Perhaps Chairman Powell reads my blog. The Chairman seemed to conclude that system stability is far more of a priority than the rush to rate increase profits to his member banks. We have reported here ( Noting we ask our readers to get our free gift on tools and tactics below this blog report today just scroll and print that page ) – on the following:


  1. The Fed is operating using old economic play books into an economy that no longer exists. The new economy morphed into a new economic model. fully globally inter-linked and integrated – for the first time – and fully digital and AI controlled versus human controlled. The evolution into AI wars over money creates a new economy. The Fed has no theory tools nor is it trying to remain current in SUPER CHANGE. Its policy making in the old economy that is dead and buried in 2019 has become of enormous danger. The key risk in the world market Chairman Powell failed to bring to light is FED FAILED POLICY AND FORWARD POLICY BLUNDERS. The Fed is too obsolete to avoid merger back into US Treasury.
  2. The Fed is raising interest rates from zero over ten long Yeats to 100x higher rates in ten months when normalization requires half a decade minimum as to TIME being the work around asset the Fed is missing as the cornerstone asset in new economic policy making. As. the backward looking Fed has no tools to look forward accurately – it is no longer relevant but of grave danger to the system as a whole.
  3. The Fed is raising interest way to much each time.
  4. The fed is raising interest way too frequently.
  5. The fed fails to appreciate the new economic terrorism they are in the current market just recently attacked in October by Axis of Evil digital economic weapons profiting our enemies by trillions while we lost. The Fed does not even get “it”. Too obsolete.

The congress has noted the Fed is out of touch. The investment market has noted the risk the Fed is placing into the market. A growing tribe of economists led in part by ME are shouting how wrong minded Fed policy is based on pure data. The White House having the same data is also steaming – wrong policy wrong time wrong minded.

The worst recession since 1929 tool place recently. The Fed engaged a policy never used before. unlimited tax payer money to bail out bad debts from its member banks. 5 Trillion of this crap asset base was bought from loser bank bets into the Fed balance sheet. Now the Fed is printing less money – shrinking the lake of circulation globally of dollars – further shrinking the water in the swimming pool by selling its own crap distorting bond markets world wide on price and liquidity and at the same time raising the dollar by enormous levels ( making US goods so much more costly globally just at the wrong time in a trade war ) and raising interest rates by astronomical speeds and ratio’s from the decade of Free money. The soaring dollar value means nations that must pay for food and fuel in dollars ( 200 nations ) as the US dollar is the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY where payment by 200 nations is soaring in cost to trade their currency into dollars to pay their own essential trade bills. 9 Trillion I USA corporate borrowing and 7 trillion globally must now be repaid in soaring dollar valuations. Further the interest as these 16 trillion dollars roll over in 2019 and 2020 at the now ENORMOUS HIGHER INTEREST the Fed has way too soon introduced to the system, make loan repayments so RISK HIGH the Fed Chairman spoke mostly and repeatedly about that super high debt risk. My readers have read about all this all year.




Chairman Powell in his state of the world economic discussion today cited the high risk of valuation to equities higher than traditional norms. He cited over and over the debt risk of the large % of global debt at near junk level that may not repay with stress loads developing in a system slow down created a global DEBT TRAP. We agree. We have reported all this for the scroll you may wish to dive into so you know on this site.

Chairman Powell omitted to disclose the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD initiated a 2008 experiment to save the bankrupt global system by issuing unlimited FREE MONEY for a period of ten years. Tens of trillions of US dollars flooded world markets to prop up he system. An economic system is fatal distress in 2008 globally due to the Fed failure to regulate its bank shareholder speculations in the global mortgage market turned into a casino. The Fed’s policy to bail out criminal bankers from their bad market betting with tax payer funds remains an unknown in core economics.

Has the Fed just kicked the bucket down the road where the economic abuse when worked out of the system will be far worse than it would have been otherwise in 2008?

Will the policy choices the FED made prove to have worked? No one knows. No once can predict yet.

Chairman Powell forgot to note that the current stress list he goes through is a stress list caused by the 12 at. the top of the FED. Their free money problem has created the15 trillion of HIGH RISK debt in the system today. We commence 2019 with the largest SUPER BUBBLE IN DEBT the world has ever known. A debt Super Bubble DEFAULT CASCADE triggered by any nation from Italy to China may as Chairman Powell suggested trigger large proportional falls in equity values and risk system failure itself.

Chairman Powell while defining the system risk issues all economics well understand fails to report that cause of the risk wave ahead of us is the FED the source of the risk is the FED and the Fed failures of the past policy ( 100% F grade failure since 1902 to now ) makes future FED POLICY suspicious given their failed track records over 70 yeas with not one success to date.



Re-reading Powells Speech today I found policy from the Fed obsolete demanding its merger back into US treasury. The biggest item falls into his repeated confirmation…..

……the Federal Reserve board has no planned target for future interest rates ( uh we are just winging it ) as we will review future events ( we have no clue about or influence over ) and decide my buck ho roo’s winging it all as we go down the road……

I never thought anyone could trump the horrific policy errors into crises failed Chairman Greenspan brought us into in 2007 that risked total systemic failure it was so wrong minded. Chairman Powell is more like Capitan Kangaroo bringing in Mr. Green Jeans to share a magical animal with us all from the “farm”. Taking our mind off the FED itself as the crises maker.

There is no economist term neutral interest rate. There is no such thing and every single economist knows that truth. The Fed just made it up as a PR item in which everyone now sighs or gasps if the Chairman says we are far away or closer to neutral interest rates. There is no such things as Neutral Interest rates are not an item of economics now could they exist nor do they exist. NEUTRAL INTEREST is not policy guidance it is a pure distraction.

The Fed is a pure criminal fraud. Just like OPEC criminally taxes the world taking oil price up to 145.00 a barrel via artificial cartel price manipulations – a sin against billions – the Fed is OPEC ON US dollars the world reserve currency manipulating the amount of money and the price of money – which common sense suggests we remove from the hands of declared criminal bankers and return to US TREASURY as the US CONSTITUTION requires.

IT IS TIME as Al Gore coined – for the FED TO GO. Merged back into US treasury.

Today’s speech confirmed how out of touch Chairman Powell is with the New Economy the Fed with Free money created. Todays speech confirmed how the FED lacks any influence of control to manage the new economy. Today’s speech confirmed that horror of failed policy risks to system failure remains, are more advanced than any period since 1929 exceeding even that year. for reasons the Chairman mentioned but failed to take Fed responsibility for creating in he first space and having zero solutions but ” we are watching carefully” which is not policy or solution outcomes. It is the old song….when you wish upon a star makes no difference what interest rates ARE….sings Chairman Powell in idiot lyrics. Interest Rates SUPER STRESS a system unable to accommodate more super stress.

So just the retarded Powell saying nothing today – that interest was near neutral interest rate targeting ( no one can define what that even means as there is. no such things a neutral interest in economics – none  they just made that up ) – the market goes up 600 points. Assuming Powell is not raising interest as usual.

I think the Fed will:

  1. Create a system liquidity crises
  2. Create a liquidity evaporation day
  3. Create a debt default cascade trigger
  4. Create system failure from debt cascade effects
  5. Be merged back into US treasury as the cause of the failure to the system

I encourage the White House and Legislature to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY. The economic stability act to be passed by new congress can and should:

  1. Merge the Federal Reserve board back into the US treasury.
  2. Pay off Fed Debt with one 100 year Super Bond – Hughes and Hubbard package
  3. Stop paying interest on currency creation moving forward
  4. The USA now in the black has resources to fund entitlements moving forward
  5. Infrastructure is now affordable and creates USA surplus to treasury I the future

We can let the Fed continue their massive policy failures lacking any resources to operate in the new global economy as they are stuck like an antique model T Ford in a star ship enterprise new economic world. Always looking only in the rear vision mirror of “that is the way we have always done it ” the Fed lacks accommodation tools and thinking to regulate effectively in the new economy the AI economy that has passed the Fed a long time ago.

Failure to merge the FED back into US treasury remains the single core risk to global financial system failure. If you explore this blog world more fully you will gather research underwriting to determine how you feel globally about merging out of control without any over sight check or balance as all such appearances are fictions and frauds. to arrive at a modernization upgrade to the core system – merge central banks and bankers back into real oversight and audits within the US treasury, versus exempt from any national supervision or accountability, itself an inane idea.

