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The pathology of lethal cases to every 100 patients infected is one early still Pandemic reality with SNAKE FLU. The second reality is unlike any known “natural” virus, the SNAKE FLU is engineered as a bio weapon to attack age. A virus is information. Humans today can with next generation “real time’ technology for the first time in only recent years, reset VIRUS INFORMATION to have engineered traits including how the virus resists human immunology and mutates into pre set future forms making a BIO weapon more challenging to develop a KILL switch for. Still science in modern times has developed kill switch vaccines for the most challenging natural virus EBOLA. The best of the best viral medical researchers are working on understanding the NEW BIO WEAPON as they labor with some 16 known mutations rising to over twenty soon, in reaction to HUMAN DNA also by war bio weapon design, into unknown future rapidly mutating stains more like HIV pathology which has no kill switch after decades of research.




President Putin two weeks ago lit up RUSSIA media – Television – Internet all global social sites – print media Nation wide – all its zone of influence – and radio – all at once – all in one hour – stating RUSSIA HAD CONFIRMED SNAKE FLU AS A BIO WEAPON and that America engineered the BIO WEAPON, to attack the Chinese economy and to assure its own economic dominance. Many nations believed the Russia Media which is on going to this day. Putin in hours of USA labeling Russia news as FAKE NEWS had Putin deny such reports occurred at all when you can google that PUTIN WAR FAKE NEWS. The Killing of Uncle Sam best selling title in 2020 election year world wide ( as the documentation of Putins World War III Plan is clearly confirmed by research and hard data every global intelligence service well knows:

Every Business Owner Professional Leader and VOTER needs to read this proof work 2020

China’s Ambassador was called into the White house and TOLD CLEARLY AND DECISIVELY AMERICA WOULD NOT STAND for the Communist Party POLICY repubishing to its 1.3 billion people that AMERICA CREATED THE BIO WEAPON AND RELEASED IT UPON CHINA. China confirmed SNAKE FLU IS A BIO WEAPON in its media. America told the Washington DC Ambassador communist in our Capitol – to CUT THE LIES OUT on America creating the BIO WEAPON. The Chinese Ambassador took zero responsibility as the US STATE DEPARTMENT made it clear as crystal that VIRUS FRAUD to deflect how China covered up the virus, minimized the virus and assured in its SUPER HOT ZONE non canceled CHINESE NEW YEARS by war plan would spread globally as an attack on the WEST for WHICH CHINA HAS ZERO TRUST as the virus is clearly a BIO WEAPON WAR PLAN. To which the Chinese Ambassador denied the press and media video clips replayed in the meeting as proof. Snake Flus IS a bio weapon – this is a well planned election year World War III digital age war and that WAR is only in phase 1 of many phases until the year end voting in 29 nations. Putin is winning the hears and minds war and the economic war and the political war to date. SNAKE FLU is a BIO world war attack on the economics that fund the West NATO and the US MILITARY to drain nations into bankruptcy so they can not longer wage real war at all while socialist leaders replace capitalist leaders in 29 nations all in 2020. Putins war plan. Finally we reported SNAKE FLU was a BIO WEAPON first in December, in January, in February and in March any scroll will prove out. Right again.





