CEOs world wide inquire – Berny what is the good news? Really the GOOD NEWS is very good and there is lots of it. Here is some of 2019 good news.

January we saw the largest ramp of stock and bond valuations in the month of January historically EVER. This was not last years Pony Show. The breadth and scale of the wealth rise across all industry sector was telling. Driven by Dec really ridiculous OVER SELLING and the year end profit beats across so many anticipations – the scope of the rise and dept of the rise shows a massive diversity to economic drivers to both sustain and see growth in the wealth asset classes rise all year. Slower than 2018 ( which was so volatile anyway ) in a ramp that is more sustainable into 2020. Consumer Confidence and buying is consistent with a forward BULL into the market without third party unforeseen events…that STUFF Jamie Diamonds keeps speaking to us all to weigh in on as well.

Although the EU and ASIA are slowing there remains no global recession and America is booming.

There is presently tens of trillions in cash world wide – a huge % created by 2018 Oct to Dec profit taking the SELL OFF. That literal ocean of cash profits will now after tax – flow back into growth smart infusions with wave after wave flowing into AI leading outcome platforms. AI is the choice most make to place their money back to work. Increasingly AI is diversifying investment portfolios without human involvement. This new economy is simple new.

One of the outcomes of the new economy is AI manipulates and controls price. This appears as it is still so new, to hold promise of a new market economic. AI will pre-establish trading ranges – rewarding performance outcomes and punishing performance misses – creating yet another pressure on shorter term performance versus needed longer term outcomes in investment deployments. In the new SUPER CHANGE AGE capital investment to remain current, in software hard ware culture in work space are all moving targets. Management of the FUTURE must define their PROCESS to remain fully current in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. New investment strategy to stay relevant in SUPER CHANGE economics is a new economic factor.

The majority of University economists teach and ascribe to the old economic theories they were raised with. The old economy died in 2013. The New Economy is new – nothing like the old. Old theory no longer works in the New Economy world leadership is yet aware exists at all. Why? the shift from old economics 1700’s to 2013 – was so fast that it as is now becoming more common outpaced HUMAN ADAPTION.

In 2019 a new set of box top rules is required for the Central banks and IMF and WORLD BANKS and for national planning. Applying old tools of the old economy….into the NEW ECONOMY can be instantly a disaster or destablize the core system to super crash and world war. The rip tide period is the time for world leadership to become more fully aware there IS a new economy ( entirely ) already controlled by only first generation AI with second generation coming on line this year and third generation in 2020. The pace of change itself IS accelerating. This presents opportunity for those with better tools and information…..who will prosper in SUPER CHANGE as…….

Tony Robbins is advancing a new protein industry from advanced stem cell technology. Imagine the best KOBY Beef and poultry and fish products all factory quality plants without the cows fish or chickens. Bam SUPER CHANGE. Imagine the issues of economics shifting as we are from oil based energy to natural renewable energy soon with hydrogen. Now pretend the oil industry will always be here – but – its present profit and form will massively alter and in the start of the largest slide of an asset group in modern history – THEY IN SUPER CHANGE must diversify into alternative energy – and reducing future oil based products to maximum recycles and minimum toxic effect. SUPER CHANGE. Now imagine the largest pollution of earth globally, is cattle. Say 400 million adults – above the USA population in China are now middle class with millions more joining yearly. They all crank up their protein. They all want the BEEF.  SHOW ME THE BEEF until the toxic waster of cattle breeding, the methane gases and CO 2, are greater from cattle than all transportation and energy production combined together. HOW TOXIC IS THAT to CLIMATE CHANGE?

Now then think of brother Tony Robbins leading out front in AI in his 54 institutions rising in SUPER CHANGE, and his leadership to transform food security for billions who lack it. imagine unlimited protein – without the animals – no cruelty – no antibiotics genetics – chemicals – steroids – or toxins in your food – all organic highest quality all natural – no pollution – those working in cattle now move to AI controlled protein FINE FOOD PLANTS world wide. SUPER CHANGE is accelerating and models of the old economics must transform into new models for the new economics of SUPER CHANGE.

And thats the good news.

My boyhood mentor NAPOLEON HILL author of THINK AND GROW RICH said in his famous book more read than any book but the BIBLE. Imagine growing up on his LAP. He drove into my eight siblings and I the core truth of the book….


…..B ….listen to me. The magic is one truth. Find out where the next trend industries are headed….learn everything about the one that thrills you….become an expert in that new unfolding next….and then build your satisfaction of your customers needs so they get MORE than they ever expected….as your surf board is now inside a rising TSUNAMI and it is this more than any other truth….make yourself unique satisfying a core need for your customers…..improve your relationship with each customer so they get WOW that was more than I thought from you and build your brand on leadership and uncommon excellence makes you wealthy……

I applied these principles in my two careers. Building a Investment Banking public institution customers loved and so did the stake holders….and for decades now CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the leading Business Accelerator to grow venture’s faster now # 1 in the world by Third Party Press for SIX YEARS in a row making history in journalistic records. The bigger good news is I resigned in 2013 and the press high praise is all from new management running CEO SPACE into the future, while I work with relief solutions for SOVEREIGN NATION DEBTS.

