In ages of the PAST ( like last week ) education and institution measured us competitively. Human beings were ranked as more useful and worth more or worth less – depending upon – the intelligence we were measured in a competitive test – known as an Intelligent Quotient test model – developed as a criteria to box top rules of the 1930’s and to 2020. No upgrade to that modeling.

In the 1990’s institutions began to reset our human potential and our worth or value in the work space, for career pay, based increasingly on EQ. The emotional intelligence of a set of tools learned or naturalized to communicate more effectively. To connect and engage more. To naturally persuade.  Leaders were increasingly credentialed in IVY League Universities as elites and then measured by moving testing on evolving box top rule sets – unfolding and unpacking globally – related to the perception of leaders as to the EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT the rising star may or may not display.  Universities who could not teach or alter IQ scores began to educate on EQ and scores were moderated by education and practices in EQ Space.

Just as EQ becomes the new gold standard a new Platinum standard has entered the human assessment market. Today IQ and EQ are being by passed for human competency to more rapidly adapt into the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. To embrace Super Change. To leap ahead of Super Change.

IQ and EQ all stars have been shown to dramatically invest in – that is the way we have always done things – creating culture resistance into rapidly accelerating SUPER CHANGE effected a Dentist office or a Fortune Institution with equal challenge. The pace of change is becoming so fantastic the IQ and EQ brain fails to accommodate ADAPTATION required to lead and bleed in SUPER CHANGE environments.  Super Change is like the NOTHING in the NEVER ENDING STORY ( rent the movie ).

The Nothing is unstoppable and eventually consumes everything else.

Super Change is unstoppable and it has already consumed everything else.


The ADAPTABILITY QUOTIENT – YOUR PERSONAL ADAPTABILITY QUOTIENT – is defining to the leaders of tomorrow. Here is one example:

Once, if you wanted to assess how well someone might do climbing the career ladder, you might have considered asking them to take an IQ test. For years, it was thought that the intelligence quotient (IQ) test – which measures memory, analytical thinking and mathematical ability – was one of the best ways to predict our future job prospects.

More recently, there has been increased attention on emotional intelligence (EQ), broadly characterised as a set of interpersonal, self-regulation and communication skills. EQ is now widely seen as a tool kit that plays an important role in helping us succeed in multiple aspects of life.

IQ is the minimum you need to get a job, but AQ is how you will be successful over time – Natalie Fratto

Both IQ and EQ are considered important to our career success. But today, as technology redefines how we work, the skills we need to thrive in the job market are evolving too. Enter adaptability quotient, or AQ, a subjective set of qualities loosely defined as the ability to pivot and flourish in an environment of fast and frequent change.

“IQ is the minimum you need to get a job, but AQ is how you will be successful over time,” says Natalie Fratto, a New York-based vice-president at Goldman Sachs who became interested in AQ when she was investing in tech start-ups. She has subsequently presented a popular TED talk on the subject.

Fratto says AQ is not just the capacity to absorb new information,but the ability to work out what is relevant, to unlearn obsolete knowledge, overcome challenges, and to make a conscious effort to change. AQ involves flexibility, curiosity, courage, resilience and problem-solving skills too.

In my new book Super Change – available at Amazon today – we define Adaptability is the new MASTER BRAIN SOFTWARE SKILL. This new skill is learnable. Any brain can upgrade its own software.

To our knowledge in the world today Forbes and Inc Magazine # 1 ranked Business Conference 2010 – 2020 – is CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. CEO SPACE is leading in teaching leadership how to raise their adaptability quotient.  The next CEO SPACE INTENSIVE for leadership development is Dec 7th. Leaders report on film at our web site – that – YESTERDAY was already TOO LATE to obtain the profits and upgrades to leadership CEO SPACE Produces.

In the Field of ADAPTABILITY QUOTIENTS for THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW – I wrote the Book on the topic – SUPER CHANGE. Adapting into SUPER CHANGE in any institution requires:

  1. Five team leaders in any silo supporting that team leader without condition – unconditional support.
  2. All Five Team mates must ascribe to COOPERATION CULTURE SYSTEMICS too complex to define here as my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – is the work book on HOW this part in tool and tactics evolves.
  3. All Five Team Mates must be AQ BRAINS that learn faster – unlearn even faster and relearn faster than THAT. Period.
  4. Leaders must then guard their circles to preclude dilution of their superior AQ in moving into the accelerating Super Change.
  5. Leaders must acquire new skills CEO SPACE uniquely installs as upgrades to your brain to GUARD YOUR GUARDS.