The last global Pandemic was Spanish Flu. Spanish Flu does not target the elderly as only a man made bio weapon would do from its engineering by humans. The Spanish Flu and Mers and Sars are far last virulent than SNAKE FLU the most contagious long life viral pathogen in human record keeping. In 1898 – 2000 the majority of humans never traveled at all. Those tiny % that did travel did so by horse, stage coaches, sailing ships, and the new industrial revolution TRAINS that tied very few cities together at that time and most could not afford at all. Over 20,000,000 died of Spanish flu over 24 months until that last PANDEMIC burned itself out. Today over 200 nations are fighting the 2020 GLOBAL PANDEMIC with zero coordination. The G 100 knowing a new PANDEMIC would kill far more than 20,000,000 in modern travel with automobiles, trains, planes, taxic drones, human density in cities, and population interactions from fast foods places of worship to theaters, buffets and state and federal agency cue lines etc etc – had zero GAME PLAN for a PANDEMIC. It is every nation for itself. No nation has a PANDEMIC GAME PLAN none. As we see the Global system failed us. National systems are failing us all. It is every nation for itself – literally on a coal fired 1920 rail road train – with state leaders laying track from the COWCATCHER as the train slowly moves down the rail line – laying track as they go – telling us all this is nothing to worry about. MARKET PANIC is the world telling leadership – GUYS WE SEE THE TRUTH – YOU ARE LAYING TRACK AS YOU GO WINGING IT LYING TO US ALL THERE IS A Solid rail bed and completed game plan, as pure health care fraud. We all billions of US – WE THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH are all screaming as we panic sell out of failing systems in a clearly OUT OF CONTROL GLOBAL PANDEMIC – scream – LEADERS WE SEE YOU ON THE COW CATCHER WE ALL SEE YOU. They smile and say – there is NO COW CATCHER. The panic only gets worse why? We billions of us all see the crises i leadership is a world wide crises of INTEGRITY “IN” LEADERSHIP. Now you know – there is NO PANDEMIC PLAN there never was. Which is a display of human limitation due to collective insanity.




Answer: The Federal Government the States and 100% of our agencies – now tell us THEY DO NOT KNOW NOR CAN THEY FIND OUT.  The PANIC is awareness THERE IS NO PANDEMIC PLAN. No real time reporting system exists. Friday the top NIH authorities confirmed our testing system is broker, we lack test kits in all fifty states, we have no real time reporting. None. Nation State and Agency are together smiling ( we fooled them all by golly ) Laying track as they go from the COW CATCHER. Panic comes from the convenient truth that there is NO GLOBAL OR LOCAL PANDEMIC P{LAN they all make it up as they go. No one in America knows the actual count, which last week was around 5000 due to no state or labs had test kits to do the tests. In the majority of no test kit communities tests will NOT BE ORDERED IN AMERICA UNTIL A PATIENT SHOWS SYMPTOMS. The majority of infected do not show symptoms as SUPER SPREADERS. How is this obsolete antique state and national failed policy working? IT HAS FAILED AND IS NOT WORKING. As 200,000 are tested the actual SNAKE FLU INFECTION LEVEL IN AMERICA with over 1,000,000 in our estimation as the horse has now left the barn over months of infection nation wide from the most virulent contagious pathogen a BIO WAR WEAPON since the Spanish flu devastated the world and killed 20 million of its people in only 24 months as the world spread was by SAILING SHIP and horse back. The one and the only world news story that reported all this you can search on this blog site – our most accurate and exclusive reporting to the people of the world Feb 7th – search CARRIERS. Our projected math tables as investment bankers and economists presented FEB 7th we stand by as the actual numbers confirm our RIGHT AGAIN reporting. To the ASSOCIATED PRESS closing its offices in DC our Nations Capitol as journalist reporting this BIO WEAPON in the center of the KILLING FIELDS – where continuity of GOVERNMENT is under direct THREAT FROM PUTIN’s BIO WAR PLAN in 2020 ELECTION YEAR – with ASSOCIATED HERO REPORTERS confirming they have SNAKE FLU Friday as testing in the nation’s capitol is only beginning and again that HERO JOURNALIST has to display SYMPTOMS FIRST having infected Associated PRESS STAFF AND REPORTERS FOR A MONTH NOW – Associated Press closed their offices in work from home quarantine to PUT LIVES OVER PROFIT AS POLICY – LOP policy. We salute our fellow journalist and we put a badge of HONOR on our FREE PRESS HEROS at the front lines of this BIO WAR reporting the truth as they can TRUST AND VERIFY always behind the actual PUTIN rising SHOCK AND AWE of the engineered stages to maximally effect CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT TO 29 NATIONS IN ELECTION YEAR – ( USA FIRST PRIME TARGET OF THE PUTIN WAR PLAN ) all fully documented in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – the Book the real OWNERS OF THE PLANET EARTH do not wish you to ever know exists or to read at all. JOURNALIST YOU ARE THE HOPE THE PROMISE AND THE TRUST OF THE WORLD – INSIDE THE REAL WORLD WAR III – thank you.