Lets review:

  1. Good news rally 2008 to 2019 with wealth at all time record high levels across many asset classes.
  2. Stable outlook for no recession into 2020 as set forth by this blog and the IMF in February.
  3. Undervalued opportunities from real estate to stock and bonds promise attractive profit making
  4. AI controls 440 Trillion in circulations without human intervention creating a new economy in the world.
  5. Super Change is evolving new economic conditions we must adapt to to sustain system core stability

AI to this point in time, as set buy and sell ranges of trading for projected future trajectories in all asset classes world wide. Price is not AI outcome versus other factor controls in final answers. The new ultimate influence for C suite leadership must now include the new economy reality of AI in making decisions. Capital for nations rolls in and out on sound bites. AI is in the new economy:

  • Controlling trading pre set ranges upon which over time value must rise on averages
  • AI weeds week performance to improve or remove itself
  • AI moderate risk.
  • AI  makes nano second weighted trades in and out – flash trading – both long and short – with upside pre set projected profit making.
  • Risk is so hedged that AI is working toward RISKLESS RISK. Controlling a GE journey all the way down and all the way back up with a new risk technology that no one yet can know outcome for.
  • If stucks plunge the weighted AI shorts make money.
  • As the market rises again which AI globally inside 10,000 super money pools working mostly as one, assure liquidity, overall system stability, circulations, while profiting up or down on both sides of the rope.
  • Less than 10,000 AI Super Money pools now control capital flows and markets in the new economy.


Those who get in front as Uncle NAPPY told us so many years ago of THIS you win big time. Thats all the good news really and its strong world wide news.

My bad news remains data. 66 Trillion of Sovereign nation debts has increased 100% just since 2008. Further the Sovereign debts continue to soar. China in melt down – worst on records – spends 300% more than it earns. This is not sustainable. After ten years they run economics on a mount everest of state debt.  Sovereign nation debt is expected to pass 100 trillion dollars before 2030.

AI has never experienced a world crash event.

AI has never seen a market in which all orders are sell orders for weeks and months with no let up and there are ZERO buy orders to off set the sell orders. The Markets freeze up. Banks close. You have a real global depression as never seen in the old economy. The new economy can create a LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY when AI in present generations has market super crash conditions,  Where the SPEED of AI selling, removes market liquidity as an unintended consequence – as humans no longer temper and moderate data for interpretation with emotional human intelligence, empathy, ethics, interpretive, inspiration, cautions, and fear factors AI can’t equate to – so we are gone from markets today in THE NEW AI ECONOMY. The risk is real market events overtaking programer parameters which may, until AI evolves enough, create an LED DAY. That risk is the bad news. All else is positive as SUPER CRASHES as AI gets “smarter” may be precluded from markets forever in AI world. AI profits in ranges and lacks capacity to panic. Thats the good news to the bad news.

Also AI an restore that which it has taken away – as you have seen. It can profit on losses going down selling short and holding both positions weighted for expectations well considered – and profit again all the way back up – as AI itself are collectively by % always moving where more than 50% of AI trades flow as AI monitors and matches AI outside any old model of regulatory frame work.  Regulatory agencies must re-tool to remain current in upgrading in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. It is always  a challenge to catch a star ship in an SUV.

Looking into the future i suggest you adopt THE SECRET KNOCK or Tony Robbins Business MASTERY or CEO SPACE but pick a PROCESS – these three being THE BEST – to assure you are brought CURRENT IN SUPER CHANGE and you STAY AND REMAIN CURRENT. What is your process?

The opportunities of 2019 depend on your elevate skills in NEW LAW CAPITAL, Digital and social profitable outreach to client bases – and new strategies to reach customers within your cost of sale acquisition budgets and make sure every dollar works like five dollars versus every five dollars working as only one dollar as is so often the case. The three programs above make YOU LEAD BETTER in SUPER CHANGE. Chose one or all and keep in mind the one COST too great to pay in the new age of SUPER CHANGE……is the cost of DELAY !

Tens of Trillions in cash will be returning into the world markes in 2019 and the solidness of the expansion even with trade wars is not a recession event yet…unless something new happens. The wealth infusion from trillions in cash will speak for itself – watch as profits turn to profits all over again. Now you know WHY. Ten Trillion why’s.






The economy and profit picture with the strong strong USA consumer buying now trending makes me confident of a solid 2019 over all. Still the headlines on Trade Wars are likley to get LOTS WORSE before they get any better. For example to wean America off Chinese products ( MADE IN CHINA ) – and with so many critical issues unlikely to work out by March 1st – the truth – it is high risk we move to 25% tariffs before President Trump and President for life XI meet in the future at unknown date lines.

Behind the Trade Curtain billions are shifting. Chinese are stopping the buying of anything outside China. This is dropping American balancing trade with China from Auto’s to IPHONE by billions of dollars. Meanwhile Americans are tit for tat stopping buying at consumer ground floor levels I warned and warned about last year – as an unintended consequence of dragging out a deal. Consumers vote with their wallet and they vote for whats best for their own economy. America trend sinks China by far as we buy 5 to 1 what China buys from us ( hence the problem ). SO as accumulation of EU and American consumers back lashing into NOT BUYING MADE IN CHINA the economics and optics sink China into a hard crash that can trigger and fast a debt defaulting cascade in the worlds larges Debtor nation to GNP. Ten years of driving economics in China in unsustainable 300% borrowing both this blog and the IMF have been screaming about as a danger to global economic STABILITY and world peace. A more graduated approach with larger time lines I believe is a more sound policy.

Further the EU will have very equal measures on trade coming up. Congress was favorable for Trumps RECIPROCITY TRADE BY NEW LAWS that permit the administration to match tariff loads from any nation from zero between us to match what they punish our industries for – we equally level their own playing field. The notion we tax incoming goods at almost zero and they tax our goods at 50% to 100% is unfair and not sustainable in world trade economic balances. It is fatal economics.

So new box top rules to secure stability to the global system itself are needed. The pressures in nation to protect entrenched business is a cost best paid now as paying that cost later is going to sink the host nation economically. For sure every time.

When you add in the NEW CONSUMER BACKLASH NCB – in buying patterns which may take decades to repair – no matter what trade deals occur if consumers boycott MADE IN CHINA and MADE IN EU and MADE IN AMERICA the entire world loses. Fair Trade is required to sustain the core system. If planners see the CORE SYSTEM STABILITY as the only outcome deals could proceed with more trust and sense.

