AUGUST 2, 2015


The Summer Family CEO SPACE Retreat for business owners, and their entire family takes place on August 2nd. The retreat upgrades CEO “options” on harvesting the busy year end and now booming economy for final quarter business results. The Family Value Forum includes a Kid Camp for younger children, itself lots of fun, and a Teen FEAST PROGRAM for young entrepreneurs. We are told by families that the FAMILY FORUM IN AUGUST is life enriching for siblings parents and futures. Our slogan – trust CEO SPACE with your babies coming in the door and we will send you HOME THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW and….for thirty years we have kept that promise to our parent CEO’s.

If you come alone, you have RIGHTS for special pricing for partners in your team groups and family members including our lowest rates for Spouse lifetime membership or life partners. If you chose to attend alone you can acquire:


Platinum Lifetime – $ 40,000 tax benefited investing

Gold Lifetime – $ 7500.00 tax benefiting asset acquisition for your biz

Silver One Class Pass – $ 3950.00 held as credit for upgrade to Gold or Platinum later and includes all program and meal costs


YOU DECIDE on which price plan is best for you and your family, transferring an IRS dollar to a much higher profit purpose by repurposing tax dollars for income dollars which commence immediately. Our money back warranty protects everyone from unwanted risk when making your choice.

The FAMILY FORUM fills up quickly.

WHAT “IS” CEO SPACE – CEO SPACE is Forbes Magazine # 1 ranked conference serving as your BOTTOM LINE ACCELERATOR. We help accelerate income for small business working only with the owner in a super private invitation only Club Membership serving 140 nations of Entrepreneur graduates.

WHAT DOES CEO SPACE “DO”. Engaging Game Theory the “mentors of the century” donate their time to remove challenges from any size business and to map our plans to place the venture into hyper growth and keep you in hyper growth. Engaging proprietary games CEO SPACE networks new customers – capital – new markets – alliances and affiliations not your business growth for the coming quarter and beyond. We pay for ourselves within a new model of entirely RE-TOOLED TRADE SHOW using DEAL MEALS to make connections and PM CLOSING TECHNOLOGY we invented to in a cooperative versus competitive process HELP ONE ANOTHER to follow up and secure traction to action while the conference is going on. Hence Forbes highest ranking world wide.

CEO SPACE pays for itself within regular use by the CEO lifetime membership. The August FORUM is the FAMILY VALUED event that delivers superior value to all our guests. New members and existing lifetime members wait a full YEAR to bring their family members into one Disneyland for Adults together – a happy place to conduct business influenced by the founders personal relationship with Walt Disney at the foundation of those dreams. CEO SPACE is like an amusement park for business owners – a one stop buyers club to reduce TIME and to lower MONEY COST to get those things done you will do and need to do and must under take anyway. You just complete faster with higher quality and lower costs inside the CEO SPACE community than outside.

If the IRS could upgrade the boss – the owner – the Chief Executive Offer CEO to fresh to quarter CURRENCY within a market of accelerating SUPER CHANGE, the cost to value exchange would be worthy of your most immediate execution of enrolling. Every CEO requires a major skill upgrade into CURRENCY every two years. Just adapting to new technology like the IWATCH is not only NOT AN OPTION but a leadership of CURRENCY for the business model.

Lack of currency defines the holes in the bottom of your company bucket that your pouring all that time and effort into. If CEO SPACE can plug some of those holes for you in a week of time your water level moves to over flow so much more quickly.

Our pledge is that we will. Your pledge it to visit CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL on line and do your own due diligence as you make the smart MONEY CHOICE for your family and business in the second half of 2015 – ideally timed. Use an IRS dollar to take a Vegas mini vacation that pays big rewards to CEO business owners. Don’t you deserve a larger more friendly trading community world wide right about now?

May we serve you to secure that reward?


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman

PS: Follow the link to ENROLL on line for your entire party – phone us and we’ll walk you through that five minutes or less and you all OWN lifetime memberships – and click Conference Dates to follow the hotel link for the deep discount on Four Star Westin Las Vegas Resort – grads this is the ONE of the YEAR to attend the FULL NEW FORMAT for CEO SPACE you will appreciate the improvements the most.