Nations tell their people – WE WILL BALANCE ECONOMICS AND SAFTEY AS POLICY. Which in POLITICAL SPEAK means what? It means in December the BIO WEAPON was spreading to secure CRITICAL MASS by Chinese New Years to assure 100 million passing through the KILL ZONE in China would maximally effect the entire world by year end elections as war plan from XI and Putin Xi’s mentor ( in his words ). Trump asked China to shut down NEW YEARS ( China’s annual Christmas buying system – testing if this was a BIO WAR ). China refused Trump. Trump shut our borders to CHINA shocking Putin as the BIO WEAPON SPREAD would have been 100x worse had open borders remained. GOOD JOB TRUMP. Not enough but good job. Than world leaders did what China did in December. China told Doctors broadcasting a new fatal virus was SUPER SPREADING to stop such fake news rumors or go to prison. THE MAXIMUM SPREAD WAS DESIRED. Communist state policy and 200 nation state policy like UK is PROFIT OVER LIVES ( thats what balance means – we are slaughtered for profit policy ). China and Russia have a BIO WEAPON KILL SWITCH so they control outcome while the world cn not do that step in a BIO WORLD WAR III melt down economics – softening your enemy into election outcomes for socialist leadership. If Biden gets SNAKE FLU and dies, ( watch for that ) and Bernie does not die – who slipped the kill switch into Bernies sandwich at lunch time? Ask the right questions. Far fetched for you? What if Trump and Pence catch it being exposed and neither being tested die? What if successors in Congress backing Bernie the only remaining democrat with next largest DELEGATE COUNT LOCKED – wins in November as war plan. By October congress the supreme court and agency elders could all be infected by the BIO WEAPON and die. IN NATION STATE AND AGENCY POLICY OF “PROFITS OVER LIVES” – POL POLICY versus LOP policy you can see division of every nation for itself. The UK suggests isolating a few thousand now will not work to protect the elderly enough. POL policy says wait till 1,000,0009 are infected and then close it all down for a bit as it burns out – and then reopen and see if it comes BACK. Holding our collective breadth. The best science says in America 150 million will be infected by summer 2021 and 100% of us virtually will infect by summr 2022. Science expects humans to become immune regardless of death count as with known virus from our limited experienced with science bio medicine a thing of less than 100 years itself. WE DON”T KNOW ENOUGH YET AT ALL as humans. EBOLA does not create immunity no matter how many infect with EBOLA and over 80% all ages die so horrifically nothing like it.  UK allowing ll meetings and travel ( but no one is coming any more ) until they can flat in the contagion curve only then will they lock it down. This policy will effect as in USA CONTINUITY OF NATION as agencies, administration ( BORIS ) and Parliaments in UK all die before year end Christmas music begins. War plan. NO NATION HAS A CONTINUITY WAR PLAN IN PLACE. As it is clear continuity of nation state and agency leadership is all melting like hot wax in bio weapon microwave where PUTIN set the timer – too little too late will not restore trust from raw panic. GUYS we all see the crises in integrity ( you are all lying to us all ) and hey guys WE CAN SEE THE COW CATCHER YOU ROAD IN ON. Panic comes from this and this alone – failure to tell the worse first and failure the tell the truth faster. If you believe criminal leadership abuses will resolve in instant global restoration of TRUST AND CONFIDENCE from fully transformed INTEGRITY LEADERSHIP then buy stocks and bonds. If not – and you feel rising DISTRUST AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR LYING is likely – a 1929 crash into 6400 DOW is the future in 1929 deflating asset values finally taking the PIG of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES rigging prices – as economic system abuse ( SUPER DEBT BUBBLES NOW BURSTING ) will as they must REBALANCE ABUSE ONE DAY IN ALL ECONOMIC SYSTEMIC MODELING as the GOLDEN RULE. THE SYSTEM ABUSE IS NoW WORKING THROUGH THE SYSTEM as liquidity evaporates system wide, globally, all nations