This becomes what I call the LEADERSHIP RENEWABLE SUCCESS FIELD that continuously adapts the institution – say Amazon or Apple into the SUPER CHANGE that is effecting all leaders in all silos. IF you know a leader of a Fortune institution or growing venture buy SUPER CHANGE this Holiday from Amazon and gift the HOTTEST NEW BEST SELLER in the World Today to that leader.



Human beings have been until the 1990’s educated and trained as memory bots to do WORK that was repetitive. Education was largely memory bot education to advance into repetitive job career functions in an output sequence or in logistic for management to feed the output sequence. Jobs that are WORK for a human are being at SUPER CHANGE speeds performed by algorithms and automation.

Humans are moving into a new age of relevancy defined by ADAPTABILITY INTO SUPER CHANGE. Humans are relevant when they spot patterns and creatively define solutions to adjust into better judgement – conclusion – extrapolation – creative invention – IP or customer experience gains – rewarded for their upgraded brain. Humans being educated to perform WORK and REPETITION as memory bots with post graduate degrees will be homeless in the future. Humans with AQ developed relevance in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE will be both secure and earn more and be worth more.

The leaders of tomorrow are readers. Lifelong learning into THRILLING LIVES that EMBRACE SUPER CHANGE as adventure to growth – win. Those who resist SUPER CHANGE and dwell in systems of yesterday – that is the way we have always done things around here – are extinction machines that will be worth less versus worth more in the unfolding age of SUPER CHANGE.

In the future markets human potential pounding its antique obsolete chest pontificating on their entitlement to authority and compensation in your work space because:

  1. They possess education credentials to post graduate sheep skins.
  2. They have a high IQ score they want to show you and tell you about.
  3. They define they have EQ when you can easily define they do NOT
  4. They lack any AQ index you truly need
  5. They will be toxic to teams you place them into if those teams are AQ SUPER CHANGE leaders of tomorrow

Industry from a Hair Salon to a Fortune Institution are re-tooling their management into SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP PODS as we call them – Success Pods – and those five to thrive PODS on top of your silo to market are both SUPER CHANGE BRAINS and high AQ functioning. You have perfected your dynamic leadership Super Team and you have set in place your guards to the cullture and you have systemixed to guard the guards.

This robust new MANAGEMENT MODEL is thriving in markets where old models of pyrimical management with memory bot leadership are perishing. All failure is in the board room and the road is littered with the boards who knew it all:

  1. Toys R Us
  2. Sears
  3. Radio Shack
  4. Montgomery Wards
  5. Circuit City

Institutions gone in time frames no one foresaw and the expects never correctly predicted ( the experts are not AQ Super Change upgraded brains – not yet anyway ) .

Currency? What is YOUR PROCESS to upgrade your leadership tools to become bleeding edge in every accelerating SUPER CHANGE? My book at Amazon ( best seller already ) defines HOW TO REMAIN CURRENT in the rapidly accelerating warp drives of the ocean of Super Chain you now swim in and you can’t ever reach dry land again in generations. Adapting into SUPER CHANGE is the new GOLD RING of advancing human potential.

Education at every level needs to re-tool completely to associate these Super Change Criteria to generational education:

  1. Restore CIVICS and the rule of law culture values of what it means to BE America or French or British or Chinese
  2. Culture educate cooperation is acceptable and competition is unacceptable as insanity – to our human condition.
  3. Educate on Adaptability Quotient K-12 to higher education – with graduates aware of how to cope with Super Change
  4. Educate Cooperative ( social ) Capitalism healing social and environment outcomes for humanity
  5. Teach learners to find their own magic to AQ for life and to explore contributions that THRILL THEM in executions for their best possible futures and lives

Education retooled – elevates social norms so that the pyramid competitive model of human organization and elite capitalism revolving around the culture pyramid outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( A book for inspired leaders ) of:


  • FEAR

Is revolutionized with Cooperation ( sane ) culture organization hub in circle leadership engineering – reformed from current models that are so lower outcome: improving circle organization theory featuring:


  • Time line and milestone results
  • Market rate compensation
  • Celebration and Recognition

If Education continues to lock brains into antique obsolete mental software ( competitive failed theory of organizing capitalism and institutions ) the outcome from perpetuating insane brain software is extinction from competition with the earth itself as life support ( now that is insane ) and extinction from war by using precious resources to create multi nation nuke weapons versus say earth protections from 100% for sure extinction impact events like the one that almost ended all life this summer. That is insane.

