation. The Fed answers to their shareholders in secret profit sharing.
  3. The Fed can not be audited – check of balanced or overturned in any decision – as by congress it is insulated by immunity for its crimes and insulation as INDEPENDENT which is a fraud and lie. The Fed is created to control our money and nation and is about POWER to insiders who created it.
  4. The Fed has never been audited. Reporting to Congress and President approval of FED nominated chair persons – is as sham the control is with shareholders no one knows and no audit by the people for the people can ever uncover.
  5. The Fed is greed machine seeking to maximize profits for its bank controlling shareholders ( in every central bank nation ) versus the profit of the nation that set it up as error. The Fed caused by failed too rapid profit making rate rises for its bank the Depression of 1907 just after it took over control – then shortly after World War I created by the depression the 1929 SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR II. The Dot Bomb speculation super bubble in tek and the 2008 horror do to member bad bets in housing we spent 11 trillion to save the Fed and their banks – from those bad bets as tax payers. That is a good policy? IT is happening again after ten years of FREE MONEY.

The Fed is doing the same failed policy.

It is raising interest rates way too fast way too soon way too frequently for the economy of its host nation so that its shareholder members can report astronomical profits which they in fact are reporting. Already California housing as our canary in the mine shaft is falling over dead – economically – from Fed Policy.

In 2018 we have:

  1. Digital real time reporting
  2. Ai money and circulation management
  3. Market dynamic to money supply and currency value

It is time to stop the insanity of having a regulatory agency said to be INDEPENDENT that is fully controlled by secret shareholders and truly the Fed needs a USA AUDIT don’t you think. Some folks will go to jail. Finally including most heads of banks. The French cut their heads off in their economic revolution.

So lets pretend if you scroll over a few blogs that armed with new education – you see the AMERICAN WALLET PARTY elects a manipulated CONGRESS THAT WORKS that picks up Republican seats – a lot of them – surprising the deep state and old guard. We voted our WALLET.

Now lets say an emergency act of congress I admonish should be 80 pages exactly. Ends the former FED ACT in one sentence and merges the FED into the USA Treasury – keeping all its processes and systems – but removing GREED.

Now the treasury of the US returns to hundreds of years of printing our own currency without global depressions and world wars. As the founders ORDER IT where no third party company can print money of the people – period. We have what?

  • Transparency
  • Audits
  • Full reporting
  • Full accounting
  • Real time data
  • No secrets
  • Winning prosperity policy long term

Oh and we issue 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS to pay off all Fed and National Debt and Social security short falls and we are in the black with new FOUND MONEY for infrastructure ( it is economics 101 ) and we pay off the 100 year bond principle with pennies on the dollars based on our population and commerce in 100 years from now. Easy peasy. COMMON DAMN Sense the GREED Of the criminal banker investment bankers and Fed will do anything to assure you don’t know.

The Fed employees enormous resources so if you click FED SCAM or FRAUD on google you have to have the patience of JOB. They stack in first pages – their work fighting fraud and scams – which they can do better inside US Treasury with their enforcement tools and Secret Service. But if you have the patients of Job on line from google past their REPUTATION DEFENDER fraud – we find this:

Which is the TIP of the TRUTH and ICE BERG on the fraud of central banks. ALL CENTRAL BANKS TO INSURE NATIONS PROSPERITY IN 2018 AND FORWARD “MUST” BE MERGED BACK INTO THEIR GOVERNMENT TREASURIES. The Fed was a mistake that has cost 100 million lives in multiple global depressions and world wars they caused.

The DANGER TO THE GLOBAL BOOM IS NOT TRADE WAR not in economics no way – it is:

  • Rising interest rates and failed Fed Greed Policy
  • Criminal Oil Price manipulation by criminal speculators

Those two will sink us. The immediate risk this year is:

…a congress that grid locks and is dysfunctional due to voter manipulations – if the great new AMERICAN WALLET PARTY becomes the majority they will mechanically vote a republican congress massively in and CONGRESS JUST WORKS.

Trump while posting a majority of FED Governors once in they never are loyal to him – they are loyal as with any board to the shareholders they serve profit and who can in fact vote them out if they wish. Law if funny. Ignorance does not protect you. Even though you were innocent of crimes because you just did not know.



My prediction of record market highs by December remains. The Boom has momentum. If we have a mechanical wallet party congress we will get 2019 infrastructure the other stimulus leg that may off SET FED GREED of

  1. Raising interest rates in five years rather than 25 years
  2. Way to fast as historic failed greed policy
  3. Way to frequently
  4. Way to high each raise
  5. The FEW ELITES against the 300 million many in the USA

You can see an economist film read the google page and click more and learn more and become MAD AS HELL frankly. Elect law makers who vote to merge the FED BACK TO TREASURY and we secure world peace and prosperity – or bury your head in the sand and watch sit comes and NETFLICK – they trust you will do that.