state and agencies effected. SOON NATIONS WILL LACK LIQUIDITY TO PAY THEIR MILITARY WHICH IS THE CAUSE OF ALL WORLD WARS IN FACT. Risk of Putin 20 minute Nuke War in Putin war plan as PUTIN Counts down his WORLD WAR PLAN TIMER – crash economics – overwhelm systems – EMP the west ( takes 30 minutes ) as 20 minute NUKES FLY – and Putin is EMPEROR OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER in less than 60 minutes which no longer can report again ever anyway. Than mop up resistance as world savior. Winning war plan in progress which relies on our DOD doing nothing long enough to win. In our opinion WORLD WAR III is FIRST PEARL HARBOR – BIO WEAPON WINNING – SNAKE FLU 2020. PANDEMIC POLICY is divided – uncoordinated – there is zero PANDEMIC PLAN – and the USA is showing a broken system unable to manage as health care will move as testing begins by JUNE to show the real numbers – to shock and awe America. Panic? You have not seen anything yet. Its a war plan on Putins timer – China called in to what – our talking – our talking and saying do not do this or we will what? We are melting down. China war plan and Putin war plan – DENY DENY DENY DENY. Like Hitler in World War II – it worked for Hitler and it IS 2020 working ( same pay book ) for PUTIN. We all fiddle while ROME IS BURNING TO THE THE 1929 GROUND IN FLAMES. You don’t smell smoke yet ? Well folks wait till you are coughing your brains out then. Read and do nothing. DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN GAME Plan reading the CEO SPACE NEWS STORY on the home page of this blog this weekend. Go shopping.


As with HITLER in World War II there was multi year delay in understanding the world domination plan of HITLERS master race ideals. Hitler came to power in the worst economic disaster of German history since Rome. World I one had its direct impact on Germany failing to recover economically. The current generation not steeped in historic truth, fails to understand history so as not to repeat history. The current generation fails to truly appreciate hyper inflation as failed state VENEZUELA now knows so well with 5 million leaving the nation a huge percentage of its productive consumer base and worker force now in South America and North America. But even modern nation inflation did not in a week move a loaf of bread cost from more than one human could carry in worthless paper money to wheel barrows of paper money to buy bread or flour to make bread – and in a month a truck load of worthless paper. Hitler rose up inside all that. Only war would reclaiim German wealth as harvest of war from other nations wealth. Putin as a PETRO NATION now in PETRO SUPER CRASH in both demand for oil and at almost zero demand price for oil is and continues to crash downward to bottoms no one in oil imagined. All correctly predicted to accuracy and time lines of precision on this news site. First. Right Again. Those who sold out of oil related holdings won. Those who read and did nothing are oil dead. Agencies have no PANDEMIC PLAN. Agencies are conflicted providing leaders with bad and wrong information in enormous competition for what is right and what is wrong and frankly BORIS MACON Germany too –  AND TRUMP of course –  get bad and wrong information and act on that bad intel too early making them all seem like liars. Leaders want to believe the best first. The worst they deny as agencies say it is no where near the worst. So lack of real time data and information – always with no real time plan for PANDEMIC at NATION STATE OR AGENCY – no plan – the COW CATCHER TRACK LAYING is default and fails to work. The markets panic seeing the leaders are Wyatt Eryp at the OK CORAL stark naked with rusted six guns that will not work and no ammunition in their gun belt as bluffing the markets they try and TALK IKE CLANTON BROTHERS DOWN from PANIC SELLING. The Clanton’s seeing that WYATT is naked with rusted old weapons ( THE DEAD FED ) draw aim and SELL OUT IN PANIC SELLING at institution and AI and consumer unrelenting panic selling. TALK Walks in Pandemic. Have you not noticed that? OLD TOOLS IN NEW AI ECONOMICS as set forth in my SUPER CHANGE global best seller – tells you the WHY.