No nation in the modern AI digital world can rise by stealing other nations IP. Digital theft is no longer an option. The punishment for such thefts will be in the future act of war level with cost that will be switch and massive. Economically digital theft is a thing of a prior age. Acting as a state sponsor digital thief defines the problem. The problem at core is INTEGRITY. Rising integrity in partnership dealing is the stability requirement. We can all make good system stabilizing deals to become the example for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND.

No nation can sustain its prosperity moving forward:

  1. Fair and revised global trade deals with other nations.
  2. IP rule of law absolute protection as integrity between partners trading.
  3. Fair revised tax outcomes benefiting all collectively
  4. Removal of money laundering and black market flows of criminal cash
  5. Unwanted consolidations of wealth and power by economic frame work to assure circulations drive forward growth for all.

Moving forward headlines influencing AI market prices downward include the predictions for: ( without a surprise deal ):

  1. Tariff rises to China that are massive more than 150% cost rise for China trade goods
  2. War level tit for tat with all FORWARD IP theft ( we are ready and at war footing digitally at NSA and DOD )
  3. EU headlines where Germany France Italy and Spain are all moving toward recession – Italy is already there – and downward spirals from TRADE WARS not resolved with our own friends and allies abuses economics, will elevate as negotiations drag on in time – global GNP going DOWN – world wide – with massive potential for NCB from consumer populations in China japan ASIA the EU
  4. America has the best economy to prosper in such a crazy future world
  5. AI developing to ARTIFICIAL SELF AWARE GENERAL INTELLIGENCE AGI will redefine everything a first in human existence a new BEING more intelligent as potential than Humans by distances we can’t measure ourselves. As controls are not built into AI as to how AGI will see and treat HUMANITY – a cause Musk and others are screaming about for five years – but no one is creating a global treaty for AI development rules and regulations – there are NONE and that is not frightening given the time linie is sixty months or so – it is terrifying. As human’s can not put that unpredictable geni back in any box – preparing the birh of AI is insane without those box top rules. Humans are presently insane.

The largest adaptive SUPER CHANE pressures are now rising into the evolving higher forms of AI in the ultimate arms raise consuming the bulk of trillions in research. From Tony Robbins to private lab untold wealth is flowing into the new more advanced AI breakthroughs today. No one is licensed. There are zero box top rules. As it cost so much more to make AI human – moral – ethical  – integrity double lines – none of which are being framed in as AI is being developed for its own awareness and self learning without frame works we humans working together would agree to install. Uniformly. Competing with every lab on its own for the prize of being first – we risk a human extinction event that makes terminator a movie and real life far more immediate.

My own warnings on this item have raised some press up but it is not enough. So moving forward I’m glad I’m in America coming up and investment globally it seems to me is best parked INSIDE AMERICA long and short term. The political roulette wheel is turning economically on AI and trade wars. The ball is dancing over the final numbers. No one can predict if when the wheel stops we all win or we all lose. The risk doing nothing with unsustainable trade imbalances is economic super crash and world war. The risk moving to an agreement is global prosperity and peace. The risk of unknowns too long remains system super crash and world war. The risk is so large the risk must be avoided at all cost.

A longer time frame to get positive final outcomes is desired and required. Political planners putting forth artificial red line time lines risk it all.

Now frankly, looking a global balances and economics, these thoughts this weekend keep me up at night as we have no way to discern outcomes in fact. The risk is enormous to markets. One set back here and there along the way and there will be many and the markets as I blogged all last year will move to behave like a drunken sailor in volatility.

System stability is the only mission.







In the 1920’s my famous Father Alan G. Dohrmann was born in Saint Mary’s hospital in San Francisco where his famous father and grandfather were also born. His first born son Bernhard J. Dohrmann would be born on Feb 7th one day before Alan’s birthday in Saint Mary’s hospital on February 7th 1948. Berny was premature. Alan’s movie star wife Marjorie was playing tennis a little over sign month into her pregnancy. It was a gorgeous summer after noon in San Francisco in February.  Marge in her white shorts and trippy tennis outfit did not look six months pregnant at all and her tennis game was going splendidly as she beat the boys hands down. But then her back pain became so alarming Alan took his wife from the Tennis court to the ER.

In the Hospital as the on duty physician was scrubbing up, to do the pelvic examination, my mother Marge with her feet up in the stirrups waited anxiously, at that moment over three months premature Mom’s water broke. I never could wait for the appropriate introductions. In to the world I arrived.

Now in those days an incubator for a 3.6 pound t premature child  was a shoe box and a light bulb. Technology was in 1948 shifting into post war, following the drop of the first atomic bomb and I arrived to save the world from itself. The family all gathered in the Hospital waiting rooms while Priests came in to baptize  this first born male into an as yet all girl family, unsure that the child would survive at all. It was over a month before my parents could actually bring me home for the real Christening at the historic Marine County Mission Parish of San Rafael where I was baptized in the Mission church itself. The photo of the family Christening dress ( a Dohrmann Family tradition ) I still have from 1948. Thanks Mom.

Now the little boy did not KNOW the Father was the founder of the human potential industry from the 1940’s forward. Berny did not yet know Michael Murphy of Estlan or Clement Stone of Positive Mental Attitude or his famous Publisher of Success Magazine Dwight Chappin President Nixon’s appointment secretary that would all come much much later. Nor did Berny know the Baron royal title he would inherit by birth as the first born son, including history of his father importing the new German invention. Today when we see craines that rise with high rises and bridge construction we think of jobs and big money flowing into a vibrant city alive with growth and construction. Such cities could not exist without the new Craines invented in World War II. My father first imported this craines to America and changed construction in the USA forever when he did in the post war 1950’s. No one remembers the construction firm Dad did it for today but everyone remembers my father who did it. I can remember riding up on those craines at construction shows as a young boy, pushing the lift buttons as a ride as at Disney World as the buyers looked on getting every smaller as i went up up up and Mom was never pleased with Dad putting her fragile precious miracle baby who lived that day over three months premature on February 7th – one day before my Fathers Birthday Feb 8th – where we always celebrated these birthdays together. All these years after Dad’s graduation we still do celebrate them together in our family.

