The Fed is in crises. The Fed has invested 10 trillion dollars to stimulate inflation. There is no inflation without the phony math of oil manipulated price versus real market prices without cartel manipulations. Janet reports that the economy is doing fine. It is not. Ten Trillion has indebted out nation because of the failed FED POLICY and Janet today spins their own member profit making as a private profit making shareholder stock firm – thats right – the Fed is a 1907 first Non Government private corporation owned by banks and investment banks all in secret without influence or audit by anyone including Congress. Congress hearings are a joke as Congress has no power to do anything to control direct audit or check balance and counter any FED final decision on money management for the nation. The 80 page congressional 1907 act that fire walled the fed from all third party review is a flawed law and the Fed needs to be seen as it is. A flawed source of all economic crises while they enrich their shareholders at tax payer expense. THE FED NEEDS TO BE MERGED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY as sanity over insanity. Why would the wolves regulate and guard the chickens? The Fed can’t regulate the banks unless its powers are brought back Into the US TREASURY versus a third party beyond audit – private stock firm of criminals. It is my opinion as an investment banker economist the biggest crooks in the nation are the unregulated financial institutions led by the FED The Godfather of state crime. Until the public is educated and demands the FED be merged back into US treasury the nations of this earth are enslaved by CENTRAL BANKERS who are legally empowered thieves creating legal theft from national wealth and treasuries. The system is greed based – flawed – and insane.

Education on the facts is how you become aware of your own crises in debt. Today Jane who created the national debt at 20 million with her criminal tribe -said to congress as a oxymoron coming from the WORST FED CHAIR PERSON in 100 years – that – WE SHOULD ALL REMAIN AWAKE AT NIGHT IN RESPONSE TO THE 20 TRILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL DEBT. The Fed is the lender. Getting the profits from the loans for its shareholder ( banks and investment banking criminal tribe ) all beyond regulations – as they are exempt from the regulations that apply to smaller firms – all insane. WAKE UP voters. Google FED FRAUD FED CRISES FED LIES FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD HISTORY – educate yourself. See this film:


The film provides facts – education – so you know WHY all central banks in all nations should merge back into their treasury – where paying interest to print money in a fully transparent real time digital world – Fed fee’s to manage money are not required and the treasury accountable to check and balance and reviews – audits – is the appropriate master mind to administrate national money policy. The Fed is a failed experiment that bankrupts nations – created world depressions at its own profits and world war where it alone with its inside criminals profit from all the death. WAKE UP.

  1. Form committee’s to merge CENTRAL BANKS back into national treasuries.
  2. Get backers sponsors and donors in masses to educated and wake up and join the MERGE SURGE. Start yours this week.
  3. Affiliate with all others in a SUPER PACK to influence in America 500 law makers voters insist the FED be MERGED back into US Treasury.
  4. Pay off all debt say our 20 trillion in five annual SUPER BOND 100 year bonds – sliding interest with inflation cap – write me for SUPER BOND THEORY box top rules – write Roel Campos at Hughes and Hubbard to execute your nation’s SUPER SOVEREIGN NATION BONDS to market. Your nation is in the black versus the red with plenty of money to grow again.
  5. The FED is dead if you just read the truth. We the people have all the power. Only ignorance keeps you impotent and bound NOT TO ACT. The FED MOST FEARS you learn the truth – and ACT. ACTION by VOTERS is what they fear to their monopoly to print and control money for nations as a crime in 2018. MERGE THE CENTRAL BANKS IN YOUR NATION TO YOUR OWN TREASURY AND YOUR NATION RISES – if we don’t – world war and global depression are coming. Again. Due to failed Fed greed for its stock holders sucking the life blood out of LIQUIDITY in world markets.

Economic systems that permit by failed box top rules that need revision – globally – consolidation of wealth – where 1% own more than 99% of all national wealth of nations and 10% of the 1% own more than 90 % of the wealth ( via merger and acquisition ) represent a fatally flawed economic system. The box top rules for economics in ALL such models – competitive capitalism – socialism and communism – require REVISION to revolutionize modern economic theory such that COOPERATIVE INTEGRITY BASED CAPITALISM USING THE BEST OF ALL SYSTEMS EVOVLE TO RESOLVE THE FLAWS OF THE CURRENT INSANE SYSTEM MODEL – where COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM FEATURES:

  1. Fair trade rules and full partnership in global economics for all nations.
  2. Removal of speculation and manipulation ( non economic stake holder investing ) as crimes versus legally labeling such crimes as “hedging”.
  3. System is fully reporting in real time digital and globally.
  4. System is fully audited in real time.
  5. System is fully accountable globally.
  6. System is self correcting and integrity rule based fully check and balanced globally.
  7. System has zero secrets or insiders.

Do we not all wish to repair the failed competitive capitalism present model the failed communist model where both have brought us CASINO CAPITALISM today moving to Super CRASH and world war as a tool to re-balance distorted bad debts of nations and companies – re-setting economics – where FED shareholders and the Central Banks make ungodly fortunes from war by indenting nations Non of this is possible without keeping the voter’s ignorant – monitoring economic education to assure voters remain ignorant – and manipulating the hearts and minds of voters to reside in FEAR sufficient to move authorities into the insanity of war.

For example:

  1. Why does failed policy of historic proportions not self correct?
  2. Why does President Donald Trump and G 20 leaders not meet with North Korea and create a PEACE TREATY finally?
  3. Why does President Donald Trump and the G 20 not meet with IRAN and create a bi lateral trade treaty and welcome Iran fully into the family of nations?
  4. Why are we preparing for real war with North Korea?
  5. Why are we isolating CUBA IRAN and other nations as national policy? How are such insane out dated policies in OUR BEST INTEREST?