Insanity looks like this:

  1. In secret bankers rush an 80 page act through congress 100 years ago when the pony express delivered the mail.
  2. The 80 Page Fed Act created a private stock firm with an exclusive contact to print America’s currency.
  3. The stock firm would be owned in secret independent from nations and outside any check and balance by the bankers who created it in the first place.
  4. The new stock firm would be able to use the FED name making it appear like a government agency when it is not one.
  5. The new stock firm would be free from audits or reviews by the 80 page act to safe guard its independence from the USA – no accounting ever. Everything secret.
  6. The new stock firm would make repairs to congress but congress could have no veto or over sight authority over what the fed dd or what the fed failed to report. When asked of the Fed Chairman – will you tell us where the 11 trillion of tax payer money was spent – he replied no sir I will not. No recourse as the FED is exempt from any over sight really.
  7. The president appoints members of the Fed Board nominated by the criminal bankers that passed the Fed act 100 years ago – once appointed those I power owe allegiance only to their controlling criminal bank shareholders who won the Fed and share in its profits really.



Seven minutes to see the FRAUD every America is kept blind upon  on purpose – fully mis-informed on – the largest criminal theft of wealth on any people I world history. Economists making this film and me agree – merge the FED back into US treasury to save system stability world wide – before it it just to late to do so. Failed FED policy will be the cause of system melt down.



Chairman Powell today in an eye dare stare down with Trump and Congress and the entire Chairman Powell gave massively different market signals to world markets he opened for panic in October with his last irresponsible speech. At that time he noted the FED IS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR PAUSING RAISING INTEREST RATES which have a LONG LONG WAY TO GO UP in 2019. Trillions were lost after his failed speech on policy. Again.

Today he reverses implying but not stating interest rate raises – so hugely risk intruding into the stressed systems we must work forward within  will pause slow or relax.

Today he implied that the Fed was near its target neutral interest that no one knows what that even means. There is no such thing in economics folks. None; They just made that up.

SO today Chairman Powell implied we are close to a target when in the same speech the same Chairman states. = hey we have no target we are just winging it all and as things unfold we’ll see”. Thats the Policy – which we well knew – the FED HAS NO CLUE like Crammer has screamed shouted and put forth since the summer.

WE agree Crammer man.

The Fed has no target and is close to the target they do not have.

FED SPEAK IS PURE FRAUD AND FICTION and following their insane FED  market speak is FRAUD and DISTRACTION itself a reason to declare the Fed obsoletes  are unfit to govern money policy and supply; They are obsolete and Congress must pass emergency legislation to stop paying interest on currency issue and to restore check balance and audit to monetary policy to he US Treasury who for 100s of YEARS did such a much better track record to the Fed 80 year tragic horror record in fiscal policy.

The Fed has had a perfect loosing streak – all strike out – never a home run – and their worst policies we all live inside of today with a pure experiment economically no one has any idea what final outcome will be. Today Chairman Powell suggested any crises now ( while he hammers markets with interest rates to pack profits to his own shareholders in a conflict of interest never allowed in any other matching abuse in America ) would massively drop wealth values I asset classes and risk the entire system.


Fed policy.

What is the cause of the higher risk?

15 trillion with enormous % in marginal credit worthiness to pay back the debt loads – true dat Only the FED free money policy created the pig in this python – bad high risk debt on marginal players. Fed raising interest rates to fast too soon lacking TIME as the core asset to work out FED SYSTEM ABUSE – is the one stress to make the risk soar. The FED – created the marginal borrowers from their bankers with free money and now creates the stress and risk to system failure by raising money too fast for those rolling over 9 trillion in USA only corporate debt to be able to pay the higher interest costs so soon.


MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY and real oversight of monetary policy and criminal bankers will be restored to the nation.

That is my take away from the Powell massive reversal on policy as Powell blinked because he and his tribe almost fatally killed the entire world system by failed Fed 2018 monetary policy.

The film we ask that you  to book mark here – provides seven minutes of economic data the majority of economists have no clue upon. They believe the FED is a government agency which the criminals who run the FED go to any length to assure the truth does not reach mass awareness of voters. AMERICA voters would be furious if they knew the truth of this film.

Let me ask you …why is none of this taught in public education?

You know the answer. Think about the merger of the Fed into US Treasury and elect candidates who vote yes on that one issue….and folks you restore your nation to WE THE PEOPLE from WE THE ELITE BANKERS.

Thats my take on FED SPEAK TODAY …I was not amused by the Blink.


PS: IF Chairman Power IS reading this blog why not ask for a three time pay raise plus a multi year perk package  and you will support merging the Fed back into US treasury with yourself as Chairman….as a consequence for the unborn Americans ….putting this blog to work. GOO POWELL !



Stop market watching in 72 hour bites. The market is fine. We told you what IS going on out there. Apple will be fine and surprise all all the idiot forecasters out there. Ditto with FAANG. The entire market will rebound over all. The Trump XI meeting will end up fantastic as these two have the world vision together but have to play to home audiences. Think it through a minute. 2018 is the boom year of five decades. 2019 will be not as accelerated a growth path without infrastructure legislation and exceeding growth path to 5% GNP growth and tax elevators into to treasury IF congress can cooperate versus compete on the one AMERICAN AGENDA of INFRASTRUCTURE NEXT as the USA is  remaining at the tippy top. We bet they will surprise you all and DO JUST THAT INFRASTRUCTURE JOB  and America prosperity moves into 2030 for sure totally unstoppable forward growth for the entire world.. Look ma economics 101 no recession coming at all. Or what we reported if the congress fails the nation with politics over hard national security for stability to the economy is also likely and you all know the landscape now and the why. Better than most in the world because you know the true economics of what Is going on…out there. In fact. You are the best informed and that is my joy.

The biggest risk to a global depression and world war is the failure of Congress to merge the Fed back into its constitutional oversight authority and audits and supervision versus “independence” with zero regulatory oversight to a full obsolete agency as a private stock institution owned by the banks they regulate as a pure fraud. Failure to merge the FED back into US TREASURY leads to the post global war two system now morphed into a new digital AI NEW economy the world has never known before – into SYSTEM DEATH with a real potential in fact that  all financial institutions fail – takes a week in new AI world globally – because  of our the failure to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY. That will be the cause few see clearly yet. The security of the entire world order economically depends on Congress education to merge the Fed back into US Treasury. It is time to pass infrastructure and upgrade into AI Digital capitalism, a new set of protocols from US treasury moving forward. All this takes “draining the real swamp and its pythons and gators ”  is consumers time and political capital and is an economic war from a system of the elite few wealth consolidators against the many ( of us ) into a IMPROVED SUPER CHANGE NEW  system or the many for the many finally that secures STABILITY from economic melt down, and world war. Economic policy. One way or the other. We all will see a we move forward. These are the ACE HIGH CARDS which if wasted cause the world to FOLD EM versus HOLD EM. You have special data more accurate information on economic cause historically. You my readers KNOW most. You KNOW More. Keep that into your holiday. And now some value you can use as my Holiday gift to you all one and all today. Happy Holidays. Read on.


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  1. That is the way we have ALWAYS done it cultures
  2. Competitive thinking versus cooperative collaborative leadership teams creating all the trillion dollar leading companies today.



I wrote this blog as a HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY and A MOST PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to my readership and CEO SPACE Grads ( returning to their own REUION program Dec 11th. The BIG ONE. Real magic upon the earth is in Tampa Bay Dec 11th as a gift to my readers.

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I hope the NEWS accountability and trend forecasting remains useful to you all. I am so grateful when you share my blog and invite others to join. We never have had data breach to our user base and we protect at highest standards your confidential subscription never using that data base ever for anything. Privacy is absolute given WHO reads this news site. As our pledge always. I so appreciate you checking in and for those who book mark and check back please consider subscribing as the sign up is minutes and helps out world counts which gives us ever higher search engine ranking across the globe today. Your comments are blessing and I love receiving yours and replying back to you – noting you are all so busy – I understand we are a scan and move on resource in your life.