Hey I never knew. I had no clue that I would grow up with Father having over to the house the thought leaders of the century. Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Og Mandino, Bucky Fuller, Walt Disney, Clement Stone, Heads of many leading Fortune Companies like John Gallagher of Pepsi Co. I knew Warner Erhardt of EST and Landmark Forum from age 13, and John Hannley of LIfestpring and Tom Wilhite of PSI WORLD SEMINARS because my father wrote the course material for those programs originally or contributed to them. I would later come to appreciate the privilege of being raised in the mentor circles my father was mentor to. Dr. Edward Demining and my father collaborated for over 40 years on corporate performance system reforms and training inventions. Out of these two men’s companies flew the founders of McKinsey Booze Alan and Accenture – some senior members of these institution have instructed at CEO SPACE in honor of my famous father as full circle.

Dad forever changed and inspired the multi billion dollar human potential industry with all its truth and forward suggestions for our growth as beings, unfolding as we grow together today. Todays leaders like Tony Robbins stand upon the real shoulders of GIANTS and I was fortunate to know them all – past present and future. In the Thought Leader Industry I have been blessed to be mentored by the founders of the human potential industry, as well as to mentor the leaders of the industry alive today including Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, John Grey, Wayne Dwyer,  Steve Covey ( these two we recently lost ) Brian Tacey, Mary Morrissey, Michael Beckwith, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, Steve Farber,  Stedman,  Bobbi Deporter, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Jill Lublin, Adam Markel, Richard Tan and Veronica Tan, Harv, Fortune senior management from 3 M to AT&T, John Lee, Bill Walsh, James Dentley, Ashly Burges, Eve Hogan, Jim Britt, Michael Gerber, Paul Edwards of Whole Life Expo fame my dear brother in the work for environment, Jane Wilhite and Shirley Hunt of PSI WORLD SEMINARS my fathers highest last work, Dan Clark, Jeff Flam, Roel Campos, Lee Pulos, Sharon Lechter, Braschard, Ruke, Captain Lou and Tom of the Marketers Cruise, Peter and the leadership team of THE BUG FREE MIND, heads of state from Africa to the Gulf and too many to name here. in honor of my father.

This birthday a select coven of thought leaders gathered on the beach on February 2019 and we agreed the notion I would over achieve to over come never being good enough for my father ( which was my own thought never Dad’s ) we did a ceremony and released my highly decorated World War II Daddy into the sea as a final burial. The notion by Dr. David Gruder my half decade partner in the work on my personal growth in leadership and my integrity coach to elevate year to year my personal ethics and integrity. As you pass age 70 working on YOURSELF as a thought leader although required, for leadership currency in a Super Change universe, the work is never easy. It is HARD WORK to put yourself first and to be vulnerable to self inspection at micro character levels. As years go by you hope you grow better or at least I do. The work on my birthday on the California beach this year with my closest friendships was to claim ownership for my own work without attachment to my fathers work which came before. So we did that. Happy birthday. As an addicted GIVER receiving is never easy for me. I want to thank Dr. David Gruder his wife Lauri and Adam Markel and his wife Randi and my mentor Wendy Darling and her puppy Max for being in that holy circle on the beach with me this birthday.

I’m open to receive a 100 million dollar CEO SPACE endowment from one of my blog readers to elevate CEO SPACE to effect and benefit millions of entrepreneurs in my own watch time, versus the 100,000’s of thousands we serve today in 150 nations 30 years later.

As I walked into the ocean with the sun putting forth a Hollywood Light Show through the clouds and through a Hawaiian leigh – one around my neck for myself – and one for my father – that was thrown into the stormy California waves and sea where my father the NAVY Commander would be well pleased to reside – I thought of the scores of lives CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL benefits in our five Business Growth Conferences annually. I sent forgiveness to Ben Birch and his prosecutor teams for decades ago prosecuting me in a malicious prosecution the ultimate betrayal where only a death sentence is worse. I did a lot of personal inside work on my birthday this year. I said a prayer holding my wife’s hand in a circle of powerful friends on the beach in gratitude for my marriage and family. I thanked my wife silently for her elevations of CEO SPACE formats and achievement with her all lady leader teams ( as I resigned in 2015 from CEO SPACE management ) where September Dohrmann ( my wife and CEO of CEO SPACE  ) has won journalistic recognition to position CEO SPACE in third party prestigious global press the # 1 Business Conference in the world 2014 to 2019. What a blessing to have the next generation take the legacy of the entrepreneur contribution forward into the world one generation to the next as an institution now  serving business owners and professional’s in practice  members world wide. Click and make a book mark for: http://www.ceospaceinternational.com next Business Growth Conference is March 26th and you are invited to join the membership.

I have only known two careers. I ran one of the fastest growing publicly traded global full service investment banking firms with offices globally and in Twin Towers ( 1960’s to 1980’s ) and San Francisco. The firm was sold when my father contracted cancer. For some time I ran his global Corporate Consulting business, which we morphed on his passing in the 1980’s into CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. As an investment banking economist, by experience, I mentor Presidents of Companies today as a volunteer, and work with heads of Sovereign nations – to reset their sovereign debt accounts using a proprietary economic new class of bonds known as SUPER BONDS exclusive to sovereign nations.