The USA has its streets awash in terror – blood baths – mass shootings from Vegas to Orlando – we put a pot smoker in prison for a decade – we eject under age immigrants born in the USA – our own law makers are gun down at noon playing hand ball – in DC – we have grown up attorney’s warning contour sheets marching like it is sanity – punishing diversity in all forms versus celebrating it- creating riots between Americans resulting in wounded and deaths – and we pontificate on Human rights to nations all over the world facing the most brutal rip tides on how they should handle these conditions in their own nations. WHO ARE WE TO BE THE MORAL POLICE OF OTHER CULTURES AND NATIONS? How is that role which disrespects everyone mind set that is not like us – as the FED heats up your news spin to assure we go to WAR. Why?

Because they have no way out of their economic mess. Only war.


This blog argues for economic sanity away from economic insanity given our on line information as the CENTRAL BANKS can no longer keep the TRUTH from WE THE PEOPLE.  A bloodless revolution occurs at CORE when you merge central banks back into national treasuries and pay off all your debts in nation with Sovereign Nation SUPER BONDS – 100 year bonds inserting TIME as the economic kill switch that makes debt today affordable where a penny pays off a dollar in 100 years. The stuff of NOBEL prizes – write them to read the blog.

So after MY BLOG was posted on the CRISES AND BRAND SLAUGHTER TIM has created at Apple the BBC presented news stories – that reported –

  1. Apple is in crises.
  2. Apple users now question APPLE has lost the system models to assure quality.
  3. Quality and trust are shattering at Apple today.
  4. The latest security flaw providing open access to your computer using GOD AWFUL buggy Apple Operating HIGH SIERRA – by anyone is not the CORE PROBLEM the core problem is TIM has diluted quality control to make bonus and profits and now Apple Brand is being SLAUGHTERED on Tim’s watch.
  5. Apple has apologized today and released yet another bug fix – BBC reported the IOS system for IPHONES and IPDAD remains flawed buggy and the worst ever. All on Tim’s leadership. Tim will be known for the BRAND SLAUGHTER and nothing else. Trust me. TIM as I wrote some Tim ago – HAS GOT TO GO ! Folks.

When asked who TIM is grooming to succeed him – as his entire team at the top is SO DAMN OLD TODAY – he wrote it is LEGION. Are we in the exorcist or what. WHO Tim, who is the worthy leader to reset Apple trust and Confidence from your APPLE CRISES AND BRAND SLAUGHTER in 2018. You have to GO TIM and let APPLE tilting in San Francisco Bay below the water line taking in more water by the hour than your Blige pumps can off load – Apple share price may sink in half or more – sending the market reeling – if YOU DO NOT CLARIFY a leadership upgrade to repair the damage YOU TIM no one else allowed as CEO on your own watch. it is YOU Tim.  Who else? You diluted Steve Jobs sacred rule – no release of buggy not ready hardware or software to our customer family – not ever.

You broke the rule Tim.

The media is cautious in reporting this story. They spin it. Why? Because Apple is a top ten billions in advertising and PR client that pays the bills for those reporting. This conflict of interest was firewalls in NEWS reporting decades back but the firewall is now dismantled and news exists today to make profits from advertisers not by bashing the hand that feeds them. SANITY versus insanity folks.

The crises again is INTEGRITY.

So Tim is lying like Janet Yellen and is way too late and too little to stop the growing story in media – APPLE IS “IN” FULL CRISES – and the CRISES Is not the crises – the CRISES is their inability to systemically fix the problems. The problems are now so core and systemic through their entire hardware and software line – due to relaxed quality control system failures – that APPLE IS NO LONGER THE COMPANY WE TRUSTED FOR DECADES.

Apple is something new. Something more common. Something driven by profits and greed now and depreciating its quality to its customer family as never in its history. The Apple team being led poorly has:

  1. Created the worst crises in hardware buggy release of hardware and software in Apple history.
  2. Demonstrated a horrific disregard for billion user base – by denying – and releasing buggy awful fixes – the quality control on fixes has broken down – drawing core attention to brand slaughter and stock devaluation ( coming ) due to – system flaws across all silo’s where quality is relaxed and systemic fixing of problems is now a shattered quality itself.
  3. Apple systems are in CRISES and not what they once where.
  4. Apple value is based on yesterday and tomorrow Apple value will re-balance to today’s reality.
  5. Lies occur by omission – Apple integrity is now shatter along with its Brand. Your incompetence in this area Tim has trashed the careers and futures of countless Apple developers because Tim quality IS JOB # 1 and you get F Tim – you get F as in the shortest time on your watch you made your bonus and retied wealthy while you kicked your mentor and mine Steve Jobs in the nuts on the way out the door.

Tim will resign soon or be forced out. The Board and shareholders understand what I’m writing. The billion apple users already understand it they just did not KNOW what the real issue is.

Know any apple users? Send them this blog URL. They deserve to know. What can you do?


TO THE BOARD OF APPLE ( Home office address new campus they are so proud of )


As an apple owner may we request you install new CEO and management to correct the fatal system failures on quality control for the Apple brand and shareholders.


Your name

PS: I have owned Apple products faithfully for x years – if you fail to put in fresh talent at the CEO and senior management level we will move to competitors to preclude the flawed Apple software and hardware products that are costing us all so much in productivity.


Write that. If you do – acceleration in talented better management will take place and Tim will twilight into wealth and disgrace where Steve would wish him to reside.