California June real estate is economics 101. It suggests a huge barrier is now here due to FED POLICY and economic growth in housing will percolate nation wide to stop and then decline. The SUPER CRASH and recession if just that given trade war – is preventable and criminal.

Criminal banks guilty of billons in crimes against us own the FED now that is the truth. So the FED is criminal.

The FED knows we need more time as a nation to win our trade war and reset trade deals. They are not helping. They are massively harming the nation by raising profits to banks for no economic reasons under any son but GREED GREED GREED.

Their lies – far greater than any politician – are all lies. If you believe those lies you are economically illiterate not your fault. If you trust them you trust Ike Clanton versus WYATT ERYP. I trust Trump saying to the Fed at great Fed political fall out – predictable – you all are insane raising interest rates

  1. Raising interest rates in five years rather than 25 years
  2. Way to fast as historic failed greed policy
  3. Way to frequently
  4. Way to high each raise
  5. The FEW ELITES against the 300 million many in the USA

Lest I present the economic truth once again. Why are billion dollar donors to the democrats moving to vote their WALLET as presented in this blog series? Why?

They got this folks. A real economic revolution is taking place and this time the FED may end up back where it belongs inside our USA TREASURY – where we the people can admit and check and balance and HOLD MONETARY POLICY RESPONSIBLE FROM GREED.

This plan restores our credit rating and insures prosperity for 300 years. Generational prosperity.



The world is in the largest SUPER BUBBLE effecting 100% of prices for everything – commodities – currency – credit – and DEBT SUPER BUBBLE. Far worse many 100% worse than 1929 and the Great Depression.

The way forward requires time to rebalance economics.

I’ve presented in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can order on Amazon – the process for the G 100 working in cooperation to reset rebalancing accounts over time without world war. A first in history.

If we follow criminal bankers failed historic fed policy to the tipping point of the cliff ( we are right at that point now ) we repeat history. That will be a potential for:

  • Super Crash
  • World War to rebalance economics disguised in political lies

Same oh.

Same oh.


Will the Wallet Party win in fact in November?

We’ll see the dice are spinning.

A trillion dollars of economic potential is being drained from the swamp and wasted this year into the swamp to BRAIN WASH VOTERS. Deny them that outcome. Be smarter than they are.

Vote with your wallet all issues are lies there is only one issue:



California Housing is economics with its GPS pointing directly DUE FED as cause. Lower interest rates no down bubble But wait the WORST IS SO YET TO COME WITH TWO MORE TRUMP TEAM OPPOSED INTEREST RATES THIS YEAR.

What do you think will stop the GREED MACHINE? Your letter. COME ON.

Your vote.

Now there you are SMARTER THAN THEY ARE.

So think about it because this blog does tell you what you read no where else at all – the truth about


Tip Pay attention – hey and comment I relish your feedback and comment personally to each….you views are important to me and other readers.




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Steve Bannon has been setting up a new institution to promote in the EU non socialist fiscally responsible leadership. This well funded institution seeks to support candidate that will usher in new prosperity for the EU.

Steve Bannon is also a MAJOR force in the USA mid year elections to assure Congress remains republican. Steve knows the Wallet Party is alive and well and Steve knows that CONGRESS WORKS with a republican majority.

If the Democrats get in and today BILLIONAIRE DEMOCRAT funders are stating – the biggest risk to recession – massive lay off’s and going backward in our American Prosperity is in fact – grid lock in congress – dysfunction in congress. SCROLL AND READ ABOUT THE NEW WALLET PARTY because millions of you without knowing it are now INSIDE THAT NEW PARTY right by my own side.

Steve is massively growing the new WALLET PARTY as common damn sense. Steve is also advocating trade deals versus tariff kneels.



The pundits are worried today about 2019 as relates to:

  1. Bond yield curves – which chart at 100 basis points in speed no where near the 20 basis points to be alarmed and that flattening yield curve may spread apart and with infrastructure repair the AAA credit rating – reduce US bowing cost and change the historic risk curve tea leaves they are reading today but they are reading the wrong tea strain as this is not the historic flattening – still game on.
  2. Gov yield to corporate yield spreading – as record Corporate borrowing at Free money ( which record earnings ) moderating to market rate interest corporate is well prepared for and planning around. This moderate Fed rate rising in basis points versus FULL POINTS is year and years to rise from near zero to say corporate rates of 5% and the notion this will drive corporations underground is baseless.
  3. The notion of a Democratic Congress is chilling to these 1 and 2 assumptions as the final stimulus of immigration policy reform – and infrastructure vital for America to be great again – can only happen with a PROSPERITY CONGRESS THAT IS REPUBLICAN which has nothing to do with party – it has to do with MECHANICS. The NEW AMERICAN WALLET PARTY AWP or National Wallet Party NWP or PROSPERITY WALLET PARTY any and all majority Walter party voters simply vote technically to assure CONGRESS WORKS versus grid law and waste and a for sure super crash in markets into a depression. Now lets magnify that idea with todays data.