This Blog is a 1980’s to today personal opinion report of economic trends and outcome suggestions to assist CEO SPACE business owners and CEO’s world wide, including the press, and financial institutions including hedge funds private equity banks and investment banks to effect policies collectively with added information for systemic stability. As an entertainment this blog is one of the fastest growing blogs in the world. Our reporting on ISIS early on resulted in ISIS hacking this blog site down and off line ( never getting to our data base to which there has been zero breach ever ). Even so we restarted the Blog following the SOVEREIGN NATION HACK ( which brought even more press to check in ) from zero subscribers in early 2018 to 35,000 subscribers we will top this month. The rate of growth of the Blog is soaring and 100,000’s of read as a favorite but are not in the subscriber count yet – though we encourage you to subscribe. We guarantee privacy protection – we do not market or sell anything to you ever outside invitations to join CEO SPACE from time to time. Data base privacy policy is extreme for this blog which is read by heads of state and the WHO IS WHO in industry. The Blog circulates by word of mouth. We have never promoted this blog or done a pay to click advertisement. Over 200 nation’s are reading this blog and sharing this blog with their tribes hence the pace of subscriber readership is becoming one of the super star blog sites on line.

A recent interview on a pod caste got 18,000 clicks in 72 hours from this blog alone making their click ranking a top 10 pod caste item do to speed of click circulation now going viral. Often a story on this blog is front page news in 48 hours. We strive to be first with data reporting on trends from our research teams globally and our CEO membership always giving us insider input first. Thank you for reading as we try so hard to keep you truly informed versus bias information. We never report politically we always report economically.

What is good for economics is good for the world for 7 billion of us. What is bad economics is bad for 7 billion of us. We advocate for transition from the failed model and box top rules for Corrupt Competitive Capitalism and Corrupt Competitive socialism and Communism. There is no master race. There is no master faith. We celebrate all human diversity in every expression as interesting and fascinating. We judge and punish ( competitive virus software on the brain ) nothing in human diversity. What is different about us we celebrate. These principles are released in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION best seller five star book ( leave a review it helps us ) and when you order my book on Amazon, it is always backordered but they fill those orders in 72 hours.

It is a great read birthday week or not.

Now starting decade # 4 with the Top Ranked Business Conference ( for hard profit results ) in the world today as ranked by third party press including 2019 – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL works to rapidly advance entrepreneur community in nation.

This little boy remembers like yesterday graduation day in the new parochial school for the 8th grade at Fairfax Calfornia Saint Rita’s ( my prosecutor later in life was my best friend and was present by my side on that graduation day as little boys ).  The Super Hot Screen Play for the box office film MALICIOUS PROSECUTION features a movie trailor at http://www.lsapublishing.com. My work in public education with SUPER TEACHING ( brother Tony Robbins cut the ribbons on the Super Teaching Institution, for the University of Alabama, is all featured on http://www.superteaching.org

Looking backward on my life from 1948 to today, I see a world of achievement like we all see when looking back and I treasure the lives I have positively impacted and I forgive MYSELF for errors when ever I was unloving in life where I should have been generous kind and more loving. We all make mistake and learn earn and return for more. Hopefully always improving ourselves. Which is my work in the world.

So my birthday wish which I posted on my FaceBook Wall ( if you friend me let me know your a blog reader as I have 5000 friends and have to remove some to let you in but I shall ) – was – to blow out my candles which I did in a wish for your effortless abundance in 2019.

My birthdays moving forward hope to maximize my life contribution to most effective outcomes for those I mentor and coach into their best possible futures. That is my pure joy. I’ve made enough history and suppose I still make history in my life, but increasingly my history is to maximize your history in your own earth walk. If any reader wishes a free hour coaching session with my mentorship on your venture growth plans, call our office at 256 850 4700 ext 16 and ask for a free coaching session world wide and by conf call or zoom your choice.

My birthday offer to you all.

Now back to work and blogs will report moving forward how MBS and Saudi are now being isolated as a pure MONEY LAUNDERING NATION FOR CRIMINALS in which King MBS makes overrides on the criminal money laundering. Hitler is running a nation today. Until the Saudi Royals change all that – which trust me we reported it here first – they will make the change. When they do stability in the Gulf economic world will stabilize as integrity returns. In the largest decline in oil demand 2019 to 2050 – pure downward plunge as the world moves off oil faster than any “expert” ever could predict – creating inability of the GULF nations to survive in present form without reforms. Trying to end the denial of Gulf Nations, and to plan and execute emergency revised economic game planning, means the longer the Gulf remains in denial and may poles around dead and buried OPEC ( now a joke in the big leadership circles world wide ) the more their nations risk instability and social unrest. Our goal is to serve Gulf leadership in positive options and game plans they are missing today. Options its all about making invisible options ( in economic outcomes ) visible. Which in the end I’m so good because of my mentors and the age factor of seeing it all over so many years at the tippy top of capital flow dynamics systemically at core. Being head of a global public investment banking firm provides lifetime access to the top tier decision makers in capital resourcing, along with unique perspectives of liquidity sumps to keep the system lubricating. Bringing invisible options such as SUPER BONDS presents financial INVENTIONS that once in markets resolve instability pressures where nothing else as alternatives can provide matching quality for outcomes desired.

This work drives m into my young for my age move into large Speaking Stages world wide bringing the message of hope and promise for our actions to effect positive outcomes for the unborn generations on our watch towers today. That is our integrity leadership where anything less breaches integrity in the modern crisis of integrity plaguing global leadership world wide. Fix cultural integrity and we fix everything. Shift celebrating all human diversity including sex lifestyle choice – race – faith and political system – with zero punishment of any diversity in human expression and only celebration for what every diversity has to teach us all.

My life work revolves around:

  1. Systemic rapid development of entrepreneur class in community to sustain thriving economic foundations.
  2. Cooperation versus Competition revolutionizing human organizational theory for ever higher performance.
  3. Creating COOPERATION CULTURES for switched on turned on home and work spaces via CEO SPACE.
  4. Resetting Sovereign nation 66 trillion in non sustainable debts rising to 100 trillion with SUPER BOND THEORY
  5. Advancing Entrepreneur Class in Nation as adviser consultants to foster rapid entrepreneur state prosperities.