I am so busy with new books, working with company CEO’s and world national leadership on resetting sovereign nation debts with SUPER BONDS ( my invention ) that on planes trains and in a jet set life – I work to present currency – to the minute on trends and economic news taking place – and spell checking and proof reading requires time I don’t have. Forgive in the speed of getting PURE INFORMATION and PURE DATA to you all that some grammar and writing grade levels you may expect are missing. In my new global publishing releases of SUPER CHANGE and DIGITAL MANNERS coming up you will see my full potential as a best selling author you may have to over look on my blog as a volume and quality for data but not in writing finished product. I appreciate your considerations with my apology to my readers that matters to. Thank you for understanding.

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Here is the year end problem. The market equations.

  1. The bull market is driven by record all time earnings across all spaces.
  2. Earnings misses have been 90% plus of expectations the miss was nothing nothing
  3. The Fed is killing growth globally first with soaring dollar cost to 200 nations
  4. Next with soaring interest costs 100x up in months to 9 trillion debt roll over in US and 7  trillion outside the USA – the slow down is a pincher economic already market priced in
  5. Yield curve the insane Fed error in policy will invert the yield curve in 24 months or less we have a recession that the Fed alone in pure greed for its banking shareholders who in secret own the Fed ( not a gov agency or anything close google it ) crash growth for in 2019 waning the economic idiot awards. Greed is their only need and protecting economic growth and stability are all lies – they never do anything – but create legal theft of national wealth.

Still the USA remains the most advanced, the largest, the most diversified, the most internally secure, the most asset wealthy, most secure government system, upon the earth. If you held 440 trillion in capital circulating where MUST YOU PARK SOME OF YOUR SAFE HARBOR FUNDS?

In the 2018 portfolio SANTA CLAUSE RALLY. Those arriving late pay most. The Santa Sleigh began today. SAFE HARBOR AMERICA rests on one single truth:

the best investment in 100 years has been any sixty month basket of USA stocks and equities – never assessed in sixty days but in sixty month time frames ….you earn most in US EQUITIES as your asset multiplier that can not be beat…….



This October the nations we sanctioned attacked our markets like they did in 2007. The digital  AI weapons used to profit offsetting sanctions and tariff costs was a pure election manipulation message sent to President Trump. There was no intention to test destroying Western Markets this time. AI weapons created wealth transfer to the attacking nations while Crammer and experts missed the attack entirely just like the experts did in 2007. Everyone at the top knows this was not a normal market dynamic.

Ask…..WHY NOW….weeks before the election? AI digital economic asymmetrical warfare weapons are here today and are being successfully used and the USA as yet has limited warning or defense. Trust me. Read KEVIN FREEMAN DOD CONTRACTOR HEDGE FUND MANAGERS DATA AND RESEARCH ON ALL THIS IN GAME PLAN – HE SUGGESTS YOU DEVELOP YOURS AS YOUR NATION HAS ZERO GAME PLAN AND WHY?

The Oct AI digital attack made those attacking us advanced in economic warfare sending a clear message to the EU and USA leadership. Message received believe me. The attack wound down after the election. Volatility stabilized first then the Santa Clause year end asset positioning begins.

However those attacking are not done. The NEW AI WEAPON SYSTEMS maximize profits all the way down and then first all the way back up. As the AI brings the market back to record high’s those who KNEW the depth of the AI decline could maximally cement their long positions in leveraged buying. These AI Weapons cloak trading and are immune and cloaked for regulatory oversight or detection. ONLY the NSA can back track it but still not in real time lacking their own AI economic warfare tools YET – but those are coming and coming fast.

Message sent and received.

Maximum tariff and sanction offsets were “earned” by illegal market AI manipulations in economics now impacted by HACK LOSS and AI market manipulations like 2007 and Oct 2018. We have no system to warn us of attacks or to nail down The Who and How of these new advanced AI weapon systems – weapons of economic mass manipulations. A new item in developing asymmetrical warfare.

As the attack wound down during Thanksgiving you have a rebound back to normal. In the 99% reporting firms making their target earnings and missing by 1% even human traders would moderate and buy and hold – good job. AI in any miss maximizes short positions and sell outs to earn on the dip and the way back up. Only with AI weapon systems there is no back up and AI can’t over come artificial short positions expressed by trillions globally. In the end AI moves predictably to stop loss while manipulators only need to short circuit markets with AI positioning. All stealth and cloaked fully.

Now the AI having made trillions for the sanction tariff nations is earning trillions more on the rebound they also manipulate back – which creates political lack of will to fully engage into these AI economic asymmetrical warfares. If you have not read the data in Kevin Freeman’s,GAME PLAN on AMAZON FOR THE HOLIDAYS – you ARE MISSING THE FUTURE.

Our markets experienced a warfare economic attack to manipulate ( successfully the US election in asymmetrical warfare to divide America and keep us fully divided and not united ). You weaken your enemy in baby steps while each win strengthens you financially. Today wealth transfer is becoming a market manipulation. Casino Capitalism fully unregulated today is out of control and in a new era of economics never known before. Idiots lead globally with the insane foundational false believe – that – this is the way we have always done it works tomorrow like it did yesterday? Folks we road horses now we fly. Tomorrow is a Tesla that says …thats impossible so why the heck NOT?

5000 years of economics are gone. The Medici Fractional banking system is being replaced. Today AI controls markets and humans no longer do and thinking we are NOT inside a NEW ECONOMIC the world has never not ever known before is old brain software that is like Dos 1. If your still using that ….your like say the FED.

The New Economy is influenced by economic abuse. Abuse like flooding the world with 100 trillion dollars and free money loans for ten years to save the entire system from the first economic warfare attack of its kind – all AI SOFTWARE – in 2007. It took coordination of the G 100 to stop this attack and the behind the scene threat of real war to those making the attack. It stopped. The lesson GAME PLAN under scores is how much those attacking profit. at zero risk, and how evolving and ever more advanced these DIGITAL AI SOFTWARE WEAPONS are becoming today. Consider every industry in the USA bar none and all three letter agencies bar none have been hacked as if we were in kindergarten in software. 100% success for our loss of the digital wars at the first part of these wars. Now. we will catch up quick and our brains are not amused by the attack.

To year end the pain and message fade as those attacking profit first by bringing the market back to where it was. THE SANTA CLAUSE RALLY I have been calling when everyone else was saying HUMBUG.

440 Trillion Dollars. Is seeing:

1`. EU slow down.

2. Germany third down turn in confidence as economics In the lead economy in the EU is crashing.

3. China is crashing. Car sales in China are nose diving nation wide. The economy in China is in worst down bubble. in 30 years. Compression of stress loads is leading to a real estate super crash and a bank deft default cascade – held off by profits they just made in the October wars. Its not yet. A deal with TRUMP is their way forward and XI has one potion – make the deal of the century. Trump too.

4. Ukraine has declared Marshal Law – Russia has fired and taken Ukraine ships – a NATO WAR could be triggered a real war. Full out. It is Jamie Diamonds warning on STUFF out there all coming true from his leading brain.

5. Taiwan’s election – who won – CHINA and big time. Who lost – the USA and big time.

6. The Gulf is now unstable. Everyone is playing everyone for big bucks. OPEC is a shade of itself a shadow institution. America controls oil prices. Market supply demand pricing is returning from manipulated prices of a criminal cartel the FEW ELITES against the many ( billions of us 200 developing nations ) loses all powers and control. MBS has created a economic political war of who will align with IRAN and who will remain with Saudi. The big loser is Saudi only they won in these DIGITAL ATTACKS. That is right. MBS slashed oil shipments to America to assure support for his sociopathic CRIMINAL international murder of an AMERICAN journalist for the Washington POST. Then MBS attacked our markets with Russia’s help and made back some of his recent oil loss by winning the economic warfare taking place. Trump has limited options at this moment but long term Trump is not one to forget. Trump is only now getting fully briefed. If MBS is a HITLER BRAIN fully insane and damaged as a brain in leadership – how can anyone trust anything a sociopathic brain says to you.. Answer you are never safe with such a damaged brain not ever. Trump is getting the picture of MISPLACED TRuST. There are economic and political events to come. The GULF is now a wild wild frontier with more wealth shifting from SAUDI to others in Region – the largest GULF WEALTH SHIFT in 100 years – ramping up before your very eyes.