Elizabeth Warren the most hated Democrat leader by the side of the most hated politician socialist communist backed and supported Nancy Pelosi today in the press advocated for:

Elizabeth Warren stunned her own donors and corporate backers as a leader for the Democratic Party when she defined today that she wished when congress is in democratic hands in 2019 to:

  1. Roll back tax reform and take all breaks away from corporations just passed by a majority of congress and signed into the first major tax reform in decades. Roll that BACK? Wallet party come on.
  2. She was advocating for 50% personal income tax and higher and she had no issues with a 90% tax as we had in the 1950s. 90 % tax come on Wallet Party. Really is up to a third of income for tax enough and more is cause for a tax revolution from a mindless over spending deep state that wants the BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of 2018 – thats right just this year PRIME CONTRACTOR revisions to contracts with the USA and Pham price roll backs or failure to increase as they planned saving tax payers oh as economist I cannot count the billions upon billions saved so far from the WALLET PARTY neither republican democrat or independent. The NEW AMERICAN WALLET PARTY ( my favorite brand for it ) the AWP is the fastest growing new party in the world today and in AMERICA. The majority of voters are in it and a Verizon team is joining past all the media weight which focus’s not on great team and great team work but the distraction of President Trump as a personality so that all socialist communist and far left united ( a sinking minority with zero ability to pay for the great ideas they come up with – bankrupting America slowly ) and those who fail to forgive Trump’s personality they hate – a larger group of all parties – whose vote is canceled today by the size and weight of those dropping out of all systems and. into the sanity of the PROSPERITY PARTY the new WALLET PARTY of 2018.
  3. Nancy will move to impeach President Donald Trump IF she is speaker again and her own splintered Democratic Party in full on civil war today – may in fact – not allow that but if she is congress grid lock and total dysfunction and over payments rolling back in legal theft of national wealth – she is famous for put America at 100 miles an hour in the rear view mirror in economic reverse – that is a reality everyone agrees on. Economically not politically.

The economics ( not politics folks zero politics here ) IS in all nations – IF CONGRESS SUPPORTS THE LEADER CONGRESS WORKS if it doesn’t congress is grid lock dysfunctional and a trillion is wasted as decades past  because voters elected an opposing congress to their winning leader we have insanity in governance world wide — hey you have watched it since Bill Clinton have you not when the nation was in the BLACK VERSUS THE RED.TOR.!

Give the leader a congress that WORKS  ( in every nation ) is mechanical and the WALLET PARTY is not deceived by phony issues of personality – say STORMY DANIELS whose husband filed for divorce today -sole custody of the kids – and a huge estate settlement from every CHAT ROOM MILLIONS SHE IS MAKING FROM THE GREAT LIE – and child support and in TEXAS FOLKS we’ll see how her high priced attorney succeeds in spinning that divorce in TEXAS LAW  – someone should make a MOVIE and BOOK – STORMY REALITIES. New York TIMES BEST SELLER and good for the WALLET PARTY lets make a PACK DONATION TO CONGRESS WINNING AND WORKING as we all buy the book and in the Presidential election we all see the movie – why not? Its all entertainment best ever in the White House thumbs up or thumbs down ( comment and slam me its great I love your views ) but really it is high entertainment is it not truly?

I’m for the movie STORMY REALITY can’t wait to rent that on my own flat screen ( when the children are asleep ).

So Pelosi and her far far outlandishly left team:

  1. Distract with FAKE NEWS and fraud to the public.
  2. Wish to take over congress.
  3. Stop all legislation for Tumps huge team grid locking congress
  4. Impeach Trump in 2019 which leads to a billion and no outcomes
  5. Trump still wins in 2020 by the numbers folks because of the AMERICAN WALLET PARTY MAJORITY.

The dice are being thrown.

The dice are rolling down the American crap table to November.

The spinning dice are speeding along to the crap table wall.

The outcome of the final numbers on who wins – as we all lean over that table folks – no one know and no one can predict.

The wild card is:

  • The WALLET PARTY TSUNAMI crossing over to prosperity and the new MECHANICAL ECONOMIC VOTE disregarding issues that very smart enormously well educated law makers have on their plate and with POWERS to block grid lock will handle for us all or grid lock and they won’t – not at all.