No one knows. No one knows in Iran and Saudi Arabia. No one knows in EU nations or UK. No one knows in Canada where Tradua and his wife are in quarantine as wife tested positive. Seattle in her 30’s gets SNAKE FLU at a party. She has more rapid symptoms than normal. Fever aches and pains etc. She thinks she has THE FLU as symptoms are not a low fever and dry cough. She has wet cough and sneezing. In 72 hours fever goes from low to 103. She has it we later find out. The doctor did not test for Snake Flu. He tested for THE FLU which was negative. DOCTOR REFUSED TO TEST FOR SNAKE FLU till way late in. Positive. Many at the party were positive all SUPER SPREADERS. No one including the patient new she had snake flu. She recovered ( on her own ) and says now – young people do not be afraid of panic for us it is just another flu. For my age group and me Snake Flu is 100% fatal given my personal pneumonia history. I prepared my wife who is in denial. Populations of millions of elderly who will die soon anyway – will die early from SNAKE FLU. Elderly care cost in China and Russia go down moving state needles from red ink to black ink. Truth. No one cares that much 1 billion elderly could die in phases and stages by 2025 ( a bit earlier is all ). Life is extending and elderly care cost as elderly don’t die like their parent age tables of the past – state elderly care cost the pig in the economic python puts Medicare and SOCIAL SECURITY IN RED INK very soon. Congress has no solution and has avoided fixing entitlements for 30 years – three decades of fatal economic delay. How many leaders thing – wow this fixes the issue with a little early death and our younger worker populations all remain in tact. I in the kill zone age get it. Still as youngers die in suprising numbers to the regular flu panic includes everyone given what we do not know. What we do not know and can not find out – is what is the real infection level of any community? We do not know. What is the real time testing charts in any community or for a state like California or New York or say the nation like the USA. We do not know and we have no way to find out. Who says. All leaders of agency and state say. They said Friday we do not know the real infection level, in real time, we do not know the real testing data in real time, and all data reported is so old in the massive SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATION EVENT it is obsolete when you read it and woefully under reporting. That is the why for panic. COW CATCHER LEADERSHIP will 1929 markets to under 10,000 DOW as all asset classes deflate in the new DEFLATIONARY ECONOMY. In the past only WAR created an economic fix.


Your FREE to subscribe PANDEMIC SUPER SITE is open free consulting with me as host and founder of CEO SPACE in its forth decade serving CEO’s in 200 nations today. We have posted this answer in Dec in Jan in Feb and in March that: PANIC IS A FEATURE OF LEADER LYING AND FAILING TO TELL US ALL THE WORST FIRST. We have no leader removing MARKET PANIC from institutional investors who know the ECONOMIC ACTUAL RELATIES. The congress briefed Friday WAS INFORMED 150,000,000 will be infected with SNAKE FLU with millions dying. NO LEADER HAS TOLD US THAT WORST FIRST CONGRESS GOT ON FRIDAY. THAT CREATES PANIC – lying. Second we the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD get THE TRUTH – the entire world of economic industry is super crashing world wide all at once. Airlines cruise ship firms and real estate owners can not pay their bank loans when their income stops or close to stops world wide all at once. The ripple to consumer pull back IS FAR MORE MASSIVE THAN ANYTHING ALL AT ONCE EFFECTING 90% OF ALL ECONOMIC SECTORS ALL AT ONCE – is a depression of economic activity not a recession. DEFLATION ECONOMICS means all asset classes are BUBBLES now bursting all at one. WE KNOW IT BUT NO ONE IS TELLING US. So we sell out to protect ourselves from the 1929 – SLOW MOTION SUPER CRASH. We all KNOW the TRUTH. The worst is yet to come. This site is so shared because leaders press and billions of us KNOW THE TRUTH WHEN WE RECEIVE IT – WE JUST KNOW. That is a relief. Also if you KNOW MORE and you KNOW MORE FIRST and you KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT you are calmer. You see wave after wave of economic COMPRESSIONS in ECONOMIC CONTAGION world wide. China has no hope of economic recovery and their SECOND VIRUS WAVE out of their own war plan control today is a SHOCK AND AWE for Putin and them. All. As their people see this is a STATE WORLD WAR III Plan they will revolt on their leaders in our opinion. These waves include information waves and economic waves. THE WORST IS BY FAR YET TO COME and the DOW