7. America and congress will.surprise you. Congress will pass infrastructure. As this ONE ESSENTIAL to win economic warfare comes on line – prosperity in America will continue offsetting FED policy mistakes and blunders – mostly – and securing prosperity in America to 2030 and beyond. Congress may this congress may merge the FED back into US Treasury the beginning of 300 years of American prosperity;. Against these seven points which nation would you park a market share of your own 440 trillion in capital at year end for maximum greedy profits? I’d bet on the SANTA CLAUSE RALLY and record all time highs by year end 2018.. America will re-set its regulatory frame work – advanced budgets and legal frame works for the SEC and secure the economic wars with new evolving AI regulatory weapons and defenses missing now – creating stability to market growth unknown in modern times. As to my opinion on events unfolding always with wild cards.

the best investment in 100 years has been any sixty month basket of USA stocks and equities – never assessed in sixty days but in sixty month time frames ….you earn most in US EQUITIES as your asset multiplier that can not be beat…….

The economic engine that drives the economics of the entire world – the largest customer upon the earth – AMERICA – the largest buyer upon the earth – AMERICA – the one and truly only SUPER DU{PER POWER on this planet today now with Space Force we stay there – is the ONE SAFE HOME BASE FOR YEAR END CAPITAL FLOWS. Where would smart money park capital in higher %? Every capital AI controller will maximally profit as the digital attack phase one moves from sell to full on buy the second manipulation for their own profits as the attackers know in advance the date lines of the short water fall into the long glaciers that move all markets to their future sea lanes. New Economics with new challenges in a sixty month move of 440 Trillin in capital flows being fully now controlled by digital AI for the first time in economic history;. AN ENTIRELY NEW ECONOMIC FRAME WORK the world has never known experienced, or even had theories upon how to manage it. The old models of theory from Friedman and others are WRONG and NO LONGER ARE RELEVANT. 

This is important why? It is critically important as world leaders are being advised by old economic educated brains upon economic box top rules that no longer exist in fact. The new economic box top rules advisers to world leaders do not know, understand, or have any frame works to express upgraded ECONOMIC THEORY upon that will work versus fail. The Federal Reserve Board is an old boy club of elites, with zero understanding of the new economics they helped create, and they are antique obsolete and totally incapable of setting successfully economic policy moving forward. This applies to your central banks in all nations. All central banks need to merge back into their respective TREASURIES with transparency audits accountability real time reporting and zero secrets in monetary policy in a Digital AI driven world rapidly super changing and evolving – the economics is morphing quarterly due to INTEGRATION INTERLINKS of all economics into one global system – with AI controlling flow dynamics outside regulatory frame works as the SUPER CHANGE was too fast. For lawmakers to keep up.

The biggest economic dangers moving forward is war – central banks insane wrong monetary policy inserting unneeded system risk using box top economic rule books that are like casting spells on AI and so obsolete these FAILED SYSTEMS need to be retired and merged into their state TREASURIES and the faster the greater the economic stability. Finally the Fed central bank super debt bubble they created in economics the world never has known before – requires time as the asset – TIME ITSELF to work out the pig in the python. Super DEBT. Central banks working in error on old economics now dead and buried will trigger a debt default cascade as a system risk to ultimate destruction world wide. WAR and CENTRAL BANK policy error avoidance ARE financial stability. FEAR the FED in trying to survive as an insane economic model itself – is false and fake news. The FED independence is supported by bought and paid for voices from the Wallstreet largest lobby on earth – funded by the FED shareholders who control the Fed as a privately owners stock entity with a contract to control money with the USA government. Zero oversight zero regulation.

Remember when Fed shareholder banks and investment banks made bad bets by the trillions in 2007? Remember how huge the profits where until the digital attack illuminating the fake news on valuation. Crap assets all rated AAA for nations to acquire where the BIGGEST FRUAD IN AMERICAN HISTORY IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. Say to yourself – they are all criminals – regulating their shareholder criminal bank ownership – sharing in profits with maximum wealth theft of nations. When the bad bets in the new AI casino capitalism fail to work out – and turn to blood bath loses – the FED then secures bought and paid for lawmaker panic into tens of trillions flowing into the FED to bail out the loser bets of its own greed machine and banks and investment banks. IS THIS HOW YOU WANT TO RUN A RAILROAD MOVING FORWARD IN TIME? Why does the USA have sixty mile an hour trains when China and Japan have 300 mile an hour trains? See any difference moving forward economically?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mejOviGyok  CLICK THIS 7 MINUTE FILM watch 60 seconds then make a BOOK MARK you will wish to share this film to wake up.

This film clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mejOviGyok I keep posting is one of many you can google on the FRAUD of your own state central bank – they are all the same all working as one to control theft of nation money. They do not save us.. Since creating the FED HORROR SHOW WE HAVE FED CREATED:

  1. 1907 first global recession and full on world war WORLD WAR I. Economics.

  2. 1929 the Great Depression – and full on World War II horrors – economics.

  3. 1987 Markets super crash.

  4. 9/11 crash and gulf wars.

  5. 2000 DOT.BOMB blood bath fed induced entirely.


  7. 2018 OCT market manipulations by soaring dollar and interest errors in policy..

MBS one King over endless global fake news – hey I never murdered anyone not ever I’m a sweet reformer. LIES. Hitler lies. Has nothing on the FED.

The Fed is masterful at protecting its GREED FRANCHISE. Its shareholders are the largest contributor to six hundred law makes and their keepers. The Fed will panic and destroy markets faced with retirement into merger into the US treasury. For this reason a week long 80 page ( mirror to the original 80 page horrific error in legislation creating the central bank idea 100 years ago ) is as emergency legislation ideal. FAST CUT SURGERY on the FED merger and markets would be volatile than stabilize forever in fact. The Fed conflict of interest to the nation versus their own shareholders is finally gone. Plus their old economic thinking as obsolete is replaced with Treasury new economic thinkers and the SEC who see the problems so much more clearly.

Lets pretend that Satan is pure evil and so is the Fed. Lets pretend Satan is not the name of evil – its real name is FIRST COMPETITION. Pass your hand over yourself in a quiet moment and say begone SATAN. Than pass your hand head to belly button and say BECOME THE COMPETITION and note how 13 trillion cells FEEL TO YOU. Then trust your gut. Now pretend that evil – competition – is thought of globally as good and as from God and source – as if God was in competition with self. Really? The world needs a huge Holy Spirit of COOPERATION to celebrate our differences from faith to politics and stop PUNISHING THEM. Think of pure evil as competitive thought. Think of competition as a first expression of spiritual and human INSANITY. Removing competitive thinking is removing the ONE VIRUS ON HUMAN GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS.  Think – is this cooperative solution and outcome and watch your home life and work space life soar. REMOVE THE COMPETITIVE VIRUS. This idea is important because the FED are blinded by old economic models that are dead. They have no perspective the economics are now entwined globally, integrated, interlinked and under AI control over 440 trillion in capital movements from less than 10,-000 Super Money pools – consolidating downward from 1990 with 1.5 million Super Money Pools controlled by humans – the old economy. The Fed as antique theory and thinking has no clue how to keep stability and us all safe. They work on profit and greed and obscure that fact. They are insane and competitive. There is no cooperation in thinking at the Fed. Not with Congress or the President or the nation – they cooperate with their competitive bankers in the theft of national wealth. In a sane economy the largest building in any city should not include banks as our servants. Sales Force in San Francisco is more like it.

The insane Fed Public Relations by billions – with unlimited money it alone prints not our nation – assures the SOURCE OF ECONOMIC CATASTROPHIC is never not EVER the Fed. Every leading world bank and US bank regulated by the FED has pled guilty to fraud and crimes against its own depositors that make all other crimes look like a snicker theft from a 7/11. The bankers never are indicted nor go to prison. The FED the criminal master minds running their criminal gang of bankers never are charged or even SEEN AS THE SOURCE CAUSE. It is important to note the FED system is obsolete – PURE EVIL – and is fixed by an emergency legislation to merge the Fed back into US Treasury – keep all its functions but paying interest on printing money that has to go as EVIL ( see the Bible or Koran or Torah ). For starters. A one week emergency act of congress – 80 -pages. and the economic horror show stops.

To Donald Trump sir…the SWAMP is the Federal Reserve Board easily drained in one week with one 80 page act of congress. Sir will you with all respect drain the swamp where high dry asset valued land pops up from the stench of FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD SOURCE CONTAMINATION OF AMERICA’S POTENTIAL.