Can human beings do better?

Super Change forces the objective review of the insanity of the old way we have tooled ourselves and the inspired leadership – see IVY or Bezo’s or Musk – in new theory new models that embrace and adapt AQ to SUPER CHANGE. Transformation is a SUPER CHANCE pacing model now effecting – nations – leadership – institutions – education at every level – and sustainability for billions of us all and other earth life.

Is it insane to extinct animals because we wish to grind their horn minerals to get a longer erection? I think it is insane.

Education has failed to UPGRADE Brain mental software into the times in which we reside.

Education is the largest risk to human extinction bar no other.

Without education REVOLUTIONS as outlined in the WORK BLUE PRINT REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the future of humanity – with insane brain software – insanity institutionalized by education – itself insane – where a leadership desert in education of inspired REFORM LEADERSHIP WITH ADVANCED AQ indexing continues to block human potential rising.

Resistance to Super Change is the cause of human extinction.

Embracing Super Change is the solution to our survival.

Perhaps you should acquire my BOOK SUPER CHANGE to assure you and the circle you care for also  survive.



Consider when looking for a thrilling future life in the work space globally- those who hire in a recent report stated:


5,670 executives globally rated behavioural skills as most critical for the workforce today, and chief among them was the “willingness to be flexible, agile and adaptable to change”.

Agility is a learned success skill. Education teaches lack of agility – conformity – and insane competitive virus of the mind – entrenched obsolete practices that depreciate nations and their futures.




in talking to a Fortune CEO of a Fortune 100 institution – he said flying across the USA – that – in 2020 education they spend a billion on supporting is delivering brains that are bad software – totally not what the work space is seeking – and the re-training and re-reducation they now require consumes precious resources in failed support of education retooling and cost to internally repair the damage that education has in fact done to the brains approaching the work space. He went on and on as to how the entitlement of the post graduate is another mal ware of brain software they invest half a decade to reset in the brains of the few workers from Ivy League Universities the work space is hiring.

Consider this future work space reality in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE:

  1. Inspired leaders do not care what your conventional education is in fact.
  2. Inspired leaders seek self learning Super Change AQ high indexed brains to compliment their own inspired leadership
  3. Tomorrows work space pays the minimum wage for competency – premium – wages to brains who have judgement and when to seek help because a problem is outside their competency and the highest premium to AQ brains that are loyal – which means the character to stand by the boss and team when it costs something to do so – loyalty for AQ brains is priceless.

Life Long self learners – with AQ high indexed agility ( a learned behavior skill developed inside CEO SPACE and hard to acquire in traditional education at any price ) – are the prize in the WORK SPACE OF TOMORROW. Thousands upon thousands of executives report they are seeking AGILE BRAINS high indexed AQ brains over say a double post graduate from Wharton or Harvard where the software on those IVY LEAGUE Brains is memory bot education – lacks agility by root education inane mind software unreformed obsolete antique memory bot education conveys and locks into the damaged brains that paid for currency and received anything but.

You pay a premium for IVY League memory bot education. You next fail in your MEDICAL or LAW Bar examinations by record percentage failures unless you also invest in non IVY LEAQUE crash courses to memory bot to pass your test. Your hundreds of thousands invested in student loans for life to IVY LEAGUE credentials increasingly lead to a job desert for the graduate seeking incomes they once thought was their right. The damaged insane brain has no awareness their brain software is not current relevent or income premium to the work space. That brain can not define what an AQ INDEX IS nor can they score high on such an index. These old insane brains are increasingly creating social unrest from perspectives that are insane. In nations such damaged insane brains have been rushing into human extinction – all due to education and toxic awful buggy brain software of the mind.




You can not yet measure AQ to the level new technology will soon rank rate and index AQ in human potential.

Even though you can not measure AQ those hiring can tease out the GIFTED who developed AQ.