And this truth you know. So in the privacy of your own voter booth vote for PROSPERITY AND YOUR WALLET or vote emotions on fake issues for grid lock – Market SUPER CRASH and global recession.

Its mechanical in 2018 not political. Vote your wallet or your manipulations and emotions. I vote for the head here. Winning. I trust YOU frankly as you get the facts and click to get the truth.

Everything I report you can google and see for yourself.

Now keep in mind everyone one is doing the best they know how. Nancy represents the deep state and wishes to protect reforms she opposes. Plus she believes her own lies no fault in that. As President Obama said this month:


….the leader of the democratic party nation wide…All Politicians lie the issue is that when they are caught they all used to say…oh boy and take responsibility for their being caught I their lying – today he said with smile….they get caught and they just keep on lying….talking about all of them……

So we vote mechanically – we don’t like it all – no way – but we have the power they don’t and if the wallet party platform is one issue only uniting American VOTERS:

If you have a Party President elect that party to congress majority massively and congress works – if you elect another party president also give them a massive congress so mechanically congress works – folks this education – this single sanity against insanity economically works moving forward for mutual prosperity…..

All the other issues are politicians on both sides lying the best they know how….and President Obama laughed – perhaps we all should as well.

President Obama – President George W Bush and President Clinton and President Reagan all said – not lying – that:

….there is only one issue in the world today…we either cooperate and prosper together or we compete and perish together….

The American Wallet Party resolves that one issue mechanically.

My blog got so many hits on Monday they moved it to dedicated servers at the highest T 3 access level globally to handle the massive new volume why?

Because WALLET PARTY thinkers – in all nations – are sharing as never before this blog of WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE with massive traffic to propel STAYING INFORMED IN SUPER CHANGE.

Our work is to help you. Know more to make very more informed choice.

Unique. Researched. Priceless.

Press and money pool decision makers – thank you. Government leadership thank you. Corporate leadership thank you. Not for profit and institution thank you. Individuals and entrepreneurs thank you.

Special thanks to my CEOSPACE member heads of companies in 146 nations for sharing this blog link with your social this week – with your twitter and related platforms and data base emails – thank you. You are a blessing to the world movement of the WALLET PARTY beyond politics – economic – and beyond traditional parties. We are united as one in the prosperity vote because folks lets face it we have the POWER only if we take it back think it mechanically through and use our vote versus waste our vote.

GRID LOCK in 2019 – really – come on.


TIP: A trillion dollars is being invested to BRAIN WASH YOUR VOTE – don’t let it.





Marc Lasry, a billionaire investor and longtime supporter of both Bill and Hillary forever –  told CNBC 9( see full front page article (click today on Monday ) a Democratic takeover on Capitol Hill in the November midterm elections could lead to a shakeup in the stock market….and chaos in global markets.

A TRILLION dollars of long time democrat business support is migrating to the new NWP the National Wallet Party which is uniting voters outside the bought and paid for political machines on all dies. Yes. We are coming together as American’s to vote with our WALLETS for prosperity – if a Republican President is elected the WALLET PARTY will elect a republican congress to assure that CONGRESS “WORKS” versus grid lock if we don’t come together in the new WALLET PARTY.

If a democratic President wins give them a CONGRESS that is democrats to avoid GRID LOCK and make sure Congress.

The Super Money pools banking on brain washing voters in 2018 have found a new inconvenient Al Gore TRUTH: Which includes:

  1. We the people are no longer in mass – brain wash able.
  2. Bought and paid for politics lacks truth and integrity and disgusts us.
  3. Congress has the lowest public approval rating under 10% in history
  4. The new WALLET PARTY is the majority assuring Congress works.
  5. WE THE PEOPLE are coming together with al our powers and your super money packs pools and spending have zero influence on US.

Thats new. I’ve been writing about it all so scroll and catch up its fun over a beverage and you always KNOW MORE.

Disagree with ME – than comment and slam me to the floor. I write back myself and I always respect your views – we are AMERICAN – and I may disagree with YOU but as Thomas Paine suggested I will die standing to defend your RIGHT TO SLAM ME which defines our combined America does I not.

I tell YOU to cancel MY VOTE by VOTE as we turn out as never before.

Share this blog so your circle has more data more economics more hard information and you sort out from bought and paid for bias brain washing you might call news – which is truly now just entertainment – news is a sit com com we voters must filter – this BLOG gives you a new filter – subscribe its free or make a book mark and just check back – we’ll keep you thinking and in the know – read something that you want WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON than click here and you’ll KNOW as you GO. Better plans take place with superior information.

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