If the antique obsolete FED keeps blowing circuit boards in our economy why not re-wire the HOUSE and upgrade to 5K and more? Seems so smart to me and the FED finally IS HELD by congress as the one SOURCE OF ALL PAINS as Congress itself returns fiscal policy to the US TREASURY and its own oversight replacing the evil of independence from over sight with checks and balances our constitution requires .

The SANTA CLAUSE RALLY began last Friday as economic attacks stopped and weaponized digital AI warfare trading shifted to profit making on year end buy side for political and profit making reasons. The market is following the manipulation as it must in fact do – as the warfare AI ANTICIPATES the AI trading pathology as the attacking warfare AI is smarter today then the market AI controlling capital flow dynamics inside a new rapidly super changing economic the world has simply never experienced or known before. We lack theory to guide us. it is the wild wild wild Wild West in AI capital flows and nations have all lost control.

Dwell on only one market truth today – for the 440 trillion in global cash to park by year end somewhere – and that truth remains in the Safe Harbor of todays insane fully competitive ( AI WARS where profits are made by the smarter AI evolving quarter to quarter in unwanted market consolidations of wealth at the top and unwanted speculations at the market core all out of control and AI to AI competitive. That is today. And still the one truth remains for your Santa Clause rally profit making:

AND your own 11th economic commandment world wide:

the best investment in 100 years has been any sixty month basket of USA stocks and equities – never assessed in sixty days but in sixty month time frames ….you earn most in US EQUITIES as your asset multiplier that can not be beat…….

You have more information and better information act within being informed in superior manner to make your own best safe bets and plans – READ GAME PLAN it will help you in my opinion for a licensed professional we are proud to have as CEO SPACE faculty when we can get Kevin Freeman. BUY THE BOOK.


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I have served in the Middle East for fifty years now. Most of those years have been as a master student by the great elders, now with Allah those great thought leaders who took time to instruct me. I aged with their wisdom and their blessings.

As my subscribers in 200 nations well know – I teach economically. I never am political but it may seem like that. Many items in politics are engaged under “follow the money”. We track those processes and make them all come into the light for you with data.


MBS is such a loser for Saudi Arabia.. First from the get go MBS is a psychopathic insane brain. Today insane brains can not be allowed to have power.

MBS destabilized the Middle East and lost his chess game, from 2014 to 2018 with these four to the door failed policies:

  1. MBS declared full on OPEC war on American Shale production saying in his 28 hormomone youth – that – OPEC ( MBS FAILED OIL POLICY PLAN ) WILL DESTROY AMERICAN SHALE OIL PRODUCTION FOREVER. MBS cost OPEC trillions in lost revenues and lost market share. Threatening America Saudi created the advance that moved oil from 120 a barrel to the 37 dollar level for oil an 80% price drop. America ON THE OIL WARS and became the largest oil producer in the world by 2018. MBS now lost control of oil pricing on his watch – his loss of OPEC OIL PRICE CONTROL is the largest wealth shift in 70 years. The loser SAUDI has lost OPEC prestige, standing, credibility and so many having lost so much on the MBS chess board are more than pissed off. What unites OPEC behind the chess game is a unanimous hatred of MBS today. Its unanimous behind the politics GULF WIDE.
  2. MBS cost Saudi more prestige and power regionally in the MBS Proxy war with IRAN. MBS has labored to steer America into a war with IRAN because MBS wants that war. Saudi has lost untold wealth in LOOSING Wars in Yemen and regional neighbors. MBS has as a sociopathic brain used American weapons to bomb children schools housing non combatants where only SYRIA exceeds MBS WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGINST HUMANITY still rising up ahead of MBS and depreciating SAUDI influence. In the PROXY WAR Iran won, Saudi lost and Iran is making peace not Saudi and the Gulf all know this in fact. Iran powers and the truth from the lies about Iran are rising and Iran is the Gulf Winner today.
  3. Iran winning out front has depreciated USA influence and elevated China and Russia influence in the Gulf today. Knowing the permeant damage that MBS has created Russia and China are posturing to depreciate America in the region further while America stands by the sociopathic MBS insane brain as if our values as a nation no longer matter at all. This is not the way to run a railroad. MBS is a loser. Those associating with MBS are losers as well.
  4. MBS Slaughters journalist Khashoggi as if rule of law across nation borders has no cost or consequence to MBS in any way. WRONG AGAIN. The cover up was a circus only an truly insane brain could chess game forward upon. All MBS valuable allies are smiling as they back up from MBS. A trillion dollars in investment capital flows our of Saudi have now cost Saudi as a people trillions of dollars in time lost potential and standing to capital markets. Nothing returns to normal while MBS remains KING. The world is shifting away from SAUDI in every respect until they as a people truly clear on the policy errors and failures and cost, rise up to restate their values and replace MBS as KING. When last week all the kings men and all the kings horses tried to put Humpty Dumpty ( the King who is ridiculous in the world today a joke to everyone ) failed and stated MBS IS HERE TO STAY- you can place winning bets MBS is going to suffer consequence to the greatest cost to GULF STABILITY in 70 years of history. Nothing has wrecked SAUDI policy – prestige – wealth – options – standing – leadership – and put the entire nation on suspicion they back a leader who ordered Khashoggi killing.
  5. Turkey – MBS backed the coup in Turkey and then tried to blame the USA. The idea MBS is a friend of the USA is silly given the facts. Turkey knows from the confessions of coup leaders that MBS is the again failed strategist in these regional wars. MBS hoped to improve Saudi advantage with new Turkey leadership constraining IRAN. Iran is furious with MBS and amazed America is engage in proxy wars with their nation based on MBS Fake News on Iran – all failed policy. Iran won. Turkey won. MBS has lost in every single undertaking in four years growing loss to Saudi in real revenue of two trillion and in lost future investment of three trillion. Passing 5 trillion of MBS economic loss to Gulf Nations and Saudi the region is unstable today. Because of MBS and that instability is growing.



MBS enemies attacked our markets in October digitally. The digital weapons sold assets for those nations attacking making them a net profit over sanctions to China North Korea China and Iran to name a few and of course the leader RUSSIA. This influence on our election worked, as our TRUMP ECONOMY appeared to crack ( expressed by World War III economic  AI weapons on our market – perfected since their beta attack in 2007. Read Kevin FREEMAN DOD contractors THE SECRET WEAPON from Amazon this holiday to upgrade your information on what is really going on out there.

Trump is weakened moving forward which is directly a cost to MBS association with a mad man a psychopathic brain an insane brain. America is weakened in the most costly way. Our American GULF POLICY is now at complete RISK because of MBS.

The Sand family and the Faud family are in King making powers. A family tribal process unfolds when the KING Dies. Will MBS be the new King. How could that matter as so many in the civil war dividing SAUDI into factions as never before unfolds where so many wish to kill MBS for what he has cost them and the nation. America allies are now seriously linking MBS FAILED POLICIES as destroying OPEC in all but its name – as its influence on price is shattered now forever. MBS wants to cut back oil. That worked last time. It has no hope of working this time. OIL has moved from elite monopoly cartel supply control ( OPEC ) to oceans of non OPEC oil all due to failed MBS Oil Policy. Over five trillion dollars is the cost still rising to GULF NATIONS from MBA failures. Who respects a loser of this magnitude.

Then MBS Slaughters Khashoggi. Then in child like style MBS creates a cover up candle that is rocking the entire world. MBS’s one move ( if the psychopathic insane brain was not a damaged item – was to immediately visit Turkey – take full responsibility – apologize – and return those who did the crimes to TURKEY. He could have gotten away with yet another murder. He believes he is above consequence and secure. He is in fact a dead man walking as history will show us all. Khashoggi is still alive and working on this as no prior posting could or would. Allah is in charge. Allah is not amused. Allah decrees from my Koran studies that Muslims must STOP KILLING MUSLIMS. Allah does not care about the differences of Muslim worship sects at all. Allah cares about what is the same about worship for all people of the book.

I can recall in the Sand Castle to kings ago a late into the night discussion. I told the attending Mullahs, where did I stand. I was a student of the book ( by bible ) . I worship my prophet Jesus. I Fast. I pray daily. I did my pilgrimage and walked my masters walk on the Villa DeRosa in Israel. What is my future.