And being a GREAT versus a GOOD husband to my wife September and father to my nine children all raised but two.

Happy Birthday Alan G Dohrmann

Thanks for being…my father. You were perfect Daddy OH.

Berny Dohrmann – One Son Working to make his daddy proud as the legacy continues in human potential


PS: Bob Proctor 85 year old young Thought Leader this July 2019 stated at a Nightingale Conant lifetime Achievement award event we both where honored at in February a stormy snowy Chicago evening with 5000 and press attending – stated to the group – CEO SPACE is the Top Illumiated Capstone of the Human Potential Pyramid of modern offerings – the Super Bowl of HUMAN POTENTIAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT of all the IP’s in the world today – the # 1 work in Human Potential serving 150 nations – Berny and i founded in the 1980’s and masquerading as a business training. High praise still on my daddy and my own birthday Feb 7th and now Feb 8th….so you all know the other side of my story. I apologize for the self indulgence today. It is uncommon and rare in my blogs to make it personal to my own story but….I thought you would enjoy the back ground. Some I know just did.









The MBS team are sociopathic murdering hit teams that care nothing about LAW and have as much morality as Adolf Hitler. Should it concern America that KING MBS launched a full out war to DESTROY AMERICA SHALE OIL by dropping prices under what America could profitably build an old INDUSTRY upon? I think YES IT SHOULD. MBS Lost those oil wars not due to policies of our Government who were not participating in the GREAT OIL WARS which could have re-written evil cartel criminal price manipulation in oil markets forever. Instead AMERICAN INDUSTRY all by itself without any help what so ever from the Government under President Obama, elevated America to the worlds largest Energy producer and now a net exporter of OIL versus a depending on the cartel importer. The PUPPY KING losts trillions of dollars from his own people, until he reached a point he had to arrest thousands, with zero due process or court anything – and shook those Royal Families down for over 100 billion of legal theft to his own people by the new PUPPY KING.

Next MBS and his old ill daddy visit MOSCOW. They make extraordinary deals of 100 billion into Russia, which places our wealth for cartel priced OIL product from the Gulf, into RUSSIA making sanctions mean noting. MBS by himself off set any sanction damage to Russia which remains in the black even with Sanctions thanks to China and Saudi flipping the finger at the USA – same with North Korea and MBS.

Meanwhile MBS sucks the new President into his WAR ON YEMEN where he fights Iran influences on his own border and wishes to involve the USA in an all out WAR with Iran – a war he can not win without the USA. MBS is angry the EU is still trading with IRAN and providing a mechanism to go around IRAN sanctions with the USA due to the USA at MBS hard lobby work – pulling out of the all nation pack with IRAN on Nukes. MBS won again in the belt way after making Russia a wedge to US policy in the GULF. What friend does THAT?

MBS has secret missile testing sites and is far more troubling in MBS search for NUKES than IRAN. Iran is trying to BUY NUKES and advanced MISSILES – than reverse engineer an internal weapons industry as Iran has developed for export. MBS is diversifying oil wealth into weapon’s industry economics without any notice to the USA who protects Saudi in region with USA bases in Saudi.  MBS has paid nothing or the American investments of billions. During the OIL WARS our MBS cut oil supplies to America  – sending a message to DC. MBS has never been a friend to the USA.

In 2019 we discover that over the MBS Yemen wars ( wars MBS as with 100% of his policies costing Saudi trillions in total loss – just idiot economics where MBS  loses 100% of his ideas – they all fail ) where billions of US most advanced weapons are being used by MBS – THAT – MBS is giving these American invented weapons to fighters – who represent taliban – syria – Iran – and ISIS. Even ISIS factions now have our advanced weapons.

This BETRAYAL with secret missile development, nuke purchasing from nations that have nukes today, weapons industry, and now taking our most advanced systems and having Russia and our enemies possess these modern weapon systems, reserves engineer them, steal all our most important defense technology, all in betrayal of American legal ethical and moral agreements in writing to never allow our weapons to reach enemy hands. MBS has turned them over to negotiate with factions as MBS has lost the war in its entirely. In the GULF nations like Yemen they all understand what America fails to see with political blind masks over our eyes – that:

  1. MBS Is a Hitler
  2. MBS is mentally ill
  3. MBS is an evil sociopathic murderer ruler
  4. MBS is a traitor to his own people and the Royal family rule of law
  5. MBS has betrayed the MUSLIM faith advancing terror making IRAN look like kids games related to betraying America – the source of 9/11 terrorist – SAUDI born and raised – not Iran born and raised.

SO today MBS is building missile sites for only one reason  – to be able to strike Iran. In our opinion KING MBS is the one to fear for the safety of ISRAEL and not Iran. What if our Intelligence on Iran is wrong and our intel on Saudi is misplaced thinking they are a friend and failing to see what a pure enemy KING MBS versus the SAUDI PEOPLE are to America. Perhaps Great Britain who far better understands Saudi as they drew up her map lines- should assume the economic and political cost of baking the one nation with 260 billion barrels of oil that seeks to lower out put to artificially raise prices for an ELITE group of Super Wealthy as a political cabal against 7 billion humans who require lower cost energy to sustain food security and shelter security – impossible with ELITE pricing of the cost of everything else – energy.

MBS in 2019 is on an on going betrayal to AMERICA distributing our most advanced weapon systems to Iran and Russia through proxies in YEMEN. As a sociopath a) MBS believes he will never get caught b) If caught as Khashoggi the world forgets as he just denies and denies the truth endlessly and c) doesn’t care outside his own vision of power for his Kingdom and for himself. Against all others. With wealth and power with sick mentally ill brains that can never be cured – that ill brain – see’s money and power where plenty is never not ever – ENOUGH.

….assume Hitler sociopathic brains willa act in their own best interest at your own great peril….