will SLOW MOTION SUPER CRASH UNDER 10,000 DOW. Fools rally’s will sucker cash back in to total loss for those FOOLS. We will keep you informed to the best of our free speech opinions and conclusions. As CEO SPACE is the worlds LARGEST CEO COMMUNITY world wide we advise leaders – our members and you the public. We have a long history of being accurate and right. Since 1988 our predictions that have seemed NUTS such as predicting the September 2007 digital AI weapon attack to super crash our markets as the start of PUTINS WORLD WAR III PLAN ( all documented in the Kevin Freeman work THE SECRET WEAPON everyone at DOD Owns today ). Kevin is legacy faculty to CEO SPACE DOD consultant and hedge fund manager residing in DALLAS. We report truth from lies and since 1988 100% accurate which long time readers now rely upon. Share this PANDEMIC SUPER SITE with your influence circle and social walls as a global public service YOU CAN DO. Get the truth out there faster. PANIC IS A RESULT OF FEAR STORMS IN JUST NOT KNOWING THE WORST FIRST. As that reality is globally PROFITS OVER LIVES policy to balance protection of markets first over lives – never works in crises. The crises is not leadership. The WORLD CRISES IS THE CRISES OF INTEGRITY. Health are leaders told congress the truth. The truth is CLASSIFIED SO THE TRUTH IS NOT SHARED and that breach of trust with us is the cause of PANIC. Not markets. THE TRUTH. This is a 1929 DEPRESSION EVENT and we told you WHY on all that in Dec in Jan in Feb and In March. Scroll and prove all that is precision accurate with over 30 CONFIRMED RIGHT AGAIN 100% right since DEC and NATION STATE AND AGENCY is 100% wrong since December – so your trust and confidence is shattered. THAT IS THE CAUSE OF THE DEPRESSION ITSELF leaders are in DENIAL AND DELUSION ARE ATTRIBUTES OF LEADER BRAIN SOFTWARE NO LONGER ENABLE TO EFFECTIVELY LEAD AND MANAGE SUCCESSFULLY IN THE NEW AGE OF EVERY ACCELERATING “SUPER CHANGE” IMPACTING EVERYTHING ELSE. CEO SPACE is the leader software upgrading to adopt the tools tactics and self correcting new software enabling SUPER CHANGE Leader Brains. Brains that learn faster – unlearn even faster and relearn faster than that. The only future leadership that embraces SUPER CHANGE versus resists Super Change. Boards are increasingly engaging SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP in spite of University failure to develop such leaders. My book is of enormous help to leaders to define the problem and their own solutons – SUPER CHANGE is a solution upgrade to leader readers that is ugent for leaders who want improved prediction and control to outcomes in SUPER CHANGE. As you apply this NEW AWARENESS to leadership itself you understand more effectively the poor performance of world leadership resisting the reality of SUPER CHANGE Itself. it is NOT THEIR FAULT. Their software of mind defines them all in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE and as my guy taught in bringing forth his own SUPER CHANGE before Rome fell …..you shall know them by their works …….say Pantuis Pilot…saying no crime has this man committed and politically …i WISH MY HANDS OF THIS and turn this man over to you……nothing new – failure to see SUPER CHANGE as in 70 AD that temple fell and Christianity became the leading faith world wide to this day. THAT IS SUPER CHANGE no one saw at the time. It is so much faster now. Is the second coming our own awareness of our immortality and preciousness to remove competition from human thought – embracing integrity cooperation and collaboration as the new world order? Heaven on earth. Or say….NOT and extinction. Sanity or insanity. 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Black Swan events effect all markets and economics world wide all at once. No one can plan or predict such events or their impact to global systems. There has not BEEN ONE BLACK SWAN EVENT LIKE A 1929 EVENT UNTIL THE VIRUS NOW EFFECTING THE ENTIRE WORLD. If we have a depression we have recovery systems models and tools from 1929 that make it better than last time. The massive unemployment never recovered. What recovered the word was three events. First Massive PUBLIC WORKS AND INFRASTRUCTURE by Nations. Second and the most powerful was unemployed turned to SELF EMPLOYMENT and three to ten at a time business was formed and created rehiring and job opportunities nation wide world wide. Third and finally most unwanted was WORLD WAR. Today the leaders with nukes do not see WORLD WAR as a successful option. This may in fact be a BLACK SWAN event that once and for all ends nuclear weapons. Tens of thousands of Nukes are pointing every which way today. 