There was quiet and then discussion in Arabic. The leading elder Mullah bent over putting his tea down, and stated, with his wizened smile – ” it is our conclusion you are muslim son and you will be with us all in heaven”. That night we discussed the Allah universal creed that immortal souls must celebrate how we all worship and stop punishing differences of worship pathologies as they do not matter too Allah. Allah delights that we all surrender and worship the maker of all. The Mullah’s that night agreed Muslim’s must cease killing Muslims. They also agreed that there was no master race and there is no master faith. The tapestry of worship is personal and inclusive. WE all do the important stuff about the same in fact. I still believe Muslims must stop killing Muslims. For a stability long term in the Gulf Nations.

Saudi and MBS continue to hold cards with the two holy Shrines of the Muslim Faith located in Saudi Arabia. This “power’ remains of influence. However restrictions to IRAN and others visiting Mecca have caused more rift across the GULF since MBS came to power. Another utterly failed policy is to be custodian of faith for 1.2 billion Muslims, across the world and Gulf and to in any way make political FAITH. That has created a fervor of insatiability across the Gulf world – again from MBS failed policy. 100% failures and they just keep coming.

In Chess you can castle your King. Once in the game. When the King is in check you can shit positions under certain conditions of the Chess game and only inside those conditions between your game castle and your in danger Checked King. Will Saudi Arabia remove King MBS and disappear the King or will they CASTLE THEIR KING. Move him to diminished roles where MBS becomes a supporter ( that no one will in fact trust ever again in this lifetime under chain of command ) which is regional and political high ground.

Today the chess board is active. Players from IRAN Russia and China are seeking to diminish American Gulf influence moving forward and raise their own. Game on.


So we have say a Yemen missile hit an Iran shopping mall with mass casualties. MBS will elevate that incident to underscore the weapon causing the damage was made in Iran. Iran is a supplier like the US like Russia like Korea and China and France and the UK. MBS may seek a direct response to bomb Iran. MBS would seek assurance as Saudi Arabia can not in a real war with IRAN and Iran could take over Iraq and Saudi in less than a month. They may.

What will the USA do? War with Iran is a Marco Polo card for Russia and China. While they profit from such a war massively as suppliers the USA may go bankrupt in such a fight. Death tolls would be like nothing known since World War II. Iran has massive munitions and weapon systems and is buying the latest gear from Russia now. Their 1 million man standing army rivals China and is no cake walk for the US in any context.

Let us pretend Iran is a wild card. Markets are reeling from risk in all this all from MBS.


Trump is good at chess. ONE UP AND TWO OVER. He sacrifices. He plays hard ball. He plays for keeps. Does anyone believe Trump and his brain trust are not at the penthouse mentally given MBS failed policy record and cost to the Gulf and Saudi Arabia? Do you think MBS engaged in a full on civil war in Saudi and in all Gulf allies now backing up from Saudi, challenged at ever level, can stay ahead of Trump? Of America? I doubt that so very much.

Will Trump punish MBS by dumping a third of no longer needed strategic oil reserves – billions of barrels – to further influence price of oil outside of OPEC. This creates deal making that Gulf Nations will seek with America after such a chess move. I think it is likely.

Will Trump punish MBS by meeting with IRAN and forging a truly lasting peace deal for the entire Gulf further isolating Saudi now diminished in power influence and prestige as no time in modern history. Saudi is awash in RED INK borrowing to survive. SAUDI can not execute any of MBS plans. Why? The crash in oil – 30% down to 50 dollar range in only SIX SHORT WEEKS since MBS Murdered Khashoggi. Is any Saudi economist tracking the MBS COST to the nation – anyone? I think yes. Fuel of the civil war in the Sand Castle going on Saudi style right now.

Will Trump seize the moment and reset GULF STABILITY as a purely AMERICAN AGENDA and punish MBS without doing anything directly to MBS?

I think it is all very likely. And more to complex to report here.

MBS is surrounded by QUEENS and BISHOPS inside and outside SAUDI. His check mate is a fact.

Game over.

Keep this context in your thinking as GULF INSTABILITY effects markets globally. Finally did you know when prices fell MBS ordered US SHIPMENTS OF CONTRACTED OIL to stop cutting supplies to the USA. Our friend MBS? Oh really. America easily made up the short fall and will not return to market share buying from SAUDI anytime soon. America has long memories. Trump is ferocious on such details. Attack AMERICA again? MBS policy failed again and the only signal sent is HOW MUCH MARKET SHARE DO GULF NATIONS WISH TO LOSE FOREVER? So far it is trillions. Saudi is in economic crises. MBS has no clue how to manage forward. Personally I do have a clue but I reserve the right to support the future KING and the PEOPLE of Saudi once they are free from this madness.

So MBS has vaporized friendship and allies and all the weapon buying can’t change that. Weapons to secure the people of SAUDI is good for its people – those making such choices want only the best and America leads in the best of the best so we win that business. By quality. It is not going anywhere because MBS can’t act out now with pressures in the civil war.

The war is moving from politics to economics. The KINGDOM is in great distress. MBS arresting royals and shaking them down like Al Capone – another sociopathic move – where even that 100 billion is totally consumed and gone today. SAUDI is in red ink juggling and has fiscal crises now. All due to MBS.

Eventually costing 5 trillion to the region is an economic blood bath one man can not shed responsibility for. The CONSEQUENCE in SAUDI TRADITION is coming. Trust that.

Trust what is real and do not trust the fake news MBS puts out spending precious dollars for his own PR by untold tens of millions world wide.

Finally the Khashoggi murder is far from done It is just. month. Investigations will be on going or YEARS. The world intelligence agencies are united from hard evidence, led by the CIA ( MBS ridiculed last week ), conclude MBS knew and ordered the CRIME AGAINST ALL HUMANITY of the foreign slaughter of journalist from the US WASHINGTON POST in Turkey as if rule of law has no standing for the Puppy King – an insane brain. Saudi has big problems most of them dollars and sense.

My discussions with leaders across the Gulf last week were candid and insightful. Everyone has the same conclusion as to the facts I set forth here from real research. Real data.

Eventually the tally will become too great for Saudi and its people.

Then MBS will know CHECK MATE and game over.

Berny Dohrmann – What is really going on in the Gulf arena today.





The Federal Reserve Board is a pure fraud upon the American people. The Fed is not “independent” its panic word to protect itself. The Fed established when the pony express delivered US Mail, is a private stock Non Government private corporation. The secret never reported or disclosed to anyone outside the FED controlling share holders are the banks and investment banks the Fed is supposed to regulate. HOW IS THAT INDEPENDENT. That the Fed means in their panic sound bites – never under mine our independence – is as true meaning – our 80 page act of creation – assures the FED will  have no check and balance no over sight no over rule no audits no anything. When congress asked “can you tell us who got the 11 trillion of tax payer money we entrusted to you – their answer is NO SIR – we fill not tell you who got the 11 trillion or which of our banks or what they even did with those trillions. Congress has no powers – zero – over the Fed save the power to merge the fed back into US Treasury.

The day that merger happens we revisit fractional banking and we stop paying interest to print money – itself an insane theft of the wealth of our nation.

The FED was an awful idea and today is pure obsolescence in 2019. The FED if you chart the Fed real track record ( total f grade since 1900 ) has created the boom bust cycles crashes  in our economy, all wars, all economic hardship and pain, for pure greed to their banking shareholders. They have a track record on economics that is F grade. Never higher than F. To give the FED reverence instead of putting them all in prison, is the hypnotism you all have today but never knowing the TRUTH.


If you have just 7 minutes economists documenting the truth will make you smart on the Fed. The Fed is using tools that no longer work. They are out dated. The Fed runs economics like they did years ago. The Global Economic system is now evolving outside FED controls via AI and global economic inter-links that create a NEW DIGITAL AI ECONOMIC MODEL with less than 10,000 super money pools and sovereign nation funds all managed by AI that no control the global economic. The Fed is a monkey wrench.