  1. Foreign aide moves to terror world wide – 9/11 planers were Saudi backed in attacking America
  2. Oil Wars to crush American oil industry
  3. Alliances with Russia to under mine America influence in the Gulf
  4. Khashoggi slaughter in Turkey while arresting US Royal Friends of America to shift their loyalty
  5. Top secret missile programs – nuke acquisition programs before Iran – and weapons transfer to our enemies

MBS has one consistently policy since 2014 when he first came to power in 2014 – REDUCE AMERICAN INFLUENE IN THE GULF – WORK AGAINST AMERICAN GULF INFLUENCE  – AND STEAL AS MUCH FROM AMERICA AS POSSIBLE IN THE YEARS AMERICA IS ASLEEP STILL THINKING SAUDI IS A FRIEND OF AMERICA …WHEN NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. How stupid are we? Historically? Why our ignorance and self developed ABUSE – is the stuff of legends – but its all true in fact.

AMERICA you are so stupid and it costs our unborn trillions…..can we agree to do better ? Just that much?



The Press reported the speech on political bias lines. The majority of left socialistic press reported noting new and panned the speech. The right loved it. I was surprised. I saw President Trump being well more PRESIDENTIAL and running a high ground State of the Union Speech. President Trump took credit for the State of the Union being strong and America being the leading economy on earth. Why should he not?

The President called for COOPERATION and for PEACE AND LEGISLATION versus political war and investigation. In fact he wants historic things for the future vision but he is well entrenched to battle what he see’s as DEEP STATE interest to legal theft of public money. HE called for huge areas of COOPERATIVE LEGISLATION including – Health Care – Immigration Infrastructure and National Security. He let our enemies know in no uncertain terms there is a new sheriff in Dodge.

My biggest take away was when the President of the United States asked Congress to define that America would never not ever become a socialistic nation with government in control of everything in life – as a trend leaning of some – and we saw Republicans rise stand and commit that AMERICA WOULD NEVER BECOME A SOCIALISTIC NATION. What was telling to voters was Democrats 100% say down and would not stand and would not commit to the policy America would not become socialistic.

I believe in the coming election – this single OPTIC will come back to deeply haunt the growing enormous field of candidates dividing the democratic party right when Trump’s base who elected Trump who were weak in turn out for the MID TURN election – rise up in 2020 – and depending on things then – may well take back the Congress based on grid lock and dysfunction that no voter in fact wishes for in fact. The Majority want America to BE GREAT AGAIN and in fact Trump’s policies – irrespective if you do not like Trump personally as a top rated Movie Star in office – versus a conventional President – his economics are working. That is not up for debate in congress or anywhere else. Give the team credit for their job well done.

So hating Trump is a policy of politics.

Hating Pelosi is a policy of politics.

The business of the United States should be the business of the people. However the business of the United States is presently the business of power in 2020 and that election is going on today in 2019 and every optic and construction is MANIPULATION OF VOTERS as POLICY.

Now that – is the great shame of Congress and the blame only starts and stops there.

A first act of Congress might be to SANCTION SAUDI ARABIA – cancel all forward arms trade with Saudi and return our boys home and remove ourselves from the Gulf. We no longer NEED THEIR OIL at all. Let the Gulf Sort out their issues without our influence of stabilization. The USA has invested trillions into the Gulf security. WE have invested almost 75,000 seriously wounded over a never ending war series spanning 20 years of time – with almost 10,000 of our own young men and women slaughtered – and the Gulf uniformly hate us for our sacrifice and investment in them. Why are we doing this when over 30 million of American’s are on food stamps – why again?

Foreign AIDE in 2019 starts in Detroit and FLINT Clean Water not in Pakistan. America has following decades of trade wealth transfer abuse – reached economics where the luxury of being the WORLD PEACE POLICE is beyond our fiscal budgeting – we need to bring the wealth home into infrastructure and jobs – not off load wealth to other nations who in fact are not our friends in the first place. We have lost on this policy it is time to stop the losses.

So the STATE OF THE UNION address in my opinion – not politically on any side – by only economics expressed here – was the BEST SPEECH OF DONALD TRUMP’s PRESIDENCY. Many on the fence and in the middle will remember the OPTICS of the entire Democratic Party refusing to applaud or stand up – in the call to pledge That THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would never become a socialistic nation – the majority of the Congress sat in protest and the contrast in 2020 became clear as a window washed for the SPRING TO VOTERS.


So the 2020 lines are clear outside all media to anyone who watched the STATE OF THE UNION 2019 that defined:


REPUBLICANS STAND FOR – Less Government intrusion in private lives – a free enterprise – self reliant fiercely independent people – WITH AN ECONOMY THAT REMAINS THE ENVY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD or

DEMOCRATS STAND FOR: MAXIMUM GOVERNMENT INTRUSION IN private lives – socialism and cradel to grave management of the population by the state – turning America into a fully socialist nation by policy and law.

GRID LOCK in Congress will set forth a dysfunction never seen before in Washington DC. Depending on the Democrate efforts to remove Trump from office as their game plan – forever teaching anti socialist a lesson – or Trump winning in 2020 even by larger ratio – with congress moving to ANTI SOCIALIST MAJORITY is the two outcomes.

No one can predict outcomes.

Recent Democratic movement to massively tax wealthy success in America ( a socialistic policy ) is shifting loyalty. Corporate America must debate the cost of FOREVER STEALING PUBLIC MONEYS – a socialistic process of electing your buddies in such endeavors – OR – protecting the franchise for FREE ENTERPRISE SELF RELIANT AMERICA – as to which policy is more profitable. In the end 2020 is about profit and loss and one must begin to see it all that way.