100 Nukes is a total life extinction event. All Nuke holders KNOW THAT FACT. No one wants to extinct all humanity in 60 minutes. NO ONE. That is a fear not worth thinking time. Trust the decision teams are not wishing to end themselves or us. They do not want that. Nukes are a waste of human time and money and we all need to STOP such insanity. Perhaps now we finally will. Sometimes it takes crises to bond and unite humanity. I think we might be seeing such a light at the end of the tunnel. As an investment banker economist we see Apple closing all its stores. Its keynote this year CAN NOT SUPPLY HOLIDAY PROFITS in December like it normally always does. Times too many firms to count. So this is HOLIDAY LITE. Profits are crashing. Firms are discussing 30% of their work force laid off in waves next quarter. Leaders have to CUT COST when INCOME CRISES Occurs or go out of business. Leaders will SLASH COSTS creating a rising depression. This is not a recession. This will not end this year or next year. Nor is this BIO WEAPON departing like THE FLU in the Spring trust me on that prediction. The BIO WEAPON seeks to PEAK by the OCTOBER ELECTION. How could the war plan of Putin be otherwise. Putin now asks Russia courts if he can run for another term leading RUSSIA into the 2030’s. US hospitals having only 300,000 beds nation wide projecting million of beds will e needed. China showed health care infected massively with untold deaths for doctors and nurses. This VIRUS has so many moving parts. The US is now cancelling elective surgeries for that hyneria causing you pain or countless others to make ROOM FOR YOU when you get the virus yourself. The US the engine of the entire world is now closing down. The US closing down will make it impossible for China to have anything but NEGATIVE GNP. Nations and institutions will fail to repay debt. This will become impossible for banks and financial institutions. i think bank stocks and financial institutions with profit and liquidity evaporating to zero in weeks not months, are stock price of one dollar. It will take WAVE AFTER WAVE to get there as loses mount and like Lehman to the last gasp said – WE ARE STRONG then Lehman was simply gone. Expect more of that till it all unfolds in a SLOW MOTION DEPRESSION SUPER CRASH which is on going down to under 10,000 DOW before this all ends. The world is in PANDEMIC and economic activity is SUPER CRASHING ALL AT ONCE. It is beyond belief. Everyone says how could this have happened. WHAT WE SEE IS NO GLOBAL PLAN which is a flaw in human cooperation and planning. We would have to blame generations of law makers for their negligence the current law makers are trying to fix what they inherited. All I can say is you have not seen anything yet. What is YOUR FIX you entrepreneurs and professionals. YOU MUST PREPARED A PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN and CEO SPACE now in session is your only way OUT AND UP for yourself your own game. Ask simple RIGHT QUESTIONS. Do you KNOW how to develop a new better PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN or do you need help urgently to have YOUR success plan in the NEW PANDEMIC MARKET? Do you have the new tools new skills new tactics to plan and execute a PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN? No? If your reading this you KNOW the press ranked # 1 solution provider in the world working on this FOR MONTHS when everyone else was in denial and delusion – HAS YOUR SOLUTION. For $ 950.00 you can STOP COLD – upgrade push the “busy means nothing work” off in time and put the NEXT FIRST BEST PRIORITY to register into CEO SPACE and fully develop your SUCCESS PLAN NOW AND NEXT. There are only two readers. Those who UNDERSTAND and TAKE ACTION and are so grateful. Those who know and DO NOT ACT and who so later WISH THEY HAD as they struggle to remain afloat in the GREATEST DEPRESSION of 2020 in human recorded history. Climate change is a factor too. CLIMATE CHANGE IN GLOBAL ECONOMICS is real and is here now. Deny the ICE HAS MELTED and you drown. We have SAFE HARBOR for YOU from the roaring ECONOMIC PANIC TSUNAMI we predicted and which is here now. Hundreds registered and your next on Tuesday if YOU TRULY WANT YOUR OWN WAY OUT AND UP. I can’t answer that question more clearly. YOU HAVE TO ACT TO WIN. Nothing less will address the RIGHT QUESTIONS expressed here. Read them one more time. Leadership for NATION STATE AND AGENCIES AND INSTITUTIONS are going to die. As this aspect rises more panic will occur. Military leadership will die. SUCCESSION PLANNING is behind the curve. If Trump tests positive and Pence and many more in CONGRESS when will Military protect SUCCESSION OF GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA. We have written about this for weeks now. Right question?