Fed error in policy, is no a threat to the entire world system are core. We have noted the Fed is a 100 year old F level track record. Economies natural state is growth. Growth stops from system tampering and absue. The Fed is presently creating interest rates which impact 9 trillion in free money loans circulating in America that can not refinance their debts ( See Sears ) at the higher Fed required cost to roll over free money into 100x higher money cost. The fed is presently for no economic correctness in policy – making its largest error since 1929 and the market is telling them having lost 3 trillion in market capitalization that your policy is in error boys and girls. The FED must be merged back into US Treasury so that monetary policy is transparent, real time, audited, accountable and with over sight.

A Fed “indépendant” of checks and balances, audits, transparency, and with a long track record of creating such unnecessary financial distress, F GRADE economic policy for 100 years. Each policy error so much worse than the last. The Fed is playing hop scotch with dice and jacks in a 3D digital virtual world they lack any tools to accommodate. They are a model T Ford making policy for the bridge of the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE. The Fed must be merged back into US treasury or our entire system is at high risk globally. You see it all in markets today.

The problem is only one. POLICY ERROR by the Fed. There are 7 trillion in free money loans outside the USA. The world of 200 developing struggling nations can not afford to massive % gains in this short time frame to their money cost. The Fed right when the boom is beginning to take hold, truncates growth, reduces the supply of money to the money lake and fast and raises the cost of the money still available in a rapidly shrining money lake by 100x in months. The world economy is being shattered by FRAUD & ERROR from a greedy Fed rewarding its banks with ever higher interest and profits. Warren Buffett gets it as he invests in almost nothing but financial institutions today. His last hurrah and not his best as time will show – in our opinion.

The FED is an antique. Treasury is the STAR SHIP. We need the Fed to be merged back into US Treasury by an emergency act of congress in 2019.



I must be the most rare of economist and investment bankers. I have reported to you all we felt ( sans outside events which we have many today ) THAT – by year end the world would see record new asset class values. The DEC rate increase by the Fed may impact that call to the negative we’ll see.

I still expect a Santa Clause Rally. Why? Earnings are at record. Caterpillar made over 99% of projected by Wallstreet earnings. Its best third quarter EVER. Like 100’s of other leading firms in America. Because they missed a fraction of 1% of “expected earnings” the AI trade brought the CAT down by 10% of its overall value – in the best quarter ever reported. This is not normal market value.

I have written that our markets have been under a digital attack through the election period as a winning strategy to make sanction costs back, by nations effected, by profiting from our markets by attacking them digitally. We have zero defense for these AI attacks today. The markets then behave un-naturally. The attacks have made their profits and I suspect the attackers all profit again as their tapering the attack restores market vitality. Year end portfolios I suspect will not wish to be LEFT OUT or in any way LEFT BEHIND in the Santa Clause Rally. To be sure we will no see more volatility as AI tries to figure out the head winds against the 1 TRILLION IN US HOLIDAY BUYING setting all time records into 2019.

The Santa Clause Rally we feel will depending on FED cruel system policy error impacts, raise asset values based on pure earnings outcomes to record all time highs as we have reported against the common “stuff” you are reading.



Trade Wars. World trade is effected by trade wars not resolved until new box top rules with no nation left behind unfold. The old protectionist model used by 100’s of nations no longer work in the new AI global inter-linked NEW ECONOMY. The global system has experienced an economic miracle of inter linking by AI in only sixty months. Today we have a new economy. Without regulatory upgrading merging the FED into USA Treasury ( to stop the economic fraud ) risk rises. Trade wars are having huge effects. China is not ok. China is falling economically to a level it can’t afford to pay its bills and borrows 300% more than it makes to operate a phony baloney economy that is truly failing. The RUN out of China by 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS, by companies by everyone is a market share shift that is moving forever market share out of China. China is now to identified as an IP nation of criminals, at economic war with all outsiders. Trillions have been hacked stolen and partnerships into China theft of IP the greatest cost of economics on the world stage. If China wishes to preserve its RULE OF “NO” LAW – protecting its thieves – as there is no separation of business and industry in China – in China the government is the industry and all industry is the government. Trade wars will escalate until they resolve and until then the system has head winds world wide.

Fed interest cost. The Fed policy error of reducing market liquidity and availability to capital in a rapidly shrinking lake of dollars required to lubricate economic global outcomes, is ill timed. The FED did a never before in history experiment economically. They bailed out bad bets by their banks using tax payer money by 20 trillion in the USA and central banks globally 100’s of trillions in FREE MONEY. After a decade of FREE MONEY 200 poor nations require TIME as a missing ASSET MODEL to adjust to normalizing rates that effect the world economy. The Fed is in error in policy, using old play books not relevant since 1955 – an antique failed policy maker – now raising interest way to fast way too high each time and way too frequently. Why? Looking backwards always at obsolete box top rules the FED simply is a broken institution and fully failed at making wise economic policy. THE US TREASURY has the forward looking brains engaged in the NEW ECONOMY. The Fed doesn’t believe their is a new digital inter-linked economy – where their play book is obsolete entirely. The Fed is risking a world wide system failure and total melt down as they continue their failed policy into the future. Only congress can merge the FED back into US treasury and they informed, truly must for the entire world stability. The Fed is raising interest rates for protections that are not relevant and no longer matter. Their policy error can create panic and system destruction all due to the Fed being obsolete. Today the FED is the most dangerous tinker shop to global economics having only pain and no gain looking forward. Criminal really. In my opinion if just criminal negligence.

Super Debt Bubble. There are 100 trillion dollars in bad loans never to be repaid residing as solid performing assets on financial institution balance sheets – exempt from what law we all must comply with FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING. This credit abuse must work its way out of the system and requires TIME to do that work out. The Fed is removing time and raising interest cost to reset trillions in free money loans to roll over to 100x and 100x more cost for money. MOST can’t pay it yet. They increasingly will bust out ( see Sears Circuit City and Bebe closing 100’s and 100’s of stores ). THE GREAT SUPER DEBT BUBBLE bursting ( because of the error in fiscal policy by the criminal banks and criminal Fed who control money versus the USA controlling it as we did for 100’s of years – is a huge HEAD WIND. Debt cascade in digital AI space can crash the entire system in 72 hours as a forward head win only possible because of the extent of FED error on policy. There is no way under 100 year old terrible law, the 80 page Fed act, to influence check and balance or oversight the Fed. The illusion of Fed oversight is a fraud on the American people and the world. Headwinds.


CONGRESS – Trump lost congress. As congress unfolds into the most bitter bi partisan dysfunction the politics is war. The game is to assure Trump fails in two years to win another four years. The economy is the BIG ISSUE. If the new congress can stay united to focus hatred on everything Trump almost irrationally, the multiple attacks to derail Trump’s team, will return to normal. The most cruel vicious mean savage like wagon wheel spokes around the new Nancy Pelosi strategic HUB, is a head wind. If INFRASTRUCTURE is passed next or soon, the stimulus may offset the FED headwinds entirely. If infrastructure stalls the economic growth moving forward compressed by Trade WAR and Fed Policy will stall and 2019 will slow to a shadow of 2018. Headwinds. Unknowns. The economic consequence of a dysfunctional congress at this time in ECONOMIC HISTORY is a HIGH RISK to the global system itself as those in charge have limited perspective that SUPER CHANGE has forever buried old economics – created a NEW ECONOMIC – and the world lacks theory regulations or appreciation that OLD RULES no longer succeed in the entirely NEW ECONOMY. Head winds.

The Fed in 2018 did two errors in fiscal policy. First they shrank liquidity in the crises of a FREE MONEY SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide, the Fed created in the first place. For the swimming pool of money – going down down down – as liquidity evaporates to circulations needed to prosper all nations today – the Fed second act is soaring interest rates 100x higher than 2017. The market can not afford both policy errors world wide. The EU the Gulf Asia and Africa and South America and 200 developing countries can no longer see a way to grow due to the soaring cost of capital and the withdrawal of capital to their markets and plans. Headwinds.