The lower rating of the President 38% approval rating – is temporary – ( his lowest after the risk of government shut down ) his right to illuminate congressional dysfunction to KEEP AMERICA SAFE which border walls in fact will do – and where corporate interest want oceans of virtual slave labor from undocumented immigrates exploited without rights and protections – legal immigrants have – divide the politics of the Wall. The 5.6 billion wall cost is returned in social costs to state and federal out lays where every wall dollar invested returns 10 to the states and nation. Also the cost of the government shut down to commerce exceeded 10 billion dollars double the wall cost – Congress appears to not do well at math. After the STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH Trumps approval poll ratings shot back up to 52%. Congress however following the SIT OUT – sitting for making America a socialist nation – as the only optic I kept from STATE OF UNION has plunged to 6% approval rating or 94% agree CONGRESS SUCKS – lowest congress approval in 400 years.

So moving forward keep this economic principle in your mind:

…socialist leaning in congress will grid lock – over investigate and secure – congressional dysfunction sinking by omission in policy America into recession – loss of credit ratings – and worse  – costing America trillions in wealth to secure power in 2020 elections ….while those oppossing socialism labor to assure all of us realize an America renewal that MAKES AMERICA GREATER ALL OVER AGAIN…….

Those forces are not fully defined while Congress remains fully alseep on MBS betrayals to our nation as we are being SOLD OUT one weapon at a time. A billion her and a billion there and folks one day we are talking about very serious wealth transfer which as that wealth transfer away from America reaches a tipping point – all the kings men and horses can not put America back together again.

So think about that historic item in 2020 which in fact is unfolding right now if you have eyes to see and ears to hear the money is flowing in rivers so loud and clear……


PS: The Press Read this blog watch as they pick up on headlines first reported right here for you all







The EU Trade Wars have customers around the world and especially in the USA on PAUSE until the issues come to an agreement. Germany is as the largest EU economy moving into a 28 billion dollar deficit as falling revenues no longer provide a surplus to the budget of the largest economy driving the EU. The BRITT EXIT is weighing on EU trade over all. Italy awahs in an ocean of unsustainable debt, in contest with EU budget rules, has slide itself into full on recession in 2019. The Bubble is moving down down down in the EU.

The FED might take note that its fully failed policy has taken a fragile recovery and by error in economic policy done more harm to a stability in the core system than any other factor. Cowb web brains at the FED apply theory and policy into an old economy that is now dead and buried. The rapidly evolving new economy box top rules for global AI driven financial markets has yet to cross the FED windshield for what policies will foster stability system wide and what policies will drive system stability into a system super crash or free up. The Fed is playing with fire and no one has taught them how to responsibly use matches.

By crashing system liquidity with their 50 billion of bond selling into the markets a month, over half a trillion dollars every ten months of system liquidity sucked right out of the system, all the while soaring interest costs are rising up up and away by failed Fed economic policy, to which the Fed is never held accountable. All the economic pain in the EU and across the globe created by absolutely silly Fed time lines that have as their basis NON REALITY ECONOMICS.

The EU create a drag on the system as China is imploding. China is economically in a free fall implosion of economic core systemics. Their nation has been a nation with an AI run on the bank. A run out of:

  1. A trillion dollars of investing in China dried up
  2. A trillion dollars for projects in process in china were put on hold
  3. A trillion dollars has fled China and more is fleeing out – capital flight – soaring out
  4. Companies are moving to other markets out of China
  5. New projects are going to neighbors outside China

China is caught with rising prices, declining quality, and a nightmare to get business DONE. IP is not protected and China rips off its best clients and customers from Coca Cola to Mac Donalds to aero spare to automobiles. Do business in China and a Chinese copy cat is taking your IP into their market and competing back at you for trusting China in the first place. Apple and Ford may do a start up business in China only to find the cost of remaining in China is soaring, becomes staggering, and sales decline as Chinese Firms now sell rip off products cheating you for investing. Then your Apple Sales fall as do your Ford Sales and China copy cats rise.

The World not just the USA has had ENOUGH and is “running out of China” . The down bubble in China economics could not come at a WORST TIME. Why? Over ten years of spending 300% more than China makes, driven by debt super bubbles to propel the China Machine forward. The weight of the debt super bubble against the rapidly deteriorating internal economics is now a tornado of economics promising a very risky hard forward landing potentially.

Russia is doing OK despite Sanctions due to Putin global deal making.

Some developing nations are showing promise but are slowing rapidly as the USA the EU and Asia are slowing investments due to their own economic issues. A global slow down at this time is not desired or required. FED policy corrections may help if it is not too late. We’ll see. Trade Deals WILL HELP if they are not too late and IF they are real strong and honored. We’ll see.

ISIS is not dead and can strike the EU and the WEST.

The sale of Nukes is the next great danger and insane as it appears, big money players are in the market place to become nuke powers for a mix of motivations.

The RISK moving forward to the Massive under strength of the USA Economy, remains higher due to the rapidly declining economic conditions in Asia and the EU. These sea anchors do not signal confidence and risk on investing.

As markets react with energy declining today we point out the leading oil firms in sharply declining oil price markets from October to December – some 40% price decline for oil and another MBS Policy failure – these oil institutions reported record all time high profits at year end. ALL TIME HIGH PROFITS.

The Risk of oil demand collapsing which we predict is now irreversible will represent the largest economic disintermediation of markets in the life time of this generation.

Long term the future looks unknown.

If things go one way prosperity is the outcome.

If things go another – such as Congress politically moving the USA into serious recession by 2020 to advance a change of guard at the White House – the nation and global risk is super high – by on going error with economic policy.

Holding powers that can risk the system to fail, is the missing check and balance. Without this check and balance over the core system, RISK remains very high for system potentials for a SUPER CRASH forward into 2020. Right now of course things look reasonably stable but that stability is an illusion. Under the surface RISK remains higher than one would consider due to new AI ECONOMICS rapidly evolving where – where global box top rules to better manage a new AI economy do not exist at all.

Flying blind into a new environment of economics no one can predict the outcome related to RISK in fact.

That is what keeps us up at night for the stability of the world.