This is REALLY urgent and Important to share this URL with all your social – all your emails – and Sunday or when you click and read. Why. We need all the billions of us as one to help ONE ANOTHER. There is plenty of supplies and nations will make SURE. We need to avoid panic and hoarding. The two rules helpins us all:

  1. Do not run on banks – leave banking to ATM for all of us together. Running on banks will for sure 1929 close banks and no Nation State or Agency can stop panic runs out of banking. Believe me the panic is in LIQUIDITY and all agencies are working on that. We help EACH OTHER BY CALMING DOWN. We help EACH OTHER with discipline to fight reptilian mid brain ancient lower brain impulse to panic. HIGHER BRAIN SUPER CHANGE decision to HELP EACH OTHER and do your normal banking. BE FEARLESS. If the banks close they close. Why rush THAT outcome when we may get to the other side together. YES YES. YOU CAN DO ONE THING – share this URL PAGE with your social and walls asking to subscribe to the pandemic super site so 100’s of millions spread the word. LIGHT UP THE WORLD FOLKS and lead.
  2. Do not stock up. Order supplies like normal. Then there is PLENTY FOR ALL OF US TOGETHER. Hoard panic buy and you tear the system to shreds and a 1929 SLOW MOTION DEPRESSION is now a SUPER RUSH DEPRESSION and systems simply fail. Billions of us destroyed what we all need most. ORDER. Our systems right down to military will assure we have enough. DO NOT TEAR our supply lines to shreds. If you poke holes in the boat those fixing the LEAKS can not win – not against our PANIC. So know – selling by investors was 10% as 90% of ALL OF US HAVE NOT SOLD STOCKS AND BONDS. AI and INSTITUTIONS SOLD. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD CAN DO SMART THINGS. We can not panic buy as a TRUST TO EACH OTHER. We can share the truth published here. We can allow TIME for G 100 leaders to coordinate solutions for all of us together. We the PEOPLE can be smart and PANIC BUYING IS DUMB. No one can hoard enough if you crash to the floor supplies which is so easy if 10% of us panic buy. LEADERS NEED TO NOT SAY – CUT IT OUT. Leaders need to criminalize panic buying and hoarding as a crime against HUMANITY ITSELF. Leaders need to invite all of us to HELP THEM with what WE CAN DO – give them time. It works for all of us.

The USA has enough supplies for all of us – and if we crash panic buy out supply lines we hurt that new mom for diapers and formula. We hurt that grandma for her meds and her juice. We harm that family of six for their dinner TONIGHT. The USA and across the globe is PANIC herd moving on ancient lower brain stem insanity – we just higher brain THINK OUT OF . WE NEED TO BE – AS ONE – WE THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH ONE PEOPLE ONE EARTH PEOPLE UNDER GOD. We need to give our leaders TIME. So this two hour news while I teach a live CEO SPACE TRAINING I invite you into – Tuesday to Friday – is a public service current to the minute on WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE TODAY. Romania confidence endorsed its leader – WAY TO GO MY ROMANIA with CEO SPACE leaders attending my BONUS WEEKEND CLASS. The FEEDBACK was unbelievable in gratitude from business owners all across the world. In a FREE BONUS CLASS for registered CEO’s and professionals. YOU CAN JOIN US SUNDAY if you register at the links we presented here. GET RECHARGED GET REPLENISHED. Comment. Ask questions. SO PANIC IS a disservice to us all and I mentor all of humanity as thought leader – CALM DOWN and give leadership time to catch up. One thing is for sure as Trump was blood tested for the VIRUS TODAY – which is – all leaders learn from mistakes as humans do better as they make mistakes because GREAT LEADERS LEARN world wide and then do better. LETS SPREAD PANIC DISCIPLINE to calm down allow the catch up and rebalance all our supplies and systems. WE OVER COME because we humans are AMAZING when in crises we SUPPORT EACH OTHER – ONE WORLD UNDER GOD you and i as one – good? Enough. Now share as you never shared before because calming real PANIC takes all of us who lead. YOUR UP.



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