ALTERNATIVE TO STOCKS: Equities bought for sixty month periods chart as high return parking stalls for capital and investment. Today the Fed is moving to an inverted yield curve they are creating by error in policy. When two year T BILLS or Fed Notes are paying higher than 3% money has a choice to move out of equities and balance portfolios with debt. The Fed policy is more concerned how to sell its crap 5 trillion of crap bonds it bought from its banks back into the market space today. The FED PLAN is a TIME FAILURE. The Fed using old box top rules that are fully obsolete today, simply make great error in monetary policy. TIME is required to manage the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. The Fed is creating alternative to equity investing as you have seen, and money is rebalancing across portfolio space assured of a recession green light, from an inverted 2019 yield curve a catastrophe in new AI linked global inter-linked economics. Today markets move at the speed of AI not humans. As no one is leading the New Economy outside the US Treasury who lacks FED POWERS until the Fed I merged back in fact no one is creating successful economic policy but world leaders trying to offset their own criminal central bankers. If all major banks have been guilty of financial crimes greater than any individual ever, and no one goes to jail EVER, how would their stock holder based FED not reflect they are a single criminal gang raping national wealth. Headwinds post merger of the Fed back to US Treasury.

EARNINGS: Earnings are the bright spot. The earnings were so good going into year end. The 1 TRILLION US BUYING alone will be a tail wind. Next quarter the 4th quarter earnings will surprise from FAANG and APPLE and we suspect AI will Santa Clause Rally asset price values to new record all time highs supported by 4th Quarter earnings. As Jamie Diamond so accurately pointed out – there is so much STUFF going on “out there” that combined the STUFF globally can rock confidence and AI buying. We’ll have to see in the weeks ahead.

The Gulf: MBS is a sociopathic murderer. There is no rule of law for the Puppy King. The Saudi salud families will have to in their process define their King moving forward. MBS is no longer an asset. MBS has caused Saudi trillions in failed oil policy and lost market share. Cutting back today is silly. OPEC just gives market share to their competitors. Insane. OPEC cutting back say 1.4 million barrels a day is big loss of market share and revenue. Libyia is up now 500,000 barrels a day and soaring as a peace dividend. Iran is rising oil output. Venezuela is in its lowest out put with huge gains possible coming up. America is up over 2 millions barrels a day in 24 months – a day and soaring. OPEC is acting like it won the oil wars when it lost those wars. OPEC BREAKING UP as members pump what they wish and desire. Putin is not cutting back revenue to sanctioned Russia in the current market share wars. Every nation must protect its own customers on price and buying for market share. OPEC has been destroyed by MBS now we’ll see how much cost to a stability in the Gulf can really unfold. Trumps protection of the RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NATION must never be confused with support for MBS the murder. There is a CIVIL WAR INSIDE THE SAND PALACE and the Puppy King will find this all does not end well for he and his daddy. Trust this headwind – Gulf instability as OPEC breaks up and the economics of oil shift from OPEC to AMERICA the largest oil producer on earth. Lower oil prices are working this Holiday to pour money back into economics as the FEW AGAINST THE MANY pricing oil artificially to levels no free open market can support – is economic abuse. All such abuse must work its way out of the system. The DEMAND for OIL is no longer rising and the fall in demand is staggering as the world moves to alternative fuels that do not pollute and change our climate. The fall in oil demand between now and 2030 is higher and faster than old economics thinker have charted. In the NEW ECONOMIC WORLD ORDER the largest shift of plentiful cheap renewing fossil fuels ( the earth shifts and farts fossils fuels as a factory ) – back to market driven pricing – will foster TAIL WINDS to propel economic growth offsetting FED error in policy to some degree. We all have to wait to see how much. When everyone predicted 100 dollar oil this summer and we mean everyone we reported Oil would crash and drop to 50 dollars a barrel from over 80. Right again.

AI & REAL WARS: World War III began when the axis of evil nations created the first global Digital weapon to attack our markets in 2007. This attack created trillions of profits for sanctioned nations. In October a hardened next generation of AI digital war weapons was fired to destabilize our stock markets. The Sanctioned nations made profits with this weapon and influenced the America election with economics more than any face book post could ever hope to do. They AXIS of Evil in trade wars sent a message to the USA we have your markets in our AI. Deal with us carefully or we will destroy the entire system and see who wins on the other side. Unless we triple the SEC and global regulatory budgets and unless we develop a G 100 no nation left behind trade rule set and regulatory frame work for the ENTIRELY NEW ECONOMICS – AI DIGITAL INTER-LINKED ECONOMICS – the core system is at risk. All regulations are obsolete and unworkable as a new AI ECONOMY is Super Changing past the regulatory agency and planners capacity to remain current. Regulations are not re-tooled for the NEW AI ECONOMICS – all local while trades are in the un-regulated cloud. Until the SEC has upgrades in authority laws and AI TOOLS to regulate an AI market the SEC is regulating with old box top rules – full head winds and dangerous. We suggest CONGRESS upgrade the SEC massively before its too late. Failure to do so is a system killing risk or head wind.

Will we have a Santa Clause rally or a digital attack to help negotiate trade war outcomes using leverage ? Believe me this is what keeps US TREASURY up into the night.



Economic reporting is locked into old box top rules that do not provide accuracy transparency and lack of secrets. The old news reporting focusing on box top rules that no longer apply fail to appreciate the HEAD WIND COMBO we have reported to you. We feel in self service the Axis of Evil ( sanctioned nations ) have made their profits, have successfully influenced the AMERICAN economy and elections. Now will in removing the AI attacks and returning their own AI profit making  as asset prices rise to record highs in a SANTA CLAUSE RALLY the reason for such a rally if it unfolds as we predict is earnings profits and growth. The EU is collapsing in trade war and EU legal issues and debt bombs beginning with EU Italy. Potentially a debt default cascade in the making as just one EU risk. There are many more. Britexit and others coming up. A NEW ECONOMY IS SUPER CHANGED UPON THE WORLD AND THOSE REGULATING AND PASSING LAWS HAVE NO CLUE THE ECONOMY THEY THINK ABOUT IS DONE DEAD AND BURIED AND THEY AND THEIR STAFF LACK RELEVANT DATA ON THE ENTIRELY NEW AI ECONOMY SUPER CHANGING FASTER THAN REGULATORY AGENCIES CAN RE-TOOL. This risk is the foundation risk issue.

70 years of post depression economics are dead and buried. In only sixty short months the entire frame work of global economics has gone AI where evolving AI in what we call the new AI WARS, is evolving into NEW so rapidly no one can keep pace. No one understands the NE ECONOMY. The BAD DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is a TIME item that most work out of the system as abuse over time. The lack of consideration for TIME itself is now the economic chip that may sink us all. Ignorance is the big risk. The system is a NEW ECONOMY and the global system works with rules for an old economy that is no longer here at all. See the problem more clearly now?



This blog is read by CEO SPACE CEO’s in over 140 nations who influence policy in their nations. Congress reads this blog and staff for world leaders read this blog to keep current in Super Change. Hedge Funds Private equity banks investment banks and lobbyist read this blog. What we document and present here is soon a debate between nations. This blog introduces policy considerations increasingly in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE policy makers seeking to remain out front and leading require to advance. We are typically accurate in economic forecasting, by track record our readers consider is hard data well researched and that provides MISSING DIRECTION to navigate the NEW ECONOMY. We are working increasingly with invitations from Think Tanks and policy advisers along with congressional staff on these issues.

CEO SPACE as the Top Ranked CEO Community in the world today now beginning a FORTH DECADE of serving business leaders in almost 200 nations today, works tirelessly to foster policy favorable to small business, the 90% employer and stimulus for all economics. Nations creating next generation ENTREPRENEUR LEGAL FRAME WORKS will prosper in any forward economic condition. Those nations who fail to modernize ENTREPRENEUR FRIENDLY POLICIES will wither in our opinion. We advise nations on those legal frame works as they reach out to us as more and more are doing today.



Everything you were taught or know is obsolete today. SUPER CHANGE is re-tooling systems as AI is the new reality no one yet appreciates sufficiently as to the speed and degree of SUPER CHANGE.

The markets are changing. You just saw that. You didn’t know a digital attack was making trillions for sanctioned nations who just offset sanctions and won in their economic warfare as we yet lack tools to defend ourselves. SUPER CHANGE requires currency. New leadership brains lean faster – unlearn even faster and re-learn even faster as a brain thinking barometer. These brains insure team work at the top will make dreams work for all stake holders Old brain teams…..failing to adapt to SUPER CHANGE …will perish. See SEARS – TOYS R US and CIRCUIT CITY for recent failures to adapt to SUPER CHANGE.

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Headwinds can be tail winds if you know how to turn your plane in flight. We’ll help you.



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