AQ means that part of your team can and will thrive in entirely different environments you set tasks for them into. Why? AGILE BRAIN SOFTWARE is sane not insane. Sanity cooperates in integrity. Competition does not cooperate in integrity. Competition is depleting. Cooperation is replenishing. Competition is toxic. Cooperation is renewing. Competition is the past – buggy insane human software of the mind. Cooperation is the future the software of sanity and the future in SUPER CHANGE.

Competition is buggy god awful insane software now dying from human consciousness – or we go extinct a consquence of human insanity.

Cooperation is buggy virus free mind software that assures human survival repairing the destruction of competitive cause cagency to forward potential for human extinction and soon.

WHICH WAY will human’s decide?

Agile AQ sane mnd software without competitive virus of mind?

IS Heaven the absence of competitive thinking in a super cooperative celebration of collective creative power?

Is hell the absence of cooperation and integrity within the most extreme form of insane endless competitive harm to one another?

Why chose hell on earth?

AQ out of that is the competitive insane way we have always done it.

The virus removal tool for your mind is – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – read it this holiday. Redemption is not for everyone. The competitive infected brain can not read the book even if they buy the book their denial insanity is too great and their AQ index far too low.

Leaders are readers.



We all exist in the Super Change global rip tides of the  REVOLUTION OF COOPERATION VS COMPETITION.

The cause of all human misery is lower reptilian mid brain primitive ancient insane brain software of competitive thought impulse. Fake news threat assessment. Acting on non reality as if non reality was reality – insanity.

The rip tide is ferocious and is a war of thought.

The final human revolution occurs in the mind fields. The Field of our minds.

Awareness of insane software presents two options:

  1. Insane smart water ( us ) becomes extinct if we fail to chose sanity over insanity
  2. We cooperate and prosper together or we compete ad we perish together

The insane work to preserve what they know and are comfortable with – FEAR PUNISHMENT EXPLOITATION marching to insane extinction with zero awareness of the outcome – why – because the brain software collectively is mis educated into insanity.

The sane work to remove competitive thought from their own brain and the brains they spend life time with – guarding their circle for sanity and cooperation with integrity – and guarding the guards. Sanity.

Will inspired leaders usher in the Super Change SANITY REVOLUTION in time to preclude human extinction?

The odds for extinction are much higher today than the odds for survival.


Because education for humans institutionalizes insanity – fails to gain awareness of the buggy software of mind easily upgraded – and inspired leaders are not in power in sufficient numbers to revolutionize insanity in education into sanity in education in time to resolve the extinction momentums insanity continues to create including threat of nuke wars.

Extinction Risks include now to 2030 – so close now:

  1. 100% extinction for sure from impact strike from unseen event to the planet earth
  2. BIO extinction from a virus mutation 100% chance over time
  3. Geological extinction – earth shifts on its poles – super nova eruptions – magnetic pole shifting – and super solar flares
  4. Environment – 1.5 degree further ocean temperature rise – methane traps release form the seas – 100% extinction event
  5. Mankind nukes one another extincting the life forms we know today – 100% chance without education reform

Insane brain software runs the billions of humans via insanity perpetuation by failure to develop raw human potential and AQ indexing as the WHY for education in the first place.

Candidates for office are generally AQ low indexed and the races all seem insane because they are insane. Media is insane. No one is at fault. Education failed humanity and loaded insane software onto brains which now act out and rush toward absolute extinction.


Survival or extinction of human beings is all about MENTAL SOFTWARE –

Competitive and insane

Cooperative and sane


Time is in a Super Change race toward human extinction because the vast majority of brains lack AQ agility to lead into Super Change. These damaged software minds ( by education entrenched in obsolete continuance for profit ) lacking any awareness of the insanity of it all assure humanity goes extinct.

CEO SPACE is a gathering place of the sane to form our own global communities into the extinction period that is racing toward us all. If you believe all this is nonsense – read for economic predictions that are highly accurate on this site since 1988. Enjoy that free information.

If you believe all this is sensible and accurate, I encourage YOU the sane brain to register and join CEO SPACE the Gathering Space for the Sane inspired leaders of the world.  Together if software upgrading of mind is accelerated enough we may play a role in the survival of man kind.

Or not.

You may be too busy.